Credit Card Updates: Chase Ink Bold with Lower Spending Limits [Expired] & Chase Hyatt Card with $75 Statement Credit

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

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[None of the cards in this post earn me a referral]

1.  Chase Ink Bold With Lower Spending Requirements.   Million Mile Secrets reader Maxim (thanks!) shared a link to the 50,000 point Chase Ink Bold with the lower spending requirement of $5,000 within 3 months.

This could be a better deal for folks who can spend $5,000 within 3 months, but not $10,000 within 3 months, which is the current offer for the Chase Ink Bold.

On the other hand, the current offer for the Chase Ink Bold offers 25,000 points after your 1st purchase, so it could be a better deal for folks who don’t spend much.

As always, I’ve updated the Hot Deals tab with the link.

2.   Chase Hyatt with 2 Free Nights.  I read about a Chase Hyatt offer for 2 free nights plus a $75 statement credit on Mommy Points, and I updated the Hotel Credit Card tab immediately with that link.  But I never blogged about it.

In short, this is a better offer compared to the regular offer for the Chase Hyatt card (which pays me a referral), because not only do you get the 2 free nights but you also get a $75 statement credit which evens out the $75 annual fee for the card.

If you’re a Hyatt Diamond member you get the 2 free nights in a suite, and if you’re a Platinum member you get 2 free suite upgrades certificates which can be used to upgrade a paid reservation to a suite.

However, you can get 3 months Platinum status for free (up to May 11, 2012), so it makes sense to sign-up for the free Platinum status before applying for the card.  Or take a Hyatt Diamond Challenge so that you get your 2 free nights in a suite.

I was approved for this card a few weeks ago, and I’ve already booked my free nights (Emily:  Tell me where!)  I’ll also gladly pay the yearly annual fee (currently $75) because I will get free Platinum status (free internet!) as long as I’m a cardholder and for the yearly 1 free night in a category 1 to 4 Hyatt.

This is a great card to help get a dream vacation because you could use the free night at ANY Hyatt.  Some of the great Hyatt hotels in the US, Europe, and Asia often sell for $500+ a night, so you could get some Big Travel with Small Money with this card.

However, your free nights have to be used within 1 year, so don’t sign-up unless you know you can use the free nights within a year.

Bottom Line:  None of the offers in the post earn me a referral, but they are better then the regular offers for those cards.

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39 responses to “Credit Card Updates: Chase Ink Bold with Lower Spending Limits [Expired] & Chase Hyatt Card with $75 Statement Credit

  1. Similar to you – I took the Diamond challenge before applying for this card. Once my account Hyatt reflected Diamond status I applied for this, got approved, and bought a pack of gum. A few days later, 2 free suite nights. I then booked some Saver Awards to Paris so I can stay at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendôme all for free (Plus taxes). Business class out, 2 nights in the Vendome and then 1 night somewhere else, first class back. This will make for a very nice long weekend.

  2. @xpo—Stayed at the Paris Vendome in Feb and it was fantastic. As a Diamond you will get breakfast comped saving 48 euros each day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My guess is Emily booked the free nights at the Park Hyatt Paris Vendome…?

  4. Great post D!

  5. Can you still register for the Diamond Challenge?

  6. Great alert, I am glad the deal is back. spend 5K to get 500k!

    I just applied for the business INK card, and called the reconsideration line, the person told me I called too early, it takes 48 hours for the application to show up. I am wondering if I should call my personal card to lower the credit first, I just got UAL explorer card with 20k credit line, I don’t need that much, I have a total of 40k credit line with chase, spreading like this:

    freedom 5k.
    priority club 5k.
    sapphire 10k
    UAL explorer 20k.

    so the question is, should I call to lower it first? Before I call the reconsideration line? Can the credit line be shifted between personal and business accounts?

    Also, when I applied the business INK card, I have a choice to prefill the application by using my current user name and password, but I did not do it. I am not sure if I should do it.

    Thanks a lot Daraius! I just subscribed to your newsletter and got this good deal today!

  7. I also stayed at the Park Hyatt Vendome in March and found it to be wonderful. The service is impeccable and friendly, and the location is fantastic.

  8. Just curious to anyones experience with redeeming the free award nights at some of the high end property hyatts i.e. Paris Vendome? I’ve read on other blogs mainly the points guy that quite a few people were having difficulty booking the nights at the top tier hotels and felt they were being given the run around. Do you think if you book close to a year in advance that improves your chances? People were frustrated because there were standard rooms available when they checked availability but when they wanted to book with an award night they responded with “there are no award night available at this time” any input is greatly appreciated.

