Credit Card Updates: Citi American Airlines 50,000 Mile Credit Card & 60,000 Point Thank You Premier [Expired]

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

1.   Citi American Airlines 50,000 Mile Credit Card.   The number 1 Top Deal  credit card deal on the Hot Deals tab has always been getting 2 Citi American Airlines credit cards for 50,000 miles each or 100,000 miles in total (1 Visa and 1 AMEX) at the same time using the 2-browser trick.

It is only 12,500 miles for a 1-way trip in the US, 30,000 miles for a 1-way trip to Europe in coach or 50,000 miles in business class, so 2 Citi personal American Airlines cards is one of the easiest ways to have Big Travel with Small Money.

In my opinion, there isn’t a better deal or an easier way to rack up 100,000 miles!  I suspect that many readers agree judging by the 558 comments and 38 Facebook likes on the post.

You may also be able to get the personal Citi American Airlines cards again if it has been at least 18 or more months since the last time you were approved the personal Citi American Airlines cards regardless of whether you still have the cards or have cancelled them since then.

And 100,000 American Airlines miles are much more valuable than 100,000 British Airways miles for international travel because you won’t pay fuel surcharges unless you use them for flights on British Airways or Iberia.

My affiliate link  which pays me a commission is for only 30,000 miles (but with a $2,000 lower spending requirement), so I link to the 50,000 mile offer instead so that you get more miles.

However, the links to the 50,000 mile version died over the last few days, but I’ve updated the links on the Hot Deals, Airlines Credit Card, and 2-browser trick post to another 50,000 mile offer after spending $3,000 within 4 months from FlyerTalk.

Unfortunately, this version does not include the 2 free American Airline lounge passes, but you can easily get 12 lounge passes for under $40 by using the Executive Privileges program.

However, this version offers only a $100 statement credit (versus the $150 in the earlier version) for any eligible purchase which is billed by American Airlines.  I’ve successfully bought American Airlines gift cards and received a statement credit and readers have paid for award fees, checked baggage or bought a sandwich on an American Airlines flight and also received the credit.

So not only do you get 50,000 miles, but you also could potentially get a $100 American Airlines gift card for free after the $100 statement credit.

There is also a Companion Certificate which is valid on only select PAID (not award) tickets.

This offer technically expired on December 31, 2011, but like the Citi 75,000 mile links and other Citi expired offer, the offers still appears to work based on reader comments.  But, of course, your miles may vary.

Check out this FlyerTalk post for more variations of the 50,000 mile offer which require $5,000 in spending.

2.  60,000 Point Citi Thank You Premier.   Many readers have emailed me and Delta Points recently posted about a 60,000 point Citi Thank You Premier card.

I’m a big fan of the Citi Thank You Premier card because it is great for getting flights  without any restrictions because 1 Thank You point can be redeemed for 1.33 cents towards any flight.  So it is as good as buying a ticket with cash.

You may also be able to get another Citi Thank You Premier card every 3 to 6 months, but as always, your miles may vary.  Or you may be able to get 2 at the same time, but remember to not apply for more than 2 personal Citi cards within a 65 day period.

The 60,000 point offers gets you:

  • 30,000 points in the 1st year after spending $2,000 within the 1st 3 months
  • 30,000 points after spending $2,000 in the 1st 3 months of your SECOND year

Emily:  I don’t like this because I’m not sure I’ll remember to spend $2,000 within 3 months of my 2nd year unless I set a reminder on my phone or in Outlook.

This isn’t as good as the 50,000 point version (which just expired yesterday), because you have to:

  1. Wait 1 full year to get the full 60,000 points
  2. Pay the $125 annual fee for the 2nd year

Each Citi Thank You Premier point can be redeemed for 1 cent worth of gift cards or 1.33 cents worth of airfare.

So the 50,000 point offer means that you are getting $665 worth of airfare (1.33 cents per point X 50,000 points) immediately after completing the spending requirement since the 1st year’s annual fee is waived.

But with the 60,000 point offer, you are getting $798 worth of airfare (1.33 cents per point X 60,000 points), BUT you will have to pay the 2nd year fee of $125.  So you’re effectively getting only $673 worth of airfare ($798 – $125 annual fee), AND have to wait more than a year to get the full 60,000 points.

I prefer the 50,000 point offer because I get the points immediately and don’t have to wait a full year.  Unfortunately, the link to the 50,000 point offer died last night, but please let me know if you know of a working link!

Bottom Line:  I’d strongly suggest using the 2-browser trick to get two Citi American Airlines cards for an easy 100,000 miles, but would hold off on the 60,000 point Citi Thank You Premier unless you were running out of Citi cards.

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76 responses to “Credit Card Updates: Citi American Airlines 50,000 Mile Credit Card & 60,000 Point Thank You Premier [Expired]

  1. Would buying anything from an Admiral’s Club be acceptable for the $100/$150 statement credit on AA cards? I can’t recall if it was already suggested.

