British Airways 100,000 Point Offer Ends on June 7, 2012 & A Different British Air 100,000 Point Offer [Expired]

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Chase has confirmed that the 100,000 British Airways offer where you get 50,000 Avios points after your 1st purchase, 25,000 extra Avios after spending $10,000 and another 25,000 Avios after spending another $10,000 within 1 calendar year will end on June 7, 2012.

I don’t see this as the end of the world because I don’t consider the Chase British Airways offer as the best deal on the market.

In my opinion, getting 2 Citi American Airlines cards for 50,000 miles each or 100,000 miles in total is MUCH better than the Chase British Airways deal.

That said, Avios does have its uses – particularly for short haul travel within the US, travel to South America, and multi-continent hops with no or low fuel surcharges.  And Avios points are great for travel to Europe if you are willing to pay fuel surcharges (~$400 each way) for a Business or First Class seat.

Different British Airways 100,000 Point Offer

In November last year, I wrote about a British Airways credit card offer for 100,000 points when you book a ticket on British Airways.

The offer suggests that you have to buy a ticket to be able to apply for the credit card, but readers and folks on FlyerTalk have figured out a way to get the credit card without buying a ticket.

This offer is much better for folks who don’t spend a lot because you get 50,000 points after your 1st purchase and another 50,000 points after 1 year.

So you pay the annual fee twice ($75 X 2) to get the full sign-on bonus, but you get 100,000 Avios points.  This is much better for folks who don’t want to spend $20,000 to get the full 100,000 points with the regular Chase offer for the British Airways credit card.

Bottom Line:  I wouldn’t go out of my way to apply for the British Airways 100,000 point card and June 7 is a long time away!

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38 responses to “British Airways 100,000 Point Offer Ends on June 7, 2012 & A Different British Air 100,000 Point Offer [Expired]

  1. This is why I love this blog. Many of the others are up in arms, touting the end of the world, and pasting their referral links afterward. However, MMS posts his referral link, but stands by his assertion that it’s not the best deal on the market!

    Thanks for continuing to be awesome.

  2. This post right here shows the difference between this website and thepoints After he ran out on the british airways avios devaluing he now post the link to the credit card every 3 seconds and is actually calling it the best deal on the market. Fraud.

  3. any reports on whether a secure message will allow you to switch to the no spend version?

  4. Israel Husarsky

    I actually tried this but got nervous – at step 5 of the ticketing process which is the payment page they give you this offer.

    I was not sure though, if after applying the site would automatically charge the new card if approved right away or the site would take you to step 6 the confirmation page & at that point you could still caqncel the ticketing transaction while still getting the card with the promotion.

  5. I am considering this card…you are right the 7th is a long way off, but me also things this offer is much better. I will be happy to keep the card two years for 100K and two annual fees!

  6. If I previously had the Chase BA Visa, got the 100k and cancelledthe card after 11 months, can I get the new card and get the 100k bonus?

  7. Agree that these types of posts, and honest opinions about card offers are why I do all my card apps through MMS.

    @Israel Husarsky
    After reading about the other BA card offer available on this site I applied for the 100k offer available for no min spend. Just as stated, no ticket purchase is required. When you apply for the card you are sent to another site (Chase) to complete the application, at no time on the application does it ask you to confirm the card to purchase tickets. You can also open in a seperate tab and clear your ticket request before confirming your card application.

    My wife and I both have this version of the card, recieved without purchasing a ticket. Its been used and paid the yearly fee, now just waiting for the 50k to post and another 50k next year, all with no spend and no hassle.

    • @emily – I doubt they will let you switch to the other version, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @Israel Husarsky – If you have had a couple of recent Chase applications, you likely will not get instantly approved and will have to call the reconsideration line so you won’t get charged immediately. You could also buy a fully refundable ticket just to make absolutely sure.

      @W Brian Duncan (AKA IPBrian) – I’d do this again if I didn’t already have the card. $150 for 100K Avios is a good deal!

      @Bf – Folks who applied in 2009 were not able to get the 100K bonus when the card offer was around in 2011. I suspect that you won’t be able to the points again if you’ve already had the card. But BA allows household accounts so you could get someone else in your household to apply for the card and use the points for your travel.

