Credit Card Updates: Targeted United 65,000 Mile Card & Free Platinum Status with 80,000 Point Priority Club Card

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 [None of the cards in this post earns me a referral credit, but they are both good deals.  Emily and I both have the Priority Club Visa which we plan on keeping for a long time because of the annual free night certificate.]

1.   Chase United Explorer.   Jay (thanks!) commented yesterday to let me know that the targeted United 60,000 mile offer is now offering 5,000 extra miles for adding an authorized card holder within the 1st 2 months of having the card.  And adding an authorized user does not prevent the authorized user from getting the full sign-on bonus later on.

To see the offer, log into your United account, which has a few miles in it, and click this link.

Reader Josnei in the comments suggests clicking on the United Club card and then clicking back to the Explorer card to see the 65,000 mile offer.

I’ve written about this before, and in my view, it is one of the best credit card offers available because most folks can get 55,000 United miles + $50 statement credit after just one purchase!

You can get 10,000 extra United miles after spending $25,000 miles.  I’m not a  big spender nor do I have lots of reimbursable expenses, so I won’t chase the last 10,000 miles.  Instead, I’ll save my spending power to meet the (increasing) spending requirements to get the sign-on bonus on new cards.

This is effectively a 55,000 mile +$50 statement credit card, which both Emily and I will target in our next round of applications.

There is no minimum spending requirement to get the bonus, which makes it a great choice to pair with the Chase Ink Bold which has a $5,000 spending requirement (but which may increase to $10,000 soon) because you can usually get 1 personal card and 1 business card from Chase at the same time.  Of course, you’ll have to call the reconsideration line to negotiate approval for the cards, but you should have lots of experience by now!

The Southwest and British Airways cards both offer a 50,000 point sign-up bonus after the 1st purchase, though the fee is NOT waived on the British Airways card.  I personally feel that the British Airways is the weakest of the 50,000 point offers after 1st purchase for most folks, unless you’re willing to spend $30,000 in a year for the Travel Together companion pass.

If you applied for this card recently, it doesn’t hurt to send Chase a secure message and ask to be matched to this offer (click link for template).

2.   Chase Priority Club Card.   Readers who have the Chase Priority Club card have written in that they have received mailers indicating that they now have Platinum status for as long as they hold the Priority Club card.

The Chase Priority club card is one of the few cards for which I’d gladly pay the annual $49 fee because I get a free night certificate which I can use at any Priority Club hotel.  I try to use mine at the expensive InterContinental hotels which I’d never be able to afford otherwise.

In addition, I also get a 10% rebate on award redemptions (up to 100,000 points a year), so a 40,000 InterContinental award ends up costing only 36,000 points (40,000 points less a 10% discount of 4,000 points).  And there’s no foreign transaction fee as well.

However, I don’t put a lot of spending on this card because I don’t value Priority Club points as much as I value Chase Ultimate Rewards points, Starwood SPG points, or American Airlines miles.

Emily received a mailer letting her know that she’d receive Platinum status as long as she had the card.  And a few days ago, Million Mile Secrets reader Steve (thanks) commented that Priority Club Platinum status is now listed as a benefit of the card on the Chase website.

Platinum status is Priority Club’s top tier status, but it isn’t as generous as other programs’ top tier status.   You get a 50% bonus on points earned by staying at a Priority Club hotel & the potential for room upgrades subject to availability.  In my experience, you don’t get much for being Platinum at Holiday Inns in the US, but you do get an upgraded room in Europe or Asia.

We got upgraded at the Holiday Inn Resort in Phi Phi, Thailand when we were there last year using points (and the much delayed trip report should start soon!)

However, Priority Club doesn’t technically have to honor your elite status on award stays.  Even more confusingly, you can redeem your Priority Club points for stays at InterContinental hotels, but InterContinental has a separate elite status program and doesn’t recognize Priority Club status.

But I’m glad to see yet another benefit on a card which I don’t plan on cancelling, though this could be a sign of yet another elite tier soon-to-come to Priority Club.  Or perhaps Priority Club is acknowledging that their top tier really isn’t elite (when compared to other hotels’ top tier status)..

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125 responses to “Credit Card Updates: Targeted United 65,000 Mile Card & Free Platinum Status with 80,000 Point Priority Club Card

  1. Back in 2006 I got a Chase United Mileage Plus Visa card. A couple months ago I got a letter from Chase saying that due to the United/Continental merger, Mileage Plus cards were being phased out, and my card would automatically be replaced with the new Explorer card.
    Since I’m getting the new Explorer card in a few months, I want to apply for it myself to get
    the 60k bonus points… but I hear I won’t get the bonus miles because I already have a United card.
    The rep on the phone told me this too. He said if you have any United card, you cannot get the 60k bonus
    for the Explorer card… this sucks because I’m getting the card with no bonus even though when I got my
    Mileage Plus Visa 6 years ago the bonus was much smaller

  2. Curious which particular link you’re seeing the 65K at? I’m only being presented with the 60K or 60K and $50 credit. I just want to see it myself for comparison before I try to request the extra 5K for the two explorer cards I’ve just acquired.

