New Million Mile Secrets Logo!

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Justin who writes the In A Cents blog, asked if I had decided on a new logo for the blog.

Thanks to the great candid feedback from readers, we worked on developing a logo which was different from the earlier logos we shared.  Readers suggested that a logo with our likeness would be a better than a logo with a plane or palm tree in the background.  And Sun suggested using an image evocative of a secret.  As always, readers were right!

I had planned on incorporating the new logo in the blog, but haven’t had the time to get to that yet.  But that shouldn’t stop me from sharing the new logo design!

Million Mile Secrets Logo

New Million Mile Secrets Logo!

I don’t know about you, but I do find the brunette with the pigtails to be most strikingly attractive. 🙂

Thanks again to everyone for your comments and for sharing your candid thoughts on the earlier logos!

PS:  I was traveling all day yesterday, but will get to the comments and email soon.

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39 responses to “New Million Mile Secrets Logo!

  1. That logo fits the two of you perfectly.

  2. I like this one much better. I think it’s perfect!

  3. Perfect! Good job.

  4. Nice logo!
    I continue to appreciate your efforts/insights and read your blog every day.

  5. Perfect!

  6. Agreed, the brunette in pigtails is cute. 🙂 This logo represents you and Emily much better than those other choices.

  7. Really nice!!

  8. This is awesome. Great job on being willing to go with something completely different.

  9. Yep…I think that is just about perfect! Great job!


  11. love it!!! who is the designer?

  12. Looks great. The only thing I see is that the your avatar’s finger is not showing too well. You can’t really tell that he is asking us to shush. Maybe an outline in darker color or something.

  13. love it 🙂 agree with not really being able to see the shush though..

  14. Love the new logo!

  15. Love it, it’s really cute!

  16. Yay! Super cute. 😉

  17. Love it ! Very original. Love the bowtie.

  18. I saw your new logo on the New Jersey FTU website, and loved it! Also noticing London as the first destination on the suitcase where you got engaged, and Paris, a place you mentioned you wanted to take Emily to!

  19. I like the logo..its cool.

  20. That is absolutely PERFECT! I can’t wait to see it incorporated into the site!

  21. Great job on the logo! It’s perfect!

  22. This is why Million Mile Secrets is my favorite travel blog! It’s more personal and reader oriented and makes you feel that we actually do contribute and are all apart of it.

    I feel honored that you decided to go with my suggestion.

    Great job on the new logo!

  23. Is logo Darius giving me the finger? Just kidding! I love it. Looks great!

  24. @Sun
    I agree…I fell like we are a little community. You see a ton of the regulars posting here as well as noobs who are welcomed and not looked down upon. People here give each other advice and share codes and passes, etc. that they have extra of or cannot use. AND Daraius takes the time to answer everyone’s questions personally. That’s why I come to MMS every single day!

  25. I like it . Cute!

  26. Now you are cooking! I thought the previous 8 were amateurish and downright hideous. The one you chose is adorable; you and Emily ARE the brand and this reflects that you both contribute to your ‘baby’. With your upcoming nuptials, maybe we’ll see another type of baby?

  27. So so cute!!! Love it!

  28. Aww, this is really cute!

  29. Dude… that is awesome!!! Now you just need to get rid of Coraline theme and get that logo in the right spot and you are golden. Love your blog.

    • @dhammer53, Josh, Kay, Billiken, Rick Ingersoll, Patty, Debbie Schroeder, Tsui, SpillWay, W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian), corinne, emily, InACents, Sheryl, Mommy Points, PatMike, chak, JuiceBox2Go, JuiceBox2Go, Chris M., Mark, Quickroute, cdrunner, Courtney, Jordo06 – Thanks and glad you like it!

      – I’ll email you the details.

      @Jimmy @TravelByPoints
      – You’re very observant!

      @Sun – Thanks again for the suggestion!

      @Jetpuffed – Hmmm…we’ll have to redo the logo then to include the baby, so perhaps we’ll wait a bit for that!

  30. Love the new logo. Time to update all the business cards, pens, note pads and misc office items. Now you just need the right shopping portal promo to stock up! 🙂

  31. Very cool logo. Clean and simple. Awesome. Congrats!

  32. Very nice DD! Well done. Did you use 99Designs or another firm?

    I have to say, considering both your and my stand about blogging about any idea that our readers can replicate, I don’t know if “Secrets” applies to you and I so much? 😉

  33. Am I really the only one who thinks it looks like she’s riding him like a polo pony? (And no, not in the ‘innuendo’ sense, in the ‘saddle, whip, and bridle’ sense.)

  34. It is perfect! I looooove it!!! 😀

  35. I just love it! So well done! Very very cute!