  8. @michael
    sadly, i kinda agree with you. tpg blog has become too commercial… i find mms to be much more helpful because of this very reason.

  9. I can vouch that the alternate BA offer does work. I did it and verified with the CSR at Chase all the terms as stated above.

  10. I just had a round of cards April 6th so June 7th will be too soon for another round of apps. Oh well, maybe next year.

  11. Agree with Mark, this is why you are and continue to be my favorite travel hacking blogger. You genuinely care about reporting the best offers and keep affiliate links far from the forefront of your motivations (unlike some of the other bloggers). Thanks to you, in the past few weeks my parents, my gf, a bunch of my friends in addition to myself have all signed up for the “unofficial” BA 100k signup.

  12. Bummer! I got in on the official one, and I’ll be lucky if I can get 75000 after $10k.

  13. I may be out of the game till July, but maybe my wife can do another round of cards 🙂

  14. For me the best value for the Avios 100,000 offer points I got from the 2009 offer turned out to be to use them for hotel bookings on my recent trip to Europe (London/Paris) rather then for the flights.

  15. Hi . just wanted to let you know that i used your link to apply for the Amex PRG card today. You are one of the best bloggers.

  16. Just applied for the 100K BA card for Mike through your link. No instant decision, so I will call Chase in a few days. He has a few cards to ante up, one being the Continental turned United that has a fee due this month.
    I’ve used the companion pass for BA First and I will redeem another one for a 2013 trip. I don’t have a problem with the $20K spend, as I’m going for another $30K and the companion ticket. I still think redeeming Avios on BA with the fuel surcharge is only a good deal if you book two First tickets. Will report back on the status of my ap. Probably would not have applied (again) if not for your link. Thanks for your info !

  17. is British Avios more valuable than AA or United miles?
    i have advantage account with 225k miles and united with 55k miles and have 80k chase UR points.

    In regards to booking flights, specially domestic, is British Avios more valuable or better than advantage or united miles?

    For example, if I book domestic round trip with AA or united miles on or, the miles saver is 25k miles plus $5 fee. But if I book same domestic round trip on BA site, it is 15K Avios plus $5. I just did a test booking chicago to ny roundtrip on BA site and it shows only 15k avios which is just 15k AA miles? 50k chase UR point is 50k british Avios? that is 3 round trips and 5k avios still left on BA site?
    if i do it on aa or it is only 2 round trips. I don’t have any BA avios or BA card but I can use my Advantage miles on BA site and use just 15k miles for domestic round trip VS doing it directly at which costs 25k miles?

    Should I transfer my chase UR points to BA and not United?

  18. First, a thanks to MMS for great CC intel each and every day. I am fairly new to the game and loving it so far.

    Regarding the BA offer – I successfully completed the 100k miles for $150 (2x$75) without having to buy the ticket. It was a bit nerve racking, and maybe I was lucky because I didn’t get an instant approval (so I wasn’t on the hook to buy the fake plane ticket), however a few days later I was approved for the card and I have since confirmed (twice) that I will get 50k upon first purchase and another 50k after a year.

    100k miles for $150 and not having to move any of your spend to the card is a great deal in my mind (and I view Avois as extremely valuable for last minute, short haul trips on the East coast)

  19. @emily
    Just got this response trying to match to the $75 /50,000 x2 offer. I originally signed up for the $95 offer.
    Thank you for taking the time to contact Chase.

    I understand your concern and want you to be completely
    satisfied with this account as well as the service that I
    am unable to provide you. Enrollment incentives offered
    to new cardmembers are always changing. Chase is aware
    that upon opening a new British Airways credit card
    account, you may find an enrollment incentive that you
    find more appealing. Based on this, enrollment incentives
    that offer more Avios than you are scheduled to receive
    are honored within 60 days of opening. Unfortunately
    Chase cannot alter the timeframes in which bonus Avios are
    earned or the amount of the annual fee associated with an

    Looks like the second 50,000 mile bonus being a year out is too complicated for Chase to configure. Also no offer of a $20 statement credit to even out the membership difference. Bummer. I don’t see a way to push this further with Chase. Makes for an easy decision when the fee comes due next year….

