British Airways Credit Card & Transfer Bonus Expiring & First Class Amenity Kit Giveaway

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Link:  American Express 50% Transfer Bonus

Link:  British Airways 100,000 Point Card

Link:  British Airways 100,000 Mile Card (Alternative Version)

Today, May 31, 2012, is the last day to transfer American Express Membership Rewards points to British Airways at a 50% bonus.

And next Thursday, June 7th, is the last day to apply for the public British Airways 100,000 point credit card.  For most folks, it really is a 50,000 point sign-up bonus since you have to spend $20,000 within 1 year to get the 2nd 50,000 points.

I also suspect that the alternative (& potentially better) British Airways offer  which gets you 50,000 points after your 1st purchase and another 50,000 points after 1 year may last longer than June 7, 2012.

British Airways points are quirky, but are good for short haul travel within the US on American Airlines, travel to South America, and multi-continent hops with no or low fuel surcharges.  And Avios points are great for travel to Europe if you are willing to pay fuel surcharges (~$400 each way) for a Business or First Class seat.

The downside is that each extra segment will cost you more Avios points and the high fuel surcharges make it a poor value to redeem Avios to fly in coach on most routes.

British Airways First Class Amenity Kit Giveaway!

British Airways Avios always brings up strong reactions in folks.  I’m curious to learn what you really think about Avios points.

So leave a comment, by 11:59 pm CST on June 2, 2012, to win a British Airways First Class amenity kit!

This could be yours!

I like the British Airways amenity kit because it is very well constructed, luxurious, but understated.

Emily:  This is my favorite amenity kit because of its elegant, simple design and high quality amenities inside!

For more details, check out Frequently Flying’s review of the British Airways amenity kit.

Don’t forget to leave a comment to enter the amenity kit giveaway!

What do you think of British Airways Avios?

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182 responses to “British Airways Credit Card & Transfer Bonus Expiring & First Class Amenity Kit Giveaway

  1. i don’t like the program. the fuel surcharge is crazy.

  2. I much preferred the old program and will not be trying to build more avios miles going forward!

  3. Since I probably won’t ever spend the bucks to fly BA First Class, this amenity kit would be awesome! We are actually getting ready to take our first free companion trip on BA since we earned it in 2010 paying the expenses on our daughter’s wedding! I just wish that the BA taxes weren’t so costly!!! But if you take that extra free trip, they get your tax dollars!

  4. I used avios to go from mci to ord for 4500 points.Thats a good deal when you see the flights going for $200+

  5. Used them to get to/from Brazil!

  6. I want those amenities!

  7. Avios require some luck but have lots of value.

  8. I’m still debating this card but now I’m running out of time. Would love that amenities kit though!

  9. I think if utilized in the right way Avios points can have phenomenal value.
    I wish BA didn’t charge such heavy surcharges on their metal though.

  10. Personally, I would get the 1st version (50K after 20K spend) because I don’t plan on keeping the card past a year, unless they offered to waive the renewal fee or give additional award equal to the annual fee. Also, I’ve gotten better at moving money around and I think I might just be able to hit the 20K spend.

    Oh, and the amenities bag does look elegant.

  11. Avios is perfect for LAX-LAS last minute trips!

  12. I like to use my Avios points (50,000) to travel in business class on Cathay Pacific between JFK and Vancouver .

  13. I’ve been a Virgin Atlantic fan but I now have the BA chase card and for the 2 AA Citi cards so I’m going to try to give them a shot. The 10% discount when using the Chase card and the combined points will help to offset a trip to London in September.

  14. For me Avios is a devalued miles program and looks like more of Skypesos even worse than that

  15. I plan to transfer 20k AMEX points to 30k AVIOS for two RT LAX-SJD for some fun in the sun. Problem is there is NO AVAILABILITY. How do you check availability??? It’s crazy to me. +1 for the cool amenity bag.

  16. Avios certainly have thier uses, it just seems they are all on partner airlines, not BA.

  17. Avios are great for short hauls, not so much for long hauls in premium classes.

    BA is also a great program for my relatives who don’t fly that often; whenever they fly a short AA flight, I’d rather earn a few hundred Avios that I can combine with my larger account, rather than have orphan AA miles.

