I Have to Remove Chase Ink Bold Links on Wednesday, April 18 at 10:00 am EST

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Link:  Chase Ink Bold with 50,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $5,000 within 3 months.

Link:  Chase Ink Bold Review

I’ve been asked to remove my affiliate links for the Chase Ink Bold which offers a 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points sign-up bonus after spending $5,000 within 3 months by 10:00 am EST on April 18, 2012.

I speculated last week, that Chase would soon ask me to remove my links since the offer on their own website is less generous than the offer available through affiliates.

The current offer on the Chase website for the Ink Bold is for25,000 points after your 1st purchase and another 25,000 points after spending $10,000 within 3 months.

Readers have confirmed that you can get the bonus on the current Chase Ink Bold for a 2nd time even if you had the old version of the Chase Ink Bold (which gave you bonus points for meeting certain spending thresholds) and which was discontinued around November 29, 2011.

The current Chase Ink Bold offers 5X points on telecomunications & office supplies and 2X points on gas and hotels.

Given what happened with the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Chase Freedom, where Chase reduced the offer on their website before reducing the offer for affiliates like me, I’m pretty sure that my link to the Chase Ink Bold will be reduced to the version requiring $10,000 in spending after 10:00 am tomorrow.

See my earlier posts on how to qualify for a business card.  Chase usually lets you get 1 personal and 1 business card at a time, but you have to call to get approved.

Update: I just applied for the card and I called after applying.  I asked the agent to look up my application using my social security number and she asked me questions on my business (how long have I had it, what is my current and expected revenue, and verified my job and income from my job.

After that, she offered to move credit from my Chase Sapphire Preferred or Hyatt cards, but I asked her instead if she could close my British Airways card and move credit from there.  It took me about 5 minutes to get approved.

Chase has also asked me to remove links to the Chase Ink Cash and to the Chase Ink Classic as well.

Link:  Chase Ink Bold with 50,000 point sign-up bonus after spending $5,000 within 3 months.

Link:  Chase Ink Bold Review

Bottom Line:  While this may seem like bad news, it could actually benefit folks who can now get 25,000 points after just their first purchase.

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46 responses to “I Have to Remove Chase Ink Bold Links on Wednesday, April 18 at 10:00 am EST

  1. I noticed when comparing the ink cards that the Ink Bold gives you airport access lounge but Sapphire doesn’t (I could be wrong) Would I need to book airfare on the INk Bold to use these airport lounges?

  2. so i just applied for United Explorer 2 weeks ago, does the Biz and Personal only work if done on same day. Chase scares me and I DO NOT want to risk getting declined and being blocked for 6 months. what to do?

  3. Thanks for this, applied using your link.

    How often does chase let you get a biz card? I got southwest biz in early jan.

    • @Matt – Thanks for using our link! I don’t have a lot of data about the time between business applications, but if you already applied it doesn’t hurt to call the reconsideration line to negotiate approval.

  4. Thanks, I will certainly have to call in and negotiate but ill wait a bit. Besides, now that southwest is an ultimate rewards partner the WN card isnt as good as ultimate rewards cards.

  5. Thanks it is only 2 passes for life or per year?

  6. does mike mean if you are declined by chase, you would not be able to apply within 6 months? could you confirm? thanks.

    • @Matt – I just applied and called in a few minutes later and got approved. But call whenever you’re comfortable.

      – 2 for life unfortunately.

      @allen – Chase has a question on their application form asking if you’ve been denied in the last 6 months.

  7. so if i was denied in the last 6 months by Chase, can I still apply?

    • @allen – The application asks “Yes, my credit history is clear of bankruptcies or seriously delinquent accounts and I have not been denied credit by Chase within the last 6 months. ” If you’ve been denied in the last 6 months and was not able to get approved after calling the reconsideration line, you probably should not apply.

  8. @allen – If you call reconsideration an get approved, it is not a denial.
    @Daraius – I had a friend use your link yesterday and another is using it today. Even though I just got the Explorer (surrendered Southwest personal) and hubby has 2 Ink Bolds (through your link), I’m gonna take a chance and apply too. I have a Southwest Business card to ante up to reconsideration with a 15K credit limit and a perfect excuse now that Southwest is a UR partner (plus I spend lots at office supply stores). You never know when these sign up bonuses will end. The first BA 100K a few years ago was an anomaly and then the 75 and 100K Citi AA cards came and went. I’ve been doing this for years (had 45 Citi AA cards) and most sign up bonuses were traditionally in the 25K range. Chase is still churnable through their variety of products and their reconsideration line, but you never know when that will go away …

  9. thanks for all the info Daraius and being so responsive on here! i am not going to push it and apply for the Bold. I can actually meet the 10K spend if I apply during property tax season, plus I expect that this spend requirement may go away for a while, but I wouldnt be surprised to see it get lowered in the future. Like for a day or week or something. I am sure Chase is going to see a decline in new apps with these high thresholds. I fear Chase because they hold so many offers and have heard the stories of those who have met their ire and I don’t want that to be me.

