I have to remove links to the $200 (or 20,000 points) Chase Freedom by Monday, April 16 at 10:00 am

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

I’ve been asked to remove the affiliate links for the Chase Freedom Visa and the Chase Freedom MasterCard which offers a 20,000 Ultimate Rewards points or $200 cash back sign-up bonus by 10:00 am EST on April 16, 2012.

I’m not sure if that means that all links to the Chase Freedom will be for $100 or 10,000 points in future (because the official offer on the Chase website is for 10,000 points), or if non-affiliate links will be around with the better $200 bonus after April 26, 2012. 

Usually, there have been working links after the offer has been discontinued in the affiliate channel (think Chase Southwest for 50,000 points or Citi Thank You Premier), but I don’t know what will happen this time.

With the Chase Sapphire Preferred, there were non-affiliate links available to the 50,000 point offer, which I shared on the blog, but those eventually stopped working.

All that I’ve been told is that Chase will be updating the offers for the $200 Chase Freedom Visa and Chase MasterCard.  Sometimes the updates are minor changes to the copy and sometimes the bonus changes.

It is not the end of the world if you can’t get in on the 20,000 point (or $200) sign-on bonus.  There are lots of Chase offers to choose from!  There was recently a $350 offer for the Chase Freedom, but I’m not surprised that the bonus on the Freedom (a no annual fee card) is being reduced.

The bonus on the Chase Sapphire Preferred reduced recently from 50,000 points to 40,000 points, and the bonus on the Chase Ink Bold is likely going to require $10,000 in spending instead of the current offer of $5,000 in spending within 3 months.

Emily has the Chase Freedom since November last year, and I love being able earn 5 times the amount of points in certain rotating categories (capped at $1,500 per quarter).  More importantly, I can transfer these points to my other Ultimate Rewards points cards (Ink Bold or Sapphire Preferred) or to airline and hotel partners.  I usually transfer them to United or Hyatt.

And if you have a Chase checking account you earn 10 extra points per transaction with the Chase Freedom plus 10% extra points per purchase.

Bottom Line:  Offers come and offers go.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to apply for this card now, but thought this information may be helpful to some.

As always, Emily and I are very grateful to the many readers who apply for the Chase Freedom Visa and the Chase Freedom MasterCard using our link!

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20 responses to “I have to remove links to the $200 (or 20,000 points) Chase Freedom by Monday, April 16 at 10:00 am

  1. hi , i’ve come across your posts and i love reading the updates. i just had a question about citi cards. i know you pointed out in another post that chase only allows 3 credit cards max. is there a limit for citi in terms of how many cards you hold like chase? thanks!!

    • @sash – Chase may allow you more cards than 3 (I’ve got 5), but it depends on your income, credit score and history. And you usually can offer to transfer credit from one card to another or close a card to get approved. With Citi – there is a limit to the amount of credit they will extend, but it is different from person to person, so I can’t give you a definitive number.

  2. Is your 50k saphire still alive?

  3. thanks for the response! another quick question about chase BA credit card. do you have to worry about miles expiring for the avios program? also, i signed up for the united card 60,000 pts bonus with chase and got the 45,000 in my account after transferring some points from my ultimate rewards first. do you need to do that with the chase BA avios program? i do not have any points nor an account with avios. should i transfer some points over first before applying? thanks!

    • @Tom405 @Pandaexpressrocks – Unfortunately, the Chase Sapphire Preferred 50K offer links died and the current offer is for 40K points. You should be able to apply for both at the same time, but will have to call the reconsideration line to get approved.

      @sash – Avios expire every 36 months but it very easy to keep your account active by buying something small on their online mall etc. You don’t need any British Airways miles in your account to apply for the card.

  4. Pandaexpressrocks

    i second tom405
    Is the 50k sapphire still doable?

    Can I apply both sapphire and ink at the same time?

