May 9th Only: Buy Hyatt Points for Cheap Hotel Rooms or to Top Off for Southwest Companion Pass

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Tomorrow, May 9, 2012 is a rare opportunity to buy Hyatt hotel points for ~1 cent per point via the Daily Giveaways promotion.

There is a pre-sale for a limited number of points at  12:00 pm (pre-sale) and the regular sale starts at 1:00 pm EST.

You can usually buy Hyatt points for 2.4 cents per point and Hyatt occasionally has sales when they sell points for~1.9 cents per point.  So you’re getting a discount of at least 47% via the Daily Giveaways.

Yet again, Travel by Points has a great spreadsheet summarizing the different point options.

So ~$220 will get you 22,000 points which is  a stay at a top category Park Hyatt which usually sells for $500+ a night.  As a blogger, I’m  supposed to point out (tongue firmly in cheek) that the Park Hyatt in Paris or the Park Hyatt Maldives are excellent places to use your Hyatt Points.

Or you can splurge for a suite which would cost many hundreds of dollars or 33,000 points or $330 points through this promotion.

You can use these points for stays within the US as well.  For example, the Park Hyatt in Washington DC or Carlsbad, & the Andaz in New York and other expensive Hyatt hotels in the US.

Or you can use them at the cheapest Hyatt hotels for 5,000 points a night or $50 if you buy Hyatt points at 1 cent per point.

Here’s how you can use these cheap Hyatt points:

1.   Top off for Southwest Companion Pass.  The Southwest Companion pass is one of the best deals for domestic travel.  Most folks earn 100,000 points out of the 110,000 points required for the Companion Pass via credit card sign up bonuses and use these 10 ways to get the extra 10,000 points needed.

But you could get the Hyatt hotel point package (24,000 points for $260) and convert 20,000 Hyatt points to 9,600 Southwest Airlines points to top-off for your Companion Pass!

Each Southwest Airline point is worth 1.67 cents towards Wanna Get Away fares so 9,600 Southwest Airline points is worth $160 (9,600 Southwest Points X 1.67 cents per Southwest Point).  So you’re paying an extra $100 ($260 – $160) to top off for the Companion Pass which can be well worth it.

Do note that technically hotel transfers are not supposed to count towards the Companion Pass, so this could change anytime.

2.   Cheap Hotel Nights.   Hyatt has some great Category 6 hotels which sell for $600+ a night.  For example, the Park Hyatt in Paris, the Park Hyatt in Milan, the Park Hyatt in Tokyo and the Park Hyatt in the Maldives.

These cost 22,000 points per night so you could just buy Hyatt points regularly (you are limited to only 40,000 a year, but can have other family members buy points as well) and you’d spend $528 per night (22,000 points X 2.4 cents per point).

But you would pay only $220 per night if you buy Hyatt points from the Discover American promotion.  $220 is still not cheap, but it could be worth it to get access to a hotel which you’d otherwise never dream of staying in.

The Park Hyatt in Buenois Aires and Mendoza in Argentina are only 18,000 points and 8,000 points respectively.  That’s only $180 or $80 each for hotel rooms which are usually $400+

At the other end, the cheapest Hyatts (think Hyatt House & Hyatt Place) cost 5,000 or 8,000 points a night.  That’s only ~$50 or $80 a night which could be a decent saving over the regular price.

But as always, do the math to see if this makes sense for you.  Here’s a link to the Hyatt award chart.

3.   US Air Grand Slam.  If there is a US Air Grand Slam in 2012, it could make sense to stock up on Choice hotel points to transfer to US Air during the Grand Slam.  Mommy Points has a great post explaining the details.

4.  Don’t Transfer for Southwest Airlines Travel.   Each Southwest Airline point is worth 1.67  cents towards Wanna Get Away fares.

5,000 Hyatt hotel points currently transfer to 2,400 Southwest Airline points.  This means that you’re spending $50  (5,000 Choice points X Cost of 1 cents per Choice point bought via the Discover America Promotion) to get $30 (1,800 Southwest points X 1.67 cents per point) worth of Southwest points.

This works out to a bad deal if you’re after Southwest Airlines points!

This won’t be easy

I do NOT expect it to be easy to get these points because a lot of folks will be after them!

If you do decide to participate, be sure to be at your computer a few minutes before the offer starts (12 noon EST) and to either click refresh or press “F5″ to refresh the page to see when the offer is available.

And don’t worry if you’re not able to get the points in you cart at first.  There are always point packages which get returned since folks don’t buy them.  Don’t give up until it says “Sold Out.”

Sign-up for a Hyatt Gold Passport account BEFORE you attempt to buy the points packages, because you will be asked for your Hyatt Gold Passport account number.

Bottom Line:  Buying Hyatt points through the daily getaways could help you in having Big Travel with Small Money in many ways.  But there are limited packages and lots of folks will be after them.  Good Luck!

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15 responses to “May 9th Only: Buy Hyatt Points for Cheap Hotel Rooms or to Top Off for Southwest Companion Pass

  1. A little correction — you wrote Choice points for point #3 (Grand Slam hits), which I assume was meant to be Hyatt. However, Hyatt is recently no longer a transfer member of US Air, so even if the grand slam happens again this year, Hyatt points won’t be usable as a hit.

  2. Hyatt Santa Barbara seems like a good use of Hyatt points. It’s a category 3, only 12k/$120 at this price. It’s very hard to find anything in this area for that price… even the Motel 6 can be more expensive! Too bad I live here. 🙂

    I think I’m gonna try for the $260 and $330 packages. Doubt I’ll be as lucky as I was with Hertz.

    • @gloreglabert – Thanks! I forgot about that, and have updated the post.

      @alan – There are worse things than living in Santa Barbara! I suspect these will sell out extremely quickly, so good luck!

  3. There have been so many better daily getaways deals is it really necessary to highlight this one? There are so many cheaper ways to get hotel points and the earlier getaways deals have also been better for topping off Southwest Companion Passes…

  4. Ah well, at least the pain was short! Only took 5 minutes to get to Sold Out status. No luck for me so far, as to be expected for only *20* chances. Why do they torment us so? 😉

  5. Just got one of the $260 Hyatt deals just now. Really bummed that I missed the last two good deals. I used a faster PC this time which did it for me.

  6. Woo hoo, I had success with the $260 deal just now as well! So overall, I had success buying Wyndham, Choice, and Hyatt packages during the Daily Getaways, so it worked out pretty well for me 🙂

  7. So few packages! Must have sold out at 1:00:01 !

  8. I also managed a $260 ($234) package. Still trying to add the $330 ($297) package to my cart in the hopes that someone doesn’t buy it, but not really expecting to get that.

  9. …and all sold out at 10:19.

  10. I score Wyndham and Hyatt but missed the Choice deal.

  11. I was ready and waiting when the clock struck 1:00 today. I hit the buy button at 1:00:01 and it said all 100 of the $260 packages were already in people carts. Wow!

  12. I too was ready at 1:00 today and hit the buy button at 1:00:01 and it said all 100 were gone..Wow is right..I am beginning to wonder whether it is worth the effor anymore???

  13. You need a fast computer and a fast browser to refresh the pages quickly. I missed out on the Choice ones due to a slow machine. I’ve noticed Chrome browser is faster for me than Firefox or IE.

  14. Ken: As we explained in the other thread, it is mostly luck (and popularity of the deal — meaning how much competition is out there) — it really isn’t that much about browser speed and bandwidth. I won on previous ones with a slow machine and poor bandwidth, as I said.

    This one was simply less popular, IMO. And you got lucky for one! Congrats!

    I didn’t even bid on these ones — I just wasn’t that interested.

    – John…