  3. wow 55000 after first use now? 😮 do you think i will have an issue matching this? i got my card a month ago and I just had them credit me the $50 too since I signed up for 50k with no bonus.

  4. @Guest111, I’d cancel the card and take your business elsewhere, if they are not willing to budge on the matter.

  5. Darius, My husband and I both received the $50,000 after one spend on the Explorer card a couple of weeks ago. 1. Do I just call the number on the back and ask them if I qualify for the $50 statement credit. 2. Can we just add each other to the other one’s card to each get the 5,000 extra points. 3. If I were to add anyone else would I get another 5,000. Last question: I applied for the 80,000 Priority Club and it said it was under review. Said I would hear something in the next month. Should I wait to see if I am approved, or should I call the reconsideration line now?
    Thanks, as always, I get every morning and read your posts first. This really is addicting but fun!! Do you know of any point seminars coming up in the KC area. I live in the area and would definitely attend.

  6. i applied last week for the 60k bonus miles UNITED MILEAGE EXPLORER .
    what should i tell them to get the 5k authorized user offer?
    any sample messege?

  7. is there a link to the 55K and $50 credit? i can’t find it in the post…

  8. Is the 80k PC link from the FT thread post #1 still good? If yes, does this one offer Plat status as long as you have the card? Had a chat with a client yesterday who said “We have enough miles now, we need hotel points” and this would be perfect!

  9. I just wish someone besides Chase would come out with some good offers; I’m kind of maxed out on Chase cards right now…

  10. Darius, will the additional cardholder have the same benefits (like 1st checked-in luggage free, priority boarding..) as the primary cardholder? Will UA staffs at airport distinguish? thanks.

  11. Would you add the authorized user first, then send a secure message, or would you send a secure message first, then add an authorized user? I applied under the 50+10K offer, then SMed to get the $50 credit, has anyone else gotten both extras?

    • @Guest111 – Folks have been able to get the bonus for the old MileagePlus card AND for the Explorer card. However, you may not be able to get the bonus on the Explorer card if your MileagePlus card switches to the Explorer card. Chase usually lets you get the bonus once per card type or in some cases for different versions of the same card like the Chase Ink Bold (both the old and new versions).

      @ArizonaGuy – I’ve been using the same link in my earlier post ( to get to the offer. I have to log into my United account and then click on the link to see the offer. 2 Explorer cards? I’m assuming one is a converted Continental card?

      – It doesn’t hurt to ask. You get the extra 5,000 after adding an authorized user to the account within 2 months.

      – You could either call in or send a secure message to Chase asking to be matched. I prefer asking via secure message because I have the answer in writing and I don’t have to wait on the phone. If asking via secure message doesn’t help, you can try calling. You should be able to add each other to get the extra 5,000 miles (if approved). I’d call the reconsideration line now and negotiate approval by either moving credit or closing a card. You’re right – this is really addicting!

      @sam – Here’s a template.

      – It is the same link which is my earlier posts, but I’ll add the link to the post to make it clearer. You need to log into your United account with a few miles and then click on the link ( to see the offer.

      @gpapadop- I believe the link is still working and you get Platinum status for as long as you have the card.

      @PointsCashMiles – I hope so as well!

      @allen – I believe the benefits are only for the primary cardholder. But, I don’t know what will happen at the airport.

      @MJLouise – I’d send the secure message and add the additional cardholder only when I got confirmation that I’d get the extra points.

      @Greg– Thanks for sharing that. Chase will usually approve you for a 2nd card, but may not give you the bonus for a 2nd time. However, I do think the card is worth keeping for the free night. $59 for a free night every years is worth it to me. But if you won’t be staying in a Priority Club hotel it may not make sense to keep the card.

      @Grant – You can move the points from the Chase Ink Bold to the airline and hotel partners. See this post on how to apply for a business card.

  12. Darius, I applied for the Priority Club Visa in December and, after I received the card and used in once, received a postcard in the mail saying I wasn’t elibile for the first-time bonus because I already received one in the past (which I did). What should I do? I can keep it and get the free night anniversay each year, but I hate to hold it just for that. I don’t want to cancel it yet so as not to hurt my credit score.

