Chase Ink Bold with 60,000 Point Bonus (10,000 more than regular offer) [ Expired]

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

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Thanks to the many readers emailed to let me know of a 60,000 point Chase Ink Bold offer found by sun_aa in this FlyerTalk thread.

This is 10,000 points more than the regular offer for 50,000 points after spending $5,000 within 3 months.  I don’t know how long this will last, because yesterday’s link to the $300 Chase Freedom stopped working within a few hours.

The 60,000 point version doesn’t earn me a referral, and is better than the 50,000 point version which earns me a referral, and which I’ve written about in the past.

Emily just applied for the Chase Ink Bold in her last app-o-rama, so I sent Chase a secure message asking them to match her to the 60,000 offer.

Update:  Emily was denied the extra 10,000 points via secure message, but did get an extra 10,000 points after calling the number on the back of the card and asking to be matched to the 60,000 point offer.  I’m not sure if this will happen to everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to call and ask!

As always, I’ve updated the links in the Hot Deals tab as soon as I found out last night, so that they always list the best offers which I can find.

I also added a note (in bold red font) in my review of the Chase Ink Bold indicating that there is a better offer available.

60,000 Ultimate Rewards points can get you 1 return coach ticket to Europe or South America on United,  a 1-way business class ticket to Europe or South America using United miles, or lots of short flights on American Airlines (if you transfer the miles to British Airways).  Or close to 3 nights at a top rated Hyatt hotel (and of course much more at the lower level Hyatt and Marriott hotels).

Bottom Line:  If 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points for the Chase Ink Bold was good, 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points is even better!

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51 responses to “Chase Ink Bold with 60,000 Point Bonus (10,000 more than regular offer) [ Expired]


    have you stopped reading the CONTACT ME section ? if yes, i will leave this page for flyertalk, dan’s deals, noob travelers.

  2. Hi, what should be included in the message. Any screen shots or bonus ID? Thanks

  3. I am actually planning on selling books on Amazon so maybe this will work out for my husband (I will apply under him) and I!

  4. That’s an awesome offer! Too bad I recently received two Chase cards and just got approved for another Citi AA Business card a couple of days ago. I am hoping this offer is around in a couple of months from now!

  5. Let us know if you get Chase to honor the 60,000 point bonus, I was just denied and only got the card ~45 days ago and am about $500 from meeting the $5,000 minimum spend.

  6. I got shot down in flames from Chase SM…

    I regret to advise that the account is not qualified to
    participate in the new enrollment promotion and therefore
    we are unable to honor your request.

    Although we appreciate your loyalty, we ask that you trust
    that this decision is the same for all members whose
    accounts do not fall within this designated time frame. We
    feel that adhering to the same policy for all members
    outside of this designated time frame is the best way to
    remain fair and consistent.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

  7. Same message as Bluecat. I opened my Chase Ink a couple of weeks ago.

  8. I was just about to sign up for the 60K Ink Bold until I read “why you shouldn’t open too many Chase cards”. This is a business card though, would that make a difference?

    • @jim – I’ll get to your comments later today. Also, could you please leave the same comment in only 1 location?

      @Lisa – It doesn’t hurt to try. I’ve noticed that Chase likes to see a long history for a business, even if it is not profitable.

      @Adam @Rob @bluecat @sil – Emily got shot down via secure message as well, but did get matched after calling the number on the back of the card and asking to be matched. I’m not sure if they will match everyone, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

      @Kathy – If you haven’t got many Chase cards or haven’t applied for many recently, you could give it a try. In my experience, Chase has become easier to get approvals from off late.

      @Michael W Travels – An extra 10K points isn’t too bad, is it!

      @mark – In my experience, Citi doesn’t transfer limits on the phone, but some readers have had luck doing that. You could also call Citi and ask them to waive the fee or see if there is some incentive to keep the card open.

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  10. Hi! Again
    It may not be the right place, but i need your help again, i have a citi card that just got the anual fee, so i want to close it, here is the problem i am almost sure if i apply for another citi card i will get declined, but as you can understand i dont want to lose this 10k credit line, should i apply for another citi card and if gotten declined ask them to transfer the credit line from the old one (from what i have read on your blog citi doesnt do that, am i correct? please advide what you would do in this situation.

  11. jeeze jim, the guy last answered questions on the contact page two days ago.

    you should ask for your money back in addition to taking your business elsewhere. oh, wait, you don’t pay for all this free advice you’re demanding instant customer service for. if i wrote a blog i wouldn’t want petulant children as my readers. a**clown.

  12. I agree, Jeremy. It’s hard to get upset at someone who effuses useful and free info… thanks Daraius!

  13. @Jim,

    If it is that important, why don’t you just email him?

  14. @jeremy, I pity you,

    @ Darious
    thanks for everything you do, i have an update!

