Chase Freedom $350 or 35,000 Points ($150 or 15,000 points better than regular offer) [No Longer Working]

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

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Thanks to chased for posting a $350 version of the Chase Freedom card.

I posted on a $300 version yesterday, but that link died within a day.  I then posted on the 60,000 point Chase Ink Bold and that link died within a few hours.

In any case, here’s the link to the $350 Chase Freedom version.  If you have applied for the Chase Freedom in the last 90 days, it doesn’t hurt to send Chase a secure message and ask them to match you tor the $350 version.  They may not match you, but the answer is always no, if you don’t ask.

I wasn’t initially matched to the 60,000 Chase Ink Bold (now dead), but managed to get matched after calling the number on the back of the card.

Emily signed up for the $300 Chase Freedom in November, but is unlikely to get matched since it is more than 90 days since she applied for the card.

As always, I’ve updated the links in the Bank Points Credit Card tabs as soon as I found out a few minutes ago, so that they always list the best offers which I can find.

The Chase Freedom is a great supplement to the Chase Sapphire Preferred since you can earn 5X points in certain revolving categories and transfer it to airline or hotels or even get cash back.  There’s no annual fee which makes it a great card to keep for years.

If you do apply, please take a screen shot (just in case).  Good luck!

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98 responses to “Chase Freedom $350 or 35,000 Points ($150 or 15,000 points better than regular offer) [No Longer Working]

  1. Thanks for the link. Just signed my spouse up for the card. I was waiting for just this kind of offer.

  2. If anything, Chase is working hard at keeping all their SM & phone reps. busy with all of these offers while people are trying to match or apply before they go poof!

  3. Does anyone know if this is a Visa or Mastercard? I have the Chase Freedom Visa, do you think they’d still give me the bonus if this is a Mastercard and I sign up?

  4. How strict is Chase? I got the Amazon Visa back in Oct 2011 and the Priority Club Visa Jan 2012. Is there a chance they’ll deny me? I did open a couple of other Amex and Citi cards in the last 6 months. Within the last 8-9 months I opened at least 5 credit cards and closed one of my old ones.

  5. WOW! Great deal.

    I just applied for and got approved for the Freedom card a week ago and still haven’t received it in the mail.

    I can get the bump up to 35k when I call in to activate it, right? What would I say?

    • @Steelsnow – I wonder if this is going to end up like AMEX last year. I hope not.

      @Cheri – I don’t know if it is Visa or MasterCard. I haven’t read of folks getting the bonus on both the MC and Visa version of the Chase Freedom, but I do know that few folks managed to get the bonus on both the MC and Visa version of the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

      @Grant – You’ll likely get denied online (or the app will need further review), but you can always call the reconsideration line to get approved. If you’re new to credit cards or have a short credit history, you may want to wait a bit. But only you can decide when to apply.

      @ji – You can usually see your account in your online Chase profile before you actually receive the card. If so, you can send them a secure message and ask to get matched even if you don’t have your card as yet.

  6. This is nice. I already have both Sapphire and Freedom, but Dear Wife only had sapphire until now. Instantly approved for Freedom. Very exiting!

  7. They are bumping up to 35K if you recently got approved under a lesser bonus. Mine was bumped to 35K today.

    Chase biz is not bumping on the Bold- biz rarely bumps if at all.

  8. Darious I have a descent level of credit history and an excellent credit score (that was before I applied to 5 more CCs in the last year) I’m more worried Chase doesn’t like people opening a bunch of their credit cards within a 1 year timespan. I would have to say I do have a short history with them but I’m hoping to supplement this Freedom UR pts to transfer to Priority Club pts to use for later.

  9. Wow I would LOVE to do this, but am busting to get the 10K AmEx Biz card spend. Decisions, decisions…’s only a $500 spend…..oy.

  10. Recently (~35days ago) applied & Aprroved and already met spend requirements for CHASE Sapphire prefered Good credit. Can i apply for this ? as i keep reading how strict chase is in regards to timeframes??


  11. @ MMS – which 2 personal Chase cards did you go for? and since you applied for 2 at once, I’m assuming you had to call the reconsideration line? thanks!

  12. Woohoo, I didn’t jump on the 30k bonus yesterday, guess it worked out ok. Just applied and for the first time got the “your application requires further review.”

    • @Vitaly – Very exciting indeed!

      @tassojunior – Emily got bumped by calling and asking for it!