  13. Do I need to have a business to have Chase Ink Bold? Also can I move UR pts from Chase Ink Bold to participating airline/hotel partners like Sapphire Preferred?

  14. has anyone found success by reaching out to chase via secure message center to ask for a match? thanks!

  15. @noah: I just sent a secure message using Darius template and this is what I got in response which seems like a generic reply. I do not think it means anything right now. Maybe a phone call might be a better option.

    “In order to better assist you, I have forwarded your
    message to the appropriate department for review and you
    should receive a response within seven business days.

    If you require immediate assistance, please contact the
    number listed below and either myself, or one of my
    colleagues will be able to assist you. For your
    convenience, we are available to assist you 24 hours a

  16. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Daraius and others – For the 55K UA miles + $50 for the Explorer card you could:

    1) log into your account via:

    2) Copy and paste this URL into your address bar:

    If you are redirected to a lower offer, make sure you clear your cache and click the refresh button.


  17. darious, that template is not for 5k bonus authorized user.
    candian , we already applied, your link is for new customers.

  18. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Sam, the first link I mentioned is both for existing UA mileageplus account holder as well as those needing new accounts, you just have to follow the instruction on the page. The first link will qualify you for the sem-targeted public offer of the second link.

    If you already applied for the card, then you should send an SM.


  19. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Sam – re: the template, just tweak it from Daraius’s link.

  20. who is asking for new link? all here were asking how to get the 5k authorized user offer and sample template to get it.
    darious’s link template doesn’t have the 5k AU offer.

  21. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Sam – Jay was asking for the new link:

    “jay | April 17, 2012 at 8:41 am |
    is there a link to the 55K and $50 credit? i can’t find it in the post…”

    So I provided the new link for him and others who do not yet have it and want to apply to get 55K + $50 from the get go.

    re: the template, I was just suggesting that although the template he kinked too doesn’t mention about the 5K AU, you can easily use it and tweak and mention about the 5K AU offer and attach a screen shot that you get from the link I provided which mentions 65K + $50 with 55K miles after first use. Just trying to help out here.

  22. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Darauis Kindly update the post to use the new link:

    … to increase the chance of getting matched, folks here can use the screenshot derived from the provided link and attach it to the secure message when requesting for the additional bonus miles and $

  23. Dear Sir/Madam,
    First, the online secure message center is only showing my card option as the INK BOLD only but I have other chase cards as well.
    I am here to talk about my chase UNITED MILEAGE EXPLORER CARD ending in ****.

    I just received my new CHASE UNITED MILEAGE EXPLORER card with a sign up bonus of 60,000 miles after making first purchase.

    Today, I learned of a new offer which promises 5,000 additional bonus miles for adding an Authorized user within 2 months of card opening. I would be very grateful if you would extend the 5,000 bonus miles offer to me as well since I just applied for the chase united mileage explorer card.
    I’d like to add “ting tong” as an authorized user.
    I have been a long time customer of Chase, and have my primary checking and credit card accounts with Chase for many years and hope to maintain them for many more years to come!

    Kind Regards,

    ****** *******

  24. the link is useless, you get the 65k offer only if you have united account. so sending the link to chase rep won’t work cos he will still see the 40k offer even with that link.

  25. CanadianMillionMiler

    @sam I am not suggesting you send the link as proof but to use it to generate a screenshot as a proof , here is what I wrote:

    ” folks here can use the screenshot derived from the provided link”

    Again I am just trying to help here and it’s obvious people were asking for the new link for the 65K+$50 because they want to use it to generate the screenshot.

    Again I am just trying to help out here.

  26. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Daraius Just wanted to point out that the link you mentioned below ( doesn’t generate the 65K+$50 offer, you have to substitute 60 with 65 in the link.

    “@jay- It is the same link which is my earlier posts, but I’ll add the link to the post to make it clearer. You need to log into your United account with a few miles and then click on the link ( to see the offer.”

  27. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Darauis – Cool, but if you look at the screenshot you posted in this post, it doesn’t mention anything about the $50 credit. I believe, you got it because when you are logged in, your account, like mine, is targeted for the 65K offer (but not +$50). You have to use the link:

    to get the extra $50


  28. I don’t have any points in my United account yet. Is there an easy way to get a few so that I will qualify for this offer?

  29. CanadianMillionMiler

    @ Tortuga_42 – The easiest I know of is to exchange 4 miles for 1 United mile via . You will see Continental (not United) as being an option for miles exchange but that works as well.

  30. CanadianMillionMiler

    Sorry I meant 4 Aeroplan miles for 1 United mile. You can also use miles from other program like US Airways, AA and others you have to exchange to 1 United mile as well.

