25,000 to 30,000 [Now 5,000] Delta Miles with the Suntrust Delta Debit Card

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Update:  The 30,000 sign-up bonus on the Delta debit card is over, but the debit card is still available with a 5,000 mile sign-up bonus.

Link:  Suntrust Debit Card

Suntrust Delta Debit Cards

Via Frugal Travel Guy, you can get up to 30,000 Delta miles by opening a personal Suntrust checking account and up to 25,000 Delta miles by opening a business Suntrust checking account by June 30, 2012.

This is a good deal for folks who can’t or don’t want to sign-up for credit cards to earn Delta miles, because you can earn miles with the Suntrust Delta Debit card (you earn more miles per $1 spent with the personal Delta debit card than with the business Delta debit card).

1.   Personal Delta Checking Account: 

30,000 Mile Sign-up Bonus:   You get 15,000 Delta miles for making a purchase with the Suntrust Delta debit card by July 31, 2012.

You get another 15,000 Delta miles when you complete one direct deposit (payroll, pension, social security etc. to your account) by September 30, 2012.

Fees:  $75 annual fee for the debit card and $12 monthly fee if you open the Balanced Banking account (fee waived with minimum $3,000 daily balance in checking and other select Suntrust products).

There is a $25 fee for closing the account before 6 months, but that could be cheaper than the $12 monthly fees.

Earning Delta Miles:  Earn 1 Delta mile per $1 spent or 2 Delta miles per $1 spent for Delta purchases.  This is a good choice for folks who use a debit card extensively or who can’t get a miles-earning credit card, because it has the same earning structure as the Delta Gold credit card.

Application Procedure: You may be able to open an account by  chatting with a Suntrust Representative online or by using the online application form even if you live in an area where there are no Suntrust branches. Suntrust Bank has branches in AL, AR, FL, GA, MD, MS, NC, SC, TN, WV, VA and Washington, D.C.

However, some folks (not all) have reported on this FlyerTalk thread that their accounts were closed because they did not live in a Suntrust bank state.

2.   Business Delta Checking Account: 

25,000 Mile Sign-up Bonus:   You get 25,000 Delta miles after making a purchase with the Delta business debit card by July 31, 2012.  And you may already have a business and not know it.

Fees:  $120 annual fee for the debit card if you open the Business Interest Checking account.  No fee for the 1st 2 months and if you keep a $10,000 minimum daily balance.

Earning Delta Miles:  Earn 1 Delta mile per $2 spent (compared to 1 Delta mile per $1 spent for the personal card) or 1 Delta miles per $1 spent for Delta purchases.  This is a good choice for folks who use a debit card extensively or who can’t get a miles-earning credit card.

Application Procedure:  Unlike the personal checking account, you can’t open a business checking account via an online chat with a Suntrust bank representative, but have to go to a physical bank location to open the account.

Bottom Line:  This may not be as lucrative as the previous offers of the Suntrust debit card where you could get the sign-up bonus more than once by opening multiple personal or business checking accounts.

But I’d gladly pay the fees and deal with a little paperwork to get up to 55,000 Delta miles!

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32 responses to “25,000 to 30,000 [Now 5,000] Delta Miles with the Suntrust Delta Debit Card

  1. I think there is a small error on the post. I live and work in FL, specifically downtown Miami. There are plenty of SunTrust branches in FL. One is two blocks away from my office.

  2. So to sum up: you’ll get 30K DL Skymiles for $75 fee + $24 (2 months bank fee) + $25 early closing fee + federal and state taxes on bank’s unknown valuation of 30K Skymiles (say 40% x $300 = $120) + X hrs of one’s time for paperwork with Suntrust to open an account. Not sure of the value proposition here.

  3. I have also confirmed that if you open a joint account, BOTH members will receive 30K miles if you each have a debit card, make one transaction and both sign up for direct deposit. That’s an easy 60K miles!

  4. I opened the account a few weeks ago and already have 5,000 delta points in my account (ppl report that miles are not being posted all at once i.e. 15k). Is this one of the few banks that allows you to earn miles with a debit card? if yes, can this become a way of using the debit card to buy money orders and then deposit those in your bank?

    • @dave – They don’t mention a 1099 in the terms and conditions and never issued a 1099 for miles earned via the sign-up bonus the last 2 times they had the offer.

      @Michael – Ooops. That’s supposed to be a list of states which HAVE Suntrust branches. Thanks for letting me know and I’ll fix that typo.