  9. Drew,
    I booked 5 nights (from 3 different accounts) in Park Hyatt in Buenos Aires back in February and had no issues whatsoever. No issues at Park Hyatt Mendoza either.

    A friend of the family just booked 4 nights at Paris Vendome for next month. Again, no issues.

  10. just FYI, you will only get the $75 credit if you book a hotel room when you apply for the card. I tried to SM chase about the $75 offer and that’s what they told me so they wouldn’t extend the offer to me.

  11. this was a while back, when I first saw the offer. If these terms are different, then you might get the credit.

  12. The Chase Ink Bold Link isn’t working for me. The page doesn’t finish loading in both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

  13. Your link to the 50,000 point Chase Ink Bold with the lower spending requirement of $5,000 within 3 months takes me to a page that nowhere mentions ultimate rewards. I suspect that the points you receive from this offer are not ultimate rewards points and thus do not transfer to mile or points in other programs.

  14. The page finally loaded and this is what was written:
    Offer Unavailable
    The information you requested is no longer available. Please visit to view additional offers and apply online. Please note the terms and conditions of these offers may vary.

    Note: Telephone and Internet offers may differ

    Thanks anyways!

  15. The link for Ink Bold was definitely working this morning. There is definitely a Chase lurker on FT and probably the blogs that are shutting these application links down.

  16. Link for Ink Bold not working for me either! Hope it comes back.

  17. oneeyejack – Pretty sure the terms say the $75 credit is applied after first purchase just as the free nights are also awarded on first purchase. I didn’t see anything about having to book a room to get it.

    I was initially denied. Called the reconsideration line last night. Was told it was denied because of too many applications in too short a time. I did the Sapphire in Feb, Priority Club in March and now the Hyatt. I offered to close the BA account (which I planned to do anyway since the fee is due soon). Rep said she would be happy to do that and move the credit line to the Hyatt. BUT she told me it had to go through one more layer of approval and that would happen within 48 or so. The BA card is canceled already according to the Chase website but no new card yet.

  18. Does ANYONE know if you can you still register for the Diamond Challenge?

    • @harry – I wouldn’t reduce your credit lines now. I’d call the reconsideration department again and see if they can approve you. Sometimes it takes a few calls.

      @oneeyejack – Did you apply using the $75 link or did you apply using another link and then ask to get matched to the $75 credit.

      – You may be right!

      @RakSiam – Please let us know if you get the $75 credit.

      @Eric – I believe you can email Hyatt Gold Passport and ask to enroll in the Diamond Challenge.

  19. With the diamond challenge for 60 days, it states you need to will have free suites upgrade for PAID reservations….If I do the diamond challenge now, apply for Hyatt card, wait for one month before my lst purchase, can I book my 2 free nights at Park Hyatt Vendome in May with the free suite upgrades on the free certificates?

  20. I applied using another link because the $75 wasn’t offered back in Feb. I tried to match via SM but got denied. I sent them another link that looked like the same link you had and that’s what they told me. Someone else also mentioned they got denied when they tried to SM about the $75 credit on Gary’s blog.

  21. Hi, If i made a big purchase using a (chase) credit card, and later for some reason i returned the item. Will that purchase still be counted towards the purchase requirement for the signup bonus? Or how the purchase requirement is calculated? is it net purchase or gross? Does anyone have a definite answer? thanks.

    • @sil – You’ll get your 4 diamond upgrades when you enroll for the challenge and if you apply for the card, you’ll get the 2 free nights in a suite (for as long as you’re a Diamond).

      @oneeyejack – Thanks for sharing. I’ve read that folks were not successful getting matched to the $75 offer, but I think you’ll get the credit if you sign up using the link.

      @allen – Technically, they use net purchases within the spending window to determine eligibility for the bonus. If you return the item within the spending window it will not count, but if you return it after the spending window it shouldn’t matter. That said, three have been reports of folks getting audited later on.

  22. thanks! what about statement credit (like $150 from Citi AA)? will it be considered in the calculation?

  23. @oneeyejack
    I did not provide any links, just sent a polite SM asking for a match and they did. Chase is great when it comes to customers service, at least so far it has been.

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  25. Daraius, just for your information, I (my wife, actually) applied for Ink Bold card using your link. She was approved after consideration call. This is her first Business cards. She also applied in the same day for UA Explorer card (55K + $50 statement). She was approved automatically after 4 days.

    For myself, I applied for Hyatt Visa using this offer. I am a Platinum (thanks to Visa Signature offer). However my application wasn’t approved. I used a phone status app’s line and got not record of my application. When I called Chase recon line, they saw my app however they told me that my app is ‘under some verification, probably from Hyatt side”. They told me that they cannot do anything until veryfication complete. It is already 3 business days, and still no movement. Do you have an idea what it might mean?