  31. CanadianMillionMiler

    Or you can download United toolbar and do a few searches or shop to earn miles.

    (from the FAQ):

    When the toolbar is active you’ll earn 1 mile for every 3 valid searches you perform. Up to 100 MileagePlus award miles per month can be earned by performing 300 valid MileagePlus Shopping Toolbar searches.

  32. Did not realize how good the priority club card was, usually as soon as I hear annual fee, I immediately decide it’s a card to cancel after the fee waived period is over. But question, the one free night every year definitely makes it worth it, but is it cumulative. So if I don’t use it for 2-3 years, I have 2-3 nights free saved? That would make it extremely valuable as it can be hard to use just one free night at one hotel.

  33. @dazed the free night cert has to be used within 1 year you get it and has to be a stay. This is a definitely nice card to have for those sweet weekend trip

  34. Hi, I sent a SM to request the additional 5000 for adding an AU. I’ll keep you guys posted.
    P.S. had a successful match for the extra $50 last time.
    Thanks again MMS. Keep it up!

    • @CanadianMillionMiler @Grant – Thanks for helping out!

      @dazed – You can’t save the free nights since they expire, but you could use yours in combination with your friend or partners for a free weekend stay or for 2 days of a longer stay.

      @Lee – Thanks for confirming and for reporting back!

  35. the SM reply i got was , AU added and 5k miles posted, but i don’t see it in my united account.

    why can this be?

  36. i think its better to add FAKE RANDOM NAME as AUTHORIZED USER then real people you know.
    specially not good to add your relatives or family member if they don’t really need it and you are canceling the card when annual fee is due and not keeping it for long time.


  37. Positive result – they’ve added 5,000 miles for adding an AU, which would be reflected on the next billing statement.

  38. @Lee &@sam, you mean you added AU before sending SM? thanks.

  39. @allen Yes, I called them up to add an AU, then sent a SM to request 5,000 miles with a screenshot 🙂

  40. Thanx for this…but how would one know if they qualify or not as a previous/current member?
    I have a Chase United Mileage card (not sure if this exact card) but I am the “additional” on it. My wife is the primary. I also have other Chase cards…(thanx to you) Freedom, Sapphire and Amazon(thanx to me! :P)

    So the terms spell out:

    ” This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time United MileagePlus Visa cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing United MileagePlusVisa cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer. ”

    Btw, I would apply for me.

    • @Anand – If you do NOT have the United Explorer card, but another variant, you should be able to get the bonus on the United Explorer card, since Chase considers it a separate product. And since your wife is the primary account holder on the United card, there’s not much to worry about.


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  44. the UA link keeps redirecting to the lower 40k offer. I cleared my cache as mentioned above but it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

  45. OK, tried a different browser and I get taken to the offer. the T&Cs state that “Previous and existing United MileagePlusVisa cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer. ” I have the old UA MP Visa Signature card. Have had it for a really long time….over 10 years. Have others confirmed getting the bonus even though they already have the older UA card?

  46. how do i add AU on the United VISA?

  47. Ok thanx. Well I just applied and got approved. Yey! Now, I am not sure I will get the mileage..but hope so. Not bad for 1st purchase.

    Btw, in terms, I saw this:

    ” Cash like: The following transactions will be treated as cash advances: purchasing travelers checks, foreign currency, money orders, wire transfers or similar cash-like transactions; purchasing lottery tickets, casino gaming chips, race track wagers or similar betting transactions; and making a payment using a third party service. ”

    Key is the third party thingy. Thoughts? Not that it matters in this one, but is this a new trend on CCs?

  48. If I do not have a United account of any kind, can I still attempt to get the 65k bonus miles offer? As I see it now, I can only apply for the card with the current 40k bonus miles offer. Can I (or should I?) apply for this and then try to get the 65k offer matched after approval? TIA

  49. Figured out how to make an account but now I have zero miles in it – do I need some miles to be eligible? Any easy way to do this? I have a Chase Freedom, but unfortunately it does not allow me to transfer UR points (like a Sapphire would).

    • @RakSiam – Folks on FlyerTalk have been able to get the bonus despite having an earlier United card. But as always, YMMV, or Your miles may vary.

      @Ben – Just call them (the number at the back of the card) to add the AU

      – Very interesting, and we’ll soon find out what that means.

      @Davis – You do need a few United miles in your account to see the offer. You can sign up for the United dining program, purchase something from their online mall, buy the miles from United, or use CanadianMillionMiler great suggestion of transferring AA, US Air or other miles on into United miles.

  50. I sent them a message on Monday and I received this message today. I applied for the 60K + $50 statement.

    Dear Corridor!,

    Thank you for contacting Chase about your United
    MileagePlus credit card account and enrollment bonus.

