Don’t Miss the Best Travel Deal (Today Only) of the Month!

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For the last 2 years, one of the best deals of the yearly Daily Getaways has been buying Wyndham hotel points at a very cheap rate.  This is one of the BEST deals of the year!

Besides using these points to actually stay in Wyndham hotels, you can use Wyndham points to:

1.   Earn Cheap Airline Miles.  2.5 Wyndham points convert to  1 airline miles (US Air, American Airlines, and United being the most interesting transfer options).  You also get a 10% discount if you make your purchase using any American Express card.

For example, you can buy “1 night at a Super 8 for only $55.”  But you would not get a 1 free night certificate, but would instead get 16,000 points which you can redeem for 1 free night at a Super 8.

Of course, you don’t have to redeem the points for your free night, but can transfer them to other airline partners.

In the above example, you are buying 16,000 Wyndham points for $55.  But you can transfer these 16,000 points to 6,400 airline miles (16,000 Wyndham points/ 2.5 Wyndham points per airline mile).

The end result is that you’ve bought 6,400 airline miles for $55 or 0.86 cents per mile.  And the price reduces to 0.77 cents per mile (0.86 cents per mile – 10% or 0.086)  if you were to pay with an American Express credit card!

Travel By Points has a great summary of the deal and an excel spreadsheet which tells you which package is the best deal (they all are!).

If you were quick enough and could buy the maximum amount of points, you could get a total of 76,000 American Airline miles which is almost 2 round-trip off peak awards in coach to Europe (40,000 AA miles each).

2.   Top-up for the Southwest Companion Pass.  Million Mile Secrets Jung points out that you can transfer Wyndham points to Southwest and the points do count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

For example, you could buy 16,000 Wyndham points for $55 which will convert to 4,800 Southwest Airlines points. This means that you’re paying 1.15 cents per Southwest point (5,500 cents / 4,800 Southwest points), or 1.03 cents per point if you purchase the Wyndham points using an American Express credit card.

This, by itself, is a great deal because each Southwest point is worth 1.6 cents towards Wanna Get Away fares.  So you’re effectively getting a 35% discount  on Southwest airline airfare by buying Wyndham points and transferring it to Southwest.

And if you’re looking for 10,000 Southwest points to top-off your account for the Southwest Companion Pass (assuming you got 100,000 points from credit card sign up bonuses), you’d need to spend only ~$110 for the extra ~10,000 points to get the Southwest Companion Pass status!

3.   US Air Grand Slam.  If there is a US Air Grand Slam in 2012, it could make sense to stock up on Wyndham hotel points to transfer to US Air during the Grand Slam.  Mommy Points has a great post explaining the details.

This won’t be easy

I do NOT expect it to be easy to get these points because a lot of folks will be after them!  I’ll be in all day meetings for most of this week, so I’m not going to be able to get them. 🙁  I also won’t be able to get to the blog comments quickly.

If you do decide to participate, be sure to be at your computer a few minutes before the offer starts (12 noon EST) and to either click refresh or press “F9” to refresh the page to see when the offer is available.

And don’t worry if you’re not able to get the points in you cart at first.  There are always point packages which get returned since folks don’t buy them.  Don’t give up until it says “Sold Out.”

Sign-up for a Wyndham rewards account BEFORE you attempt to buy the points packages, because you will be asked for your Wyndham rewards account number.

Bottom Line:  Buying Wyndham points through the daily getaways could help in many ways.  But there are limited packages and lots of folks will be after them.  Good Luck!

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75 responses to “Don’t Miss the Best Travel Deal (Today Only) of the Month!

  1. How does this work with regards to “liking” wyndham rewards on facebook. How do we get the pre-sale code exactly after we like their page?

  2. @Robert – You have to be on the Wyndham Facebook page at Noon EDT, refresh the page as necessary, to see the code when they release it there. It’s worth a shot but frankly I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Boils down to how fast the update propagates across Facebook’s content distribution servers and which one you’re connected to.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. Certainly a sweet deal if you can get in on it!

  4. sorry didn’t understand a thing. how i buy wyndham points for cheap and how do i transfer wymdham points to AA ADVANTAGE?