      @Grant – If you want Priority Club points, why not get the 80,000 point Priority Club card instead? You get 1 free night annually which covers the annual fee and free Platinum Status. Emily and I have managed to get 4 to 5 new Chase cards each year.

      @MJLouise – It is a tough choice, but I’m going to wait a bit.

      – You’ll have to call the reconsideration line to get approved, but only you can decide whether to apply or not. If you have a good credit score etc. you may be able to get approved.

      @Peter L – I applied for the Chase Hyatt and Sapphire Preferred. I had to call the reconsideration line for both cards, but it was easier than in the past.

      – Time to call the reconsideration line!

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  14. It is really FUN to see Chase offers come and go in SUCH A HURRY!

  15. Has anyone had success applying for 3 Chase cards in 1 or 2 months?

  16. @Anh- You can apply for 3 chase cards AT THE SAME time using different browsers and call reconsideration for each one separately. As I have written elsewhere I have applied and been aproved (after calling) for 9 difference chase cards since mid july of last year. I am mulling doing the freedom 35k card (mc version) and thats after I got the new ink bold business card on feb 15, the continental (turned united explorer card) card on feb 27, the southwest business card on march 14, and the sapphire preferred mc this past fri night march 30. Notice that I have applied for one biz and one personal card with no miinum spend (southwest and continental card) and one each with the minimum spend (sapp pref mc and ink bold) so that I can get all the points available. Once again itll all boil down to your skill on the phone and your available credit.

  17. @Anh I applied for Amazon Chase in Oct 2011 and Priority Club in Jan 2011. I got both but I got the ““your application requires further review” like Rebekka did. I may have been in the situation since I had probably 7 credit inquires within the last 12 months. 2 refi, 5 new credit cards. I have an Excellent Credit score but Chase probably knows I’m in it for the initial bonus, which I’m not since I really do want a cash back everyday usage Visa card.

    @Daraius I do have the Priority club Visa, I plan to keep this card since one night free covers the $49 annual fee easily. I got the 80k just recently. My main concern was Chase getting a little tight on giving out so many cards within a short time frame. I called them after I got my online application in pending. They told me to wait a few weeks. I’m sure it’s a rejection letter and they didn’t have the heart to tell me over the line. lol

  18. I was about to tell you about this. It is ALL OVER THE PLACE already. I have sent SM and hopefully get matched with this one as well 🙂

    • @Li – It is fun when they appear, but not when they go!

      @Anh – I’m sure there are, but it all comes down to what your profile (credit length, credit score, income, etc.) is. I just got approved for 2 personal cards last month, but there are some folks who won’t get approved. If you’re willing to call the reconsideration line and negotiate etc. it could work for you. If you dislike making those calls, then you probably should not apply for 3 cards at once.

      @mike fein – Thanks for helping out!

      @Grant – Just call the reconsideration line and explain why you want the card. They are usually quite easy to deal with. Sometimes they can’t look at the status online, but call the reconsideration line again after a day and they usually can approve it manually.

      @Lee – Please let us know if you do get matched!

  19. sent a SM to chase this morning regarding getting a match on the ink bold offer. i got the ink bold 2 months ago, JUST finished the $5000 spend (the 50k points hadn’t posted). a few hours later, i received a message from chase matching the 60k offer so an additional 10k points! thanks Daraius!!

  20. Daraius, the other two links went dead after they were posted here. They’ve been around for months on private forums and also on small forums.

    Thanx for posting this, and thanx for killing another offer.q

  21. i think you are being too hard on daraius, hunch.
    he is a sharer of information, that’s all.
    i’m sure HIS posts ARE NOT what killed the deal. it was a timing/corporate decision that had little to do with one guys blog.
    if you wanted the deal, you should have jumped on it “hunch”.
    don’t shoot the messenger.
    I appreciate you daraius!!

  22. with this sudden increased offer for the Freedom, I decided to go ahead with a little mini app-o-rama for my wife and I. I was able to get both citi AA cards instantly approved for her through your link (hope they’re still 50k). Also used your link to get instant approval for SPG personal for myself. Applied for Freedom for both of us and got the “pending review” message. I immediately called Chase recon. as did wife and we were both told apps were still in the system and would have to wait. How long after app. do you normally have to wait with Chase? I don’t really expect a denial as our only other recent cards are CSP’s applied for 2/29/12. Figured I was in the clear since it had been over 30. How long should I wait to attempt recon call again or should I just wait for letter?

