Don’t Use My 30,000 Point AMEX Starwood Referal Link & Earn 5,000 More SPG Points! [Expired]

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

Link:  American Express Starwood Refer a Friend 5,000 Point Business & Personal Referral

Link:  American Express Starwood 30,000 Point Personal Credit Card

Link:  American Express Starwood 30,000 Point Business Credit Card

What a week!

Some folks didn’t like Friday’s interview, some folks didn’t like Monday’s trip report, and some folks had a big fuss about yesterday’s post as well (I got home at midnight, but will get to your comments during the day).

So lets give you the more traditional “big” news from yesterday.

AMEX Starwood bonus has increased!!  Best card EVER!  Apply NOW!!

Blah.  Blah. Blah.

To be fair, I would get the AMEX Starwood card for the increased sign-up bonus of 30,000 points at least once (or maybe more than once…), but you should consider the opportunity cost of meeting the $5,000 minimum spending over 6 months.

I just don’t think the card is the best thing since sliced bread – for most people – as is being made out.

But I’d certainly get it for the increased 30,000 point sign-up bonus which comes around only once a year!

How to get 5,000 extra SPG points by NOT using my referral link

You can send a referral to friends and family for the 30,000 Starwood points offer using American Express’ Refer a Friend link for both personal and business cards and earn an extra 5,000 points per referral!

But send yourself a test referral link for the 30,000 point offer and click through to make sure that it really is for 30,000 points.

American Express may be updating the referral link to the new 30,000 point offer, so I’d try again in a few days if it doesn’t work now.

Unfortunately, if you have a personal Starwood card, you can’t refer yourself for the business version or vice versa.

1.   You already have an American Express Starwood card, but know someone (partner, family, friends) who wants to sign-up

If you already have an American Express Starwood business or personal card, you may be able to refer yourself or your friends and family for the 30,000 point offer and get 5,000 extra Starwood points for every referral you make.

So if you have the personal card, you could refer a friend and earn the 30,000 point sign-up bonus AND a 5,000 points referal.  That’s 35,000 points instead of 30,000 Starwood points.

I’d send a test referral email to yourself and click through to see that you are able to send a referral to the 30,000 point offer and not the 25,000 point offer.

2.   You don’t have an American Express Starwood card, but know someone who does

If you don’t have an American Express Starwood personal or business card, but know someone who does, you can have them refer you.

You won’t get the 5,000 referral, but you once you get the card, you could refer others (partner, family, friends etc.) to the Starwood card and get 5,000 points or more.

Or if your partner has a Starwood card, have him or her refer you so that you get an extra 5,000 points for the family.

3.  You and your partner don’t have the American Express Starwood card, but each want one.

In this scenario you and your partner or friend both want either the personal or business or both versions of the American Express Starwood card.

Have one person apply for the card using the regular links to the 30,000 point offer.  Call the reconsideration line to get approved for the card as soon as possible (on the same day) and ask American Express to expedite the card to you so that you can access your account online as soon as possible and send referrals.

Assuming you get your card before September 3, 2012, you can refer your partner or friend for the 30,000 point offer and get 5,000 extra points for yourself.

The worst case scenario if you don’t get your card by September 3, 2012 is that you refer your friend or partner for the regular 25,000 version, but the both of you will still be no worse off once you factor in the 5,000 referral bonus because you’ll have 30,000 points (25,000 + 5,000) in total.

Link:  American Express Starwood Refer a Friend 5,000 Point Business & Personal Referral

Link:  American Express Starwood 30,000 Point Personal Credit Card

Link: American Express Starwood 30,000 Point Business Credit Card

Bottom Line:  I don’t get as many credit card referrals, but you may earn more Starwood points regardless of whether you choose option #1, option #2, or option #3 above!

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84 responses to “Don’t Use My 30,000 Point AMEX Starwood Referal Link & Earn 5,000 More SPG Points! [Expired]

  1. Daraius – Kudos for letting people know about the best way to take advantage of this deal (the 5k referral bonuses) vs. pushing your referral link!

  2. Thanks for being the voice of reason on this, Daraius. I will not be getting this card precisely because of the high spending requirement, and though Starwood points are valuable, I think it is highly debatable whether 30K are as valuable as some of the much higher bonuses available for less spend. Plus, right now, I have no spending requirements to meet, so I’m working on clearing some of my gift card backlog!

