Free Hyatt Platinum Status for 90 Days

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Via One Mile at a Time, you can get free Hyatt Platinum status for 90 days if you are a US Visa Signature cardholder and a Hyatt Gold Passport member. The main benefits include:

  • Free internet
  • 15% points bonus
  • 2:00 pm late checkout upon request
  • Preferred rooms
90 Day Hyatt Platinum

90 Days Free Hyatt Platinum

This offer runs until May 11, 2012 (but could be pulled earlier).

To maintain Platinum membership through February 2013, you must complete 8 eligible nights at any Hyatt worldwide within 90 days signing up.

I kept on getting an error when I tried to enroll Emily, but perhaps the page will start working soon!

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32 responses to “Free Hyatt Platinum Status for 90 Days

  1. Worked for me in IE, thanks!

  2. as a heads up, the website is not https, which may not be great for entering your CC number. I have tried going to, but it gives me an error message.

  3. Thanks, Ryan. Registered with IE (Chrome didn’t work). Account still shows ‘gold’ level. Anyone’s account got updated? How long does it take to update?

  4. I am so ticked now! I asked Hyatt to match my Hiltion HHonors Gold VIP to Hyatt Platinum status. The rep wanted me to send in all of my statements from Hilton so that they could see the average amount of stays I had before issuing a Hyatt Diamond challenge and temporary Platinum status for 90 days. I told them that I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, but did send them a screen shot of my account page stating my HHonors Gold VIP status. They still wouldn’t grant me a Platinum status match. I then applied for the Chase Hyatt Visa and got approved…this gives me instant Platinum status which already shows up in my account and 2 nights at any Hyatt in the world after the first purchase with the card. HOWEVER, if they would have granted me the status match, or if this offer was available two weeks ago, I would have been entitled to 2 free nights in any Hyatt AND 2 suite upgrade certificates for the entire length of the stay (up to 7 consecutive nights) if I had Platinum ststus at the time of the application. So, frustrating, especially since I was sending the Hyatt rep multiple documents in the previous weeks leading up to my application! Bummer…

  5. Sorry for spell errors in above post…sending from iphone.

  6. A better offer is available for non-cardholders if you email Hyatt and ask for a status match. I told them I had Gold status with Hilton and they offered me a trial Diamond membership that would become permanent if I completed 12 nights in 60 days. The offer also came with 1000 bonus points for the first 6 nights.

  7. @Ariana
    Did you send them in any paperwork proving you are a Hilton Gold VIP? I jumped through hoops and the Hyatt rep still wouldn’t give me a status match or a Diamond challenge! Did you get the status match or are you waiting on their approval for it?

  8. For the last 3 hours or so, all I’ve been getting is “Application is not available at this time. Please try again.” in IE when I try to use my sapphire preferred as the card number. No luck in Chrome or FireFox in even getting to that point…

  9. Matt the Coffeeman

    My status has been updated to Platinum. It took about 4 hours, but it finally took. Also, you need to use IE to get the deal to work properly.

    Thanks for the awesome tip!

  10. Account is now platinum… it took a few hours to change. Shows tier expiration date of 31-jul-2012, so it is almost 4 months!

  11. @corinne: I once witnessed a man throwing a fit when he was not admitted to the BA business lounge at LHR. Apparently he was an elite member at another airline, and felt entitled to use the BA lounge as well. It was hilarious!
    p.s. sorry if I made no spelling errors – i have no iphone.

  12. @Torr
    What are you talking about? Most people ask for a status match to different hotel loyalty programs…as I did with Hyatt. Unfortunately, they didn’t grant me the match. I am relaying that I would have gotten more out of my Hyatt cc application if I had been granted the match. Hence, why I said it was a “bummer”. My post and your story about an elite member trying to get into another airline’s lounge has nothing to do with one another.
    p.s. I was only apologizing for the spelling errors because sometimes people get annoyed by it.

  13. @Corinne-are those posts intended satire? You’re ticked because company B would not give you free benefits just because you jumped through some hoops to get great benefits from compay A?

  14. @Jon
    Ha. No, I am ticked because I should have waited to see if a good trick like this popped up, but didn’t and I would have been able to get more out of my app If I did wait. And, yes I did jump through hoops to try and get my status matched with Hyatt from my Hilton HHonors Gold VIP (I’m not trying to be a crank pot) it’s just that I know a lot of people who have gotten a status match (as Ariana posted above) by just letting Hyatt know of their status with another hotel chain. And to elaborate more…I prefer Hyatt hotels, but never thought there were any benefits of “status” until I started the miles/points game. I let them know that I have HHonors Gold, but I like to stay at Hyatt hotels and even have 6 nights booked at the Park Hyatt Milan at the end of July. I simply wanted to be able to get my status matched as a courtesy because I like their hotels better. Hope this clarifies!