  5. once we get the code from the Wyndham facebook page, what exactly do we do with it from there so that we can buy the Wyndham points? I feel like I missed a step because the only reference I saw to the facebook page was from @Robert (thank you!). Any help would be great!

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  7. If I try to create an account I get an error message: “Account already exists.” I’m almost positive that I don’t have an account and when I go to forgot username/password I get an error message: “There is no single account that matches your criteria.”

  8. @Lea & sam, go to the official Daily Getaways site and you will see the $55 package. Scroll through the thumbnails on the right for other packages. The “see detail” button will become “buy now” once the sale beings at 12 or 1pm EST. Good luck!

    @Jason, I would just create a new account, if you have another email account. Also, Wyndham points can be transferred to anyone’s mileage account, so the names don’t have to match. Good luck!

  9. Thanks Jimmy. I’ve tried creating new accounts with different email, phone #, and mailing address and keep getting the same thing. Even tried deleting cookies and using a different browser.

  10. SO WE BUY WYNTHAM POINTS FROM THAT SITE AND HOW DO WE TRANSFER TO AIRLINE ACCOUNT? i have advantage and united account , and also what is the transfer rate?


  11. Presale gone in seconds!

  12. rob, you can transfer them at:

    The transfer rate is 2.5 wyndham point to 1 airline mile.

  13. it seems impossible… they should just make it a lottery, this blows.

  14. Argh! I actually had the 32000 points in my cart, and was checking out, but I mis-typed my credit card year. Without noticing that, I got greedy and launched another browser to see if I could grab another, and in the mean time, the cart (quickly!) timed out and booted me. Sigh.. Teach me to be greedy!

  15. couldn’t even add in cart, sold out in few secs. i hate these few second deals.

  16. What a waste of time.

  17. I got one using Chrome but then once I put in my Wyndham number I got an error message and I was sent back to the main page where everything was sold out. Total waste of time.

  18. I got in on the $76 deal but none of the others. By the time I completed checkout everything else was gone.

    Is it possible to click the Buy Now button for all the deals and have them saved in cart while I complete each one individually? There’s no way to get more than 1 of them if you do them individually. I even had all my info in another document that I was copying/pasting into the form and still took me 3mins for the 1st deal.

  19. I only got the $143 offer and clicked on it the second the “buy now” popped up at 1 pm Eastern (the time that appeared on the site I was viewing”. After 15 minutes of repeated attempts, all I got was that “the item you have selected is in someone else’s cart”. It does not even say it is sold out.
    Yes, this is a waste of time, and does not create customer good will for either American Express or Wyndham.

  20. Even after 25mins it’s still saying they’re in someone else’s cart which leads me to believe you can click the Buy Now button and then checkout at a later time.

  21. i netted 82,000 points for $227.70 with AMEX

    1x 50k at 128.70
    1x 32k at 99.00


  22. Managed to grab the 48K and 50K (presale) package. Happy!

  23. I got the $55 deal in the first minute, and then kept refreshing the $110 deal until I got it (at 13 minutes past). So it was definitely worthwhile to keep re-trying until you saw the actual “Sold Out” message. FYI, the $143 deal went to sold out at 25 minutes past, and the last remaining deal for $55 just went to sold out at 30 minutes past. I have to imagine that someone was *really slow* in filling out their shopping cart info, or else there were a few of the packages that would be grabbed, timed out, grabbed by someone else, and so on.

  24. I tried and tried and tried and got nothing.

  25. Wow – That was exhausting ! I missed my spin class for this but I did manage to get one $55 deal for both of us, so at least we will be contenders for a Grand Slam hit in the fall. I was clicking like crazy on all of the deals and missed selecting the quantity 2 for the $55 deal, but at least I got in the game.
    Last week I got a $500 Marriott card for $400 through the Daily Deal.
    As usual, Thank You !

  26. Got 50K + 48K for $277.2 AMEX

  27. For the Grand Slam promo, how many points do we need to get a hit from them?

  28. i got 110k points for $296.10… great dael, i wish i could have gotten more.

  29. i got 2 for myself. tried and was able to add 2 for wife too but when i hit CONTINUE after entering rewards number, the page/offer dissappeared!

  30. I ended up with 126K…not a bad haul!

  31. so this offer by transfering is 6400 ADVANTAGE or united miles?

