I got rejected for a second US Air credit card

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A few weeks ago, I wrote that Emily was able to get a second US Air credit card as part of her February App-O-Rama.

Well, I wasn’t so lucky.

I applied for a few cards a few weeks ago, but my US Air MasterCard application wasn’t immediately processed.  I chose the US Air card because folks have been able to get the bonus again for the same card, and because it also had no minimum spending requirements to get the 40,000 mile sign-on bonus.

No Problem,” I thought, “I’ll just call the reconsideration line and explain to them why I need another card and that will be that.

It wasn’t so easy.  The first time I called, the rep asked me why I wanted another US Air Card when I already had one.  I explained that I wanted it to separate expenses and better track them.  He put me on hold, but came back and said that he could not approve me for a second US Air card.

Contrast this to the nice rep who closed Emily’s existing US Air Card and opened a new one for her – just a few weeks ago!

So of course, I called back and got a different rep.  She put me on hold and came back and told me the same thing.  “You can’t get a new US Air personal card.”  And I called back again the same day, and got the same reply.

I then called back early in the morning and later in the afternoon on different days.  Their best suggestion was to open a business version of the US Air card.  After 8 calls, I finally threw in the towel.

I’m going to chalk this up to YMMV, or Your Miles May Vary, which means that what happens to others usually, but not always, could happen to you.  But there are no guarantees that it will!

Travel and Credit wasn’t able to get the US Air MasterCard when he applied for a 2nd card late last year, but was able to get it again recently.  Some folks on this FlyerTalk thread have got the card for a second time, and some have not.  And The Frugal Travel Guy didn’t get the card for a 2nd time as well.

So I’ll cancel my existing US Air card and will try applying for it again.  Or should I keep my existing card open and try applying for another one?

Bottom Line:  Sometimes things which work out for others, don’t work out for you.  But that’s the sometimes unpredictable nature of our hobby!

What’s been  your Barclaycard US Air MasterCard experience?

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56 responses to “I got rejected for a second US Air credit card

  1. Probably had a memo note placed on your account at the first call. If so the subsequent ones would have just read the note.

    Certainly would be easier closing the card first, but then you run the risk of not having one at all if denied. If you don’t mind risking the 5K award discount and the preferred boarding that would be the route.

    FWIW, I just got the 10K bonus for paying the annual fee on my 1st US card. It comes in a couple months after the renewal, I guess to prevent you from getting the 10K and immediately cancelling.

  2. Brutal!! The first time I was denied for it, I was a little in shock bc I viewed it as my “free app” per say due to Barclays pulling Transunion! I’m 2 for 3 now though so I guess better luck next time!
    I also know I had 3 inquiries fall off my report when I was approved this last time. May have helped my cause. FYI.

  3. if u keep reapplying for same cards within short time, thats the worst thing you can do to your credit history. multiple HARD PULLS one one card

  4. I was approved for a second card and got the bonus with no problem. I didn’t even have to close the first one.

  5. Approved for my 2nd card, denied for my 3rd.

  6. Not sure why you felt the need to call 8 times – twice, or maybe 3 times should have been enough to get the message. Applying for multiple cards would be best kept under the radar from the bank’s perspective, don’t you think? If lots of people start hounding them then this could cause them to tighten their strings further. I doubt whether this particular bank’s reconsideration department (a specialist department) is particularly large, or particularly stupid.

  7. I would at least keep it for a possible Grand Slam hit for the year. Stinks you couldn’t get a second card!

  8. I got my first US MC last March and applied for a second card last month. I called two days after I got the pending approval, explained I wanted to keep my travel expenses separate, and was approved. I received the 40K bonus as well. It has already posted to my account!

  9. That stinks… I am planning to apply for another US Airways card pretty soon. Hopefully I will share in Emily’s good luck and get approved…

    I am happy to say that I did get instantly approved for another Citi AA Biz card recently!