    We are pleased to confirm we have received your request to
    exchange the offers on the account. Please reply to this
    message with the name of the person you would like to add
    to the account. Once the Authorized User is added, a
    credit card with the new user’s name will be mailed to the
    address listed on your account and 5,000 bonus miles will
    be added to your account. In addition, you can earn 10,000
    bonus miles if you spend $25,000 in purchases in any
    calendar year (January through December). Once all of the
    above have been met you will have received a total of
    65,000 miles.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

  51. Hi Daraius-

    I missed the deadline for the Chase Ink Bold yesterday unfortunately–I was planning to apply for the Ink bold and the Chase United Explorer together.
    Is it possible to apply for these two cards at the same time?
    Chase United Explorer
    Chase Sapphire Preferred

    Thanks! I am new to the game, and your blog has been helpful!

  52. Dale (aka Surface Interval)

    Sent a request the day this was posted. SCORE! Thank you, Daraius.

    We are pleased to confirm we have received your request to
    exchange the enrollment offers on the account. The newest
    offer includes 50,000 enrollment miles after first use,
    5,000 bonus miles for adding an authorized user, first
    year annual fee waiver and $50.00 statement credit.

    We have applied a $50.00 statement credit to your account.
    You will see this adjustment on your next billing
    statement. Please reply to this message with the name of
    the person you would like to add to the account. We can
    then proceed with adding 5,000 bonus miles for adding the
    authorized user to the account.

  53. but what happens if i dont have SSN, ?

    i cant apply is there any way i can do it?

  54. I just created a united mileage plus account for a family member. they have 0 points in the account. when i log in, and click on the application, it still only shows 40,000 points. Anyway to get it to show 65k??

    Do I need to maybe transfer 100 points from my ultimate rewards account into the united account to get that offer?


  55. @lana I think you need to have miles on the acct prior to getting the 60k or 40k. Below is from Darius’ earlier blog

    “However, you may need to have a few United miles in your Mileage Plus (United’s frequent flyer program) account to get to see the 60,000 mile offer. If you don’t have United miles in your Mileage Plus account you may get the 40,000 mile offer instead.?”

  56. @levych are you an alien? =) no ssn?

  57. @grant am from venezuela (so.. maybe an “allien” for americans lol)…. how can i do what do u suggest?.. 2) i lost around 9000 miles on LH and 9000 miles on USairways by expiring ops.. any way to recer them?

    • @levych – If you’re in the US as a student or temporary worker, you may be able to apply for a SSN. Otherwise, you won’t be able to apply for the card.

      – You need a few miles in your account to see the better offer.

      @Grant – Thanks for helping out!

      @Travel and Credit
      – Glad it worked out!

  58. I applied for and received the Continental Card last summer, which then turned into a United card a few months ago. I wanted to get on this 65,000 mile deal but was fearful I would not be approved because I already have a United card. Low and behold… I received a new United card in the mail yesterday. I confirmed with the Chase Rep that I will receive the bonus miles, too. That made my day!

  59. I recently closed my Continental OnePass CC before the yearly fee was due and before it was converted into the new United CC.

    If at all necessary, how long do I have to wait before applying for the new United card – and should/could I do the two browser trick to apply for the Ink Bold and United Explorer both at the same time ?

    TIA for any response !

  60. I plan to do an apporama tomorrow morning and am finding it frustrating that various blogs post about the 80K Priority Club card bonus offer but I can’t find a link. Please help!!

    • @Jonathan – Very nice and thank for sharing!

      @nomad – You could apply for both cards, but you will have to call in to the reconsideration line to get approved for them.

      – There is a link on the Hotel Credit Cards tab on the blog.

  61. Just wanted to give you a big thank you, I’m a newbie to the mileage accrual process. A couple of weeks ago I applied for the United mileage card because I was buying 2 tickets to Portugal. I got the 40k offer which I thought was great at the time. I stumbled across your website are saw all the different offers and tips. I tried the secured message tip to get the better 65K +$50 statement credit on the United Card and just got approved. Man I could not be happier, I also read your blog and Mommy Points and a number of other, in the last few days I have signed up for a couple of offers and now have more than enough points for a couple more trips to Europe. Just wish I would have known about how lucrative these credit card offers and other loophole were earlier, I missed out on a ton of points in the last ten years.

  62. Btw, I still got this deal today and applied for my wife. I have to wait for a decision..I think its cause I have our credit reports frozen. So they may not have “thawed” in time.

    Anyway..make sure about this detail that I totally forgot…my wife has a United Mileage credit card…the non-Explorer version.

