Emily gets the British Airways 100,000 Point Bonus!

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[Emily and I get a referral for the regular British Airways 100,000 point credit card, but not for the other (potentially better) British Airways offer mentioned in the post.]

Link:  British Airways 100,000 Avios points card – Expires on July 18

Link:  Alternative British Airways 100,000 point offer – Expiry Unknown

We just returned from our Honeymoon in Paris using the Chase British Airways Travel Together ticket!  We had a wonderful time flying British Airways First Class, staying in a suite at the Park Hyatt Vendome in Paris, and exploring Paris!  But you may already know this if you were following our quick Facebook updates.

On our way back from Paris in British Airways First Class

We both got the Chase British Airways credit card in 2009 –  the first time the 100,000 point bonus was offered.  Last year, I spent $30,000 on the British Airways credit card and got a Travel Together ticket which I used to book our flights to Paris. I paid ~$750 in taxes and fees for each First Class ticket, which is less than the price of a coach ticket to Europe.

Readers often ask if you can get the sign-up bonus on the Chase British Airways card for a second time.

In general, you can’t get the sign-up bonus for the same Chase card again, unless it is a different product.  For example, the Chase United Mileage Plus (no longer available) is considered a different product from the Chase United Explorer card.

Emily applied for the Chase British Airways 100,000 point card on June 4 (about 2.5 years after she got the card for the 1st time and about a year since she cancelled the card) and called the reconsideration line to get approved the same day.  We applied for the regular version (50,000 points after 1st purchase, 25,000 points after spending $10,000 within a year, and another 25,000 points after spending another $10,000) and not the alternative version.

That’s because we may be able to complete $30,000 in spending to get the 2-for-1 redemption thanks to Frequent Miler’s tips and making loans to Kiva.  And we’d rather get the full 100,000 points sooner rather than later (you have to wait 1 year for the full 100,000 points with the alternative version, but the minimum spending requirements are much lower).

However, we were in a hurry while completing the online application and left the field for the British Airways Executive Club membership number blank.   We got the card within a week and on the front of the card was a new British Airways Executive Club number!

We then reset the password for the new British Airways Executive Club account at BA.com and added it to your Award Wallet account.  And a few days ago, that account was updated with 50,000 points!

This was Emily’s experience, but as always, your experience could be different.  However, there are folks on this FlyerTalk thread who have received the bonus for the British Airways card again as well.

Bottom Line:  I like British Airways Avios points because they are a great compliment to my miles and point toolkit for short distance flights.  And I also like the Chase British Airways Travel Together Ticket which I will use for a 2-for-1 redemption to Europe later on.

I wasn’t expecting to get the bonus for a second time, but will gladly pay the $95 for the bonus points and another shot at the Travel Together ticket.

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37 responses to “Emily gets the British Airways 100,000 Point Bonus!

  1. Joe Rodriguez

    Did you had any miles on the previous BA Executive Club account? If you did, were you able to combine them into one account?

  2. I just applied for this and wanted to call the reconsideration line. Is it the same number for all Chase cards?

  3. You guys got legally married? Congrats! Im not on facebook so i wasnt aware.

    I know you have covered this before- how to hit all you spending goals-but to go and spend $30k on one card and hit all your other spend goals really seems tough!! So you have 6 months to spend $30k to get the companion cert!

  4. Congratulations! … but I am a bit confused here …

    The title says that she got 100K Avios, but the post states she got 50K! Am I missing something here?

  5. Thinking about applying for a few new credit cards. Currently has 3 citbank, visa, goldamex,discover, all with large credit lines. it order to get instantly approved, would you suggest i reduce credit lines on my citibank cards, which i may cancel later ? thanks.

  6. Oh no. I can’t resist this. I may have to test this myself. A quick check shows that I got my first card in Feb ’10. I did the 30k spend but wound up not using the 241. Used the points for a CX trip. I’ll report back.

  7. Darius, I also am flying to London/Paris using the companion ticket after the $30,000 spend. I booked coach tickets but after some reading I got on the website/called to upgrade to 1st class. The website said these tickets were not available for first class. When I called BA they told me the same. I have a second one that we have to use by Sept 2013. How did you book first class using these tickets. Did you do it on their website or did you have to call in? Do you think it is too late to upgrade my tickets, we leave Sept, for the flight we already have booked?