  10. @User Name I guess you are the daily blog representative of the mileage police, online task force. I never understood why people like yourself read blog if you always fault everything that is said on them. Do you get some kind of enjoyment by constantly commenting on what YOU feel bloggers are doing wrong or giving too much information on. Do you think Barclay’s doesn’t realize some people get bonuses twice? They are pulling the persons file up and they clearly see that people already have a card. It’s not they some people are glitching their way into a second card, they are getting validly approved for it and some aren’t. He was trying he’s best to get himself points, and if you say you wouldn’t do the same thing if you were getting denied, you are a liar. So move on, get a hobby and stop trolling blogs thinking you define the line of right and wrong for everyone…Jog on son.

  11. Same situation with me. Didn’t get auto approved so I called, explained I wanted it for seperate spending etc….He saw I already had one, then he went with had two many recent open lines of credit to be approved. Called back three times but they for sure had a note on the file. Last girl I spoke to was very nice and said she can’t really understand why I didn’t get one since my credit is good. Told me to call back in a couple months. I’m hoping the app stays on file long enough so I can avoid another pull

  12. @Kat
    The hard pulls don’t show up as a particular card, they show up as an inquiry from a particular bank that is issuing the card. For example if I applied for a Chase Ritz Carlton card it wouldn’t send me an alert that the inquiry was “Chase Ritz Carlton” it would just show up as “Chase Bank”. The bank obviously has a record of what cards you have with them, but in this case the US Air card has been churnable as are most Barclay’s issued cards from my understanding. In my case Chase pulls from Experian…there are four chase inquiries under that cb and it hasn’t hurt my credit score one bit. As a matter of fact my score has gone up.

    Bummer. Mommy Points has…well…a point! 🙂 Maybe it’s best to keep it open a while longer in case of a Grand Slam and then close it, wait a few months and re-apply. Better luck next time D.

  13. @ Good, perfect comment. I hope UserName and others like him/her are listening.

  14. I’m in the same boat as you. I applied for my second card about 3 weeks ago and received the pending review message. I called three times and had no luck, every CSR told me too many inquiries/open lines of credit. Suppose I’ll try again later this year.

  15. I’m pretty sure they are cracking down. There are a lot of people calling in trying to get second cards now, and everyone is using the same reason: “to separate and keep track of expenses.”

  16. I’ve said this in so many comments. I used to churn this card and the BofA version (when it was still around) a great deal in 2008 / 2009. All while keeping my primary Barclays US Airways card I’ve had since creation in 2006. This was back in the 25K bonus days but I easily acquired more than 250K in repeatedly churning personal and small biz cards.

    Barclays now will not approve me for any additional US Airways card – personal or biz. The reason is that I always have sufficient credit. They won’t budge on reconsideration. Never tried a biz reconsideration though. Until late last year they weren’t even doing credit report inquiries on me – just flat out denying. So in one respect that was a positive about the denials.

    I still do very well with every other bank – well, except the occasional hiccup with BofA. No idea why. I churn as much as anyone.

  17. As I remember from your previous post, Emily had an older version of the card, which is considered a separate product. You might have been trying to apply for a 2nd copy of the same exact card. They did the same to me, said “No” to two identical cards.

    Just close and reopen it after a few months. There’s really no need to hoard USAir miles.

    • @tassojunior – I’ll probably close it and make award bookings from Emily’s account to get the 5K discount.

      @Travel and Credit
      – 2 for 3 ain’t bad!

      – It is worth the hard pull, to me, if I can get the bonus again. I got lifetime Gold status on American Airlines thanks to the Citi cards. It just didn’t work out this time!

      @Maury @alohastephen Rebecca D. – Thanks for sharing!

      @User Name
      – I called 8 times (but at different times), to see if anyone could exercise discretion on my application. For example, you sometimes need to call Delta 8 or more times to book certain partner airlines or to get US Air to book Lufthansa First Class seats. For example, the Chase reconsideration department can exercise discretion (if you get the right rep), but not so with the Citi reconsideration department. I was trying to get a sense of the Barclay’s reconsideration department since I don’t have much experience with them.

