Have I Created a Miles & Points Monster?

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Before I started blogging, Emily Jablon didn’t know much about miles and points.  She knew that I loved collecting miles and points and applying for credit cards because she’d get emails approving her for yet another credit card.

She wants the points!

She liked the benefits of miles and points, but didn’t go out of her way to collect them herself.

But is that changing?

On our way to Huntington Beach for the long weekend, we stopped to share a quesadilla at the Kansas City airport.

Emily Jablon suddenly exclaimed “Oh No!

What’s wrong?” I asked.

They are paying the bill with cash and missing out on the miles and points or cash  back.” said Emily glancing at a nearby table.

At the Hyatt Regency resort in Huntington Beach, I asked Emily to help  select my Hyatt Diamond amenity.  For our weekend Hyatt stay, the Diamond amenity was 1,000 Hyatt points or a food and beverage amenity.

I usually get the points when I’m traveling alone, but since this was a romantic getaway with Emily, I asked her to help me select the amenity.  The points would go into my account, but we would savor the free food and beverage amenity in our suite.

The beverage choices included, wine, beer, soft drinks, and juice and the food choices included dried fruits, a cheese platter, fresh fruits, nuts, blueberry bark and chocolate truffles.

I don’t want anything.” said Emily.  “Take the points!

Take the points?”  Last year Emily would have surely chosen the food and beverage amenity, but after proofreading my blog posts and attending the Chicago conference and Frequent Traveler University she says “Take the points!

But I convinced her otherwise and we got a bottle of wine (which we brought back with us, since we wouldn’t have been able to finish it) and dried fruits and blueberry bark.

Bottom Line:  It is easy to get addicted to collecting miles and points and thinking that everyone should collect them.  After all, who doesn’t want Big Travel with Small Money? 

But different strokes for different folks, and don’t let earning miles and points come in the way of enjoying the little things in life.

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9 responses to “Have I Created a Miles & Points Monster?

  1. That’s interesting. 1000 points is worth about 1/15 of a hotel room, or anywhere from $7 to $20, depending on the hotel (or Hotwire equivalent). Personally, I seldom buy wine that is more than $10 a box so if in your shoes, I probably would have made the same call as Emily. On the other hand, I even less frequently have enough Hyatt points to amount to anything so I might have just taken what was given to me then and there.

  2. LOL, please tell Emily, “You go, girl!” Great job converting her Daraius. But next time, take the points, please. (wink) 🙂

  3. “I seldom by wine that is more than $10 a box“! LOL

  4. best. post. ever. ….. LIKE

  5. I think the true test is how amenable she is to planning/changing your wedding spending so as to maximize rewards.

  6. I wish my other half would be like that. Really tough going it alone in my family in this game. The Mrs. still hasn’t bought in even though enjoying some of the benefits. However, I am training the little one to have that mindset. She’s curious and always wanting to know how she can get more points for her own account. LOL.

  7. so i have a question darius…do u put all the points in ur account or do u both amass points? i ask because im just trying to figure out what is better… 1 account with say 500000 points or 2 accounts with 250000 each. cant really see pro’s or con’s….wait i answered my own question… 2 accounts equals double the mileage…LOL!

    • @Bottom-Feeding the High Life (zzd) – I figured the wine, dried fruits, blueberry bark, and sitting on a couch cuddling Emily were worth at least $20. I guess Emily disagreed!

      @Debbie Schroeder – (wink) 🙂

      @LTL @Jake – Ha!

      – I’m not even going to tread on that one! She can do what she likes.

      @Ko – Emily still doesn’t apply for cards, so I do it for her. And I make the calls and manage her accounts as well.

      @chris c – We always collect the miles separately so that we get double the miles and points!

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