    16k wyndham point is 6400 advantage or united miles?

  32. I completely messed up the pre-release thing because I had “liked” the wrong Facebook pages! On the main page, the instructions were to “like” the brand listed in the chart below — so I actually “liked” the Days Inn page and the Super 8 page and so on — instead of the Wyndham Rewards page itself. So, I missed the pre-sale code.

    Luckily, I got in at 1pm on a couple of deals! I got the 28,000 points for $68.40 deal right when it went live at 1pm — and then after retrying many times, I got the 32,000 point deal for $99. At least one of them was the “best” quality deal (i.e. the lowest cost per mile out of all the deals). Thanks for the heads-up, Daraius!

    – John…

  33. did anyone else have an issue with this? I was able to add the $143 item to my cart and after I entered the form info I was pushed out to an error page and I lost the item. contacting the CS dept to find out if they will make it right.

  34. victor, what was the $143 offer? we saw $55 for 1, up to 2 quantities.

    i added two, but as iw as entering my infos, i got error messege and it got LOST!

    is there a fee to transfer the 16k points to AADVANTAGE or UNITED?

  35. Me too – I hit the “buy” button at 10:00:02 and put in my rewards account and on the next page I got “error occurred” page. I was trying for 20 mins on the same page to see if there is a possibility to get it – But unsuccessful … Will contacting CSR help at all?

  36. I got my super 8 today. On the wyndham website it says points take 6-8 weeks to transfer to airline partners….is this for real? I was hoping to top out my southwest account for the companion pass, but that seems like FOREVER. Any ideas how long it normally takes?

  37. Hey Daraius,

    Appreciate all that you do. But this type of an email would help the evening before and not the morning of. Some of us live on the West Coast and the timing completely throws us off.

    I would like to say the same thing to the Daily Getaways idiots who came up with the timing. Some of us live on the West Coast. Okay read that again. We are Three (3) hours behind all of you. I understand this is not about convenience but please can you come up with a better time to offer these deals — how about 3pm EST/ 12pm PST?

    Took the whole day off to do this and got nothing but Error messages the whole time.


  38. I managed to get one during the pre-release hour…then somehow managed to get the other 4 during the full release to max out at 190k points. Wife was doing the same as me but only managed 2 of 5…still not a bad haul overall.

    Had no idea about this deal until this morning — thanks!

  39. No offense intended here, but I’m confused… You took an entire day off for something that, Pacific Time, would never have gone past 10:30am or so in the worst case? And, you took a day off of work for a deal that was good, yes, but not THAT good. I mean, even if you had gotten in on the two best cents-per-point deals, you’re still not really saving enough to take a day off of work, are you? Or, just barely maybe? I don’t see that it was worth the risk…

    Don’t get me wrong — I feel for you because of the time issues — I agree that doing it at 3pm ET and Noon PT makes more sense. I’m just not sure you made a wise decision in taking an entire day off of work for an “average” deal that would never have gone past 10:30am your time and you only had a “chance” at…

    – John…

  40. Yeah, it was my first time in on this thing. 🙂 😀
    What a mess. Why have this thing if its such a losing competition.

  41. I tried both the pre-sale and the regular. Got zip.

  42. Please send emails the night before.

    I. Am. Shattered.

    Simply. Shattered.

  43. Sore. Loser.

    Real sore.


  44. Just noticed that they posted the week 5 deals for the Daily Getaway. The only deal that appears noteworthy is a pretty solid deal on Hyatt points – the kicker -> 2 of the packages only have 15 available (no pre-sale), one has a quantity of 35, and the last one has 100 + 20 in pre-sale. If folks were unhappy with their inability to snare a package today, I’d suggest not wasting your time on the Hyatt offer, as only a lucky few will score the points….

  45. I knew Week 5 would be Hyatt!!

    I knew it.

    Can’t even believe that I waited ALL month for today’s Wyndham deal and lost out.
    Sitting with three browsers open on all the respective deals.


    Sore. LOSER.

    • Thanks to everyone who helped out in the comments, and congrats to all who got in on the deal! I was in a windowless basement with no internet access while this unfolded!

      @Ken – You need 8,000 Wyndham points which convert to 3,200 US Air miles for a Grand Slam hit.

