Where is the $75 statement credit offer for the Chase Hyatt credit card?

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Million Mile Secrets reader Eric left a comment on the Hotel Credit Cards tab:

Argh!  Of course, when I’m ready to apply for the Hyatt card, the offer that gave a $75 statement credit seems not to work any more.  Any chance there might be a working link out there somewhere?  Thanks for the website.

The Chase Hyatt credit card offers 2 free nights at any Hyatt hotel, but charges a $75 annual fee which is not waived for the first year.

  • Existing Diamond members get the 2 free nights from the Hyatt credit card in a suite
  • Existing Platinum members get 2 suite upgrade certificates for paid stays.  The 2 free nights from the Hyatt credit card are in standard rooms.

And paying the $75 fee after the 1st year is well worth it because you get 1 night free in a category 1 to 4 Hyatt hotel after your 1st year.

I shared a working link to the offer with the $75 statement credit earlier (my affiliate link doesn’t waive the $75 statement credit), but that doesn’t seem to work any longer.

But reader IH commented:

When I go to Hyatt’s web site & try to book a room I see a link for the credit card offer WITH the $75 credit!

I checked it out and searched for a room at the Park Hyatt in Paris for the random date of July 18 for 850 Euros or $1,062 (insert obligatory blogger remark of how the Park Hyatt in Paris a great use for those 2 free nights from the Hyatt credit card).

Sure enough, I could see a link to the offer with the $75 statement credit.  Thanks again to readers for the low down on how to find the $75 statement credit!

Bottom Line:  I don’t know if this will work for everyone, but it’s worth a try to save $75 if you’re applying for the Chase Hyatt card soon!  Either way, the 2 free nights from the Hyatt credit card will save you money if you redeem them at almost any Hyatt hotel.

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23 responses to “Where is the $75 statement credit offer for the Chase Hyatt credit card?

  1. I applied for the Hyatt card before they were offering the $75 statement credit, so when that offer came out, I asked Chase if they can match it. They said that this offer is only available to customers that book a room in the same day that they apply for the Hyatt card. I sent a secure message through my account online and a rep ended up matching the offer and giving me the statement credit but I don’t know if it will work in the future for everyone. It was more of a one-time-thing. They do check for that same day booking before they issue the credit.

  2. I think Samuil and I both mentioned this in the comments section before. I tried to SM Chase too but got denied the $75 match. Never bothered to pursue it anymore since I knew that $75 credit was only valid after booking a room.

  3. Thanks for this! I just applied using the process you described. I didn’t get an instant approval, so we’ll see.

  4. Same experience as the two comments above when I went to match with Chase… But I had about 15 Hyatt stays completed for the year at that point, which I listed out line by line in a response and asked them to verify which dates I had booked (which is what they asked for, not the date stayed) each of these reservations. I didn’t hear back for a few days but the credit was given with no mention of if or which date qualified – but it might be worth listing out any/all Hyatt stays you have when requesting the credit (along with mentioning how much you plan on using your new Hyatt Visa!)

    • @Samuil @oneeyejack – You’re right that Chase doesn’t match to this offer easily, which is why I didn’t suggest folks write a secure message to Chase. But you may get the credit if you apply using the link directly.

      @Steelsnow – That’s a good tip. Thanks for sharing!

      @Eric – Good luck and do let us know if you get the $75 statement credit.

  5. Another data point:
    I too applied for the Hyatt card a few days before I saw this offer. After a month or so I got around to secure messaging Chase asking to match the other offer. Their initial reply was to get the offer that I needed to have booked a room on the date I applied for the card and show proof. I countered that had I known about this offer the day I applied I most certainly would have booked a room too, but since I found out about it a week later I didn’t know I should have booked a room on the day I applied. My response got escalated and a few days later got a reply that my account would be credited. Sure enough it has been credited. Whew! YMMV I suppose.

  6. jimmylovescognac

    Are the 2 free nights, at say Paris or Maldives, easy to get, or is it hit or miss and have to book 12 months out??

    • @thrashsoundly – So it seems that folks do get the $75 statement credit with a bit of negotiating. Thanks for sharing!

      – I’ve had good luck using the certificates, and as long as a standard room is available with points, you should be able to use the free night certificates. But I’d book sooner rather than later.

  7. Does anyone know if you need to be a Diamond member at the time of stay for the upgrade? I am on a 60 day challenge that will give me Diamond status through 2-13. I would like to use the two nights in Hawaii in March of 2013 and thought I might apply for the card and see if I can reserve before the end of July. Just wondering if this would work?

  8. Does anyone know if the free nights can be used at the Vendome in Paris (cat 6)? The post here says cat 1-4, but I couldn’t find that in the Terms&Conditions on Hyatt’s website. Thanks!!

  9. @ Abby – It’s on the front page: Cat 1-4 only. https://creditcards.chase.com/credit-cards/hyatt-card.aspx

  10. @abby as far as I know..the 2 free initial nights are good at any hyatt

    @harvson the anniversary free night is at 1-4 “Celebrate with a Free Night in any category 1 – 4 hotel every year on your anniversary”

    Just looked this up today and its still good..hopefully will be around in about 1 month

  11. @harvson3 and @Bitachu: My husband and I applied for the Hyatt Visa through the link with the $75 fee waived on 7/4. We both got approved and already managed to snag 2 award nights at the Vendome and 2 award nights in Tokyo this fall! Thanks for your help!

  12. as of today, the $75 statement credit banner ad is still appearing on the Hyatt.com Website. I searched for the same hotel in Paris… you have to go all the way into booking it… and on the page where you enter in your “Guest Information” , the ad appears on the right. links to this page https://www.hyatt.com/hyatt/chase/ICOffer.jsp

  13. I just looked at the terms. Where it talks about the $75 credit it says 60 days or say after first purchase. I don’t see anywhere that it says anything about a same day booking requirement. Am I missing something?

    • @Spineman – Unfortunately that link doesn’t work (I tried linking directly before) so you have to search for the offer manually!

      @Carl – Folks who tried to match to the offer were sometimes told that they had to have a same day booking. But readers have been able to get the credit by signing up for the offer.

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  15. I tried this three days ago and got a $100 statement credit when going through the Hyatt reservation system.

  16. Any thoughts on how to get this statement credit hack to work now that Hyatt has changed its website design? I no longer see the credit card advertisement on the right when I try to book a room. Thanks.

  17. I saw a $50 statement credit when I did a dummy room booking last night, using Internet Explorer.

  18. Confirming that I was able to get the $50 statement credit today.