  26. Interesting, I have the same situation of my Chase Hyatt being “under verification”. I applied on April 27, and have called a couple of times since then, and gotten the same answer (though slightly different explanations of what the “verification process” actually meant). The first rep said that it was likely Hyatt confirming my membership number, and that after they got the confirmation they would evaluate the credit card application to see if I was approved or not (though actually I’ve already seen the pull on my credit report). The second rep tried to explain that we were approaching high season for summer travel and so that was causing delays. Both times they recommended waiting a week and trying to call them back, but honestly I got the sense that neither of them really knew what was going on 🙂

    On a side note, maybe this is truly an issue with Hyatt itself. Last week my wife and I both had a lot of problems getting registered for the Hyatt Platinum promo, taking a few emails to support to get anything to happen (and actually my wife’s Platinum status still hasn’t gone through yet). And even the website itself seemed to be going down a lot last week.

    • @allen – Not sure I understand the question!

      @Sergey – Thanks so much for using our link for the Ink Bold! I’d call the recon line again, but they usually will confirm your Hyatt membership with Hyatt (to ensure that the correct account gets the free nights). This usually takes some time, but it doesn’t hurt to call again. If you applied using the link above, could you please let me know if you get the $75 statement credit?

      @Keith – It took a while for my application to be approved as well because they were verifying it with Hyatt. Could you please let me know if you get the $75 statement credit? BTW, I was trying to make a Hyatt reservation today, but couldn’t make it as well!

  27. I just called again Chase recon line. This time after a CSR told me that my app was declined because I had too many inquires since 2011 (11) and recently got a Sapphire card (in March). I was told, however, they can close one of my Chase cards in favor of Hyatt Visa. I decided to close my Marriott Visa (frankly speaking, I am not sure I choose a correct card – Marriott card is 6-year old, one of my oldest (I have DL AMEX – 7 year old), but annual fee for Marriott is now $85 (not $65 as before) and their annual free night certificate is not applicable for me, since the properties in Moscow are now category 6 since March 2012).

    Daraius, do you think I made a correct choice with choosing to trade Marriott Visa for Hyatt Visa? I also have Southwest Visa, which I will close in August (when it comes for renewal). Also, do you think I have to cool down with Chase until August (is it enough)? I plan to apply for UA Explorer or BA Visa, but don’t want to be rejected.

  28. I actually just called back as well, and got approved after shifting some credit over from one Chase card to this one. (As a general question, is there an “ideal” amount to shift? I moved $10k, but I wasn’t sure if I should be trying for a smaller amount, or if it really mattered at all.)

    One thing the rep said today was that my application was flagged due to a recent application in January (“in the past six months” — referencing the Chase 6 month myth 😉 ) I thought that was interesting because my January application was actually for a Chase SWA Business card. Since the business card is separate from my personal credit report, I guess I hadn’t realized a business application would count as being recent from Chase’s viewpoint.

    And Daraius, I will definitely update this with the status of the $75 credit.

    • @Sergey – You can usually transfer the credit line from a card instead of closing it. That said, there is a limit to the number of open cards you can have as well. It doesn’t hurt to wait a bit until your next application with Chase, but always try to move credit lines before closing a card.

      @Keith – I don’t think it matters, but a higher amount could be better if you charge a lot so it doesn’t look like you’re maxing out your credit limit. Thanks for updating later about the $75 credit – I wasn’t able to get matched to it, but am curious if you get the credit while signing up.

  29. @Daraius, I received my Hyatt card today (biggest packaging around a credit card I’ve ever seen!) and when I called in to activate it, the rep walked me through the various benefits, including confirming the $75 credit after first purchase. So although I haven’t actually received the credit yet, I fully expect I will 😉

  30. Can you please direct me to the INK link with $5000 spend? Thanks

    • @Dean – Unfortunately, this offer is no longer available and the best offer is for 25K after 1st purchase and another 25K after spending $10K within 3 months. I’ve updated the post to mention this.

  31. With most hotel loyalty programs can u book thru 3rd party sites (expedia, travelocity,, NOT including priceline of course) and still receive points/stay credits? Or do you have to book via hotel websites? What about $back sites (ebates, topcash)? If it helps, I’m more focusing on the hyatt & spg programs. Thanks!

    • @jayy – My understanding is that you have to book via the hotel site to get point/stay credits. However, I’ve had luck clicking through cash back sites or Ultimate Rewards to get to the hotel site.

  32. great – thank you.