    “This one-time bonus offer is valid only for first-time United MileagePlus Visa cardmembers with new accounts. Previous and existing United MileagePlusVisa cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer. These miles do not count toward premier status. If your account is not open for at least six months, United and Chase reserve the right to deduct the bonus miles from your MileagePlus Program account.”

    Shucks…a credit enquiry and a waste of a card for her. 🙁

  63. I applied for the Unitd Explorer 40,000 offer through your link and sent Chase a secure message for the 65000+$50 match , got the following reply, any experience with this?

    I have received your request to match the new offer.

    I have forwarded your message to the appropriate
    department for review and you should receive a response
    within 7 business days.

    If you require immediate assistance, please contact the
    number listed below and either myself, or one of my
    colleagues will be able to assist you. For your
    convenience, we are available to assist you 24 hours a

  64. Scorpion King

    Thanks a lot to this site, I’m getting my bonus miles and $50 statement credit. I had applied for this card with 40k bonus miles with 25k credited on first use. I’ve been rather happily using it for the last 3 months (almost) then I stumbled upon this website and read couple of blogs on how people were able to upgrade through the chase Secure Message feature. I have had this card for exactly 88 days when I read it, without wasting any time I sent a message to Chase via SM on 05/08 afternoon and on 05/11, within 3 days Chase confirmed they would credit the remaining miles along with the $50 statement credit in the next billing cycle :). Amazing!! Now I can get another free roundtrip ticket to India from US.

    Thanks to all the bloggers!!

  65. Just want to be sure, we can only apply for 1 chase personal at a time b/c I was thinking of getting the United Explorer, Freedom and maybe Priority at the same time, since I never have these cards yet. thanks

  66. @Paula: I have received the same exact message. Let me know when they get back to you. If it is not positive, I’m thinking of calling them to discuss it further.

  67. Mel and Paula,
    I got this same message and then in a day or two, I got the message stating to send me the name of the person for the card and they would credit the 5,000 and give me the $50 statement, which they did.

  68. Juli,
    Thank you very much for posting this! I was wondering if they had stopped matching their offer. I’m still waiting to hear back from them. Did you originally sign up for the 40k miles one and got upgraded to the 60k one with the statement credit?

    • @Scotty – Congrats and glad it worked out!

      @Anand – That’s what the terms say, but folks with the Mileage Plus (no Explorer) version have been able to get the bonus again.

      @Paula – I’d send them a reminder.

      @Scorpion King – Congrats and thanks for sharing your success.

      @mm – If this is your first round of Chase applications you may be able to get 1 personal and 1 business card or 2 personal. However, you may have to call the reconsideration line to get approved.

      @Mel – I’d call again or send another secure message.

      – Thanks so much for sharing!

  69. Mel, Mine was actually 50,000 after the first charge.

  70. I got my reply from Chase after 3 days, they will match the 65,000 offer by giving me additional 25,000 miles + $50 statement credit.(I applied for the 40,000 offer)
    Thanks so much!! If not for your blog, I will still be sitting around waiting for the better offer.

  71. I am glad it worked out for you Paula.It’s my turn hopefully! haven’t heard back from them yet, it’s been 2 days only. I will wait 2 more days and send another secure message.

  72. Good news everyone!!! They sent me a message saying they wil ad my 25k miles with the $50 cstatement credit in the next billing cycle. I will post again as soon as I receive the actual miles in my account. Thank you so much!!!

  73. Thank you so much for this blog. I had received my Continental OnePass Plus card in February. I got the additional 25,000 points & $50 credit this week! Chase says that my two club passes are headed my way.

  74. Just LOVE your blog !
    Daraius, unfortunately I received a denial letter with the reason: “Too many requests for credit or opened accounts with us”.

    Is there anything I can do at this point ?


  75. @Genise – You can call the Chase Reconsideration Line, and plead your case. That’s about it.

  76. Update: … Great news – it took all of 5 minutes on the Reconsideration line and BINGO … approved !

  77. I just got one 60k personal chase united but we also have a business. I can’t find a link for better than 25k for the business card (plus 10k if you spend a bundle)- any suggestions?

  78. I was (very surprisingly) approved for the 65k united explore card after applying a couple nights ago! I had been at a conference for 4 days straight and was extremely sleep deprived and for some reason decided to apply for the card. I applied for the 100k ba card (the one you get without the spending requirements through the “purchase ticket” area) about a week ago and received that one so this application was really a waste because it was another personal card. Again, it was a bad choice (or so I thought) made on too little sleep. I just jumped into my chase account to check my balance on the ba card and noticed my united card was listed! Kind of crazy but more proof that the “1 personal card” limit rule isn’t always set in stone.

