Blog Giveaway – 3 Tickets to Randy Petersen Travel Executive Summit

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Million Mile Secrets is one of the sponsors of the Frequent Traveler University miles and points conference at the Sheraton in Meadowlands, in East Rutherford New Jersey on April 27 & 28, 2012 where I’ll be leading a session on “Introduction to miles & points – How to get started.” Tickets are still available!

I’ll also be attending the Randy Petersen Travel Executive Summit on Friday, April 27 at the Renaissance Newark, and tickets are available for $99.   I encourage you to buy tickets ($99 each) since the proceeds go to charity.

Randy Petersen is usually regarded as THE authority on miles and points, and is usually never wrong.  I go out of my way to read what we writes and to listen when he speaks.

The event starts at 9:30 am and ends at 1:30 pm and includes brunch.  The first session is “Cash, Credit or Miles — Miles As an Emerging Payment Currency” and the second session is “Inventing the Present and the Future: What Makes Hotel Loyalty Programs Tick.”

For more details check out Gary’s post on the Randy Petersen Travel Executive Summit.

Blog Giveaway

I’d like to give away 3 tickets to the Randy Petersen Executive Travel Executive Summit to Million Mile Secrets readers!

Just answer this question:

What do you wish you knew when you started out with miles and points?

There are 3 separate ways to enter (1 winner from each method):

1.  Facebook.  Like me on Facebook and post your answer ONCE on the Million Mile Secrets Facebook Page.  Feel free to share the post with your friends.

2.  Comment.  Leave ONE comment on this blog post with your answer together with an email address (so that I can contact you if you win).

3.  Tweet.  Follow me on twitter and tweet me your answer.

I’ll draw random winners when the contest ends on 11:59 pm CST Saturday, April 14, 2012.

Good luck and looking forward to meeting you in Jersey!

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67 responses to “Blog Giveaway – 3 Tickets to Randy Petersen Travel Executive Summit

  1. I wish I knew that I could apply for multiple cards on one day!

  2. I wish I knew the actual value of miles before I started to waste the miles on dumb itineraries!

  3. I wish I knew of a better travel CC like the sapphire when I made $80k+ in purchases over 2 years!

  4. I wish I knew that I could have gotten miles for almost everything I going thru a Frequent Flyer Program Shopping Mall.

  5. I wish I knew that I needed to pay attention to what banks pull what report! Also wish I had known chase was going to start lowering offers as it would have changed my first app-o-rama. Thanks for guiding me the right way ever since!

  6. I wish I knew to think big and not just book award travel to destinations that were already in my reach buy were slightly higher airfares that month.

  7. I wish I had known about the bonus points when I first started applying for Amex cards. I’ve missed out on a lot of points!

  8. I wish I had known that there are free/cheap ways to accrue miles for dream trips!

  9. I wish I knew more about the whole credit card churn racket, and I still wish I knew!

  10. I wish I’d been prepared for how addictive this hobby is!

  11. i wish i knew your site much sooner and knew there’re more ways than i thought to meet minimum spends

  12. I wish I knew that credit pulls and credit card churning are not really damaging to credit score. I was scared to do it before… not any more.

  13. I wish I knew your blog and flyer talk existed!

  14. I wish I knew about churning cc’s

  15. Diversify your earnings… Have multiple options.

  16. I wish I knew the myriad of ways to not let miles expire. To think of all those miles that went to waste!

  17. Where to begin? I wish I’d known of all the ways to earn, from shopping portals to financial service to?? Love the blog!

  18. I wish I knew how readily points and miles are available for dream vacations at virtually no cost, with just a little planning.

  19. I wish I knew about credit card churning. Since August 1999 I have accumulated 2,432,500 miles on AA using every possible resource that offered bonus miles – and I was not aware of the credit card churning game.

  20. I wish you had started your blog sooner! You’re the first thing I read in the morning.

  21. Blogs and the email addresses of future friends who have taught me so much.

  22. i wish i knew the limitations of my own points-earning-power due to no business travel and my regular life day-to-day spend.