  23. @jdh-I just went through the same thing! Called recon line and was told it was still pending and to call back on Monday. I figure I’ll try again on Friday…and I will be calling the app status line periodically as well. I don’t expect to be denied either, maybe just need to transfer some credit from another card. Interested to see how others respond to your comment!

  24. @hunch- Let me ask you a very simple question. You may have noticed that Dariaus often gets a referal commision. In english this means that CHASE bank is PAYING Dariaus to give the information so that people get chase credit cards. Essentially chase is wanting to add a bonus for anyone who uses Dariaus blog to sign up for a cc. One more question- So lets say Daraius killed the 10k bonus offer for everyone on the ink bold. Why did chase turn around the same day and bump the offer on the NO FEE freedom card (on which they make LESS MONEY) by FIFTEEN thousand points ? Did they think Daraius would keep that one a secret ? lol Anyone who thinks that chase met their quota of bonus points for the ink bold in one day is well…….. Lets see if chase “learns their lesson” and cuts all the deals or if the bonuses go up.

  25. @JDH @Rebekka- I hope you called 1-888-245-0625 for recon…. I have always called two hours later and I ask them to find the application via my social security number and “help” them approve it. What they are telling you is to wait for a decision before reconsidering. What you should be doing is essentially telling them you want to “help them” make the decision now lol

  26. Man, don’t know what to do. Just two days ago I pulled the trigger on two Chase cards; the 60k United Explorer and the Southwest Rapid Rewards Business, as well as the USAirways card and the Citi/AA biz. Maybe I could squeeze the Freedom in? Don’t want to get caught for being too greedy!

  27. @Extra pack- My gut tells me if you pull the trigger on the freedom for 35k youll kick yourself again shortly lol If you see the trend in last few days there will be deals to be had. I say wait a month and do 2 more together (or even 3)…..

  28. @rebekka @mike fein. I didn’t even wait 15 min. before calling recon. which may be why they couldn’t help, not sure. The app. status line gave no info yet under my SSN, so perhaps when that line shows my app. then the recon dept. will be able to help? Not sure but will try again in morning and post my results. Thanks for the info.

  29. You people obviously have no idea what those links were all about.
    They were “homemade links”. If you don’t know what that means, I can’t help you.

    If people were more careful with posting these things they wouldn’t die as fast.

    Diriaus posted those links even though he doesn’t get commission for two reasons
    1) site traffic
    2) for the people on his blog.

    When the masses start calling in about the offer, chase closes down the app.

  30. @Hunch- I will try one more time. While Daraius ALSO makes links because he is a genuinely nice guy even he doesnt benefit, he DOES have links which do offer him commisions. FROM CHASE. So chase does “pay him” to “spread the word”. If the blog was bad for Chase business they wouldn’t offer Daraius money. Chase would LOVE to pay Daraius “10,000 referals” instead of 100. Furthermore once again Chase closed down one offer and immediately made a offer that costs them more money almost at the same time knowing full well it would be spread in exactly the same places online. To think that chase closed an offer in 1 day because the masses called in to get 10k extra miles is foolish. The BA offer for 100k stayed for MONTHS even though it was all over the place. Masses calling in about an offer makes the offer STAY !!!!! The offer is made to ATTRACT customers not to “reward” a few people.
    I will put it to you this way. If chase would be able to ATTRACT every credit worthy person on planet earth to get a freedom card by writing them a check for 350 dollars after 500 dollars in purchases THEY WOULD DO IT TODAY. It seems you fail to understand just how much MORE

    Once again lets see if chase has bigger offers coming or not. They PAY people to monitor this blog as well as the flyer talk forums etc etc etc etc etc.

  31. sent too soon- You fail to realize how much more money overall the blogosphere has made chase. They are gaining a huge market share of the CC industry bec of all the postings. We all have 8 chase cards and only 2 bank of america cards for example….. That is EXACTLY what chase counts on. Free marketing.

  32. @jdh I got that answer a few times, so I normally wait for a day or two after the application. And no, I don’t wait for the letter, too impatient for that

    @Darius @mike @Grant: Thanks for the reply, I got Ink Bold and Sapphire Preferred in 4 days two weeks ago, and I thought there was a 2 cards in 60 days rule. Really tempting to get the United. I have enough CL to get it.