      @Mommy Points
      – I’ll cancel and try to get one before the Grand Slam since it is an easy “hit!”

      @Michael W. Travels – Good luck!

      @tom @Erik – Good luck to us all when we try again later!

      @corinne – I’ll probably cancel it before the Grand Slam, but try to get another one before September.

      @bluto – Ha! Got to come up with different reasons or just close the earlier card and reapply.

      @ArizonaGuy – 250K from Barclay’s cards – nice! I’ve always had luck with BOA, but Barclay’s tends to be a bit conservative with their low credit limits.

      – That’s true – Emily did have the lower MasterCard version when she applied, and I did not. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll likely just close the card and reapply.

  18. Hi D, I remember by the time Emily still had several applications pending. So how is it going? Did she get all the bonus for the second time?

  19. Fairly new to these CC signup bonus, etc – does getting a denial affect your credit score or chances of getting other cards moreso than normal?

  20. Wow, you people are seriously hard core. At least you can rest easy, not having to wonder what might have been if you just had the gumption to ask.

  21. I had the same experience but they also cancelled my existing USAir card. Guess I’ll stay away from Barclays for a while.

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  23. Rejected again within two months. Very surprised, given my income and credit score. I’ve held the no-fee version of the card for some time, and the fact I’m not charging a lot on it is a factor cited by the credit analyst, as is the fact I’ve opened up several new accounts recently. I respect the conservative approach on credit risk that Barclays is taking, and will bide my time and apply again in three months. This is the universe telling me I’m too impatient.

  24. Aww, it sucks to be declined..At least you tried every way possible! And yea its true barclay is really conservative with there limits.. I just got the card in February so I haven’t attempted to churn it, but I will prob try during the Grand Slam. When one opportunity closes another one always opens up!

  25. My wife and I (similar credit profile) usually always apply for the same cards. We got our first USAirways cards last August – her limit was $6k and mine was $2.5k (relatively low compared to what we usually get approved for at other issuers). This past January, we each applied for and got approved for all six cards (1 Amex, 1 Chase, 2 Citi, 2 BoA Hawaii). A couple of weeks after that round of applications, Barclays automatically cut my credit limit from $2.5k to $1k only! We have not had any phone interaction with any Barclays reps yet.

  26. I applied for this card too. I was approved for the 30,000 mile without the fee waived, as mentioned in your blog, reconsideration agent was not going to work with me or give me the additional 10,000 miles nor waive the first year fee. I kept the card since I took the hit on Transunion report. Note: Keep on top of those credit bureaus! I have two beefs (1) I just applied for and was initially declined for the Citi Thank You Premier 50,000 card. I contacted reconsideration line and was told they could not approve me due to number inquiries on Transunion report., NOT! I told them I was going to dispute with Transunion since I know I have only one inquiry in the last year, (2) I am ticked at Transunion since I found errors on my report which are not my doing. Correcting this as you read my comments. Follow-up Note – Citi agent called me at my home about two hours later. Told me she reviewed my report and agreed that I have excellent credit, no delinquencies or lates at all. Congratulated me and approved that Citi Thank You Premier card. Now that is customer service!! I plan to do more business with Citi in the future.

  27. good news today, this has been a big run with Chase….
    Got all three SW cards in February and the 150K + Companion pass, thanks to your posts..
    Monday decided to push it and applied for Sapphire Preferred- called recon and was approved +50K
    Last night applied for Priority +80K and Ink Bold+50K both approved after speaking with recon. I need to verify the 80K still will need to wait a few days, but the rest are good.
    that is 6 Chase cards in 60 days. They are a great company….
    also was able to get the freedom match to 35K after SM for my parent.
    thanks for the help. I did take the bold link and sapphire MC you had the others were elsewhere in order to get the top bonus. thanks again.

  28. I got rejected for a 2nd US Airways card too last month. Opened the first in August ’11 and have charged a fair amount on it since. Rejection letter stated too many inquiries (oddly enough, they pulled Equifax -really!?- after having pulled Transunion the first time). The only other account I’ve opened since August was the Sapphire Preferred.

