Credit Card Updates: Alaska Airlines with 35,000 Miles, Chase Southwest Premier with 50,000 Miles & Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard with 50,000 Miles

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

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Just a quick post to let you know of a few new offers and credit card update.  I do NOT get a referral for any of these cards, but always like to post the best links which I can find!

As always, I update the Hot Deals tab as soon as I find better offers, but blog about it later.

1.   Alaska Airlines 35,000 miles.  Jared found a link to a 35,000 mile Alaska Airlines credit card from Bank of America.  This card is reported to be easy to get again (like other Bank of America credit cards).

However, Bank of America does a bait and switch if you’re approved for a lower version of the card, so just be aware that you could get  only 15,000 miles if you’re approved for the Platinum Plus version or 13,000 miles if approved for the Preferred.

And Gary has a nice explanation of the benefits of the card and of Alaska Airlines’ partner airlines.

2.   Southwest Premier 50,000 miles.   Million Mile Secrets reader Ken (thanks!) shared a link to a 50,000 mile Southwest Airline Premier card.  I’ve long had links to the Southwest Plus card for 50,000 miles, but I haven’t seen a Southwest Premier link with a 50,000 mile bonus for a while.

The Premier version has a $99 annual fee (unlike the $69 fee for the Plus version), but offers a 6,000 point yearly bonus and does let you acquire points towards A-list elite status.

The sign-up bonus from the Chase Southwest credit card still appears to be counting towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

3.   Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard for 50,000 points.   On Thursday, I shared a link to a Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard and what I thought was a working link to a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa card both with a 50,000 mile sign up bonus.

Readers let me know that both links were actually links to the 50,000 point version of the Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard.

The takeaway is that there is still a link to the Chase Sapphire Preferred which offers a 50,000 point sign up bonus.

My affiliate link offers only 40,000 points, so you’re better of with the 50,000 version.  I updated the Hot Deals tab with links to the better 50,000 point version as soon as I found out about it.  Hopefully, this will last longer than the links which appeared (and then disappeared) last week!

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39 responses to “Credit Card Updates: Alaska Airlines with 35,000 Miles, Chase Southwest Premier with 50,000 Miles & Chase Sapphire Preferred MasterCard with 50,000 Miles

  1. Quick question — I already have a Southwest Plus card. If I upgrade to the Premier version, will I get the 50,000 bonus? Thank you so much for your help — I just love your site.

  2. Is the Chase Mastercard a ‘World Mastercard’ I want to get the SPG promo w/it?

  3. Also, I just got the SW Premier Personal/Business cards in Feb how long should I wait to apply for the SP?

    • @Jolokia – You usually don’t get the bonus for upgrading, but you should if you reapply for the Premier card.

      @TK – I don’t know, but would suspect it is. You can find the link and more details on the MasterCard website. I’d wait a bit before applying, though you may be able to get approved if you are willing to negotiate with the reconsideration line.

      @Ken – You could get it again AND get the 50K sign on bonus again!

      @Tammy Horvath – The Southwest Premier is not a MasterCard, but is a Visa. A few readers have been able to get the bonus on both the Plus and Premier version, but I don’t have any personal experience.

  4. Kinda bummed I applied for the SW Plus card last week before I found that Premier link, because I wanted to keep the Premier card year after year. Oh well. Hopefully in 3 months it will still be available for my next AOR.

  5. Sorry to be redundant but does anyone know if you can get the sign up bonus for a mastercard if you already have the business and personal plus cards and got the bonus for them? I’m trying to get companion status again this year and never got a master card yet. Thanks.

  6. Do you know how quickly the Alaskan Air card can be churned?

  7. Will Alaska bump the bonus up to this current link level if you recently got a cardunder the 25,000 mile link if u contact them?

  8. I am in the exact same boat as Ken, applied for the plus 1 month ago and really want the premier. Is it okay to apply in 3 months or should I wait 6?

  9. Anyone have information/link on a >20k Business Card?

  10. Daraius ,
    I believe the signup bonus for the platinum and the preferred Alaskan airlines are 5000 and 3000 respectively and not 15000 and 13000.

    • Anjum – I believe every few months.

      @Vince – BOA doesn’t bump bonuses in my experience.

      – Only you can decide. If you have a long history and available credit to shuffle from card to card, it doesn’t hurt to try. Otherwise, you’re better off waiting.

      @Billy Frame – I don’t, but let me know if you find one!