  79. Joseph: was the bofa a united card- a 100k united? if so where is that link?

  80. @kirk: no, sorry for the confusion…. it was the chase british airways (ba) card not bank of america (b of a). Typically chase limits people to 1 personal application every 3-4 months. My note was regarding the leniency in that rule and how I was approved for a second personal card from chase in less than 2 weeks.

  81. Hello. Just an update on my applying for the United Mileage Plus Explorer Card. I first called and found that since I never had an actual “United” card, I could simply apply while still keeping my Continental Airlines One Pass Plus card open. I asked about the 65000 mile bonus offer. They said I needed to just try to find it online. I finally found a 60000 mile offer that would come up and so I applied for that one. It automatically populated my info but after I hit “submit” and waited for 30 seconds for what I hoped would be an instant approval, I only got “your application will be determined within the next 10 days and we will notified you by mail”. I know my credit score is very high (800 or so). But, I did just apply and receive a Chase Freedom card in the last 2 weeks. I also have applied for and received 2 other non-Chase cards over the last few months. Not sure why the delay in the answer. Any ideas on why ? And should I call them in a few days to see about a decision (maybe ask for approval but a lower credit limit?) And should I wait to send the mentioned “secure message” asking about getting the bump up in bonus from 60000 to 65000 with the $50 statement credit too ? Thanks for any advice.

  82. @Mark B: from my experience, as noted in my earlier comment, give it a few days then check your chase account online. I noticed my new card in my online account today then received an email this afternoon confirming my approval. My situation was very much similar to yours as far as the recently opened accounts. Your situation may turn out differently but my opinion would be to give it a few days. (my application was Friday night around 11pm and approval email showed up today. 1 full business day)

  83. You need to have some miles in your United account to see the 65,000 offer. I transferred 1,000 points from my Chase Ultimate Rewards to my United and as soon as I logged in, the 65,000 offer showed up on my account. It seems to show up every time, but I took a screen shot just in case I need to send a secure message to Chase.

  84. I was approved for the United Explorer Card with a 60000 bonus !!
    Now, that I’ve been approved for the United Explorer Card, should I wait a while to cancel my Continental One Pass Plus card (from Chase which actually has already merged into the United Explorer Card) or would that look bad to cancel that Chase card? Perhaps it would look responsible if I cancel that since I just sort of got the replacement card for it ? Now that I have the new Explorer Card, and also a Chase Freedom from just a few weeks ago (I just have these two cards from Chase now plus the Chase Continental One Pass), I wanted to attempt to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and the 40000 bonus but I would like some advice on the timing of going after it. Thanks !!
    If I keep the Chase Continental One Pass open and with me now having the Chase Freedom (got in early June) and the Chase United Explorer (got in mid June), would I be able to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred in 90 days or so, even though I would already have 3 Chase cards at the time of that potential application?
    And another separate question — is there a Chase Sapphire Business Card that I could apply for now (since its a Business card) that gives the 40000 bonus points? I was hoping not to miss out on the Sapphire’s 40000 bonus. Do you know how long they’ll offer the 40000 on the Chase Sapphire.
    Thanks again.

    • @Mark B – I wouldn’t cancel the Continental card now. I’d keep it and offer to cancel it when you’re negotiating approval on another Chase card. I’d wait a month of so before applying for another Chase card. If you don’t get approved for the Sapphire Preferred in 90 days you can call the reconsideration line and they should be able to approve you if you close the Continental card (which you wouldn’t need!).

      The Chase Ink Bold offers a 50K sign-up bonus and is a business card.

  85. Thanks so much for all the advice. I opened a Fifth Third Bank real life rewards credit card (no annual fee) in January 2012 and met the minimum spend to get a small cash reward of $100 (before I started following all you guys) but I have a large credit line of $ 17,500 on that line. Should I cancel that card now to “make room” within my total credit line to all creditors so when I apply for that Chase Sapphire Preferred, I would then not have that large credit line for Chase to see. I don’t really see any reason to keep the Fifth Third Bank card open, unless it would hurt me with a Chase application in a few months.

  86. I’m preparing for my first app-o-rama in late July (I received four offers in the mail that all expire around Aug. 1. ; City Thank You Premeir (50,000 points), PNC Bank ($250 bonus), Barclay Rewards (20,000 points) and a Bank of America card ($100). My big question is…I really want to have my wife and I both apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, too, to get the 40,000 bonus each but I don’t know if I should do the Chase Sapphire apps a few days before the app-o-rama or if it’s ok to do the Chase apps after the app-o-rama. I currently have 3 Chase cards (Continental Airlines from April 2011, Chase Freedom from early June 2012 and United Explorer from mid June 2012). Didn’t know if it’s better to do Chase before or after the app-o-rama (or as part of it?). Also, I have Chase checking and savings relationships (checking in March; savings last month). Thanks!

