Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – British Airways Concorde Room, London

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British Airways Concorde Room

Brunch in the British Airways Concorde Room

Emily Jablon:  We arrived in London at 9:30 am, and after we passed through security, we made our way to the Concorde Room.  The Concorde Room has a separate dining area, several sofas and fireplaces, a full bar, business center with computers and real-fast printers, and a spa.

We left our luggage with the attendant and went to make an appointment for a massage, and then went to check out our cabana.

Daraius:  The British Airways Concorde Room is one of my favorite lounges because it is so elegant.  You may get better food and a better massage at the Thai Airways First Class lounge, but I’ve got a soft spot for the British Airways First lounge and its subdued atmosphere.

Since we had an incoming flight on British Airways First Class, we got free access to the Concorde Room (including the food, drinks, and massages) even though our flight from London to Paris was in coach.

Confusingly, the Concorde Room is a more exclusive lounge than the Galleries First lounge at Heathrow.

British Airways Concorde Room

Emily in the Concorde Room

We went straight to the Elemis Travel Spa to book our complimentary 15 minute massages.  The massages fill up quickly so we went to book our appointment as soon as possible.

The Concorde Room has cabanas or private rooms with a chaise lounge, shower, TV, and a desk.  I pre-booked a cabana for 3 hours by emailing You First with our flight details.  We’d be tired from the overnight flight, so this would be a great way to get a snooze.

Here’s a video of Emily Jablon in our cababa.

Emily Jablon:  I really liked our cabana because it had a full shower, chaise lounge chair, and writing desk.  Daraius had a shower, and I took another nap on the chaise.

The drain in the shower was so loud that it woke me up from my nap!

Daraius:  After we relaxed in the cabana, we went to the dining room to have some brunch.  We could have had the food delivered to our cabana, but there weren’t any windows inside and it was a bit stuffy.

British Airways Concorde Room

Outside the Dining Room

The dining room has cosy little booths with waiters to take your order and serve the food.

British Airways Concorde Room

Dining Room

The picture above Emily in the dining room felt a bit out of place among the polished wood, but I wasn’t complaining.

British Airways Concorde Room

Picture for the Blokes

Here’s the lunch menu.

British Airways Concorde Room

Concorde Room Lunch Menu

Emily had a coffee.

British Airways Concorde Room

Our Table

But I went straight for the food and ordered the Char Siu Pork with a Wonton Broth.

British Airways Concorde Room

Char Siu Pork with a Wonton Broth.

And the Duck Goyoza Dumplings with Soy Sauce.

British Airways Concorde Room

Duck Dumplings

I was so happy to be eating again!

British Airways Concorde Room

Can I Eat Now?

Emily had the burger described as “BA Gourmet Beef Burger, Croxton Manor Cheddar, Potato Wedges, Garden Salad.”  She is very allergic to fish so she can choose from a very limited selection of food, after speaking to the chef, when we travel.

British Airways Concorde Room


For dessert we had the cheese plate described as “Selection of Cheese from The British Isles – Keens Cheddar, Tunworth, Innes Log, St James, Seved with Quince, Fig and Apple Chutney”

British Airways Concorde Room

Cheese Plate

And the vanilla cheesecake with marinated cherries.

British Airways Concorde Room

Vanilla Cheescake

I’m still wondering if I should have the strawberry tasting platter instead.  Or perhaps both.

British Airways Concorde Room

Strawberries & Cream

Oh well, maybe next time!

After our brunch we went to the boardroom where Emily and I both printed out work presentations and documents.

The internet was extremely fast and there were two full size duplex printers which spat out our documents very quickly.  Why can’t more lounges have these type of printers instead of a solitary printer usually purchased as an afterthought and which seldom works.

The chairs in the Boardroom are the same chairs which used to be in the supersonic Concorde – the fastest passenger plane in the world!

British Airways Concorde Room

The Closest We’ve Come to the Concorde

Emily Jablon:  After using the computers, we strolled around the lounge.

British Airways Concorde Room

Emily in the British Airways Concorde Room

There were pretty flowers…

British Airways Concorde Room

Emily by the Flowers

…comfortable couches…

British Airways Concorde Room

Emily Relaxing in the Couches

…and an elegant champagne bar.

British Airways Concorde Room

Emily by the Champagne Bar

We reunited with our favorite piece of lounge furniture.

British Airways Concorde Room

We Missed our Horse!

We then went for our 15 minute massages at the Elemis travel spa in the lounge.

British Airways Concorde Room

Elemis Spa

Daraius got a scalp and shoulder massage and I got a massage chair massage. I had low expectations for the message chair, but it ended up feeling much better than I thought it would.

Daraius:  I preferred the longer 1 hour massages at the Thai Airways First Class lounge.  15 minutes is much too short and I left wanting more!

After our massages, we giggled at the fake fireplace.

British Airways Concorde Room

Fake Fireplances

 Emily Jablon:  Soon it was time to leave for our 1 hour flight to Paris!

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40 responses to “Our $32,000+ Honeymoon in Paris for only $2,000! – British Airways Concorde Room, London

  1. I’m proud to report that I fulfilled a dream of mine by flying on the Concorde once! It was on a BA flight from JFK to Barbados, and it was at a reduced price of $1,100. It was the end of the season or something, so the Concorde did not make the return flight, but I’ll never forget it.