      @Ananth – Here’s what the terms say “Bonus miles offer is 35,000 miles for approved Visa Signature® accounts, 15,000 miles for approved Platinum Plus® accounts or 13,000 miles for approved Preferred accounts.”

      I’ve never heard of a 13,000 mile sign-up bonus before!

  11. Can you please explain when you say the premier card counts toward alist. Which point are you talking abt. The bonus 50k or annual 6000 points. Thanks

  12. Unfortunately, Chase pulled the 50k Mastercard link now that you and I have listed on our sites. I posted about it last week as well, and just noticed today it is pulled down. Yours is the same. Gone! Lame Chase… Lame…

    • @Thalha – Sorry if I wasn’t clear. The sign up bonus and the annual points don’t count towards A-list, but the points earned from actually spending on the credit card count towards A-list status.

      @Travel and Credit
      – The link was working when I wrote the post last night, but died sometime today. Thanks for letting me know.

  13. Ha didn’t see that. Some poor guy is getting an unlucky 13k signup bonus.

  14. @ TK, Yes the Chase Sapphire Preferred Mastercard is a ‘World Mastercard’. I applied for it last Monday and received it today!! Thank you Daraius for providing the link. All your information is VERY helpful.

  15. just took your link for the ink bold. I will have to call in to move $ around, but I appreciate what you are doing. I really appreciate you are the only one of thg and ftg that post CC links you do not get credit for on your site.

  16. No problem. I actually thought the 50k MasterCard link was going to stay put for awhile!

    • @LatinGirl – Glad you find it useful. BTW, did you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa version or is the MC version your 1st Sapphire Preferred?

      @victor – Thanks for using our link!

      @Travel and Credit – Very strange how some links live for a long time and some die quickly.

  17. Just asking if anyone has seen a Chase Sapphire Preferred offer with a lower spending requirement. I am okay with a lower sign-up bonus, but the upfront $3000 spending is a little high for me.

  18. Are many successfully getting the signup bonus for the sapphire preferred mastercard after recently (3-6 months) getting the bonus on the sapphire preferred visa?

  19. I got the Southwest Plus card with 50,000 points in November 2011. Will I be able to get the 50,000 points bonus with Southwest Premier card?

    Also, do I have to close my Southwest Plus card first? I am just thinking what do I say to the re-consideration agent…if he/she said you already got a Southwest card.

    • @Dave Op – Some folks have been able to get both the bonuses, but I don’t have personal experience. You can always say that you prefer the Premier because it earns A-List points and gives you a higher anniversary bonus. But don’t let them switch you – otherwise you won’t get the bonus.

  20. I got the Alaskan Airlines cards for myself and my wife, my annual fee was $75
    hers was $ 50, so I am assuming I got the 35000 she got something less, guess we will find out when the points post.

    On the churn , I wait 4 monts or so , then do I cancel these cards or just reapply to get the next BOA , Alakan Airlines bonus ??

  21. Can’t find the link to the 50K Sapphire mastercard (Hot Deals or BPCC). Is it dead?

  22. Anyone know of a resurrected Southwest 50k offer?

  23. I have the alaska air card with 26k points.
    I want to book a trip to Europe and need 60k points —
    I have 45k points on american(so combined I should have enough) and since they are partners I figure I should be able to make this work – but I called alsask air and they said cannot combine points between partners.
    Anyone have any ideas — can I do this thru american?

    • @gil roeder – You have to call American Airlines to use your American Airlines miles and you have to call Alaska to use the Alaska Air miles. Alaska doesn’t allow 1 way awards, so you can book a 1-way with 30K American Airlines miles and, if you have Ultimate Rewards points, you can transfer them to United for another 1-way or use United miles for another 1-way.

      You won’t be able to combine your Alaska and American Airlines miles.

  24. Thanks Darius for the Alaska bonus update. I see a few mentioned getting both the Sapphire Visa and MasterCard but none confirmed whether the bonus will post. I have had my Sapphire Visa for 9 months, just wonder if I apply for the Sapphire MasterCard now, will I get the bonus or I will have to first cancel the Sapphire Visa then apply for the MasterCard version? Thanks for all the help 🙂

    • @Docomo – Folks who cancelled one version and applied for the other version got the points to post. Remember to transfer your points before you cancel the card otherwise you lose the points. As always, YMMV. Good luck!

  25. So Im able to get the bonus on both the southwest premier and the plus card?
    Anyone have any experience?

  26. on both personal cards?

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  28. Cfaig mccraker

    Good miles to travel with