  8. Did emily still have her first BA card open or had she canceled it, and if so how long ago? Thanks

  9. you got the card but how about the points? Chase is notorious for giving you a second card and then weeks after receiving the card not awarding points for a second time

  10. I’m flying BA first class in November. In your opinion, what are the best seats for a couple? Thanks

  11. Hey guys, congratulations! What a great honeymoon 🙂

    • @Joe Rodriguez – She does have Avios in her older account, and we’ll get them combined soon. We’re not in any hurry to combine them since we can use the points in the account.

      @Andy – The reconsideration number is the same for all Chase cards. Good luck!

      @Troy – Thanks! It is easier to give quick updates on Facebook, but I’ll write a full trip report as well! We’ve already got the 1st 50K points, and Emily is in a graduate program which accepts credit cards for a $10 fee and we have a wedding, so we’ll be able to hit the $30K spending together with Frequent Miler’s tips. But it would be much harder otherwise.

      @Kalboz – THanks! She got the 1st 50K points (out of 100K points) for a second time, so I’m pretty sure we’ll get the full 100K when we complete the spending required.

      @Tom – With Citi, it could be better to cancel the cards or reduce the credit lines since it is hard (in my experience) to have Citi manually reallocate credit, but ymmv.

      @Acker – Good luck!

      @Juli – You have to find award seats in 1st class (only on BA flights) and either book online or over the phone. You can’t upgrade paid tickets to 1st class using the companion pass. You can search for flights using the British Airways website.

      @Greek2me – She cancelled the card about a year ago.

      – As I mentioned in the post, she got the card in June, but the 1st 50K posted a few days ago…for the second time.

      @Jeff S – We sat by the windows, one behind the other (wither 2A or 3A & 2K & 3K). That way we had our own privacy & could play with the cool window shades (okay, only I did!). But the middle seats weren’t too bad either, since they had a privacy screen which you could bring down which made those seats better for talking with each other.

      @Joseph – Thanks! We had a great time.

  12. I had Chase united mileage plus card 2 years ago. I received email from united for their explorer card 50k mile offer. Will I get the miles if I apply?
    Thanks for advice!

  13. Congratulations, Daraius and Emily! I was surprised to see the word “honeymoon,” too. But it looks like your wedding is still an upcoming event. I like the unconventional ways in which you two do things. TravelWhimsy and I feel the same way – miles & points enable a lot of us to turn every trip (small or big) into a honeymoon! Now we just need to take that sentiment one step further – treat every day (traveling or not) as a honeymoon. Looking forward to your joint trip report. Hopefully, you are not too jet-lagged.

  14. Congrats Em…Both Pamela and I just picked up these on the alternative 100K offer…Wahoo for short AA trips to DFW and ORD!

  15. I already have a BA Chase card… Do i have to cancel this card before applying for a new one? Or can i have 2 open at the same time? Thanks, love your website!

  16. Hi- Do you know if the travel ticket is eligible to non-US citizens? I want to get the ticket for my EU boyfriend. I’ve looked in the TC, but couldn’t find anything.

    • @John – As always, your miles may vary, but you should be able to get the bonus again as long as they are different products.

      @Jimmy @TravelByPoints – Good point! Every trip is a honeymoon with miles and points! We are already married 🙂

      @W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian) – Thanks! I use Avios for a lot of Chicago to Kansas City trips.

      @David – I don’t know. Emily had cancelled her card about a year ago, and reapplied again.

      @Courtney – You have to originate your travel in the US and only on BA flights, but your EU boyfriend can travel with you as long as you are traveling as well. You get the Travel Together ticket only after spending $30K within a calendar year, and if you’re after the travel together ticket, the regular BA offer is better because you’ll get the 2nd 50K points quicker.

  17. Quick question and maybe idea for future post… Emily: do you plan on changing your name? and if so, how to tackle the task of updating all these credit cards and loyalty programs??


