I have to remove the British Airways 100,000 point link by 5:00 pm EST on July 17 (Tuesday)

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Link:  British Airways 100,000 Point Card

Link:  British Airways 100,000 Point Card (Alternative Version)

I’ve been asked to remove my affiliate links for the British Airways 100,000 point card on Tuesday (tomorrow), July 17th, at 5:00 pm EST.  For most folks, it really is a 50,000 point sign-up bonus since you have to spend $20,000 within 1 year to get the 2nd 50,000 points.

However, you may have good luck with the alternative version of the British Airways card which does not require the $20,000 spending, but requires you to keep the card for a year before getting the 2nd round of 50,000 points.

British Airways points are quirky, but are good for short haul travel within the US on American Airlines, travel to South America, and multi-continent hops with no or low fuel surcharges.  And Avios points are great for travel to Europe if you are willing to pay fuel surcharges (~$400 each way) for a Business or First Class seat.

In a recent poll on the blog, 79% of respondents would collect Avios points compared to 21% who wouldn’t collect them.  Check out the comments in that post to see if collecting Avios points makes sense for you or not.

Bottom Line:  As always, offers come and go, and the British Airways 100,000 point offer has appeared twice before – once in November 2009 and for a second time in April 2011.  I don’t have any inside information, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see it back again!  And we should see some new offers on other cards fairly soon.

Link:  British Airways 100,000 Point Card

Link:  British Airways 100,000 Point Card (Alternative Version)

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20 responses to “I have to remove the British Airways 100,000 point link by 5:00 pm EST on July 17 (Tuesday)

  1. Just curious to know, why do you have to remove the link? Did the bank ask you to?

  2. Thank you for being one of the few bloggers who doesn’t make me feel like I’m listening to an infomercial every time this card is mentioned. Most everyone else either conveniently fails to mention the alternate (and in many cases, better) offer, and/or plugs this offer like it’s the second coming. This reads like an actual thoughtful appraisal rather than referral spam.

  3. It warrants repeating, Daraius: thanks for giving us both offers, and not just the one that earns the referral. To the guy who likes limes and the guy who works at a libertarian think-tank and the guy who used to headhunt for finance firms: this is what being honest with your readers looks like.

  4. @D, i’d like to ask since it’s last minute that should I apply for this card as i am located in Seattle, I hardly find any avaibility flight via BA.com? if i should apply, i don’t like the 2nd link as it takes one year to get 100k miles and i can meet the requirement of USD 20k pretty sure in 6months expecting my bulk furniture purchase coming later this year. Thanks.

    • @Tarun – Yes, my affiliate marketing company has heard from Chase & told me that the link will stop working tomorrow and to remove it.

      @gert @harvson3 – Thanks for your kind words!

      @ben – If you can’t find flights on BA.com for BA flights or for AA flights which work for you, it may not be the best card to get. I’d suggest looking to see if there are AA milesaaver awards which work for you or Alaska Air low level awards which can be booked using BA Avios. Otherwise, it could make sense skipping if it doesn’t work for you.

  5. Concur on the other posts for openness of offers, D! (Also, congrats to you and Emily! Looked like an amazing honeymoon!)
    Very excited to see how far 200,000 Avios can go! Leads me to a couple questions:
    (1) Best uses for Avios? e.g. domestic AA flights for 9,000, combo with fee BA companion, etc.; and
    (2) How to transfer Avios to spouse/family members?

  6. If I have the personal card , ..is there also a business version as well

    • @Jerry – Unfortunately there is no business version.

      @palmerlaw – Thanks! As always, the best use depends on your preferences. I usually use BA Avios for short hops from/to Chicago from Kansas City for 4,500 points. I also am comfortable paying $800 in fuel surcharges per person in business or First Class and using the Travel Together pass after spending $30,000 a year since the fuel surcharges are less than the price of a coach ticket.

      I’d do dummy searches on BA.com to see what the award flights look like for your preferences/destinations. You can set up a household account and your family/friends can pool points together for travel.

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  8. Daraius, what is the reconsideration line. Both my wife and I applied today. We have excellent credit and both of us have our application under review. Is it advisable to call and figure out what the problem is? Or perhaps just wait to see what happens?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. Fernando:

    You do not have to call them. As long as you applied before the deadline, 50,00 points should be yours upon approval. I applied on Thursday and a review was needed (for having Experian score of almost 800). Two days later, I saw a new account when I log on to Chase, i.e. approved. Just be patient.

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  11. Thanks

  12. Thank you for all of the information on this card! I included it in my 3-card app-mini-fair last night (however I opted for the faux booking method to avoid the spend). I am grateful for the knowledge however (all my other Chase cards are your links however). I also did a SPG personal and Virgin card last night. All three approved. I’m taking 6 months off to work on spend and only pounce on limited, high offers. I’ll have a few cancellations to call in 4Q, so I want to ease into the rest of the year. And work on my wife’s apps.

  13. Does anyone know if this Chase card is churnable? I had this card previously, and canceled it in Nov of last year. Any chance of getting the sign-up bonus again?

  14. Approved after calling into the reconsideration line through your link. Woohoo! Thanks so much Daraius! Your blog is my favorite by far:)

    • @Mike H @Sharon – Congrats and thanks for sharing!

      @Jaime – Sometimes it takes asking the same question again, or just hanging up and talking to another representative. I suspect 2 older cards are better than one, because it is an “average age of accounts” so fewer older accounts and more newer accounts will lower the average age.

  15. I called the recon line after a “pending” last night, it had already been approved (at some point between 11pm and 10am).

  16. I called the reconsideration line today after a “pending” last night and was told they denied my app because I had received a card within six months. I have four Chase cards, but two are at least twelve years old. The other two I applied for and received in early ’12…so the “within six months” rule seems to be rather malleable…

    I asked if I could transfer half of the limit from one card, to the new BT card, and at first she said no. Then she offered to cancel one of the four existing cards so I could get the BT. We discussed cancelling one of the two older cards…but I told her it would be such a shame because I’ve had them for so long and they help my credit (which is true). So I asked again if I could transfer part of the limit from one card to the new BT and she said yes. Asked me how much, put me on hold, then approved. I’m really happy about this.

    Daraius – what are your thoughts on keeping very old cards and for how long? Are two old cards better than one? My other cards are less than one year old.