  2. I applied for the cards using the links under Hot Deals on 5/19. Was that to the $150 statement credit version or $100 statement credit version? Thanks!

  3. I tried the 2 browser method for the 2 AA cards and it failed. I had a glitch when I went to fill out the second app and had to redue it. Maybe that is why I did not get the approval. I just received the fail notice and I will be trying the recon line. They stated the reason for the denial was too many apps. Do you have a good reason to tell them why? I did a small app round in march for 3 cards then did the BA in early May and then 6 cards in the final run.

  4. Although I, too, preferred the immediacy of the old 50K offer from Citi, the new 30+30 offer works well if you expect to accumulate a large number of flight points in the intervening year. If you fly 30K miles after receiving the first 30K bonus but before receiving the second 30K bonus, then the second 30K bonus will also convert those 30K flight points into an additional 30K ThankYou points. It could easily become a 90K ThankYou point offer. This is much easier to achieve when the bonuses are split up than when you have to do tons of flying in the first 1-2 months of getting the card.

  5. @rdaven – Many people received an error when submitting the app and still received the card. Some received two of the same exact card while still earning the bonus miles too. You might have been approved for both cards and the 3rd app was tossed because Citi only allows 2 apps in 30 days. You can call Citi or just cross your fingers and hope for the best.

  6. Helixcardinal

    I did the two browser trick back in 4/2011 and am eagerly awaiting the 18 month mark to apply for the AA card again. Would I be more likely to be approved the second time around if I close the accounts completely or does it not make a difference?

    • @Max – I don’t have any personal experience, but I suspect that it should since it would be coded as an American Airlines purchase.

      @Blockus – I changed the links yesterday, so the application on May 19 would be the the $150 statement credit.

      @rdaven – Citi allows only 2 apps within 65 days, so you should be okay if you did not have any Citi apps in the last 2 days. As Ken points out, you may have got that message because you submitted 3 apps when you applied. I’d call and see if they can process your apps over the phone.

      – Haven’t the rules changed where the sign-up bonus can no longer be used to convert flight points? I’m not 100% sure of this, though.

      @Ken – Thanks for helping out!

      @Helixcardinal – Some folks have reported not getting approved at the 18 month mark, so it could be anywhere from 18 months upwards. If you have a large credit line on the Citi cards, it may be easier to close 1 or both cards and then reapply. In my experience, Citi usually does not move credit over the phone (though some readers have had luck doing that) so you may get denied for having enough credit with Citi. But you can always write to the reconsideration department.

  7. @Daraius – I thought Citi was no more than 2 apps in 30 days. Is it 65 days?

  8. @ken&Daraius- I did call the recon line right after the app, twice, and they said both times that I had to wait to see.I told them when I called at first that I wanted the two cards because some places don’t take Amex and some places don’t take Visa. I did get the reject letter today. So, I will give them another call on Mon and see what they say.

  9. Hi Daraius,

    >>do not apply for more than 2 personal Citi cards within a 65 day period.
    If I apply for a Citi ThankYou Premier card now, can I apply for 2 Citi American Airlines card (2 browser trick) after 65 days?


  10. I got 50K from ThankYouPrimier Mastercard. Can I apply the visa version for 50K more points? thanks.

  11. Hi, I just applied AAdvantage card yesterday for only 35K miles. The card haven’t arrived, so is it possible to apply a new card with 50 K miles, and do not activate the 35K card.

  12. the new link that you recently posted for the AA 50,000 miles with only a $100 credit statement, will this link also expire on june 7th?

  13. Hi Daraius,

    I was thinking of trying out the double browser trick soon to earn the Citi AA miles because it sounds great within early next month. I have 2 questions for you:
    1. Do you think the deal will still be working next month?
    2. When I do get the AA miles, can I use them for British Airways biz or first class instead of American? -Not that I have anything against AA, I’m just not sure how partners work. 🙂 I also know that the downside would be the high fuel surcharges and all for BA.


  14. @Leo – No, you will not be able to get the cards again since you will not be a first time cardholder of the AAdvantage cards. Nothing you can do at this point except live and learn.

  15. Avios aren’t bad… I’m more eager to get other points, but the best part of the hobby is that there always seems to be more miles out there. I got my BA card and I’ll probably use it for short domestic trips (or maybe Hawaii) if I can figure out how to book with Avios.

    • @Ken – With Citi you shouldn’t submit more than 2 personal apps within 65 days because otherwise it is automatically declined. And you usually need 95 days between business apps.

      @rdaven – What did the letter say? Did you get it for all your applications?

      – Citi usually accepts only 2 personal apps within 65 days. I’d get the 2 Citi AA cards now and then do the Citi Thank You later on.

      @Eric – You could, but the link to the 50K card isn’t currently working.