  18. Avios points are, at first, complicated to understand, but once you are familiar, they are great, especially for some domestic US rewards.

  19. it’s difficult for me to use avios from my local airport as every flight involves a transfer. it seems like you can get some good deals on the short haul flights though.

  20. I don’t have Avios yet but hoping to get it on my next churn and hoping to win the Amenity Kit from you too. Thanks much

  21. I hope I win the Amenity set..looks like a nice kit!!!!

  22. i’d love to win

  23. Looks great!

  24. Starting to expand my points earning as I’ll be moving to a city soon (instead of my small, regional, west coast airport).

  25. I converted all my MR points to Avios. Love’em!

  26. Avios have great potential for “big travel with small money” – thanks for the opportunity to win!

  27. NEWBIE Alert- If I apply for a Card and am approved, how LONG until I can use the miles associated with its earnings. Meaning, if I apply tomorrow, would it be possible to in say 2 -3 weeks have the card, book a trip, and go by say end of July? Or if I wanted to use miles for a end of July trip I should have applied a long time ago? ANY help with this would be appreciated!

  28. Love the kit – could use one – thanks for the offer

  29. I took advantage of the original 100k mile offer 2 years back, and am using it this October for a 1st class trip to London.

  30. I don’t want to win, so tell me if I do, then give it to another reader!
    Just as and FYI, I just booked a ticket for my dad, on a holiday weekend, that would would have cost $360 from MIA-PHL for 15k Avios+ $5.00 round trip. That IS VALUE!

  31. Very nice kit

  32. Avios are the pits ————–

  33. you guys are so generous with info and giveaways. I have gotten several credit cards thanks to your advice. Thank you so much for your work and research. I can’t wait to finally redeem my Avios.
    email: imnotarunner at gmail dot com

  34. also great for short haul Asian routes, such as KIX to PVG on Japan Air for 7500 avios + 100 USD tax, etc.

  35. I have collected BA miles (now Avios) for many years, since October 1996. I have accumulated over 500,000 and none from actually flying – all from credit cards – and yet I HAVE NEVER USED ANY YET !!

    Every time over the last 15 years I have tried to use them I found a much better deal by using my AA miles. But every year they just devalued even more until I was so disenchanted with the program and their fees, fees and more fees I had almost given up on BA altogether … until I just realized that I can get cheap short distance flights on the west coast with their partner Alaskan.

    I have not actually done it yet but I called BA (you have to) and was able to find a booking from SEA to SMF for 4500 Avios each way (plus $5 tax and $25 fee because they aren’t capable of allowing you to book online). Isn’t it funny that because their online system is weak we have to pay extra!

    But I did notice that even if Alaskan shows award space on a flight, BA does not necessarily offer that. Unfortunately you have to call BA for an award, but it took me only about 10 minutes when I tried.

    I am about to book a trip for my son & his wife in the next couple of days so I will see if it genuinely works. Unfortunately they would be expensive to change or cancel, so consider these short distance runs non-changeable.

    So, from hating BA miles I may now love them.

  36. I like how Emily say’s “Amenity Kit”, in the video you posted a few months ago!

  37. I’ve saved a ton of Avios and generally use them for domestic flights despite poor availability. The Brazil tricks are interesting, though!

  38. For economy, Avios are useless when travel to Europe. I have even problem with availability for LAX – JFK. Perhaps they are most valuable for travel within the Europe. I do not like it.

  39. They should make avios useable for economy flights to europe and then I’m sold, until then, no deal!

  40. Clare Bloomfield

    As a Brit living in the US I like Avios very much

  41. Despite the crappy fuel surcharge they pass on, Avios is def. a solid addition given their route diversity, top notch First Class product and decent lounges.

  42. Four of us are flying Cathay Business Class R/T San Francisco to Hong Kong and Bangkok this fall using a total of 400,000 BA miles. If purchased with cash, each lie-flat seat would have cost over $6,000. So, by getting 3 Chase BA cards in 2010 (100K bonus on each, $89 annual fee), transferring Amex MR points at 50% bonus, circulating a few mint coins, and paying a little in tax we are taking the trip of our lifetime (so far!). Even though all 3 BA cards are now cancelled, we will always appreciate BA (and Chase) for the almost $25,000 of value!

