Reader Tips: 50,000 Points American Express Hilton Card & 25% off Frontier Flights to Denver

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1.   50,000 Point American Express Hilton Card.  Million Mile Secrets reader Brandon (thanks!) sent a link to a no-fee American Express Hilton card which offers a 50,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $750 within 3 months, instead of the usual version which offers 40,000 points for the same amount of spending.  I updated the Hotel credit card tab with this new offer.

However, the terms say that you have to be approved for the card by May 31, 2012 to be eligible for the 50,000 point sign-up bonus.

I wouldn’t get this card just for the sign-on bonus, but would get it (I applied for it in my last app-o-rama) because it gets me access to Hilton’s AXON awards, which means that 4 nights in a top category 7 hotel will cost 145,000 points instead of 200,000 points.

You also get free Hilton Silver status which doesn’t get you many perks, but does get you access to slightly lower award redemptions.

I also like that it is a fee-free card so that I can keep the card for a long time.  I want to have at least 1 card from each bank which I will keep for a long time to get into the good books of each bank.

The earning structure is also pretty generous –  6 Hilton points per $1 spent at Hilton hotels, supermarkets, drugstores, gas stations, phone/internet/cable & 3 points per $1 for everything else.

I value each Hilton point at 0.5 cents per point.

2.  25% off Frontier Flights to Denver.  Million Mile Secrets reader Stu (thanks!) points out a 25% off coupon,WOW25, for non-stop Frontier Air flights to Denver or Colorado Springs which must be used by tomorrow May 6, 2012 for travel from November 1, 2012 to January 4, 2013.

Here are the complete terms and conditions which include black-out dates.

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31 responses to “Reader Tips: 50,000 Points American Express Hilton Card & 25% off Frontier Flights to Denver

  1. Just re-booked my upcoming four nights at Conrad Tokyo using the AXON rate. Was able to save 25,000 points! Thank you!

  2. I already have the Marriott and SPG Cards. Would you recommend AMEX Hilton Card for 50k points, the Priority Club for 80k points or the Hyatt Card for 2 free nights for Hyatt.? I would use the points for International traveling.

  3. Best bang is probably the Priority Club for 80k for two reasons: 1) Pointbreak rewards for only 5k PC pts per night 2) No expiration (nice not to have to worry about expiration dates & way to renew them!)

  4. Can you use the AXON award for Waldorf Astoria properties? Thank you

  5. Dang, I just got the 40k version 6 weeks ago. Does AMEX match their offers, typically?

    • @Shaun – That’s great! I’m assuming you went from a VIP award to the AXON award and hence the 25K savings.

      @sil – I wouldn’t get the Hilton card because you would get only 1 night with the 50K points. I like the Priority Club card because you get a free night certificate each year which can be used at any Priority Club hotel with no restriction. But the Hyatt card with 2 free nights could be a better choice if you want to stay at really nice hotels for 2 nights for free since you can use them at the expensive Park Hyatt hotels. The Hyatt card also comes with a free night certificate each year, but is restricted to category 1 to 4 hotels.

      @gpapadop – Thanks for helping out! I also like the free night certificate with the Priority Club card.

      @Maury – According to this post, you can get the VIP discount for Waldorf Astoria hotels, but not the AXON discount.

      @Mike H – The typically don’t match, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

  6. If I don’t have an American Express (never needed one because of fees), is this a good card to start? We like the Hilton Embassy Suites when traveling domestically. Having a family of 6 limits where we can stay in 1 room.

    Of course, any advice is welcome.

  7. I applied… but will get the decision by mail. No worries. $750 is a low spend and there are foursquare and other AMEX card use deals around.

  8. need urgent help… booking 5 tickets for travel t0 lax or las from ord and need, virgin america 20% or 10% code. please email me and i can make appropriate donation to get the code. thanks in advance.

    • @ttn – 50,000 points won’t get you many Hilton hotel nights. The value in the card (for me) is being able to use my OTHER Hilton more effectively since I get access to the lower AXON rates. The AMEX SPG card offers 25K points, but can be stretched to more than 1 night’s stay if you use the cash and points option. But it does have an annual fee. But I can’t think of many hotels which will allow a family of 6 to say in 1 room.

      @Lisa – Good luck!

      @troyhouse – You may be able to buy AA gift cards at 10% off from Costco.

  9. Interesting. I applied for the 40,000 deal in my own mini-app-o-rama last month and literally JUST hit the $750 spend and got the 40,000 points credit on Thursday. (Interestingly, with these cards, you don’t seem to have to wait for the first statement like most — they appear to detected the spend and credit your account almost instantly upon reaching it!) In any case, just to try it, I’m going to call them tomorrow and see if I can talk them into matching to give the extra 10,000 points.