  18. Would be interested in knowing, to the extent you feel comfortable publishing the information, which tips from FM you’ve acted on and how productive they’ve been for you.

    My wife and I took had our “honeymoon” (19 months across the US, SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji) many years before we actually got married.

  19. Surprising! I tried to get this card for a second time at the last merry go round. I opened a new BA account. Chase sent me the card with my original BA account number on it and of course told me no “no 100k/soup for you!’. My pleas (and I tried hard) went nowhere. I closed it very shortly after admitting defeat. You were much luckier than me! I am not trying again….maybe the “1 year after cancellation” did it? I think mine was ALMOST a year…

  20. Darius,
    You mentioned loans to Kiva…I am getting married soon and my fiance and I plan to make donations to Kiva for the wedding party. Any trick to getting extra miles out of it? I realize this type of philanthropic activity doesn’t necessarily need to be done for miles, but it doesn’t hurt either 🙂

  21. Congrats on the trip and the wedding!

  22. Congrats. Question: did you get the suite at PH Vendome with GP point or suite upgrade?

  23. Holy crap you two got married!!!!! Congrats! I wish you nothing but happiness, love and laughter in your new life together.

    • @Rina – That’s a good idea, but she doesn’t plan on changing her name. Perhaps I can convince her otherwise in the interest of blog research!

      @LarryInNYC – The free after rebate deals have worked well, but there haven’t been any new ones off late.

      @gapadop – I’m very happy that it worked out for us.

      @Adam – Congratulations! I use Kiva to help meet the minimum spending on cards to get the sign-up bonus

      @Corridor! @corinne – Thanks for your kind wishes!

      @bmguan – I am a Hyatt Diamond so I used my 2 free nights in a suite at the Park Hyatt Vendome.

  24. Sounds like Emily didn’t get sick on this trip (which hopefully made it a lot more fun for her!). Look forward to the trip report in gran Pari!

  25. So here’s something interesting…had to share with you! my buddy needed to fly to london on short notice…he booked this yesterday using miles & avios pts.

    july 11th-17th jfk-lhr R/T…booked for first class with 1 day notice. best option…120k avios & $1091. worst option 60k avios & $2000…either way he got a $17000 tix for cheap!!!! crazy! didnt do the breakdown of value per miles but it seems pretty good to me!

    • @Steelsnow – Actually she had a minor allergic reaction, but nothing very serious. Trip report coming up soon!

      @chris – Paying 120K Avios is the worst option if you want to save Avios points. But either way, your buddy got to use his points when it mattered.

  26. Approved (via ba.com ORD-LHR flexible) for the 50 +25 +25 (best choice for me) and I took them up on offer to expediate card – hope it arrives tomorrow. My plan is to meet initial 10k spend w/in 10 days so fingers crossed. Chase moved 6k credit from Onepass card to this new card.

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  29. First, congrats on the wedding and wish you two the best.

    “left the field for the British Airways Executive Club membership number blank.” Really? And you do not even try to hide it but on the contrary, you make the sentence bold so no one misses it.

    I honestly love great deals and the idea of mileage/points travel. There has to be, however, ethical standards. You have “Million Miles” and more yet you resort to such tactics. We usually calculate miles in terms of pennies but in this case it is costing you a little more (this is just my opinion).

    I know that I have the choice to read or not read your posts. I just did not think you were that type of a person.

    • @Acker – Thanks for sharing!

      @Dee Tee
      – Thanks for your wishes and for your thoughtful comment. I actually applied for the card yesterday (for the 2nd time) and I entered my existing BA number since I wasn’t in a hurry this time.

  30. @Darius – you said “I actually applied for the card yesterday (for the 2nd time) and I entered my existing BA number since I wasn’t in a hurry this time.”

    Were you successful in getting the card and the bonus (or at least some indication of a bonus when you activated the card)? My wife recently applied for her second card using the dummy booking method — she got the card, the CSR cited the bonus upon activation, but we are still waiting for the first statement to close.


    I had Chase united mileage plus card 2 years ago. I received email from united for their explorer card 50k mile offer. Will I get the miles if I apply?
    Thanks for advice!