  2. I think the horse had too much to drink. He has a lampshade on his head! 🙂

  3. Daraius, I am so disappointed that you didn’t kick the bow tie in the lounge!! 🙁

    That lounge looks awesome and I am looking forward to trying it…someday, somehow!!

  4. What is an appropriate tip for a 15 minute complementary massage?
    Does one tip the servers in the Concorde lounge?

    • @Peggy – That sounds like a great experience!

      @Grado – Ha!

      – It was an overnight flight, so I didn’t wear the bowtie in the plane, but you should see some bowtie pics in the Paris trip reports.

      @RobM – I don’t believe you need to leave a tip since the employees in Asian and European lounges are usually paid better and don’t depend on tips, but I did leave a tip for the server because she took a lot of care over Emily’s allergy.

  5. You mentioned that the 15 min massage was complimentary, is the cabana, dinner and drinks complimentary too if you are BA First?

  6. Hi Daraius,

    Is Concorde room available to any arriving BA First pax or only connecting?
    I know there is also Arrivals lounge.

    And keep up the good work, ignore the selfish haters!!


  7. My wife is highly allergic to tomatoes and other fruits so I feel your pain.

    • @brl – Everything in the lounge is free.

      @Dan – I believe access is available only to connecting passengers who either arrived or will depart on a BA First flight. However, there is a Concorde room within the arrivals lounge, but I’ve never been there.

      @Ken – Sorry to hear about that, but I know how cautious you must be.

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  10. I don’t mean to be a downer… Ok, I guess I kind of mean to be a downer but is there any way you guys can perhaps offer two feeds: one with pertinent miles/ points info and another with trip updates?

    I think it’s awesome what you get to do with the miles you’ve earned but it’s not why I signed up for the feed. When I first found this site I enjoyed all the info I found and so I subscribed to the feed. Lately though, MMP’s info is the same as all the other sites and most of the feeds I’m getting are about trips you’ve taken.

    I know, everyone is a complainer… 🙂 But I’m at the point where I’m skipping most of your updates now because most of them are personal experiences versus relavant information like the feeds I’m getting from other sites.

  11. Do you think we could access the Concord room if we have a 1st class BA flight connecting with our 1st class AA flight? The BA flight is just an hour or so

  12. Sounds like you’re having a great time! Keep it up!

    • @Mike – I’ll email you. Thanks for the feedback.

      @Ernie – Unlikely, because the 1 hour flight is likely a Club Europe or business class flight and you have to go to terminal 3 to catch the AA flight.

      – Thanks!

  13. Yay! I LOVE your honeymoon posts so far! I am excited to see what comes next. My husband and I are totally taking notes for our trip to Paris through this… which will be our first trip by using the miles we’ve been collecting, hopefully. Thanks for all the great info! Can’t wait to read more about the hotel & what all you guys did in Paris! 🙂

  14. I look forward to reading about the rest of your Paris trip report. It sounds like such fun. It’s too bad you have to take work along but I understand how it is like to juggle work and play at the same time. When did you take this trip?

    It is nice to see regular folks enjoying themselves in first class travel without paying too much. Your trips inspire me to take one in the future using miles and points and paying as little cash as possible.

  15. Emily always strikes me as British and everytime she narrates a MMS view I again get surpised to hear her American accent!

    • Aena – Thanks for reading and have a great time in Paris!

      @Jonathan – We traveled over the July 4 weekend. I’d much rather deal with work when we travel then come home to 1000+ emails!

      @Laurel – Emily is a very midwestern American. Why does she strike you as British?

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  17. We are celebrating our 47th wedding anniversary in London. Paid for the Hotel with HHonors points and the flight United with United points and Chase points. Buying with chase points eliminated the $175 (9-11) fees etc. charged when buying with United points. Any suggestions for us as we are spending 8 days in London and staying at the Hilton Westminter. We are HHilton Gold Honors members. Paul Gally

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  29. Hi Darius – I don’t know if you are still responding to this older post or not, but I have a question. My wife and I are traveling in December from the US to London in BA First on an overnight flight that arrives in the morning. After a few hours we connect to a flight to Frankfurt in Club World. It’s all ticketed as one ticket. Here is the problem. Our preflight info says that when we arrive in London we are only allowed to use the Business Class lounge (they said that we cannot even use the Arrivals Lounge let alone the Concorde Room). I figured it had to be a mistake because in the past even when I flew American in First with a BA connection in Club World I was allowed to use the Concorde Room. As long as you were either a departing or arriving international first passenger that was good enough. However, when I called the BA first line, multiple agents told me that I am not entitled to the Concorde Room or the Arrivals lounge (they were all rather pedantic as well in how they talked to me and the first time I tried calling the BA First line I was one hold for almost 40 minutes before I finally hung up). I also can’t pre-book the massage treatment because they do not consider us first class. They said that it is only our connecting flight that determines the lounge. In fact, it sounds like if I were not connecting I could use the Concorde Room, but because I am taking another BA flight they want to exclude us. Any suggestions? One of the main reasons I booked BA for this flight (even with the insane fees) was so that we could spend our layover in the Concorde Room and grab a meal and a nap between flights.

    • @Carelton – This matrix from FlyerTalk suggests that having an incoming BA First ticket lets you use the Concorde room. We were able to use the lounge last year when we flew to London on BA First, but had a club world connection to Paris. You should be able to book the spa treatments online (just go to your BA booking online).

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