      @hoglard1 – I’m not sure if you’ll get taxed on the miles, but everyone’s valuation is different. You may also be able to use this card for transactions which you can’t use other cards for.

      @Eric – That’s great news and an easy 60K for a couple! Thanks for sharing.

      @mariana – The Suntrust Delta card and the Bank of America Alaska Airlines cards are the only 2 cards which I know of which allow you to earn miles for using a Debit card. I’ll write a post on debit cards soon.

      – I completely agree with you!

  5. There is an excellent value proposition here, even for those who already have many rewards credit cards. There are any number of transactions which require a debit card only, and for which this card will thus allow you to earn miles when you otherwise could not.

  6. @Eric – I am in a sun trust chat now (with Donna) and was told you can only get 60k if you sign up for 2 separate account with 2 different skymiles numbers. She said the max is 30k with a joint acct. Any help here?

  7. For anyone who had success with the 60k joint account 1) did you use the online application or chat? 2) If chat, who (name) did you chat with?

  8. I am chatting with a Suntrust rep right now and he said this, “Thank you for holding. I have received confirmation that the bonus miles will only be awarded to the primary cardholder when opening a joint account.” – so not sure how valid the 60k miles for joint account is that was posted by Eric…

    Can anyone else confirm?

  9. I will not reiterate my experiences with Suntrust, but I will say this: WARNING. If you are actually planning on doing any business with these guys, you had best be ultra-responsible, because they are basically a bunch of clowns who haven’t the faintest idea what they’re doing, and who will neither own up to nor apologize for any stupid mistakes they happen to make. (If you prove that they made a mistake, they *might* fix it, but they also might just close your account.)

  10. Any opportunities to waive the $75 annual fee?

  11. for what it’s worth, did this deal on the last go around – both personal and business for both my wife and I and did not receive a 1099. The bonus at that time was 55k per account.

    also, I accidentally gave the same Skymiles number for all accounts and all miles posted.

    • @Sean – None that I know about.

      @Jason – Thanks for helping out!

      @Frank – You have to sign up by June 30, 2012, but “The first purchase must be made by 7/31/2012 to be eligible for the bonus.”

  12. When I was just looking at the application the first use of the Delta check card must be before June 30th, 2012. I don’t know if they will process the application fast enough and mail the card for me to use by that time. Any thoughts?

  13. A LOT of fuss, especially if opening the account via web / chats. I THINK it’s been successful, but doing the verification and starting the online banking (really a separate sub-account) has been a long, time consuming process, with some rep errors and inaccurate advice along the way, which of course required more chats, phone calls, and time.

  14. FYI, Those whose Social Security Number have been issue within the last 5 years ARE NOT QUALIFY to open an account via chat, only by visiting a branch.

  15. I actually called to open an account over the phone last week. I spoke to the rep for about 10 minutes and I specifically asked him if I had to keep the account open for a period of time. He said no and that I could close the account as soon as the miles posted to my delta account. He did not mention anything about a $25 fee for closing before 6 months.

    Also, the rep stated the $12/month fee for having a balance below $3,000 is waived for the first 2 monthly statements.

    Has anyone else opened an account recently?

  16. It is my understanding that you also get miles for auto bill pay. This would be a way to earn skypesos for rent payments. It also seems that this may be a double-dip opportunity for auto-paying your credit card balances from this checking account.

  17. Hello, has Sean’s comment been confirmed? “It is my understanding that you also get miles for auto bill pay.” Meaning if I pay normal bills online, Delta points are issued.

    Daraius…I love your website. Through the 2 two AA’s personal cards and AA’s Business card, I was able book tickets for my wife, son and I to London and 3 tickets back from Paris all for under $300 in fees. In addition, stay at great hotels for free. We have never been to Europe before, you made this possible for us…THANK YOU.

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  20. Is anyone able to confirm Sean’s comment?
    Also, it looks like the direct deposit bonus hit the account as soon as I signed up for the personal delta checking account.
    I have yet to do direct deposit through Suntrust. Thoughts on this?

    06 Aug 2012 SunTrust World Acq Bns (May-Jun 2012) Activity Date : 03 Aug 2012 10000
    06 Aug 2012 SunTrust MasterCard Check Card Welcome Bonus Activity Date : 03 Aug 2012 5000
    26 Jul 2012 SunTrust World Direct Deposit (May-Jun 2012) Activity Date : 19 Jul 2012 15000

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