  33. Do you know if this link is for the for the Visa card or the MC card?

  34. Visa or MC…I was wondering the same thing.

  35. I want the United mileage explorer card for wife but what i hate is LOSING MILES IF I CLOSE THE CARD.

    this is what the terms says

    Miles Don’t Expire:
    Your miles will not expire as long as there is activity on your credit card account, including paying your annual membership fee, and the credit card account is open and not in default. “Upon cancellation of your credit card account your miles will expire according to the MileagePlus program rules.”

    I know with advantage miles as long as there is any activity in advantage account and even if you close the citi aadvantage card, you DON’T LOSE MILES.
    But with United Miles, it looks like regardless of the activity, if you close the United mileage card, the miles are wasted too. it says that in term above, close the card and lose the miles.

    United miles is similar to the amex points that’s tied to the card, if you close the amex reward card, the points are gone with that.

    any expert thoughts or expereince?

    lost united miles after you closed the united cards?

  36. @jim – I don’t think you will lose the United miles on closing the card. It’s just that they will expire after a certain period of time if you don’t have any activity in your mileageplus account which is probably 18 months or so. So you could still potentially redeem your miles 12 months after closing the card. However, there is a possibility that your miles might be taken away if you close your card too soon e.g. as soon as the sign up bonus posts – but that’s not what your text above is referring to.

  37. @jim No you don’t lose miles. When you cancel the card, your miles expires after 18 months with no activity instead of not expiring, just like normal. United miles is NOT similar to Amex points, so don’t worry. I’ve had 2 United cards in the past, so I know.

  38. wonder why the terms says close the card and lose the miles.

    with advantage miles, even after closing the citi advantage card and as long as there is activity on the miles, miles don’t get lost.

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  40. @jim They mean if you close the card, you will lose miles that are pending. Eg: Your statement is from 1st to 30th, and you make $1000 of purchases on the 5th, close the card on the 10th, you will NOT get that 1000 miles, because it’s pending and not posted/transferred to your mileage account at the airline. Also, if you cancel the card right after you get the bonus miles, they reserve the right to take it back. Note that T&C says “we reserve the right to,” not “miles will be deducted.” Some people have reported closing the card right after the bonus and not having the miles taken back. To be safe, don’t cancel it unless you have to.

  41. So both my GF and i have had the Freedom card for years (since we were in college 6 or 7 years ago). Neither of us ever received a signup bonus when we got the cards. I’m sending a secure message asking to be considered for the promotion. I’m expecting that they’re not going to say yes at first, but I’m hoping to convince them.

    I’m curious if they don’t agree with my reasoning, can we cancel our cards, then immediately reapply using the 35,000 point link. I would think under Chase’s rules, we would be eligible for the promotion, since we never received any prior promotion for the Freedom card (even though we did own the card in the past).

    Thoughts, or experiences with this approach?

  42. Deja vu. Link is dead now.

  43. HMM… Dead again so quickly. Maybe you’re now on Chases Radar. Bummer if so. Can you see a log of who was on your site?

  44. I was also a little outside the 90-day window for being approved for my Chase Freedom card, but sent them a secure message last night to ask if they would extend the offer to me (I signed up with a 30k bonus). They replied back this morning to say that I am “not eligible.”

    On a separate note, I love reading your blog!

  45. @JP- It would be a mistake to close your oldest credit card.
    What you should do it apply for it as a mastercard if you have the visa version

    • @janet – Glad it worked out!

      @hunch – You’re crediting me with much more influence than I have! The deal was all over the blogs, FlyerTalk, and SlickDeals and Fat Wallet.

      @janet @mike fein @Anh @Sid – Thanks for helping out!

      @jdh @Rebekka
      – Readers have commented that the 50K links still work. I’d call the reconsideration department (not the application status line) again in a day. Sometimes the recon department can’t access your app, but they may be able to access it when you call back. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 calls to get them to review the app. And sometimes it takes 2 or 3 calls to get the rep to approve you.

      @Extra Pack of Peanuts – Tempting, isn’t it?

      @AK @Rik – I don’t know, but am guessing it was for a Visa.

      @jim – If you have the United card and don’t even use it, your miles don’t expire. However, if you cancel the card, your miles will expire regularly which is after 18 months of no activity. It is very easy to have activity though (dining, redeeming, purchasing through the United mall etc.)

      – I agree with mike fein. Don’t close one of your oldest cards for just a few more points.