  10. Just applied for the ink through your link, called the business line. After a few back and forth about the nature of business and anticipated spending/profit in the next year.. got approved!!! Thanks for your section on the credit card reconsideration line, it has helped me quiet a bit recently. ( Especially Chase )

    • @PatMike – Thanks so much for using our links! Emily and I are very grateful. I just got approved for my Ink Bold and I closed a card with a 7.9K line, but got a 10K limit on my Ink Bold, so I’m happy! You’re right that the last 2 years were an anomaly, but hopefully the bonuses will be better than 25K!

      @mike – Don’t do anything which you’re not comfortable doing!

      @Jai – Thanks so much for using our link. Emily and I are very grateful!

  11. With all these pullbacks on Chase offers, do you think credit card bonuses in general will be muted for a while compared to what they have been?

  12. Daraius, you mean while calling reconsideration line, i can move my credit from my personal card to business card? if so i guess i can also trade in my personal card for a business credit card? Learning from you everyday! thx

  13. I applied for the Ink Bold Business using your link and got a pending decision. I didn’t think to call. What number do I call? I don’t have a reference number for the application; will they be able to hunt me, I mean my application down anyway? 🙂

    Also, I just received a targeted Marriott offer for 50k. It’s a card I’ve had in the past and recently cancelled (though I can’t remember exactly how recently). I’m surprised they are offering me the bonus again. I applied and got a pending decision. Why send me the offer then!? 🙂 I suppose when I call for the Ink Bold, I’ll inquire about this card, as well.

    • @Justin – I do think bonuses will be lower in the short to medium term. I’ve previously shared graphs of Chase’s marketing expenses in 2011, and they were through the roof! I’ve also talked with folks at the different banks and the bonuses are going to likely be lower or have higher spending requirements required to get them. But I don’t expect sign on bonuses to completely disappear.

      @allen – I just closed my British Airways card and the agent approved me for the Chase Ink Bold. Actually, she 1st suggested reducing credit line on my Hyatt and Sapphire Preferred, but I offered up the BA card since I would have closed that soon in any case.

      @Anjum – Thanks for using our link! The Chase business reconsideration number is 800-453-9719. I’d call and ask them to process your application using your social security number. Expect to answer questions on your business, income etc. but the calls are usually fairly straightforward. I believe you may be able to get the bonus on the Marriott card again, but there are better offers available like the Marriott 70K offer.

  14. @ Anjum – They can check your status from your ssocial security #

    4. Chase Credit Card Reconsideration
    ■ 888-245-0625 connects directly to a personal card credit analyst
    ■ 800-453-9719 connects directly to a business card credit analyst
    ■ 888 – 609 – 7805 connects to the application status department

  15. Just applied today under your link, even though I just spent all my spending for April. Thank you for your update. My application is pending for review. I dont know it is a bad sign or not? It is my first chase business card. My chase sapphire prefer was approved immediately last month. However, this time is pending. I dont know Chase will approve this card for me or not? Should I call them tomorrow or not? Any suggestions when I call them? Thanks ^_^

    • @happy9z – Thanks for using our link! I’d call the reconsideration line and ask them to look up your application using your social security number. You’ll be asked questions on your business (how long have you had it, how much revenue, what is your full time job and income etc.) and then you may be approved or will have to move credit lines to get approved for it. I’ve never had a Chase business application approved instantly online. Here’s an earlier post on credit card reconsideration. Good luck!

  16. I also applied via your link, thanks for your all your information and help. I have the old Ink Bold from Oct 2011 and quite a bit of spend on that to reach the tier bonus. Business credit analyst questions were easy to answer this time (experience!), although more detailed than earlier, wanted to know revenue and profit/loss for 2010, 2011 and projected 2012. No questions why I want a 2nd Ink Bold, which was good. He wanted to move $10K line out of $34K (surprised, I knew it to be $20K) available on the old Ink Bold. I became greedy 😉 and asked for $15K on the new application. He came back after several minutes and offered additional $10K on the new application (keeping the $34K unchanged on old Ink Bold), don’t know why, but I settled for it.