    I may cancel the card and try again in a few months or in September hoping for a GS hit. The 3 reps I spoke to all seemed to think the inquiries wouldn’t hurt as much then. I went a little overboard in 2011 😛

  29. I also was turned down for a second card. Guess we’re in the same boat. If you cancel your current card and reapply, let us know how it turns out. I kept mine for the 10,000 mile bonus for keeping it but still haven’t seen the miles post yet — Rich A

  30. With the grand slam promo I missed out on it last year. What was the deal with having the card. Did you have to get it during the period or just make a charge on the card?

  31. Maybe Emily is just prettier than you are 😀

  32. Hey Daraius, thanks again for the informative post. When you said that you would cancel your current card and try again, is there a reason why you think youll have more success that way? I canceled my us air card about 1 year ago, and I was wondering if you have any inside info on people in my shoes who have reapplyed after a while and gotten the cards… Thanks

  33. My wife applied for a US MC on this card churn. Boy, was she grilled !! Being her second US MC, the guy asked why she wanted a second and she gave the standard answer. Then he said that there were a LOT of applications recently, dont know how he saw that because last time US MC pulled Transunion in our state and our region but anyways, after 5-6 minutes of grilling she was approved.

    I am definitely not applying for the second one. I barely got the first one with 1000$ limit…what a joke. Have never have any trouble with any applications except Barclays.

    definitely YMMV.

    • @Li – Good memory! She got approved for the Citi Thank You Premier MasterCard version and they are still working on her AMEX Hilton app. I’ll post an update once we know for sure.

      @Hao L – A denial in itself doesn’t impact your credit score. However, each inquiry (whether approved or denied) will reduce your score slightly for a short period of time.

      – Ha! I have no regrets for not trying to get the bonus.

      @Sudeep – That’s awful. Did they say why they are cancelling your existing US Air card?

      @PlowJockey @jackie – I agree. There’s always another time.

      @Jimmy – Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Barclay’s does seem to be more conservative than other banks.

      @Milehi – The US Air Card has a 40,000 point sign on bonus and the fee is waived for the 1st year. Were you referring to a different version of the card?

      @victor – Congrats and thanks for sharing. Emily and I are also very grateful to you for using our links. I do have a link to the 80K Priority Club as well, in the Hotel Credit Card tab. I agree that Chase is the leader – both in customer service and in terms of offering the best sign on bonuses.

      @Bender – It was hard not to go overboard in 2011.

      @Rich A
      – I’ll keep you posted!

      – You just had to make a purchase and have it hit your US Air account during the Grand Slam.

      – Of course she is!

      @Sam – I don’t have any reason to believe I’ll be more successful after closing my card, but want to try another approach.

      @ketelone – Your credit report will show ALL open accounts, so the credit analyst can see when you opened each account. Barclay’s is different in their approach.

  34. just recently was able to apply for a second (my first was in Sept of last year) and had to call reconsideration line and got it on my second call. I think it depends who you get really.. that got to be part of it.

  35. Hey Daraius, Love the blog and detailed information you provide. No, I used the link from you site. Probably downgraded for some reason. Thinking it is related to the errors I found on Transunion report. I will probably call credit line to discuss option but it is probably too late.

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  37. My data point– Applied yesterday; have had first US Air card for about six months. Called reconsideration today and was told that I have too many credit inquiries on my report in the last 30 days (7 inquiries??) to be approved, but that they would have otherwise approved me.

  38. I had been approved for the small US Air MC about 8 months ago. I applied again and after a call to the reconsideration line was approved for the big MC. My credit score is just over 700 if anyone is looking for some comparitive data points. I am still a little nervous about the whole churning process but so far I have done 2 AA cards (visa and AMex – 150k total), 2 US air (MC 15k and 40k), and I was just approved for the United card.