      @Gloreglabert – It did die briefly yesterday evening, but came back. Hope that happens now!

      @R – That’s too bad. I got the same response to Emily’s request. Thanks for reading.

  46. I’m curious, how long do you guys wait to call the reconsideration line after you apply? Do you wait for the letter in 14 days?

  47. Daraius, You were spot on. For my chase freedom approval it took two calls to recon. to get them to review my app. Then another two calls to get someone who would finally approve it. The problem seemed to be only that I had applied for sapphire on 2/29 but wasn’t approved til 3/5 so 30 days wasn’t til yesterday, the day I applied. So I guess when your first call fails, try try again, and again if needed. I did take a screen shot of the offer I applied for. Was wondering if I’m likely to need that later on, as others have posted that it is already dead. Thanks so much for your help Daraius

  48. Daraius, I also was able to get the starwood personal card through your link. I have read much about its significant value on the point redemption side, but how about the point earning side? Any category bonus spends, shopping portals, etc. to earn more than 1%?

  49. For future reference, if I currently have a Chase Freedom opened two years ago, can I close it down and get another Chase Freedom with bonus offer? No bonus was offered two years ago.

  50. @Dave op- absolutely. In addition IF you can get the MC version of it you could get the bonus without having to close to current card.

  51. Is it possible to for my spouse to get this card and transfer the UR points to my account if she doesn’t have the Sapphire card?

    • @Grant – I don’t have the patience to wait 14 days. I usually call the same or next day. And I call again if they can’t process my application when I call.

      @jdh – Glad it worked out! I doubt you’ll need the screenshots if you got approved for the card. Thanks for using our link for the SPG personal card. Unfortunately, there are no category bonuses etc. unless you spend $30K to get Gold status, which isn’t worth $30K spending in my opinion. However, you do earn a 25% transfer bonus for transfers in multiples of 20K points, so you effectively be earning 1.25 points per $1 spent. SPG points are quite valuable if used for hotels, but it would be better if there were incentives to spend on the card.

      @Dave Op – I’ve heard of folks getting the bonus on the Sapphire preferred even though they had the cards years ago and didn’t get the bonus on those cards. So the same may be possible with the Freedom.

      @Jeff – You can transfer points to anyone’s Ultimate Rewards account, but without the Sapphire Preferred you won’t be able to transfer to air or hotel partners.

  52. I tried sending a secure message requesting a bump to $350 from $300. I got the freedom card about 40 days ago. They sent me the following message:

    “We appreciate your interest in the Chase Freedom bonus
    points offer.

    Unfortunately we are unable to honor the request and I
    apologize for any confusion. The $350 offer is not a
    legitimate Chase offer and was not released by us. Please
    know that we will consider reviewing the terms of other
    offers you receive in the future.”

    This sounds like a bogus excuse. I’m going to try attaching a screenshot asking how is it a legitimate Chase offer when plenty of people have applied and been approved.

  53. I just received the following response after asking for the $350 match

    “…We appreciate your interest in the Chase Freedom bonus
    points offer.

    Unfortunately we are unable to honor the request and I
    apologize for any confusion. The $350 offer is not a
    legitimate Chase offer and was not released by us. Please
    know that we will consider reviewing the terms of other
    offers you receive in the future.

    I apologize for any dissatisfaction this may have caused
    you. If you have any further questions, please reply
    using the Secure Message Center.

  54. Just got exactly the same message from Chase ” Unfortunately we are unable to honor the request and I
    apologize for any confusion. The $350 offer is not a
    legitimate Chase offer and was not released by us. Please
    know that we will consider reviewing the terms of other
    offers you receive in the future.

  55. This is what I got back from chase early morning.

    “I have forwarded your message to the appropriate
    department for review and will contact you with a
    resolution in the next two to three business days.”

    well, we’ll see.

  56. I was able to get 10,000 rewards points and no more. (20,000 to 30,000). I tried to squeeze some more points out of Chase. Here is what I got….

    “Unfortunately we are unable to honor the request and I
    apologize for any confusion. The $350 offer is not a
    legitimate Chase offer and was not released by us. Please
    know that we will consider reviewing the terms of other
    offers you receive in the future.”

  57. I’m in the same situation as Sudeep and received a similar message as the last few posts. I called Chase, and they mentioned a letter being mailed with further details (Customer Service did not have access to the content). I still don’t understand how a link with the same domain as any other legitimate application can be “not a legitimate Chase offer.”