      @Leo – If you’re already approved for the 35K version, you likely will get declined for already being a cardholder.

      – I really don’t know when it will stop working.

      @Aena – You can use the AA miles for flights on AA or any of their partner airlines including British Airways. I don’t know when the links to the 2 Citi cards will stop working, though.

      @Matt MSP – You can book flights on the website or by calling BA.

  16. You state “get another Citi Thank You Premier card every 3 to 6 months”. In the ling you mention that you got the MC version and that you had a VISA. Those are normally considered two different cards by most banks, even by Chase. I wonder where you get the information that you can get the SAME Citi Thank You Premier card every 3 to 6 months. A 3 or 6 month period is something I have not seen from any card from Citibank.

  17. Do you know if the $150 statement credit from Citi comes at anytime an AA purchase is made? Or is that also within three months of activation?

    • @Zz – That’s my personal experience, but yours could be different. Note that you can’t get the Citi AA cards every 3 to 6 months, but I’ve been able to get the Citi Thank You cards more often.

      @PR – I believe you have to make the AA purchase within 12 months.

      @EC – You have to pay cash to use the Companion ticket feature from Sprit incentives. They do have other airlines besides Spirit.

  18. is there a trick to pay the companion ticket (Spirit Incentives – Citibank Thankyou) using Thankyou point?
    That will be slick to get 2 tickets for cheaper though spirit incentives I think only have Spirit flight.

  19. @Daraius- the letter stated that I was denied due to too many recent apps.

  20. I recently signed up for the Citi Thank You Premier and my plan is to cancel when the fee hits. Would I need to book my $665 in travel before cancelling, or would I still have access to the travel website afterwards?

    My wife was also thinking of getting this card….is 30K now the most miles you can get for year 1 (regardless of whether or not you’re paying a fee)?

  21. @Seth: I’m not sure about booking travel with your TY points. But most other redemption options will become worse when there is no Premier card linked to your TY account. In other words, it will require more points to get same gift cards or cash rewards. I think the 33% travel redemption bonus may disappear as well.

  22. It looks like the 50k TY Premiere bonus is gone (I’ve tried all the links I could find on various blogs/sites), so the 60k over two years is the best option now.
    Confirmed on FW and FT threads. This page and the bank credit card bonuses page need to be updated to remove the 50k link.

    • @rdaven – I’d write a reconsideration letter to the executive offices. I’ve had luck with getting reconsidered with too many inquiries.

      @Seth – Yes, you should book your travel before you cancel, because otherwise you lose your points and access to the travel portal. The best offer right now is for either 30K now and 30K next year. Or 30K now.

      – Thanks for helping out!

      – Thanks for the reminder! I was hoping something would turn up, but it hasn’t, so I’ll update the links!

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  24. Citi TY bummer, that was next card on the list

  25. Do you get the statement credit after any purchase amount? Or do you have to spend $100 at AA to get the $100?

  26. I just applied for both Business and Visa personal and approved for both instantly. thanks for the links!

  27. I’m planning to get just one of the Citi AA cards (would love the extra 50k miles but just don’t spend enough per month to make both minimum spends at the same time). So is there any benefit to getting a Visa Signature card over an Amex card or vice versa? I guess the Amex is less accepted overseas. But I already have a CapOne Venture Visa. So I’d use that anyway to avoid a foreign transaction fee.

  28. Israel Husarsky


    I actually did the thank you premier application for 50,000 right before the links died- I was approved right away!

    My wife however is pending – now I am told they want a signed IRS Form 4506-T which means they want to see our tax return.

    Should I give it to them or pass on this – we usually put down our combined income when the application asks for annual income?
    This is the first time this happened to us.

  29. @Daraius-Thanks again for the contact it workede great. Now i have to pick up my spending to make the bonus. LOL

    • @Ragavan – Either card should be fine, though more places accept Visa than AMEX. I”d google for a 30K AA offer with a $1K minimum spend, which you could add to another 50K version.

      @Israel Husarsky
      – You’ve already had the credit inquiry, so may as well try to get approved. But do whatever you feel comfortable with.

      – You’re welcome!

  30. Daraius, We know you’ll let us know if the Citi 50,000 TYP offer returns. Thanks,

  31. Happy Traveler

    Just applied and was approved for the AA personal Visa today. Customer service confirmed the 50K miles with $3K spending in 4 months + $100 credit. Very thankful for your site, your tips made me an extra 20K miles! The best offer I could find other than your link was 30K miles. Thanks for all of your other tips as well!

  32. Input: Citi AA 1 Visa and 1 AMEX, both instantly approved using current links! Thanks!

  33. Planning to use AA 55K for a business award: ORD-SFO (Stopover)-HKG-PVG!
    Looking forward to Cathy Pacific’s business product on its Boeing 777-300ER!!!
    D, have you ever tasted Boeing 777-300ER?