    Applied for this and UNITED MILEAGE EXPLORER . 5 min gap.

    got REVIEW message, called first for INK BOLD, verified income, biz , etc, (told her ebay and stuffs, had to move credit line from CHASE SW. got approved. tried to confirm the 60k bonus points but the rep says I don’t know , you get what you applied for.

    called for the UME card, said denied cos i already have chase cards applied not long ago and have $26k credit limit.
    I asked should i transfer CL from existing chase cards for this card and might close one. moved the remaining CL from CHASE SW and closed that one.( happy cos i don’t need it ) she then verified income and biz and got approved.
    don’t see in my chase online account yet.
    hope i don’t get BL when i close these 2 next year, lol

  15. The link is dead.

  16. yes unfortunately dead for you guys who wanted this,

    i applied and got approved (tough way) though when the link was working.
    I fear i may not get the 60k bonus now

  17. I used your “secure message template” and was quite worried about getting a denial but I just received a message that stated the following.

    Dear xxx,

    Thank you for contacting Chase.

    After reviewing your account, I see that the offer is to
    receive the 50,000 bonus points for spending $5000.00
    within the first 93 days of the account open date, which
    will reflect on the account within 1 to 2 billing cycles.

    Further, to match the 60,000 bonus offer, I request you to
    reply to this e-mail once you have spent $5000.00 with
    your card as per the above mentioned offer. Once received
    either myself, or one of my colleagues will be happy to
    add 10,000 points to match this bonus offer on your

    We value your business. If you have any further questions,
    please reply using the Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    So it is possible. Hopefully I’ll be good to go once I hit the 5k!

  18. I did get the 10k bump when I sent a SM last night when the promo/app was still alive – they actually replied and did the adjustment within maybe 1-2hrs! I was surprised since they generally take almost 1/2-1 day to reply. But i had just received the card maybe last week. Wonder if maybe Chase is testing things without having to commit by releasing the offer full-time. Too bad I couldn’t convince my wife to sign up for one last night.

  19. I received extra 10k UR points after i requested to match this new Ink Bold offer.
    Thanks D.

    • @jeremy – Thanks for letting me know. I’ll edit the post to reflect that.

      @jim – Chase usually gives you the bonus for the offer you signed up for. There’s also a screenshot of the offer in case you don’t get the points.

      @Kahn @Hao L @shoaib – That’s great! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Hey big D, do you think, though the link is dead, you can still ask for the 60K?

    • @Ryan from MA – I’d still call and send the message. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @cory – Unfortunately, the offer is already dead.

      @Kathy – Thanks for sharing! It doesn’t hurt to try either method.

      @TK – Thanks for sharing!

  21. Hey Darius do you think I would be approved for this? I got the Sapphire Preferred on 1/1 and the United Explorer on 3/5. I’ve been a chase customer for about 10 years and have had a checkings accnt with them as of this year too. I’d like to put myself as a business. Also, do you expect this to stick around for a while? Maybe it would be better to try this in a few months?

  22. I sent a secure husband for my husband’s ink bold account last night to get the extra 10,000 points and he was shot down but after calling this morning, he was able to get them (instantly, already in the acccount). I just got approved for the united explored card 2 days ago so I secured messaged them and asked them for the $50 statement credit. I got a message back that stated that my request would be sent to the appropriate department and I would hear something back within 7 days. I received the ink bold back in January so I decided to send a secure message and take a chance at getting the 10k miles. If I get shot down, I will call. Hey it worked for the hubby.

  23. I have heard that this offer is still alive, if you call and ask. The link is dead but the offer might not be…let’s hope!!

  24. Israel Husarsky

    This is why I look at your blog at least once a day!!

    Chase is matching & giving out the extra 10,000 points over the phone – at least verbally – I hope it goes through.

    If the offer is not public & is in fact dead, I assume they will stop matching soon – kind of what happened inJune with the Sapphire preferred.

    So call now!

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  26. I have reached my minimum spending amount with Chase Sapphire so hope to have my 5ok points soon. What’s the best next card – Ink Bold or Chase Freedom? Others? (I’m not at 18 months with my AA yet. Got the United explorer in November.) Should I try for an AA Business? Do you have a good link? Thanks!

    • @Anjum – The Chase Ink Bold will get you another 50K points, which could be useful in conjunction with the points from the Chase SP. I also like the Citi Business for 50K points (links in Hot Deals still work, but are not my referral links). I also like the Bank of American Virgin Atlantic and the AMEX SPG. Or you could wait and see if there are any new offers out in a few weeks.

  27. I’ve done the SGP Amex some time back and when I called they said I would not get the bonus again if I applied for another card. I’ll look into the Citi Business and the Chase Ink. I think I’m nervous with the cards not affiliated with any one airline/hotel as those are the only ones I’ve used in the past! Guess I’ll learn! Thanks for all the help!