  43. I love the flights to Hawaii on AA from the West coast using Avios.

  44. Avios is decent, but not as good as AAdvantage.

  45. Points are points, and it’s sure nice that you can use them for domestic flights too!

  46. love them for domestic flight use!

  47. Fun promo!

  48. Avios are a good deal for short-haul flights, but overall, points have been devalued since the new program started last year. I’m glad I got in on the Easter Island deal before the change.

  49. Great value for some business travel on certain routes.

  50. We often travel with family between SF and NYC, which I consider more than a short-haul flight. Since we can use Avios points for American Airline flights (25,000 Avios points or 25,000 AA miles, either way you cut it), they are quite useful!

  51. Avios are awesome for me….only 4500 avios to NYC or Florida….can’t get better than this.

  52. Very nice kit. I wouldn’t mind making good use of it.

  53. I haven’t redeemed Avios since they devalued, but I’m looking at a fairly cheap business class flight to LAX from JFK under the new system, so I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt!

  54. Avios are great for short hauls on American!

  55. The hubby and I have applied for the British Airways Avios card using your link (Chase said they’ve approved on their part, they’re awaiting the response of British Airways now) and are so excited to be receiving our first Avios! We’re complete newbies to the game, but with your help I think we’ll get somewhere. I’m really excited about Avios, even if people don’t like to use them for long haul travel to Europe (or back). For a person like me, using my Avios + $400 flying one way back business/first from LHR to the states is a great deal! I know I wouldn’t be able to afford it otherwise, and I’d really like to try flying British Airways. But don’t worry Daraius, we’re going to apply for the AA Citi Visa & Amex, as well! Weeeeeeee! I love learning about miles!

  56. Avios comes handy when booking reward flights in Europe!

  57. AVIOS points are only good for OneWorld. I personally don’t like BA. They always lose my luggage. I’ll use my AVIOS points for Cathay Pacific instead 🙂

  58. I like the old redemption policy much better, though I do use Avios for domestic travel on American now more than ever.

  59. I want those amenities!

  60. I like the BA amenity kit for two reasons. One, my fiancee loves the facial/body products. She thinks they are divine and a must have. I like the kit because of the creature comforts. The socks are fabulous and nostalgic for me because the first time I flew BA they gave us socks in regular class and at 19 I thought that was really cool!

  61. Love Avios points for short-hops to major cities!

  62. europe has lots of cheap airlines, and Avios are too expensive to use for long-haul…. not a great preposition now……..

  63. These are great to use on Alaska on the west coast!

  64. Great site, Daraius! Well laid out, concise, and fun; also love the interviews. You and Emily also look like you’re having lots of fun.
    I like Avios points for their short haul possibilities. I already got my 100,000; now the missus is working on her’s.

  65. Somsubhra Maity

    It looks very polished!

  66. Ilove them for the world cup

  67. Burn a bunch of Avios to fly from SYD-HKG-ORD. Still have some will likely just use them for short hall flights.

  68. I like them for shorter haul routes and love the availability on OneWorld airlines, but would love to see greater value for long haul redemptions

  69. they work in specific settings. no point program is perfect for everything.

  70. Since the uk is one of my favorite destinations, I am a big fan of avios points. In fact when I fly American I’m always sure to give my BA number instead.

  71. I like them for short haul only. Awesome giveaway!

  72. Oh, boys!

  73. I have used Avios points for trips within Australia on Qantas and a last minute booking for a funeral in the US on American without any major costs or booking difficulties. It is very worth it to get another Chase Card for the 100,000 points Avios points.

  74. avios rock for short distance trips but I wish the BA site was easier to use for redemption.

  75. Living in DFW they are great for short haul flights with AA.

  76. I wish the fuel surcharges wouldn’t make coach redemption such a poor value. I’m having trouble redeeming some right now. I’m also not sure how good the availability is on the low-level domestic awards, especially considering how bad the BA website for redemption.

  77. Goodbye Avios! Sorry I didn’t use those 70,000 miles before. Kit looks great. Would love it. I am in Ukraine now waiting for lost baggage to arrive from IAH.

  78. Man I wish these deals were available in Canada. We do get some bonus programs, but nothing like this. I guess competition is the key factor that drives companies to need to do things like this!

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