  23. I wish I knew Rapid Travel Chai’s email address list! 😉

  24. To have the stones to do Track it back stickers.

  25. I wish I knew there were websites like yours to explain how to use my accumulated miles!

  26. I wish I knew how fun getting rewards could be 🙂

  27. Steve Schwartz

    Took awhile before I learned about using miles with alliance partners – and it has been the key to our happiness!

  28. I wish I knew about getting the right timing on credit card sign up bonuses.

  29. I wish I knew the befenits of combining Chase Sapphire, Chase Freedom, and Chase Checking to get 10 points per low dollar transaction.

  30. I wish I knew of the comp 50k of Chase Sapphire to 100k points

  31. I wish I knew what an app-o-rama was. It would have avoided a couple denials for “too many new accounts”.

  32. I wish I knew how to “churn” properly to maximize my point earning potential much earlier than I have.

  33. I wish I had known how to maximize spending and shopping portals better!

  34. I knew enough to be loyal (whenever possible) to one airline, and to use a credit card that accrued miles, but much beyond that i did not strategize till many years later.

  35. i wish i knew how easily accesible they would be

  36. I wanted to know how each frequent flyer program worked to reach their elite levels and best promotional offers.

  37. I wish I had known earlier about CC churning especially for Citibank AA cards (when that was still possible).

  38. I wish I knew that you can get miles for pretty much any purchase online by going through shopping portals.

  39. I wish i knew about which companies to transfer my chase points to that will maximize my profits

  40. Id love to hear the best educated guess where the future of this idustry lies

  41. I wish I will know Million Mile Secrets site ( early than May 2011. I missed so many good CC deals in years 2010 & half of 2011 — even I got million miles/points in the last several months.

  42. Churning has been easy so far – 4 months, 200,000+ miles – but the rest is overwhelming!! What to do next and how to maximize – help!

  43. I wish I knew this community existed! Websites, blogs, how-to’s, conventions…everything. I just had no idea.

  44. By far, I wish I knew about earning via credit cards, period. Great blog!

  45. I wish Miles and Points did not exist. It’s addicting.

  46. I wish I would have started to use award wallet to manage my points sooner!

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  48. I wish I had known to start applying and getting credit card bonuses earlier!

  49. I wish I had known about the US Airways Grand Slam before this year…. What a fun and inexpensive way to earn lots of miles! Looking forward to it again this year!

  50. I wish I would have known better than to redeem my miles for cheap domestic tickets.

  51. I was shocked when I found that my credit score actually went up 2 months after I applied for 4 cards on the same day. Wish I had known about this much much earlier………..

  52. I wish I knew to use my miles to redeem for premium cabin vs. economy!

  53. I wish I knew earlier that miles are not earned by just flying. Miles can also be earned by shopping through airline online malls, dining, and credit card apps.

  54. I wish I knew about the US Mint allowing us to purchase $1 coins with credit cards (therefore making it easier to reach purchase requirements) before they stopped the program.

  55. I wish I knew that I could shop via CC websites and earn extra points.

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  57. I wish I’d stayed loyal to one airline and one hotel group rather than looking for the cheapest always because with status comes great value that will pay off even if you have to spend $50 more on a flight or hotel.

    Also, wish I signed up for credit card offers. I never looked at credit cards with annual fees because I thought I was paying to spend money. I never took the miles to have actual values which I do now thanks to you guys.

  58. I wish I knew the best redemption choices for various programs so I don’t waste points.

  59. I wish I had known about the AmEx and Chase rewards programs

  60. I wish I knew what I knew then…just 10 years sooner.

  61. I wish I had known that the airlines don’t seem to really want you to be able to you your miles for award tickets and that sometimes they make it very difficult to redeem your miles. I would have eliminated a lot of frustration and stress in travel planning if I had known some of the strategies to get award tickets, knew that there were limited seats available (figured I could use my miles anytime there was a seat left on the plane…ha ha!).

  62. I wish I knew about the credit pulls database in order to maximize card churning.

  63. I wish I knew how many fantastic places the world was; I would’ve tried harder to get more!

  64. I wish I knew about the forums like FlyerTalk & MilePoint when I started.

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  66. So much to learn…..

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