      @Joshua – In my experience it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the transfer to Southwest (sometimes less). I last made a transfer in August 2011.

  46. Thunder: I’m confused by what you are saying here. You keep saying that an email should have been sent the night before — but, clearly, you knew about it well beforehand since you have been “waiting all month” and you took the day off of work to do the deal. So, getting the email wouldn’t have changed anything for you, right? It was just the luck of the draw. You happened to NOT get in on the deal that was very limited. Happens all the time — sometimes you get lucky, other times you don’t. But I don’t see what anyone could have done differently to make it any differently for you.

    Heck, you should be HAPPY about the timings of this. With it starting at 8AM Pacific time, you’d have a lot LESS competition! If it started at Noon PT and 3pm ET, there would be like 3 times as many people trying for those same limited items! So, you seem to have things backwards. The fact that a lot of people didn’t know about it should have worked to your advantage!

    I just don’t understand your complaints here. You just got unlucky — like LOTS of other people did too. There were literally thousands of people trying for a very limited set of items. Just the luck of the draw, sorry.

    – John…

  47. @John, I’m just a hapless sore jealous loser that’s all. Don’t read into it. 😉 Thanks though for paying me some attention at all. I would have simply ignored my wailing. LOL

    Still, I do believe such emails are more helpful the evening before. Not the morning of. Why? Because even though I was waiting for this all month, I didn’t truly realize the value of these deals until after I read Daraius’s emailed analysis.

    Then it was the ONLY thing I wanted!!!

    Daraius please send out your emails the evening before such super-crazy-important occasions, pleasseee!!

  48. Is anyone willing to sell some of their points to me?

  49. I tried from my phone to get the deals at 12 and at 1. No luck either time. I guess you can’t win ’em all.

  50. Ladies and Gentleman. Let me tell you that all these announcements were a day late and a dollar short.

    You have just lost out on the BIGGEST deal of the year.

    If you couldn’t get in on it then feel free to hang your head in shame and cry. Because I tell you the truth. If there was one thing to get in on. …. this was it.

    If you did — congrats. [oh and get in touch with me ;)]


  51. can anyone tell me what is the 16k wyndham point is good for? is it only good for one night at select SUPER8 motels or it is good for one free night at wyndham hotels around the world?

    i was able to get 2 of the 16k points super8 motel deal for $99 with amex card.


  52. I really do wish I had known about this a couple of days ago. Monday morning is way too busy to check blogs, so I’m not learning about this until several hours after it is too late. 🙁 I really could have used those points toward the SW companion pass. Major let down. I knew about the Daily Deals (from Mommy Points) but wasn’t aware that this deal could help me with my airline points–thought it was just some cheap-o hotel rooms. Is there a good place to learn about these things in advance?

  53. My wife had the lucky touch and scored the 50K Wyndam points. I am still not sure how she did it but she has been reminding all evening! =)

  54. will this work with the coming HHonors points?? Anyone knows the transfer ratio to United? I missed the Wyndham, hopefully I can catch one of the HHonors deal if its applicable!

  55. Thunder, if you’re that desperate for Wyndham points, drop me a line. asreese with gmail. I snagged two packages (on an iphone, no less) and might be willing to part with the equivalent of 3,200 miles (8,000 points) or something like that.

  56. rob: They are just points that get dumped into your Wyndham account — so you can use them for whatever you’d like (i.e. it doesn’t matter that you happened to do the Super 8 deals — in the end, all that matters is that you’ll have 32,000 Wyndham Rewards points to spend as you please). So, that would be like 2 nights at a Super 8 (pretty much any one, I think, not just select ones). Or you could put them towards other things/locations. Or even transfer them to airlines as mentioned above. Once you have them in your account, they are really no longer tied at all to the fact that you happened to buy them in this deal that was listed as a Super 8 stay.

    – John…

  57. Something is seriously wrong here. Many, many of us report that we were furiously hitting refresh for the entire 28 minutes, and got nothing. Others simply say they got two packages in the pre, and 3 more in the later offer. How can thousands of us be hitting refresh as fast as we can for nearly a half hour, some with multiple computers, and get nothing, and someone else gets one package, then scores another package, and finally a third. It doesn’t seem that “luck” explains this, not when someone goes back several times and gets more packs, while thousands of us never see an opening. Something smells here, I just can’t figure out what it is….