  3. i applied for both personal spg & spg biz with 2bm, the personal got pending but biz got instant approval. so then i closed the browser to apply for another cards like citi TY and boa virgin atlantic. I called amex to find out what happened about my spg personal app and they had ZERO info on that app, says there is not one. online status check shows nothing other than approval for spg biz. no email about approval, review or anything. I applied last night and it it 6 am in morning. I am worried. if i reapply for it, it might be another hardpull?

  4. KT-Which State do you live in? Which Credit Bureau was pulled?

  5. What if I am single and don’t know anyone with this card? Is there any way I can refer myself and get the extra 5k miles?

  6. @ KT same here, very high spending limit, plus i just got 4 card two weeks ago, have have to meet the 6k in 4months for two citi cards. i wish this promo make after 3 months.

  7. Has anyone had luck getting an additional 5,000 points if you had signed up for the card for 25,000 points a few months ago? Is there a strategy?

  8. Thanks for the information, very helpful. Also very kind of you to show the better options with the additional 5k referral bonus. From what I understand joint accounts are not allowed with Starwood but you can transfer between persons if they are at the same address ? Is this correct and did it work well for people that tried ?
    I want to get a card for my wife but would prefer to move her points over to my account.

  9. Has anyone had success in getting this offer matched? I just got my SPG last month with the 25,000 offer. I just called to request that my offer be matched and was given an emphatic “NO” over the phone. I also sent a secure message and am waiting for a response. Any other experiences out there?

  10. Anyone have experience with Amex reconsideration? I’ve had a platinum card for 2+ years and got reject for the SPG this morning…

  11. Is this better than the straight up amex offer which you can use w/starwood points? I am confused,and have been offered an Amex premier rewards gold with a 50k bonus signup offer…… which is better?

  12. J.M. — I believe the Amex premier rewards gold offers 15,000 bonus points for 30,000 spend annually.

  13. I’m still waiting on the post on how to get points using a debit card. 🙂

  14. Hi Folks, I have an offer of AMEX Business Gold 75K points (spend 10K in 4 months). I also like this SPG offer. Which is better? Anybody for 50:50 deal in Referral 🙂 ?

    • @KT – Check the application status page or call back to ask about the application.

      @eric – Unfortunately not.

      @Bonnie @Jonathan | – Doesn’t hurt to call or send a few secure messages. But AMEX hasn’t been very generous with matching offers lately.

      @German Expat – I believe you can transfer points to persons at the same residence, but may be asked for proof. But I’m sure you know that your wife can book rooms for you using her points.

      – Call the reconsideration line.

      @J .M. @RM
      – This is different than the AMEX Premier Rewards Gold, but it depends on what you want to do with the points. The AMEX Business Gold has 75K offers every 2 to 3 months. The SPG 30K appears to happen only once a year.

  15. bravo, pushing the best offer vs referral link is highly encouraged these days, D has continuesly showing us what a good blogger should do. thanks!

  16. Darius. I wish u read my ques tion. Online shows nothing and the rep says they don’t see any application for the spg personal. It has been 14 hrs now

  17. Daraius – Thanks for being honest about what’s best for the consumer. I’m in Eric’s boat – don’t have the card and don’t know someone that does. When I apply would you rather have the 5K pts or the commission? If you want the pts, PM me a link.


  18. Hi Darius,

    Thanks for always looking out for our best interest. I am referring everyone I know. My wife and I currently have both the personal and business, If anyone needs a referral link let me know: [email protected]
    Maybe we can help you out with ways to spend the SPG points, my wife is a fanatic, sometimes she gets 9 pennies per point she redeems.

    Anyhow thanks again Darius, it is always good to know you look out for our best interest.


  19. Nice try in drawing attention from yesterday’s blunder, but it remains clear to anyone who’s paying attention what your motives are and whose best interests you have at heart. I have used a few of your referral links in the past, but from now on I shall note with my clicky finger and go elsewhere.

    Big shame.

  20. balls,, well hey good news for you, you definitely deserve a referral reward for all the work you put in on this site anyway. Thanks for making my vacations cheap!