    I did want to comment on something that Daraius said though… While 50,000 points won’t get you “many” Hilton hotel nights, it should be noted that Hilton owns places like the Hamton Inn and DoubleTree — where I have been able to find rooms in many cities for only 12,500 points a night. So, 4 nights isn’t so bad, IMO. And, even in cities where you can’t get them that cheap, I like that Hilton very often has good points+cash deals where you can spend 10,000 to 15,000 points and get rooms for well under half price.

    My last app-o-rama was a bunch of HHonors cards (4 of them). I’m pretty happy, so far, with HHonors points and options. 🙂

    – John…

  10. There was a 60k bonus earlier this year I believe with 750 spend and 50k with 1500 citi visa.earlier this year ..easy 112250+ points

  11. I got an e-mail and I was approved.

  12. Hi, Do u know whether AMEX will match CC offers, since I have got this card 1 month ago? Thank you!

  13. Does any one know if you get a one night cert for priority club upon.applying. or 12 months later? Thx

  14. Any OE out there from downgrading the Surpass to this card? I’m assuming you can’t get the bonus by doing that? Any possibility of just canceling the Surpass and applying for this one separately to get it?

  15. I got this card back in Feb when the bonus was 60K and met the $750 spend quickly, but have yet to receive my points. I have a call in to Amex and supposedly they are investigating.

    • @John… – It doesn’t hurt to try! Please let us know if you were able to get matched. Don’t get me wrong – I like Hilton points as well because it is so easy to get them from multiple credit card apps! But this 1 card (50K points) may not be the best choice for a family of 6 looking for multiple free nights. Much better to do a dummy search for the award availability in the cities you want to travel to before signing up for the card.

      @Marty dee
      – The 50K Citi Hilton offer is still available and you can transfer points from Virgin Atlantic and Hawaiian Air to Hilton.

      @Lisa – Congrats!

      – AMEX usually doesn’t, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @lee – You get the free night certificate after your 1st year, but you get the 80K sign on bonus after completing your 1st purchase.

      – What’s an “OE?”

      @Walker – Very strange and hope you get the points soon!

  16. @John
    Can you please tell us exactly which HH cards you applied for all in one app-o-rama. I’m on the verge of getting a Hilton card(s).
    Thanks ! 🙂

  17. Kadence: Sure! Here’s what I did in my last set which was just last month (note that I had none of these cards before — so none are churns or re-dos):

    AMEX Hilton HHonors card (for 40,000 points after $750 spend within THREE months)
    AMEX Hilton Honors Surpass card (for 40,000 points after first purchase plus 20,000 more after $3,000 spend within THREE months)
    Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature (for 50,000 points after $1,500 spend within SIX months)
    Citi Hilton HHonors Visa Signature (for 50,000 points after $1,500 spend within SIX months)

    Note that those last two are the EXACT SAME CARD. I did the “2-browser trick” and applied for two of the exact same cards using the exact same links because I heard that you could do that. I had to call the reconsideration line, but just said that I wanted two of the same card so that I could use them to track different expenses more easily — and they said no problem!

    So, those are the 4 that I did for HHonors points. At about the same time (2 days earlier), I also did the Chase Priority Club Select Visa (for the 80,000 points after the first purchase that was an unpublished offer). Still waiting for that first statement to go so that I can make sure I get the 80,000 points.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

    – John…

  18. @ John…sure hope you had better luck than me getting bumped up to 50K from 40K. I just got the card last month and literally just got the bonus. First I was shot down via email. Then I spoke to a rep that said American Express does not match offers. Off to a supervisor I go. He isn’t the friendliest guy. He states that this 50K offer is for NEW Hilton Honors customers ONLY that have never had the card. And that if someone who has had a card before goes through the application process it will downgrade them to the 40K card which is the advertised promotion. He refused to bump up the card for me because I had one in the past and reminded me a got a bonus back then.

  19. Useful post Daraius. Have a bunch of Hilton points and didn’t know about AXON.

    Also didn’t realize the 80k priority card offers are still available. I used a previous 80k offer, got Platinum, then later matched to Diamond with Hyatt, in time to get the Hyatt card and sign up for Hyatt’s Q1 promotion. Worked brilliantly for me. Would recommend the priority club 80k card for anyone hoping for a status match to top level in a hotel program.

  20. My husband and I already red wives our cards! They were sent Overnite Letter via UPS!

  21. What the? I meant received our cards in my post! Silly auto correct and shame on me for not proof reading!

  22. Do you have access to AXON just for being a gold member or do you have to have the Amex Hilton card to go with it?

  23. Re: the hilton amex. I applied last Friday via an email offer, it was 50K with $750 spend in 3 months, but if you spend $20k a year you get gold status. That’s pretty huge, I believe the last offer I saw you needed $40k a year. I think this card is going to be a keeper given the no annual fee and relatively easy way to upgrade to Gold.

  24. Can you please post a direct link for the 50k offer if you spend 750$
    Amex wants a link/ RSVP code in order to match it