An Extra 10,000 Points for the Chase Ink Bold Still Works [Expired]

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I had written earlier that Chase was matching folks to a better 60,000 point offer for the Chase Ink Bold. 

Lots of readers managed to get an extra 10,000 points and so did Emily and I.  Well, Million Mile Secrets reader Perryplatypus read Delta Point’s post and commented that Chase is still offering an extra 10,000 points to folks who recently applied for the Chase Ink Bold.

As always, it doesn’t hurt to send a secure message to Chase asking to be matched to the 60,000 point offer if you recently applied for the Chase Ink Bold.

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44 responses to “An Extra 10,000 Points for the Chase Ink Bold Still Works [Expired]

  1. Well that was nice while it lasted

  2. Was that with the 5000 or 10,000 minimum spend, though?

  3. I got them to match, with the 5k spend in 3 months. So I got 60k points, thanks Chase!

  4. Mark, when you applied, did you apply for the 5K/50,000 point offer, or the new 10K/50,000 point offer… and how long ago?

  5. Just got mine thanks.

  6. Taking your advice, I secure emailed Chase requesting the 60,000 UR bonus. I explained that I had originally applied when Ink was 50,000 UR bonus and 5000.00 min. spend. Within an hour, I received word back that that will give me the 60,000 sign up bonus. Little effort…big gain! Thanks for the timely advice!

  7. just got them to promise the points for me as well as soon as I meet the minimum spend…

  8. Hey Folks,

    Does anyone know if this is working with the current link for $10,000 spend card. I would certainly apply today if I knew I could be matched to the $5ooo for 50,000 points + 10,0000 offer. Thanks again everyone!

  9. Thanks for the suggestion! They just gave me the extra 10000 points.

  10. Unsuccessful. They were asking for my Offer Code and Invitation Number from the direct mail offer. Bummer!

  11. That was quick & painless-for one of my cards-still waiting for the other-got the “we fowarded to a different dept” message on one acct.
    Other acct:
    I am writing in response to your e-mail about bonus
    rewards.I understand that the offer on your account was to earn
    50,000 bonus points after purchases worth $5000.00 within
    the first 93 days. However, as a gesture of our
    commitment to you, I have added the balance 10,000 points
    to your rewards balance, in order to match the 60,000
    bonus points offer on your Ink Bold account. I hope this
    adjustment brightens your day and hope to see a
    longstanding relationship with Chase.

    We appreciate your business and look forward to serve all
    your future financial needs. If you have any further
    questions, please reply using the Secure Message Center.

  12. It seems to me that is entirely depends on the rep you get and whereas on the phone you can always hang up and try again when it comes to secure message the record of the rejection is in the “file”. When you appeal it, the “higher up” prefers to support the lower level managers decision so it becomes much harder to get it done.

  13. Any active link for $5000 for 50K points offer?

  14. Just got mine. Sent a secure message & got ab answer back in about an hour.
    Will get 60,000 when minimum spend is done (5K in 3 mos.)
    Thanks for the tip.

  15. I was approved last week from a direct mailing that offered 50K points at first purchase; I have not yet received my card. Should I try for the extra 10K via SM? Should I wait until I actually use the card? Worth noting, I have several recent Chase cards and I have asked Chase for, and received, a few matches over the past couple years. Should I lay low on this one? Getting shut down is something that I don’t want to happen.

  16. @Piano- no reason to lay low about matches. Its not like they get offended if you ask. It simply depends on who answers your email.

    • @Name – It’s “lasted” for over a month, right?

      @Mark M @ace @vcb @mike fein @HJK @Kay @Marshall – Glad it worked out!

      Shorty – I don’t know, but let us know what you find out.

      @JC – Try calling if it doesn’t work via secure message.

      – It doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @mike fein – Did you call or send a secure message?

      – None that I know of now.


  17. Just got my Ink Bold in the mail, thanks for the reminder to ask for more miles. Going to also try to get the $5,000 offer too.

  18. I sent a secure message but once you do they wont talk to you much on the phone if you are denied… I think on this one its worth trying to call FIRST since they are VERY inconsistent. For exmaple an employe of mine got the same card as I did with same offer of 50k, 5k spend. Yet somehow they matched mine but not theirs on the same business. It is very very inconsistent.

  19. R u guys getting this even after 3 month after u opened ur cards, because i got denied

  20. Just sent a message this afternoon around 4pm to get the bump and was denied. I wasn’t totally surprised, I’ve never been approved for any bonus bump, I just don’t seem to have that luck.

  21. I sent a secure message this evening. Just got the reply and was denied. Reason was the 60k offer no longer available.

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  23. Just got a secure message denying me due to “60k offer is no longer available”

  24. Denied: “While I understand and appreciate your interest in the Chase Ink Bold card and its promotions, the reason we are unable to honor the request to apply the bonus offer for the application is because the offer is no longer available. “

  25. I got denied as well.
    Dont they usually do that for customers if they request it within 90 days of application?
    I applied about a month ago and have my card for about 2 1/2 weeks, and chase wont honor it.

  26. @Lana- Right now it seems it varies by rep and remember that the 60k offer they “claimed” wasnt a “real” public offer. I would say that right now this match is going to be hard to come by

  27. sent SM this morning and shot down for 10k extra points 4 hours later 🙁

  28. Do you just call the number on the back of the card, or is there a certain department to call?

  29. I just got denied via SM. “We appreciate your interest in Ink Bold promotions, yet unfortunately the 60K offer is no longer available”.