  21. So just to clarify, in order to do the SPG referral, I need the SPG card first? Or can I do the referral if I have other AMEX cards (Premier Rewards, Business, Costco) and sign in online to send the referral?

  22. darius,
    have you actually had success with the AMEX reconsideration line? i have three calls in and yet to speak to anyone who would do more than repeat what my application status is (which i can read for myself online). my applications for SPG biz and personal are now being punted to the executive office of senior analysts. apparently they don’t accept phone calls so i could not be transferred to speak with one. any other way that you know to talk to someone at AMEX who can actually help with an approval decision?

  23. Really would like the SPG BIZ card but I already have the following Experian Inquiry: All PERSONAL cards within last year-
    Chase 7/14/12
    B of A 7/12/12
    Amex Hilton – 6/15/12
    Chase 5/13/12
    Chase 11/13/11

    Should I wait or do you think I have a good chance of approval? Credit score of 779 on Experian
    Or would AMEX check Tranunion if i freeze Experian

    • @kt – I did read your question. Sometimes it takes a day for your application to appear online.

      – Thanks! It is easier to use the link on the blog, and I limited vacation means that I have lots of points to use already.

      @User Name
      – You’re unlikely to find a better collection of offers anywhere else, but thanks for using our links in the past.

      – You need an SPG card to send a referral for the SPG card. You can’t use the other cards to send a referral for the SPG card.

      @mulbry – The AMEX reconsideration line isn’t good, but I call them when I have a business and personal application at the same time to let them know not to cancel the 2nd application as a duplicate. They don’t seem to be able to process approvals on the phone in my experience.

      @sil – I really comment specifically since there is more to the approval process than the credit score and number of inquiries.

  24. successfully bumped to 30k as I appliedd 25k before. nice!

  25. Posts like this are why I split my referral clicks between your blog and The Frequent Miler’s! Your blog is far less pushy than many others, so thank you for that! (and TFM should be likewise rewarded)

  26. @D.
    SM won’t work for all the people I know and phone call will likely fail either.
    I have to escalate to a supervisor and use some insiders tricks( given the 10+ experince working in a call center, i will post some “tricks” of “how-to communicate with agents” in the near future.)

  27. How could get my own refferal link, so I could post it on Facebook?

    • @TL – Thanks!

      @ben – I’m waiting for those “inside tricks” post!

      @Jason – If you have an AMEX SPG card, you can email your friends a referral link. I don’t believe it generates a link which you can post on facebook.

  28. Just got off the phone with AMEX:

    1) I change my HH card in to SPG (same card # so no Credit file impact)
    2) I can then refer my wife so I get 5,000 points.
    3) She says that if I never had SPG AMEX I can get the base 10,000 points after first use – not the extra 15,000 0r 20,000.
    4) My wife applies with my link & gets 35,000 points after spend.
    5) She says the annual fee is waived for the first year also for a conversion.
    We combine & would have 50,000 SPG points!!!!!

  29. I am doing it anyway – I thouht that was the case but she said the basic 10,000 I get as long as I never had the card before.

  30. confirmed the 10,000 point award with CS again – but now they are saying that due to Federal Regulations since I changed the HH basic to HH Surpass back in February, they cannot move me to SPG – you need to be with the exact same product for 13 months.

    weird – I am looking in to that now.

  31. I have a SPG business…. when i try to login or enter card details on the referral page… it says “system not responding, pls try later” for past 2 days 🙁

  32. @IH
    what number are you calling? i am still curious if anyone knows a number for AMEX that actually connects you to someone who can help push through an application

  33. Hi D, I applied for SPG Personal card with your link. Unfortunately I got denied for unknown reason. I called to reconsideration department. The lady who spoke with me refused to reconsider. Next day I called again. This time I happened to speak with a Guy. I explained him about my AMEX history. He agreed to further evaluate my application and informed me about 3 days evaluation period. After 4 days of “In Progress” status, My application got approved today !!!! Happy news for both of us 🙂

  34. Amex refused to change my HH to SPG-

    I used your link for the 30,000 point offer so I hope that benfits you.

    The application said 14 days for an answer so I called the Reconsideration number & they told me My wife was approved! for a very large line!