  58. Robert: What do you mean by “refreshing” exactly? Do you mean clicking the “Buy” button and have it say that it was in someone else’s cart and then repeating that over and over again? If so, then there wasn’t anything to “refresh” — so I don’t see how that fits with what you were doing. Those of us that got things didn’t have to “refresh for the entire 28 minutes” as there was nothing to “refresh” once they went on sale. You had to keep clicking BUY and hoping to get one that someone else let go of or timed out on.

    Can you explain what you were doing exactly? Because it doesn’t sound like you were doing the right thing based on your use of “refreshing for 28 minutes.”

    – John…

  59. There are people that win the Lotto more than once and those that never win. It’s pure luck.

  60. Awwww Thanks Aaron! But I actually needed these for an upcoming trip to New York! Yes, unlike many others I was actually planning to use these for just that — hotel stays! 🙂

    Now I have to figure something out — Am on a budget so not sure where I’ll be staying now.

  61. @John Yes, I used the wrong word. I had in mind that I had to refresh the buy page until a buy button appeared. Then, yes, I was clicking on “buy”, then “try again”, then “buy”, over and over, hoping to get one of the packages that were in a cart, yet didn’t go thru for various reasons.

    To restate my comment using proper terminology, there were thousands of us frantically clicking buy, buy, buy… yet a number of people have reported on various blogs that they got several packages in the pre-sale, and several more packages in the regular sale. How can some people get 4 or 5 packages, while thousands of others get nothing. This seems like more than “luck” to me. Does it vary with the type of browser you use, or type of internet connection, or what exactly? Do some of these people have a T-1 connection, so they can grab a couple of packages before my cable connection even gives me a buy button?

    Cause I’m not buying the luck explanation when dozens of people get 4 or 5 packs, and thousands of others get nothing at all….

  62. @Ken “There are people that win the Lotto more than once”

    Yes, and they used different numbers than those who did’t win. In this case, we are all using the same numbers ie the same buy button. Its more like you used the same 8 numbers as your neighbor, and he won 3 times with those numbers, and you used the exact same numbers and didn’t win at all……

  63. @Robert – If it makes you feel any better, I got 1 deal right at 1pm and then spent the next 26 minutes or so hammering the Buy Me button and struck out. And I have a regular cable modem. It’s just the luck of the draw, don’t sweat it.

  64. Robert: It really is still just luck. I had several browser windows open — 3 actually — one on each of one of the 5 offers. I was rotating among them clicking “Buy” and then that “try again” button when it said that they were already in carts. I just kept doing that over and over until one of them would open up. I got one right at 1pm by chance — and then another one opened up about 15 minutes later. Note that a couple sold out while I was trying over and over, so I switched to one of the other 5 offers. If I had stuck with just one, it is possible that it would have never went through. Again, mainly luck.

    Also, note that I was on a fairly slow internet connection — so that wasn’t it. (Although, just to throw it out there, a T-1 connection is only 1.5Mbps and generally doesn’t have anything THAT special when it comes to latency. Your cablemodem is like TEN TIMES faster than that actually! I guarantee that your cablemodem is many times faster than my connection!! 🙂

    In any case, I do this all the time when buying tickets at TicketMaster. You can be right there when they go live and POOF! All of the tickets in the first 50 rows are GONE! You keep retrying and sometimes something opens up. Other times it doesn’t. We’re talking about thousands of people trying to get hundreds of things. That’s just the way it is going to go sometimes.

    – John…

  65. I just wanted these for four night in the NYC Ramada. Right now my only other option is to Redeem and burn my AA miles at a terrible rate. If miles is what y’all wanted, give me the Wyndham points and I’ll transfer you the AA Miles.

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  67. I did the wyndham to southwest point transfer on Sunday and they were transferred 2 days later into my RR account. Not sure if it will always happen that fast or not.

  68. Well guys we have 363,000 points and would like to sell our Myrtle Beach and Florida Wyndham package. We have two or three weeks a year depending on how many bedrooms you want. Plase make an offer. Were getting to old to travel.

  69. We would love to sell our Wyndham package see above comment. We have two locations that we own Myrtle Beach and Florida.

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