  87. Hello again. I have a question about the CHASE Marriott Rewards Premier card. Do you know if they still have the 70,000 points offers + statement credit out there or is it just the 50,000 points now? And do you happen to know which CHASE offer might be going away sooner – the Marriott Rewards Premier (50 or 70K) or the Sapphire Preferred (40k) ?
    Thanks so much.

  88. Does anyone know if the free checked bag privileges are extended to authorized users as well? Thanks…

  89. I am to apply for the up to 65 thousand miles and have been referred to four different numbers and none can yelp can you?

  90. Hi Daraius,

    Nice blog! I’m new to the miles and points, and I recently got approved from Chase United Explorer card through your referral link! I’m also thinking of applying Chase Sapphire Preferred, but do you think I should wait for a while since I just got approved my United Explorer from Chase? Thank you and keep up the great work!

  91. Chasing credit-card promotions is a fool’s errand. Debt brings unnecessary to your life, and it makes bad situations (unexpected unemployment, for example) much worse and more stressful. People who eschew debt and consistently spend less than they earn end up having … ACTUAL CASH. Which we then use to buy nice things like plane tickets and hotel rooms and the other nonsense you’re trying to get by playing with fire (debt)…. And while you may say that you never carry a balance and therefore never pay interest, that is NOT true of most people who sign up for a credit card to get “free” airline miles or “free” hotel rooms. Also, even if you pay off the balance in full every month forever, studies conclusively show (as does experience) that people tend to spend more with a credit card than with cash (or with a debit card). The excess spending — which necessarily takes away money that could have been used for saving and investing — is a very real cost of the “free” credit card with its “great deals.” stop encouraging people to go into debt thinking that they are clever.

  92. P.S. How many tens of millions of people have signed up for a credit card which “won’t cost me anything because they waive the annual fee for the first year” or “won’t cost me anything because I won’t carry a balance”, and then end up paying a late fee because they forget to make a payment one month? Money wasted on such late fees is no better than money wasted on interest or annual fees….. by the way, has anyone ever heard a wealthy person say “my credit-card promotions helped me become wealthy” or even helped them at all? No, me neither.

  93. I’d like to know whether the person writing this article, essentially urging people to get credit cards, is debt-free and has a substantial net worth. If he’s not debt-free, how much of a financial authority is he?

  94. JB, this really isn’t something to get so worked up about. If you don’t feel it’s worth it to take advantage of some of these offers, then don’t apply. As with anything in life, people can make their own choices. Because I know I will definitely pay everything off each month, I do take advantage of these. I’m not expecting to get wealthy or anything, but when I see an offer to get something of a pretty decent value for basically nothing, I take advantage of it — credit card bonuses or otherwise. If people just use some common sense in life, they will be fine. If folks want it now, but don’t have the money to pay it off each month, then yes, they could get into trouble. Otherwise, this is a very easy way to get airline miles or hotel points, etc.

  95. Quick question – it says you earn two miles per 1$ spent on United tickets – does this have to be purchased through the United website or can you purchase a United flight through travelocity, expedia etc and get the double miles?
    Also, I am going to cancel this card before I have to pay the annual fee. How long do you have to wait until you can apply for United sign up bonuses in the future? Is there a minimum time you have to wait or do you never qualify for them?

  96. Is there still any way to get the 65,000 MileagePlus Explorer card (without having to actually apply and then request a bonus bump), or is the deal dead? I have United miles in my account, but the regular offer is all that is showing up. Thanks.

  97. Hi…i enjoyed your info. So much information. I am looking for a credit card with 50,000 or 60,000 bonus miles PLUS free companion deal every year. I know that
    s a hard one to find but I did see it a few months ago online. I would like the first year fee waived. I also would not have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to attain this. i could spend $5000 in 3 months for this offer.

    • @debbie – Getting 50K miles plus a companion pass which is free is unlikely. The US Air, Alaska Air, Hawaiian Air, and Delta Platinum & Reserve all offer Companion Passes, but you have to pay a fee. I’d research those cards to see if they best fit your needs. The Citi Thank You Premier also offers a Companion pass once a year.

  98. I applied this card yesterday. My application status is pending for review. Today, I call Chase reconsideration. They told me to wait for processing and decision in receiving mail in a few days. Does that mean that my application was denied? Do I need to call again today to check my status?

  99. Atanas Bosakov

    Hi and thank you for the great info!!! It is highly appreciated…

    my question is whether or not I will get the chase bonus miles if I have a different credit card with chase? I have a chase freedom card.