  20. @Mulbry
    thanks for reporting in. that’s very interesting that they do say flat out that they’ll change if it’s within 60 days though. you should keep a screenshot of that in case you ever have trouble in the future.

    • @Maury – Thanks for confirming that it works!

      @Ken – Perhaps the “other” BA offer will last longer than June 7.

      @arjun – That’s great and thanks for confirming that the “other” works!

      @Matt MSP
      – Perhaps you can asked to be matched to the other offer? It doesn’t hurt to ask.

      @Tammy – That’s a good use of the points as well if you can’t use them for flights. I’ve always got a value of between 0.7 to 0.9 cemts per point. I’m curious if you got the same value as well.

      @Krish – Thanks so much for using our link & for your kind words – it is much appreciated!

      @PatMike – Thanks so much for using our link – we are very grateful! The Travel Together pass is a good benefit if you don’t mind paying the surcharges because the seat and service are good and BA award flights are fairly easy to find.

      @jim – It depends. For short haul flights, Avios may save you points compared to UA or AA. Yes, you can transfer at a 1:1 ratio from Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to BA. You can’t transfer AA miles to BA and then book an AA flight. But you can book the SAME AA flight for less miles on BA if you transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards. I wouldn’t transfer the points until you knew there was availability and were ready to make an award booking.

      @Dan – Welcome, and feel free to email with any questions! Avios are pretty valuable for short haul flights.

      @Mulbry – Chase usually matched an offer within the last 93 days, so it doesn’t hurt to reply and ask again if you applied for the card within 93 days. Thanks for sharing!

      – That is interesting! Perhaps others can get matched.

  21. Robert Hanson

    If you are not getting the {hidden, no minimum spend} offer to come up, and have previously registered with BA, try this. Clear out your cookies, or use a different computer you have not logged onto the BA site with. Use an alternate email from the one you previously registered with BA. {Create a new email with Yahoo, etc if necessary}. Check “not a BA member”.

    After a dozen failed efforts using my “known” email and existing BA account number, I tried the above, and voila: there was the cc offer I’d been reading about. Since I already have 3 Chase cards, one applied for 6 weeks ago, I was worried it was too soon to apply. But fear that the “special offer” might disappear motivated me to go for it anyway.

    Of course, I got the “we need 30 days to think it over message”. I cancelled the BA “ticket order” I had in progress, and called the reconciliation number the next day, and got approved. YMMV.

    BTW, I am NOT going to pay BA fuel surcharges to London. I’m thinking Air Lingus to Ireland RT Business, or Cathy FC to HK with Avios outbound, and AA miles to return…

    But that’s a year from now when the other 50K post after the annual fee gets paid again. I love having new possibilities in the pipeline…. :> )

    • @Robert Hanson – Thanks for sharing, but it took a dozen attempts! Makes me feel glad that I got the card in 2009! I agree with you – options are always nice!

      @Abhi – If you are redeeming for domestic travel through the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, you are getting only a 1.25% cash back value. You can do much better than that with other cash back cards like the Capital One Venture, Fidelity AMEX etc.

      The best theoretical use of Ultimate Rewards points is to transfer to the air and hotel partners and then redeem for travel.

      Yes, I think you should be able to get this card, but see if it makes sense for you. You can easily get the Companion Pass, but will have to pay fuel surcharges. But Avios could be good for short distance flights. Avios points are quirky, so make sure you have a use for the points before applying.

  22. I normally spend $7-9,000 (reimbursable) on my personal CC for business trips and ~$1-2,000 for personal use. I have been off-loading ALL my points into Chase Sapphire Ultimate Reward Points, as I think their 20% off on redemption is the best out there. Question 1: Am I correct?

    Question 2: Do you think this card is worth getting given my love for Chase Sapphire 🙂 ? In January this year, I already applied for Chase Sapphire (50k points + $22k credit limit) and United Explorer (65k + $50 + 12k credit limit) — do you think it is possible for me to get this card, as I already have 2 chase cards from this year and another one from 6 yrs ago? Thanks!