  58. My application status was “pending review” so I called recon today. The rep did a hard pull on my credit history and said he couldn’t approve because it is too short (6 months), even though I asked for a lower credit limit. I have a CapOne card and 100% on-time payment, 2% utilization, 728 CreditKarma score. I am going to call them again.
    Does one rep’s decision affect future reps’ review on my application? Is it possible for a 6-month history to get approved for this card?

  59. @Daraius, If this was in fact “not a legitimate chase offer” as some have been told by Chase, should those of us who were approved for the offer expect to have a hard time actually collecting the 35k UR points? I will definitely have to verify offer terms when activating.

  60. Applied for the chase freedom within the past 90 days. Got the same message as some of the others when trying to bump the bonus.

    “Unfortunately we are unable to honor the request and I
    apologize for any confusion. The $350 offer is not a
    legitimate Chase offer and was not released by us. Please
    know that we will consider reviewing the terms of other
    offers you receive in the future.”

    Should we try calling? Which number to call to try to bump the bonus?

  61. The link for the $350 from your post is now dead. Click on it to see that the offer is no longer available.

  62. i applied 3 yrs ago dont think they will give me the difference

    • @Sudeep @Hermann @Dima @[email protected] @Mike @NW – I don’t know what criteria Chase is using to grant matches, because folks were given an extra 10K points when the 60K Chase Ink Bold was out. Perhaps this was a TOP Secret deal which they didn’t mean to publish?

      @Lee – I’m curious what response you’ll get, but suspect it may not be favorable!

      @Doug – 6 months is a bit short, but if you have other credit cards, you may be able to get approved for this one. Sometimes it takes a few calls to get approved.

      @jdh – I really don’t know, but would suspect that they will honor applications. Please let us know what the terms are when you call to activate the card.

      @rob– Chase usually matches to the best offer, only within the last 90 days.

  63. report back: got shot down, same old story shared with many others ” not a legitimate CHASE offer” – a pretty lame excuse.

  64. Got the not a legitimate offer excuse. I applied at 20K. Was anyone successful going from 20K to 30K?

  65. I sent a secure message 2 days ago about getting my recent Chase Freedom card (30k) matched to the 35k offer. I also had my mom and brother sign up for the card while it was at 35k and both were instantly approved. I got a message from Chase this morning saying the following:

    “We appreciate your interest in the Chase Freedom bonus
    points offer.

    Unfortunately we are unable to honor the request and I
    apologize for any confusion. The $350 offer is not a
    legitimate Chase offer and was not released by us. Please
    know that we will consider reviewing the terms of other
    offers you receive in the future.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,
    Mickey Mouse”

    This worried me a bit since I had both family members sign up for the card, so I called Chase and explained the situation and told the rep about the link (he initially had no knowledge of it) and about how both my family members had gotten the card but that the SM said it was invalid. He told me it appears to be a legit offer, and that we should wait for them to get the cards. He also said that once the cards arrive he should be able to match me to the 35k from 30k (without involving the marketing dept, since its only 5k points). So maybe there is hope.

    • @Lee – Thanks for sharing.

      @Dave – Folks have been able to get bumped from 20K to 30K so I’d write back asking for a match to the $300 version.

      @Matt – Thanks for that update and please let us know if you do get bumped.

  66. I sent a followup to first rejection with attached screenshot of offer page on chase’s site. Got the following message:

    “..I would like to bring to your notice that the $350.00 is
    not an offer being offered by Chase. Therefore, we are
    unable to extend the offer towards your account..”

    Curious to see if the people that signed up for the card get the full $350.

  67. +1 NO GO for bumping from $250 to $350.

  68. Just got a second response, after asking them to clarify the “illegitimate offer” claim from the message posted above.

    “Thank you for taking the time to contact us again
    regarding the bonus offer.

    While I understand and appreciate your interest in the
    Chase Freedom card and its promotions, the reason we are
    unable to honor the request to apply the bonus offer for
    the application is because the offer is no longer
    available. I still hope that you recognize the value of
    your Freedom card which will allow you to earn bonus
    points on an ongoing basis through the 5% cash back
    quarterly bonus offer and the various bonus offers that
    are available on the Ultimate rewards Mall. ”

    Hefty backtracking on that offer, especially considering everything positive I have heard about Chase customer service (and my own recent experience). Kinda disappointing, but I did sign up for a targeted 30k on first transaction offer, so I am not too upset. Was worth a try.