  39. @Tim – I pretty much got the same response, except that it was my first time applying for the card. They pulled EX in addition to TU and told me that I have opened too many credit cards in the last 3 months, which is true. I told them that I always pay off my balance in full every month, but they still implied that I am a credit risk given the number of accounts I opened recently. I will call again tomorrow and see if I get different results with another CSR.

  40. Applied on 5/11/12 for second US Air card (first card 15 months ago); just approved via phone at 866-369-1283 . Reason for 2 cards — 2 kids in college and I want to segregate expenses.
    This was my 6th approval from 6 applications on 5/11/12 — also approved for 2 Citi AA cards (3rd approval for each, last time was 2 years ago — 100K miles + $300 statement credit, $6K spend total), Amex Hilton (50K pts, $750 spend), Chase Fairmont (2 free nights + $100 dinner, $1K spend), and Chase Ink Bold (50K pts, 1st purchase).

  41. @pianodude: Did you cancel your first US Air card and your two Citi AA cards before applying again?

  42. I applied for my 2nd card before canceling and got approved by calling in. The lady asked questions about my salary and recent credit card applications. I told her there was particular reason for opening another account. She offer to closed my last account and re-open a new one. It was about 5 months between the 2 applications. I’m so excited!!!

  43. I got approved for a US Airways card 5 weeks ago. I applied for my second US Airways card today, got the decision pending and called the recon line. Explained myself and got approved for a second card. Nice churn

  44. @Roger, 5 weeks churn, you rock. LOL. (but i will just wait for 90 days)

  45. Honestly, I think you might be better off doing it quicker. They pull from Transunion and it only showed two recent credit card accounts openings on my report, however I actually did an 8 card app-o-rama recently so eventually more are probably going to show. I was able to justify the two card openings with citi, but would I be able to justify 5 or more? Hardly.
    I guess it always depends on what rep you get. I gave them two reasons why I wanted a second card. Separate personal and business spending and that I fly US Airways on business all the time.

  46. I just got approved for a second US Airways card after calling the reconsideration line. I received the application pending message when I applied and called the reconsideration line within five minutes of submitting my application. It was one of the toughest calls I have had to date. They went through my credit report almost line by line with me, asked lots of questions about my business, asked why I want a second US Airways card, etc. The call took a solid 5-10 minutes but in the end the agent did approve the card!

  47. Another data point – I received my first US Airways card in January. I reapplied about a month ago. (I did not cancel the original card.) I was not automatically approved for the second card. I called the reconsideration line and was approved for the second card. The rep asked me a few pretty probing questions. I said I need a second card to segregate expenses and with that, I was approved. For what its worth I took advantage of the balance transfer option on the first card and have an outstanding balance of over half of the credit line. In approving me, the rep reduced the credit line on the first card. Go figure. Maybe that helped….Thanks for all the helpful info Daraius et. al.

  48. Data Point: I applied my first US Airways MC as the part of my first App-o-Rama on 6/9/2012: two AA cards ( one instant approved, one approved after the call), one AX SPG card with instant approved. My US airway MC was approved with 5K CL, but today I got a letter from Barclays, saying the my CL is decreased to 1K because: 1) Growth Rate of Overall Debt is too high. 2) Too many Accounts Opened in the Past 6 months. The letter also says that the TransUnion was used for the decision. They also tell that my credit score is 754. I just charged $10 after getting the card to get the 40K miles. I have not spent anything on the card yet since I are working on meeting the requirements for two AA cards and AX SPG card.
    I was planning to churn the card every six months, now I have no ideas what to do with this US airlines MC card. any suggestions? Thanks

  49. keeping the card to get the 10,000 miles bonus at first anniversary is worth it

  50. hi daraius
    yesterday i applied to the barclays us airways card to get 40k sign up bonus after 1st purch and was instantly approved. will i get the 40k pts instantly after first purchase or does it post after the first statement closes? i might or might not be able to take advantage of the shared miles promo in Oct based on whether i get the 40k in time! pls let me know, thanks!

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