  30. My request through secured email got denied. I called number back of my card. Representative has forwarded request to marketing department. I will have to wait and watch what they will decide.

  31. Sent a SM and was denied the 60k offer because it is “no longer available”. Called the number on the back of the card and the agent sent my request along to the marketing department. The agent did give me 5000 courtesy points just to be nice. I don’t hold out alot of hope that the marketing department is going to approve the extra 10k. I guess I will find out. I wonder how/when they will let me know?

  32. I got denied too. I think too many people started asking for a match and they decided to shut it down.

  33. Same with me — they said no longer available

  34. Apparently a memo went out shutting this down. Darius I am sure you will have a nice political answer but fact is this post shut down the offer that folks on FlyerTalk were having steady success with. Big thumbs down on this one. Anyone who picked this up here has clearly been too lazy to make the minimal effort it would have taken to know this had been around for many months but when all the dopes call at once it creates a reaction. Let’s just hope you haven’t ruined the chance for future bumps with Chase the way y’all did with Amex.

  35. @Phil-This is the USA. A person has every right to share information they want with whomever they want if it isnt protected. The service Daraius provides allows (in part and very often) people who cannot afford to travel otherwise to be able to create unique opportunities and memories. The flyer talk people are largely people who do have the ability to have these experiences and simply want to max the system. As an attorney who has been to 75 countries and carries upper elite status on multiple airlines and has over 1.5 million miles earned the “hard way” (flying) can certainly afford the travel I want to do for vacation I applaud what Daraius does. The “hurt” caused to the flyer talk folk is, in my opinion WAY overshadowed by the good provided to 1000s ? of people given opportunities that they wouldnt have otherwise. Try to put in perspective the REAL hurt. Is it that bad if 100 people dont get the 10k bump here or there but the common folk can pick up 300k miles or points in a year ? Dariaus is providing a service to the REGULAR person. I even vote republican and I feel this way.

  36. @Phil- you also need to realize that you give Daraius way too much credit. You see the volume of posts in flyer talk in one HOUR is greater than the number of posts Dariaus has in the last YEAR. Check the numbers I just did. In the contact me section which has had the mosts post on this blog since its inception Dariaus hasnt gotten to 1000 comments yet. Check flyertalk out. Its laughable the comparison. It is safe to say that MAYBE hundreds or possibly a few thousand people see about the match here where SCORES OF THOUSANDS see is there. Do you think everyone on flyertalk works in perfect harmony to make sure only 10 people ask for the match each day ? ON this thread there are 38 comments in last two days. you think 38 people shut chase offer down ? or do you think the 38,000 people who in a panic discussed it on flyertalk did ? Which likely means that the flyer talk people who talk about Daraius blog and cause THEIR members to RUSH and get matches has much more effect that Daraius blog does. I have no doubt that flyer talk is HELPING make Daraius famous when of course youd want the opposite. What do they say in showbiz “there is no such thing as negative publicity”.

  37. @mike fein – that is a long rambling rant. just look at the evidence. this was running fine for months. it gets blogged about and shut down in hours. i mean i guess you could say it’s just like evolution – it is just a theory.

    • @Roger @Akshay @ShrinkTheGlobe @Lynn Hanson – That’s too bad!

      @Charlie – 5,000 points is better than no points!

      @Phil – I’ve blogged about this before and there were blogs which referenced this a day before I posted, so you’re giving me (& this post) too much credit for shutting this down!

      @mike fein – You’re right that FlyerTalk is far, far bigger then this blog, so posting on FlyerTalk is going to get more attention than on this blog.

  38. @Phil- actually you are incorrect. A few weeks ago when the “mistake offer” came out it also got “shut down” and then started working AGAIN recently. Of course you choose to ignore my main point which is that Dariaus is fully entitled to help the masses EVEN IF it were in fact true that some frequent fliers get “hurt”. By your logic if a few people figure out how to score tickets to a ball game for free while everyone else is paying 100 bucks a ticket and I blog so that everyone can get tickets for 20 bucks but our “poor few” can no longer go for free I am doing something INHERENTLY wrong. That is simply incredibly selfish and self serving. While you are entitled to be as selfish and self serving as you want do not get upset that not everyone agrees with you. You can express your opinions wherever you like however common decency might suggest that you keep to your flyertalk forum friends who agree with you obviously. 99 plus percent of people on there are genuinely thankful to Daraius.

  39. Just called in and was denied. They wanted a “functioning link” or valid offer code. Darn.

  40. woohoo- Got my employee his 10k bonus on this card just now. I proved they had given it to one card on the same business and how that was illogical not to give it to a different cardholder for same business opened at exactly the same time. After a second secure message to “negotiate” I got the following response.
    Dear M,

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us again in
    regards to your Chase Ink account.

    Customer feedback is an important opportunity for our
    organization to review processes and service and make
    appropriate changes. For that reason, we always welcome
    and appreciate feedback from our customers. I regret to
    hear that the service you received was not at the level
    you expected. Thank you for taking the time to share your
    experience with us, and we sincerely regret the
    inconvenience this matter has caused you. Based on your
    account situation, I have added 10,000 points to your
    account as a one time adjustment. This will be on your
    next statement for review.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.