  17. Just applied using Daraius’ link since even though I’m not a daily Million Mile Secrets reader (Gary, Ben, and Brian are more my “style”, I guess), this blog has provided some great resources for me in this process and wanted to return the favor. In particular, the discussion of having a business but not necessarily realizing it! I’ve been doing publishing consulting/contracting work for four years now off and on as a side gig, and the phone rep was happy with that. I did get most of the questions @Kroozer got above, some of which probably wouldn’t have come up had I not said I’d been doing this for four years. Stumbled a bit over 2010 vs. 2011, but he didn’t mind. Didn’t have to reshuffle anything since I only have the Chase Sapphire Preferred (and that with a measly $6,000 limit despite a 780+ score and 10+ years of credit history).

    Now I have to decide if I want to try to track down that 100K BA offer that sometimes pops up when purchasing a ticket, making sure to do it today to consolidate inquiries. I’d rather not deal with another reconsideration line call, but it’d be the personal one and I only have one personal Chase card (and never had any before getting the CSP in August). Anyone have any thoughts?

  18. Just applied using Daraius’ link.. thanks for all the info and your time!

    • @Kroozer – Thanks so much for using our link. Emily and I are very grateful! Thanks for sharing your questions – I’ve never been asked profit/loss questions for 3 years, but I’m sure your experience helped answer them.

      @mtkeller – Thanks for using our link – we appreciate it a lot! The BA 100K offer is pretty easy to track down if you attempt to book a trans-atlanctic ticket on BA.com, but it will almost certainly count as a separate inquiry since personal and business inquiries are almost never clubbed together.

      – Thanks so much for using our link!

  19. @mtkeller I also did apply for the BA 100K offer (from ticket purchase screens), I dont expect inquiries to be consolidated, but I had been waiting for 100K offer after missing out last year and since the 100K public offer is now out (and requires $20K spent), I am not expecting anything better this year.

    In my experience that offer showed up only if (1) You are not logged on to your EC account (2) When filling passenger details you say YES you are an EC member and supply your membership number (3) are NOT purchasing an expensive fully refundable ticket.

    All the screens seem to indicate that submitting the card application will immediately purchase the non-refundable airtickets on that new card which I dont believe will happen, it is only to not lose the customer for airtickets purchase. I did not want to purchase tickets, but I went ahead for 2 reasons. (1) The “other” payment option screen small print says that if you make a mistake you can call BA to cancel tikcets and get refund within 24 hrs. (2) With my number of applications in last year, instant approval have become rare, and if card isn’t approved, then airtickets cannot be charged on it 🙂

  20. @Kroozer I just tried the BA 100K, too, not expecting consolidated inquiries, but just to try to have Chase constrained to one day. My inquiries aren’t too bad, and I only have the Sapphire Preferred with Ink Bold on the way, but I got the pending response. I figure I’ll give them a ring in 24 hours or so. I’ve got some non-“I <3 points!" reasons for wanting the BA card, so hopefully it won't be an issue.

    Compared to most playing this game, my inquiries are negligible, it seems. I've been sitting on the sidelines a lot lately, since I've been spending most of my time working outside the US and so have a hard time meeting minimum spend on cards (especially with foreign transaction fees). That's changing soon so I'm looking to get into the game seriously. Until my Chase foray today, the AmEx SPG was my only 2012 application (instant) and in 2011 I only did AmEx Plat, AmEx Hilton Surpass, upgraded to AmEx Delta Platinum, and Chase Sapphire Preferred. All of the 2011 applications were instant approvals. I can't imagine I'll have any issues with the reconsideration line for the Chase BA card (unless they're freaked out by the line AmEx gave me on my Surpass card for some reason, but all accounts I've read suggest Chase really only cares about their exposure if you're paying all your accounts in full every month as I do).

  21. Pandaexpressrocks

    Used your link to apply. Seems painless on the application and calling the reconsideration line. Basic 411’s

    I however will verify upon receiving the card of the bonuses.
    It’s a habit of mine, so it would be on record of the account.


    • @Kroozer– Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to find the offer!