  69. As a followup on the elusive 35k freedom offer, which was “not a legitimate chase offer.” I was approved for the offer so grew a little concerned about actually receiving the 35k after reading about Chase denying it was theirs, so I sent secure message when I saw the account appear on my profile. They did confirm the introductory offer of 35k points after 500$ spend within 93 days.

  70. I tried $300 and I got a no.
    “The $300 offer is no longer available as it is not an active offer. Please know that we will consider reviewing the terms of other offers you receive in the future.”
    The reason is lame, because the point here is a better was offered a week before my application, not whether that offer is active. I’ll try calling in.

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  72. Update- I had to call the reconsideration line to get approved for the Freedom card. I did apply using the 35,000 bonus link. The CS rep moved some credit from my United Explorer to the Freedom to approve it. I read that @jdh confirmed via SM that they would be receiving the correct bonus points so I did the same this morning. After going back and forth and sending them a screen shot of my application with the 35k bonus showing, I received the following message:

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us again
    regarding the bonus offer.

    While I understand and appreciate your interest in the
    Chase Freedom card and its promotions, the reason we are
    unable to honor the request to apply the bonus offer for
    the application is because the offer is no longer
    available. I still hope that you recognize the value of
    your Freedom card which will allow you to earn bonus
    points on an ongoing basis through the 5% cash back
    quarterly bonus offer and the various bonus offers that
    are available on the Ultimate rewards Mall.

    I’ve tried to make it clear twice that I am not asking them to “match” this bonus offer, that this is the offer I applied under. They don’t seem to get it. I still want the card, I’ll see what they say when I call in to activate it. If anyone has any other advise, I’ll take it!

  73. *advice…not advise!

  74. @rebekka. When I sent secure message to verify bonus on freedom I didn’t mention the agreed upon terms. I simply stated that I wished to verify the sign up bonus and they messaged me back with the 35k after 500$ within 3mo. I then saved the secure message in case they try to not honor it when the time comes. Hope that helps

  75. Update: After getting two rejection messages from Chase about a bump to 350, I called them and complained about the issue. The lady was very nice and said she will send request for the bonus points. Sure enough, the 5000 pts were added to my chase freedom account. Score!

  76. @rebekka I got approved after I asked for a low credit limit after I called for the 2nd time. However they didn’t mention the $350 sign up bonus in the email I got or on the call so I secured message them and got this. Basically I would verify via message so you have it in writing at least. I went through this with the 80k bonus with Priority Club Visa to make sure I didn’t get hosed and get only 60k.

    I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have
    caused you.

    A review of your Freedom account reflects that as per the
    introductory offer listed on your account, you will be
    eligible to receive 35,000 enrollment bonus points
    (equivalent to $350.00) once you have spent $500.00 in
    purchases within 93 days of account open date.

    Please note, as soon as you have spent the qualifying
    amount of $500.00 within 93 days of account open date, the
    35,000 bonus points will be credited to your Freedom
    rewards balance within one to two billing cycle.

  77. Ugh I feel like all this whinging and complaining and repeated calling by the people who want to be matched up 5000 points is just going to make things more difficult in the future. I mean we all know it wasn’t a real offer by now…is it worth the possibility of putting Chase on edge/becoming more and more strict for 50$?

  78. @MMS, @jdh, & @grant…Thanks for posting your experiences. I’ll post once I get the card & call to activate. It should be here any day now!

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  80. Ok, posting back…got my card yesterday and activated today. CSR was super nice (like all my experiences so far with Chase) and at the end said I signed up with the 35k bonus. Woohoo! Only $500 to get the 35k, what a deal! Love you Chase! Thanks for the tip Daraius! You’re always the first to post on these awesome deals! Great blog!

  81. Just wanted to say thanks! I got in on this offer, and my 35k points have posted. I did need to call reconsideration line as I had acquired SP in January, but that was a quick and totally painless process. Thanks again for the tip on this. I had been wanting to add the Freedom for a few months, and this was a really good time to do so.

  82. They are asking for a promo code when I am trying to match to a higher offer? Does anyone have a promo code they would like to share of anything higher than the 10k offer? My wife and I are taking an anniv trip to Europe and could really utilize the points! Thanks in advance!

  83. Does anyone know the offer code for the 35,000? I know it’s dead but you can still bump if you have the offer code right?

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