  28. Just activated Ink Bold Bus today 11am
    Told CSR re 60K bonus
    Success She instantly upped ours from 50 to 60 K

  29. I was surprised to received the following response from Chase after reading all the comments here. But accord to it, I should get the additional 10K points on my next statement. Thanks!!

    Thank you for writing to us about the bonus offer.

    In order to match the 60,000 bonus offer, I have added
    10,000 points on your account. You would receive these
    points on your next statement.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    Anselm Vaz
    E-mail Customer Service Advisor


  30. I just called Chase, not sure what will happen. The CSR said he had sent a request to marketing to ask for the 10,000 bonus points and that I should recieve a letter in the next 8 or 10 days.
    So who knows, would you try another CSR or just wait to see if anything happens. I did not get a yes or no , so I am kind of hagong ou there on this

    Anyone else have a similar experience ??

  31. darious

    which one is better CHASE UME card with 50k miles, or Bank of American Virgin Atlantic or CITI THANK YOU card or citi aadvantage card. do they compliment each other?

    I am choosing one or 2 of those above for my sister.

    • @Anjum – If you have the personal SPG you can get the bonus on the business version and vice versa. While the Chase Ink Bold, is not an airline or hotel card, you can transfer the points online to airline or hotels including Hyatt, United, British Airways etc.

      @Wagger @Winnie – That’s great! Thanks for sharing.

      @Jerry– I’d send a secure message as well. And call again in the morning too!

      @jim – It depends on what your sister wants. I like the transferable points of Chase Ultimate Rewards (and combined with the Freedom it is easy to rack up points). I also like the Citi cards for AA miles and the Thank You card because it is easy to use for flights.

  32. Sorry not certain if this has been asked or answered previously but If I apply for the Chase Ink Bold card and approved can the 60,000 point offer be combined with my Chase Saphires Preferred 50,000 points I just received?

  33. Thanks, Daraius. This is what I got today:

    “Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the 60,000
    point enrollment bonus offer.

    I am pleased to advise that I did add 10,000 points to the
    account so that it receives a total of 60,000 points for
    an enrollment bonus. You will see this adjustment on the
    next statement. This adjustment is available for
    redemption now.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center. “

  34. @jrey- can you give us the name and number of the agent who responsed to the secure message and gave you the 10k bump? chase seems to be very inconsistent about this.

  35. Thanks Daraius !
    That’s 110K (Ink Bold) UR bonus points in 6 months for me !
    Got an “old” Ink Bold in October with 50K. Without cancelling, got a 2nd one (new one with 5x points on office supplies) in Feb with 50K offer. Just got this from Chase after reading your post and sending them a secure message…
    “Dear PatMike,
    I would like to thank you for making the Chase Ink Bold
    card your first choice.

    Further, with the continual changes and promotional offers
    for many credit card products, we at Chase will always
    consider allowing the promotion to be applied to any
    qualified accounts which was reflecting at the time of

    However, as a gesture of my commitment and one time
    courtesy, I have added 10,000 bonus points to your account
    with immediate effect.

    Please note, the 50,000 bonus points will be reflecting on
    your 04/20/2012 statement.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    H P
    E-mail Customer Service Advisor


    Account is owned by Chase Bank USA, N.A. and may be
    serviced by its affiliates.

    – Gain instant access to view and download your credit
    card information.
    – See and pay your bill online
    – Transfer balances
    – Change your address and much more….


    Original Message Follows:

    I just got a new Ink Bold card for my optometry practice
    and I love the fact that I get 5X points with office
    supply purchases, and I have a lot of those. It is the perk I
    have been waiting for all along! I’m excited that it s a full
    time perk and not just a rotating catagory, although I do
    love my Freedom card, and I try to hit the catagories that are
    giving 5X points on that.
    After applying for the new Ink Bold, I saw an offer for
    60,000 bonus points – I received 50,000 . I hit my head
    like in the V 8 commercial, that I should have waited a
    little longer to apply.
    Is there any way I could get the upgraded bonus, as I just
    recently got the card ?
    In any event, thanks for adding the office supply bonus.
    The Ink Bold card has replaced my Amex card on all of my
    office supply store accounts ! “

    • @PatMike – This is perhaps one of the best secure messages which I’ve seen! Very nicely done. I loved the line “I hit my head like in the V 8 commercial, that I should have waited a little longer to apply.”

  36. Success on the SM sent to Chase last night! This came after being denied over the phone (go figure). Oddly enough, I got success on the Ink Bold bump, but I was placed in the “your request has been submitted to our Marketing Dept” when requesting a bump from 60k to 60k+$50 statement credit on the United Explorer card. Go figure! (I’m still panning that the Explorer Card request will go through).

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  40. Was denied for chase plus 4 1/2 months ago for too many inquiries (11 in a year) even tho great credit score , payment, steady income etc… I am so tempted to apply for this 60000 offer that will soon disappear, but should I listen to reason and wait 6+ months?