British Airways 100,000 Point Offer Extended & Link for Citi Thank You Premier with 50,000 Points! [Expired]

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

1.   100,000 Points British Airways Credit Card.  Chase and British Airways have confirmed extending the deadline for the British Airways 100,000 credit card to July 18, 2012.

The offer was supposed to end on June 7, but was likely extended because the card hadn’t reached its marketing goals. 

You get 50,000 points after your 1st purchase, another 25,000 points after spending $10,000 within 1 year and another 25,000 points after spending $10,000 within 1 year.  Also, check out this comment for details on the other British Airways offer (50,000 points after 1st year, and 50,000 points in the 2nd year after 1st purchase).

British Airways Avios are great for short distance flights and worth keeping in your miles and points toolkit.  That’s because most miles and points are great for long distance flights, while Avios points are good for short distance flights.  I’ve paid 4,500 Avios points for flights from Kansas City to Chicago which would otherwise cost $200!

Avios are also good for travel to South America without fuel surcharges, and are great to fly to Europe if you’re comfortable paying ~$400 each way in fuel surcharges (think of it as paying for coach, but traveling in business or first class).

But Avios points are quirky to use, so make sure the card is right for you before applying.

2.  50,000 Points Citi Thank You Premier.  Free Frequent Flyer Miles pointed me to a FlyerTalk thread with a new link to the Citi Thank You Premier which offers 50,000 Thank You points.

As always, I updated the “Bank Rewards Points” tab as soon so that you  always find the best deals.

I like this card because the 1st year fee is waived and 50,000 points can be used towards $665 in airfare on any airline without restrictions when you book your air fare directly through the Thank You website.

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18 responses to “British Airways 100,000 Point Offer Extended & Link for Citi Thank You Premier with 50,000 Points! [Expired]

  1. Whatever happened to the transfer thank you points to BA?? Guess never went live? Any news on this?

  2. I have the Thank You Premier and got the 50,000 points. Not sure how best to use them yet. I will certainly not want to keep the card because of the high annual fee. If I drop the card, what happens to the points I may still have? Can I subsequently get another card and keep accumulating like air miles, or do they expire with the card?

    • @gapadop – Put it in the unsubstantiated rumor category. There’s been no update on this.

      @Frank – You lose the points if you cancel the card. But you can cash out for $500 in gift cards or book US air travel for $665 without blackout dates.

  3. Why bother with that BA offer? The one you get through a fake ticket purchase also offers a companion ticket after $30k spend, but has no spend requirement to get the 100k bonus miles.

  4. @Frank & Daraius: I don’t think closing your TY Premier card will also close the linked Thank You account. I’ve had my Citi TY account much much longer than any single card linked to it. However, when you unlink a Premier card from your TY account, the point redemption values will drop. For example, a $100 gift card redemption might then require 12,500 points instead of 10,000 points with a linked Premier card.

    On the subject of TY points, if you don’t have a Citi checking account yet, you should seriously consider one. You’d be pleasantly surprised how much interest it can pay in TY points.

  5. There’s a thread on FlyerTalk about the TYP transfer thing. According to the poster, it was a done deal that got canned at the last minute, and will not be happening at all.

  6. I applied for and received the Chase Sapphire Preferred card May 5th (only card) — how soon do you think I can apply for the Citi Thank You?

    • @rick – If you’re going to spend $30K a year for the Travel Together pass, the original offer is better because you won’t have to wait a full year to get the extra 50K points – you’d get it when you complete $20K in spending.

      – The FAQ here suggests that you have a limited time to use your TY points once you close a sponsor Thank You Points account —>

      @Fred Fnord – Good to know!

      @Flip – Depends on your profile, but if you only have 1 credit card and a high score and credit history, you may be able to get approved for the TY.

  7. @Daraius: Thanks! I’ve always had at least one sponsor account, since I use Citi checking as well. So my experience may not be applicable to all.
    Another possible use of the TY Premier points (besides redemption) would be a transfer to another person (e.g. family member) with a TY account.

  8. Thanks Darius for your update. I am thinking of applying for this card and heard that you have previously received the companion pass by spending $30k in a year. Just wonder if you have spent that amount in a calendar year or just within the year after you got the card? The T&C seem to say that the spending needs to be in a calendar year, if so that means there’s only 6 months left to make such spending. So would like to hear your experience of making the spending and getting the companion pass. Thanks.

    • @Docomo – You do have to complete the spending within a calendar year to be eligible for the Travel Together certificate. I spent that amount last year and got the 2 for 1 award redemption which we will be using soon. But it may be better to wait until Jan 1 to complete the $30K spending.

  9. I canceled my application for the 50,000 points with Premier MC (I already had the Visa version) sinc ethey wanted a 4506-T & another credit run. I figured since I had the card already with a human review I might not get it anyway.
    This was my only Citi application since January (4th this year & 6 in the last 2 years) – Someone wrothe that they canceled & tried again & the application was approved no problem.

    How long should I wait 30 days, 60 days & from original application or now from cancelation?

    Additionally, when the banks ask for annual income – Is it an individuals income or the combined married household income? If we put down onlu my individual income then maybe we should put down half the mortgage amount too? Your thoughts are gratly appreciated.

    • @IH – I’d wait at least 65 days since when you approved – perhaps longer to let the credit inquiries drop off. For income – it depends on how the question is worded, but put my income and in the “other” income I put an amount which I can use to pay off debt.

  10. Thanks to your secondary link and instructions from Emily I applied for and received automatic approval for the 50,000 after first purchase and 50,000 after first anniversary BA Chase card on Tuesday! I forgot about doing another app at he same time to minimize hits, but I did one on Wednesday for a Chase Priority Club 60,000 points after first use and was given a wait for 30 days notice. Called the Reconsideration Line (thanks for this btw) and was told I had been approved earlier this morning. So, for no minimum spend, I just locked up 160,000 airline/hotel points. Not bad for my first churn, although it was quite small.

  11. Link tot he 60,000 priority Club card. I don’t think I saw it on your site.

  12. I know the BA 50,000 is expiring soon, if you have gotten approval for the personal card , can you also apply for a business card, also can BA miles be combined from another account ??

  13. Do Canadian addresses work on any of thesecard applictions?

  14. Can anyone confirm that a Citi TY Premier card used at Off. Depot for a Vanilla Reload card posts as a Purchase and NOT a Cash advance? Need to meet min spend on Citi card. Thanks