      @mtkeller – It could make sense to pay the foreign transaction fee (~3%) just to get the sign-up bonus. For example, spending $3,000 with a 3% fee is $90, which would usually be worth getting a 40 to 50K sign up bonus. But it could be a logistical pain to manage…

      @Pandaexpressrocks – Thanks so much for using our link! I confirm the bonus as well, when I call in.

  22. @ Darius – you commented earlier that the 2 lounge passes are per life. I just received my card today and upon reviewing the welcome packet, it reads, “You have access to over 350 airport VIP lounges worldwide. The Lounge Club membership fee is waived annually and you’ll receive two member visits each year (more than $150 annual value). To enroll visit http://www.loungeclub.com/inkcard and enter invitation code CHASEINK.

    • @Erik – Thanks for letting me know. For some reason, I thought it was 2 passes for life, but you’re right and it is 2 passes each year, which could help reduce the sting of the annual fee. Thanks for sharing!

  23. You said that you asked the reconsideration customer rep if she could close your British Airways card and move the credit from there. Did you have this card for less than a year? In other words, it got cancelled before you had to pay an annual fee? Can you leave the bonus Avios in your BA account or did you use/transfer them before you asked for the card to be cancelled? Any chance the bonus would be taken back if left in the BA account?

  24. I would like to know if I have 2 businesses…. Can I open two separate Ink Bold cards and get 2 bonuses? Or, does chase restrict you to one bonus per card type?

  25. I applied for the Chase Ink Bold using your link previous to it being shut down, was approved for the card and now Chase is telling me the offer on my account is the 25,000 on first purchase, 25,000 after spending $10,000. Not sure how I got flagged for the old offer. Appears to be a “bait and switch” I am fighting back and forth between e-mails to customer service. Thus far it is my third rebuttal. Anyone else have a similar experience?

    • @Char – I’ve had the BA card since 2009, but decided to close it since I won’t be using it any more. Once the points are in your account, they are usually yours to keep.

      @lana – I don’t know, but I’ll try that soon!

      – Not sure what happened. Have you confirmed the bonus when you activated the card? I’d call to confirm as well.

  26. Thanks… When you do try it, can you post a blog about it? I’d really like to open a second ink bold for the other business and get the bonus on each.

  27. 2 questions:
    – If the Ink Bold is a charge card, why did you end up with a limit? I don’t you don’t have one.
    – How and when do you get the 2 annual lounge passes? Are these mailed or do you gets them electronically by email?

  28. “His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy…
    He’s nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready”
    That’s the feeling I get calling Chase reconsideration…
    But – Yea ! Just got off the phone with Chase reconsideration and got them to swap out my Southwest Biz for the Ink Bold (that I applied for through your link). Still batting 1000 !
    Big difference this time was that rep grilled me about how long business was in existence, gross revenue for 2011, 2010 and projected for 2012, net income from business, how much it was worth, etc…
    Luckily we have a long-standing, “real” business, with a high gross and an EIN, but it may be more difficult to pass through the Chase Ink Bold gauntlet for others not in this position.
    Just wanted to share my experience and let people know to be prepared for a potential inquisition by Chase on this and have your answers ready before you make the call.

    • @Lana – Will do!

      @James – No preset limit doesn’t mean an unlimited amount of credit. Think how bad that would be for both the banks and consumers if you could charge an unlimited amount of purchases on a card! You have to sign up online for the passes http://www.loungeclub.com/inkcard

      @PatMike – Thanks for the update and glad it worked out! Thanks for sharing the questions – I’ve never been asked such detailed questions, but nice to know what could be asked.

  29. is there a working 50k/5000 link?

  30. Update: Chase is still fighting me on this. Darius, I am sure they paid you a commission already under the offer, but they still want to give me the lower offer. I called in and Chase is researching. I was hesitant on telling them I applied through million mile secrets as I didn’t want to tip it off that I am a “churner” (as if they already don’t’ know) 🙂

    • @Eric – Check the Hot Deals or Bank Points Credit Card for a working link to the old offer.

      @MattinCLT – Sorry to hear about your issue. Unfortunately, I don’t get any personal information along with the affiliate payments so I can’t check to see if you applied using my link. I do know that the post had a link to the offer from the Chase website as well, which was the lower offer. Hope you get this sorted out soon.

  31. I applied for the promo for 50k miles after $5 spend on the last day. My application is still pending. I actually prefer the 25K points after 1st purchase. Anyway that Chase can downgrade the offer if I make the request. I dont think i can make the $5k spend, so the new promo is much better fit for me. Any knowledge or advise ????

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