  34. Do you know if it is possible to use 3 browsers to get the above Citi Visa and Amex, and also the published 35,000 Citi AAdvantage Mastercard for a total of 135,000?

  35. Correction: I meant 30,000

    • @C – What Ken said. You usually are allowed only 2 Citi personal applications within 65 days, and you likely will be denied for the AA MasterCard when you apply after 65 days because you already have the card.

      @Ken – Thanks for helping out!

      – You should receive the points once you complete the spending on both cards. You can also confirm the bonus when you call to activate the cards.

  36. @C – You can only get 2 Citi cards in 65 days.

  37. Just applied for the Amex and Visa AAdvantage using the links given – approved for both. Am I correct in assuming I’ll receive the 100,000 points after spending 3K on each card? Should I call and confirm this once I receive the cards?

  38. is it 2 within 65 days even w/o approval- I am thinking of just scratching this 50,000 point app (if citi did not do it yet) since they want a 4506-t & doing a 2 browser trick for the aa cards?

  39. @IH – It’s 2 applications in 65 days for Citi, approved or not.

  40. Wohoo! This just worked for me. Thanks for the tip.

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  42. Do you have the link for the 100K AA Cards, I am having trouble locating it.

  43. so if i fly american and charge a sandwich to the card i will get a 100 statement credit?

  44. @Steve – My husband and I bought 3 drinks onboard, 1 on each of 3 Citi AA cards and got total of $450 posted on next statement. (We got the cards back in January, with $150 statement credit)

  45. does such AA purchase have to be onboard an AA plane?? What if you purchase a light snack in a Admirals Lounge?? thanx

  46. Hi,

    I am assuming if I go through the AA shopping portal and buy an AA gift card, it should get billed under AA. Is this how you did it to get the CC statement. I am not planning to fly on AA anytime soon hence I won’t be able to buy anything on the plane.

    Thanks again


  47. @David – The purchase must show AA as the merchant as it does on board a flight for refreshments, etc. Going through the portal doesn’t matter as long as AA is the seller.

  48. I just signed up for the blog. Are there any current links to get the Citi VISA and AMEX for the 50k points each? If so, please send the link. Thanks.

  49. Can you also supply the link that explains the 2 browser trick. I haven’t figured out what that is. Thanks.

  50. @Mo
    in my experience i bought snacks in the admiral’s club lounge. merchant says admirals club and not AA. so this did not qualify 🙁

  51. Is the 50K miles signup for American Airlines still available?

  52. Can anyone confirm that a Citi TY Premier card used at Off. Depot for a Vanilla Reload card posts as a Purchase and NOT a Cash advance? Need to meet min spend on Citi card. Thanks

  53. As of Aug. 25 the 50,000 mile offer was good b/c I got it. It wasn’t published as the offer.

  54. I didnt get my 50,000 points because they said that my spend had to occur by 8/14/12. I fulfilled it on 8/15/12. Is there anything I can say that would get me my 50,000 points. I questioned why I didnt get my bonus points via secured message and that was their response. I plan on calling, but are there any suggestions before I make the call?

  55. Hi Dalius
    I found your site and studying how to earn mileages and points! I need them to go see my son who started to going to a college this year.(I live in California) Since I already have a delta gold, United mileage plus and Chase Sapphire, which cards should I apply? Is CITI American 50000 bonus for VISA and AMEX still working?
    If they are not working, I am thinking to apply AMEX the business gold, US airways barclays,Chase priority club card. That way,I can spend $5000 for AMEX gold in next three month and minimum for the other two. Please let me know what do you think about this idea.

    • @nobuko – Where is your son going to college? You could get 2 Citi AA cards for 50K and use those to visit your son. Or you can get 2 Citi Thank You 50K cards, each of which will get you $633 worth of travel on any airline.

  56. Darius, my year is almost up on my AAdvantage Visa and American Express cards. I do not want to pay the yearly fees and would like to cancel them. I do have quite a few miles in AA program and just want to be sure that I will not lose these miles if I cancel the cards.

  57. Hi,

    I just tried the two browser trick for the citibank 50k. and was denied by the visa and am waiting for conformation from the amex. How Long do I have to wait to apply again for the visa? And have I screwed up my chances for getting the 100k miles?

  58. Hi! Can you use the 2 browser trick with chase? can you get a personal and a business card at the same time using the trick, or only 2 personal? Also, I got the chase ink using my ssn (don’t have a tax id no), will this application count towards the number of personal cards or business cards? Does it matter actually? I am wondering if there is a difference (since I used my ssn) and how soon I can apply for another personal card from chase. THANK YOU!

    • @dana – You can get 2 cards from Chase, but will have to call the reconsideration line since the 2nd application is usually declined. The Chase Ink is a business card, but you should be able to apply for a personal card as well.

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