    I want to start building her Amex credit profile & I think it is easier to open Business cards with a social when you have an existing personal card.

  35. @ Million Mile Secrets
    It worked.. Thanks!

    • @IH – Thanks for using our link! The business cards don’t sit on your personal credit report, but like you, I suspect that it is easier to open a business account once you have a personal card with the same bank.

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  37. Hi, Link for SPG referral AMEX points is not working. Says “system is not responding, please try again later.” Is there another link for this and is anyone else reporting this problem. Been giving me this problem for a few days and trying to refer a few friends. I’ve used IE and Google Chrome and same problem. Looking forward to your response.

  38. D., what would be your advice for a rejected application? I called a couple numbers on the credit card resource page and got nowhere…

  39. Hi, I already have the SPG card. Can I refer myself and apply for a new one and get the bonus? meaning i will have 2 SPG amex cards.

  40. It’s unselfish posts like this that I decided to used your other referral links.

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  42. I already have a personal AMEX SPG card. I am thinking of applying for the personal AMEX Delta card. If I do so, am I eligible to get the 30,000 miles on the Delta card (after I spend the $500 of course)?

  43. Can we only refer for the SPG Amex business card if we have the business card? I have the personal card and I’m trying to refer a friend for the business card, but I get a “system unavailable” or a “your card is not eligible” notices. I know there have been problems with the link, so that’s why I’m asking.

  44. Yesterday, I used my friend’s referral and applied for the 30,000 points SPG card and was instantly approved. I then called customer service to get the card expedited so I can start using the card. Unfortunately, I spoke to 5 different CSRs and called the reconsideration line and everyone told me that they could not expedite the card to me and that I would have to wait 7 to 10 business days to get the first card that was sent out with my approved application. I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else who applied for the card. A couple months ago, I applied for the British Avios 50,000 points offer and was able to get my card expedited within 48 hours. This is also the first time that I applied for the SPG personal card so not sure if that factor comes into play.

  45. @Anita – Yep. It’s only business that can refer for business, or personal for personal. I found this out, since I only have the business version, and have been able to refer friends for the business, but not for the personal (I got the same messages as you, when I tried to refer for the personal). See my August 8 2:08 PM post above.

    • @Brian – You should be able to get the bonus on both the Delta and SPG card.

      @Lynn – Others have had that experience with AMEX as well. It seems hard to get them to expedite the cards.

      @Anita @Chris M. – Strangely it is only for the type of card you already have, so personal can’t refer to business and vice versa.

  46. D
    Had both my business and personal SPG go into reconsideration for three days. personal came back denied- business came back approved. is it worth another call on the personal? i don’t understand why they would come to different conclusions based on the same credit pull

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  48. The referral offer seems to be over. Using the link provided here I’ve been trying to refer my friend for the past several days and I got a message ‘try back later’. Well today it says “This campaign has expired”…..

  49. @ecodiver:

    It works first log in to your existing SPG AMEX account then in a new browser: or use the link above & you will se the 5,000 point referral.

  50. I was finally was able to send my friend SPG Business card referral…Thanks ih

  51. Well I thought it worked…I was able to send my friend (wife), the referral for the SPG Business card, but it only was giving her the 25,000 point offer…I tried several different ways, included what ih suggested to get the 5,000 point referral, and 30,000 point bonus for my ‘friend’, but no luck…. The ‘refer a friend’ link that worked I found on my AMEX account page, but it only gave my friend the 25,000 point offer.

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  53. Hi D,
    The refer a friends links does not seeming to be working. Do you have a updated link? Thank you

  54. Questions:

    1) Can I get both bonuses if I apply for both the personal card and Business card if I get approved?
    2) How soon after cancelling an SPG card can I get the bonus again? I cancelled my personal SPG card 1.5 years ago.
    3) Are these cards churnable or is their a lifetime limit?


    • @Nick – You should get both bonuses as long as you didn’t have the cards in the last 12 months. I believe the terms say that you should wait 12 months from when you cancelled the card to get the bonus again, but take screenshots if you do apply. I believe you may be able to get them again 12 months after cancelling. Good luck and please let us know how it works for you.

  55. It seems the refer a friend link is no longer working on Amex website..?

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