  23. Thanks Daraius! Btw… I meant Chase Sapphire Preferred — so that’s 2x the travel expenses, which is 90% of my total expenses. So, if I am redeeming from Ultimate Rewards ain’t I getting 2.5x total $ value I am spending? How is Cap One Venture or Fidelity AMEX better, as I believe they are only 2x ? What am I missing? Thanks again!

    • @Abhi – Yes, you’re right if you’re using the Chase Sapphire Preferred (you hadn’t broken down your business spending) for travel expenses and redeeming via the Ultimate Rewards portal. You can get 3X from the Amex Premier Rewards Gold for airfare and get 1.25 cents when you redeem using the Pay with points feature for 3.75x total value in airfare.

  24. Thanks so much for breaking it down for me, Daraius! You rock, as always. I was not aware of this card’s benefits for airfare. I am sincerely considering to get this card now — there are multiple card offers listed in Flyertalk, but most of these cards are targeted; do you know the best offer out there or should I wait for a better of the ones out there?

    Btw, for other travel expenses such as Hotels, Car Rentals, and Dining, do you think Chase Sapphire Preferred gives a good value for the bucks? Any suggestions?

    Sorry for asking so many questions in this unrelated thread of yours — I promise this will be my last question :-). Thanks for the help, buddy!

    • @Abhi – You’re welcome. If you’re after cash back, the best option could be to buy $500 gift cards with your Chase Ink Bold at Office Supply stores for 5X points and then redeem those for travel. You’d come out ahead even with the $6 to $7 fee per gift card. For example, $500 gift card + $6 fee = 506 X 5 Ultimate Rewards points = 2,530 Ultimate Reward points. These are worth $25 if redeemed for cash back or more if you redeem for travel via the Ultimate Rewards portal (less the $6 purchase fee for the gift card.).

      The best current offer for the personal PRG is listed on the Bank Points credit card tab for 25K points. AMEX has occasional 1 day deals where you can get 50 to 75K on the Business Gold version after spending $5K to $10K within 3 to 4 months. If you’re after cash back, the Chase Sapphire Preferred is a good option.

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  26. Daraius,
    My wife and I each had the BA card from last year’s 100,000 promo….we canceled in April this year before our annual fee was due….the T&C’s on the “different mode” say for first time only members. What is the chance of us getting this second promo? Should we wait 18 months from first application and then apply?

    • @toadhollow @Ken – Some folks on the FlyerTalk thread have indicated that they were able to get the points again. But I have no personal experience, and as Ken writes, Chase is usually pretty strict about not letting you get the bonus for the same card again. I’d apply if you can spare the inquiry, otherwise not.

  27. @toadhollow – With Chase cards, you cannot get the bonus twice. Usually Chase will not even let you get the same card another time let alone the bonus points.

  28. @Ken, etc.
    I have had the BA card and the SW card multiple times over the years – maybe 4 times each – and the SW cards were all the same one, BA too. I don’t know why it worked. I didn’t even have to call or write for the bonuses.

    Two possibilities: I bank with Chase (and Wamu before that) and I have not had any other Chase cards until this last few months. I have just given up my BA card and will be giving up my SW card in a week. I may try for a new BA one next year and then we’ll see if it was a fluke or maybe I have some special mark on my record at Chase 🙂

    Reminds me of the time we flew to Mexico and at each airport, SFO, DFW, MEX, MEX, DFW I was searched head to toe, swabs for gunpowder residue, the “puffy” machine, the works … after the fifth airport I got a bit annoyed and asked why they were picking on me. I said, “is there something tattooed on my forehead?” and the TSA woman says, “No, it’s stamped right here on your boarding pass”!! and she showed me some stamp that had been put on all my boarding passes for the whole trip.

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  31. ADIOS BRITS! You want us to pay full price of the flight cost in fuel surcharge plus all the points we earn for international?

    I’d say ADIOS not AVIOS!

    The roundtrip to london from chicago is always around or less than $700 sometimes even $500. but the BRITS wants 50k avios plus $700? That’s insane!

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