  5. Hi Daraius,

    I have a question. Since Chase starts to decrease their bonuses on many credit cards (Sapphire, Ink, now Freedom), do you think they will eventually decrease bonuses for other cards such UA Explorer, PC Visa, etc? I do have plans for such cards, but don’t want to rush if nothing happens (such as devaluation of bonuses). For my next applications I think to chose one of those: UA explorer, Hyatt Visa or Priority Club Visa. Which one is better to get first?

  6. thanks so much for your response darius, i feel great when i use your sign up links so you can get the bonus and so can i! 🙂

  7. Just a note on Chase cards since the question came up – I’m another example that Chase definitely allows more than 3 cards (I’ve currently got 4). In my experience, once you’ve reached the maximum number of cards they’ll approve for you particular situation, Chase will call to ask why you want the card and either ask you to close one of your other accounts or reallocate credit line from one of the other open accounts. As far as the reason for opening another card – I usually go with “My travel plans have changed and this [BA / Southwest / PC /Marriott/etc.] card will be better for me” I don’t find the need to explain that the change in travel plans is that I need to get the signup bonus to increase my account balance for the particular program.

    • @jess – I wouldn’t rush anything, but it is possible that the bonus on those cards will reduce at some point. I suspect the Hyatt Visa offer will stay for a while and would go with the United Explorer because 50K & $50 statement credit is a good deal or the PC because of the free night certificate after each anniversary year.

      @sash – Thanks so much! Emily and I are very grateful to you for using our link. 🙂

      – Good points and thanks for sharing!

  8. Chase downscaling their bonus offers is probably a good thing for most of us in my opinion. People like me who have jumped at all of their lucrative offers recently will maybe not be so enticed by them and not further risk being blacklisted in the near future. Now if only Citi, Amex, and Barclays would become a little more aggressive with bonus offers!! BTW, the citi AA cards do still work through D’s link for 50k and 150$ statement credit. Just verified terms of new card activated yesterday. Still not sure if you must spend full 150 to get 150 credit, or if small purchase will get you the full amount, though.

  9. My spouse has me as his Authorized User in all his Chase cards (Freedom + United + Sapphire Preferred). I wish get my own Chase Freedom – possibly 30K points. Is it possible for me to apply for another Chase Freedom though I am an authorized user of Chase Freedom in another account? If No, Whats the best suggestion you have?. Thank you

  10. darius do you know if the two browser trick will work if i am applying for the two recommended citi AA cards if i recently opened an amex card early march.. not sure if that is enough time between amex applications. or is the citi amex card issued and credit checked by citi? i’m a little confused by that. can you clarify? thanks!

  11. @Jdh- on the cards on this site any purchase from aa should work. I made two purchases of 30 and 20 dollars one on each card and got the full 150 credit on each card.
    @Nan-it doesnt affect it. you can certainly get your “own” card
    @Sash- The citi amex is issued by citi not amex so absolutely do the two browser trick or else you wont be able to get the second cards signup bonus (only for new users)

  12. If I meet $3000 within the first statement cylcle of the 50k Saphire Preferred, which bonus will I get? 53,000 points or only 50,000 points because the 3,000 points is a part of meeting $3,000 spending requirement?

  13. I applied for the Chase Freedom MasterCard with $200 bonus using your link before it expired (Thanks!) and was approved after a call to reconsideration. However, just to be sure I asked if the card would be a Freedom MasterCard and they said no, I had applied for a Visa and that was going to be the card I will be getting and there was nothing I could do to change it to a MasterCard. ??? I know I used the MasterCard application link. I told them I need the Freedom MasterCard to use at Sam’s Club, but they were very adamant that I could only get the Visa version. I don’t understand – what’s the big problem? I’ve called three times about this and keep getting the same answer.

    • @Zontar– Thanks so much for using our link. Emily and I are very grateful! I’m not sure what happened, but you could always get the card and the bonus and then switch to the MC version. Or you could apply again for the MC version, and cancel your Visa version (after getting the bonus). It should be fairly easy to switch the cards by calling customer service, but I’d wait until the 20K bonus posts to your account.

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