  15. @ Jon
    Sorry, for your second question I realized that it may have sounded like I meant I jumped through hoops for HHonors to become Gold and Hyatt wouldn’t honor that. I meant that I jumped through hoops sending the Hyatt rep screen shots, and then faxing my latest statement from HHonors as proof of status (I also explained why I would prefer to have a status match with Hyatt). At first I asked Hyatt if they status matched AClub Platinum status. They said no, but if I sent them proof of status with other hotels (including HHonors Gold) they would grant me the status match for 90 days. So I sent them a screen shot of my account summary via email. The rep replied saying they needed a hard copy of proof and could I please fax over a copy of my Hilton statement that states Gold status. So, I faxed a hard copy over -which I usually delete my monthly summary, but had the one from the beginning of February. They emailed me a couple of days later and asked if I could fax over all of the statements I had for the previous calander year from Hilton. I didn’t feel comfortable sending all of my hotel statements with the info of all the locations I stayed at and besides that I didn’t keep any of those email statements. Finally, it had been close to two weeks of back and forth with emails and faxes and I decided to just drop it and get the Hyatt card (which I was planning on getting anyway) which gave me platinum status. I had just never heard of anyone on here posting this much difficulty with a status match before. And going with the Big Travel Small Money theme of this blog it would have been nice to be able to get an upgrade for the stay I already paid for in the summer if I was a Platimun member at the time of the cc application.

  16. @ Corinne, I haven’t completed the process yet. I hope it’s not as frustrating as your experience has been. All this criticism from other readers is surprising – hotels are happy to match your status, since it means you’ll likely choose them over your current program. If Hyatt gives me Diamond status, I would definitely choose them over Hilton for upcoming stays. It’s a win-win for both parties.

  17. @Ariana
    Thanks for the update and support. I feel the same way. I prefer Hyatt hotels and the added benefit of a status match would just turn me more brand loyal especially since I have a stay coming up with them this summer. I hope all goes smoothly with your Diamond challenge with Hyatt. Best of luck! And if all else fails…try putting in a visa signature card number with this trick and once platinum they won’t have an issue granting the diamond challenge.

  18. Hi, I’m from Europe and I don’t have a Visa card, but was wondering if I give you my Hyatt Gold Passport number, could one of you be so kind and upgrade mine as well? 🙂 (511812906V)

  19. Darius,
    Thanks for all of your great work. I have a question for you on this promotion. You get Platinum Status with Hyatt for 90 days but when looking at the terms and condition it says that you then need spend 8 nights in a Hyatt to maintain Platinum status thru Feb. 2013. So my question is… if I have 3 stays so far this year and only need 2 more to get Platinum (via the normal, 5 stay / 10 night requirement)… if I sign up for the promotion does that mean that I get Platinum for the rest of the year once I hit 5 stays (2 more needed) or 8 additional nights from signing up? Based on the T&Cs it looks like the latter (which would be a worse deal for me since I have 2 stays already planned). It’s just not clear to me.
    Thanks for your help in advance!

  20. Has anyone successfully received their 90 day Platinum status recently? I was able to enter my Visa card number, and then my Hyatt number on the next screen, and got the confirmation message that I would receive Platinum status within 48 hours. But it’s been three days, and it hasn’t shown up for my wife or I. From searching on other sites, it seemed some people received their updated status nearly immediately, so it makes me wonder if this promotion is still available/functioning.

  21. As an update, I wrote to Hyatt customer support to ask why my Platinum status hadn’t gone through after trying with two different cards and waiting more than three days. Their first canned reply:
    “In regards to your VISA Signature Promotion, please be advised that
    Platinum tier is not immediate. There is a delay of 24 – 72 business
    hours. If you still have not received your Platinum tier after 72
    business hours, please contact the customer service number on the back
    of your Visa Signature Card.”

    When I wrote back saying that my Visa card probably wouldn’t know anything about this offer 🙂 they manually upgraded me to Platinum status the next day. The interesting thing is that my account shows my Platinum Tier expiring in Feb 2013! It seems they made a mistake when manually upgrading me, and gave me Platinum through next year even though I didn’t have the required 8 stays.

  22. @ Keith,
    Same situation here! Got the confirmation message, but status keeps unchanged! Time to email and hope I also have your luck!

  23. Keith: Can you tell me which contact you used? I also signed up for this promotion — it said that it went through — but I never got Platinum status as promised.

    Li: How about you? Any updates on your status?

    – John…

  24. I traded email with [email protected], and for my account I eventually got Platinum status until Feb 2013. For my wife’s account, it likewise took a while with a few different emails, but she did eventually also get upgraded to Platinum (though only through Aug 2012 as expected). I had jotted down the timeline:
    – registered 4/24
    – wrote to customer service on 4/28
    – wrote again on the thread on 4/30
    – wrote again on the thread on 5/2, after re-applying and sending them a screenshot of the confirmation page
    – received Platinum status on 5/6

    So be patient 🙂

  25. I registered for the Platinum 90 day deal and during that time my wife and I stayed 5 times and I was just awarded today – Platinum status until February 2014. The Hyatt website states Platinum will be reached with 5 stays. Did not have to stay 8 times as listed. We live in the Dallas Texas metroplex and the hotels in the Addison area are always very discounted on the weekends – if anyone wants to come visit. Hyatt stays were from $53 to $67 per night. Signed up for the Hyatt summer promotion and earned 12000 AAdvantage miles to boot. Now wondering if I should apply for the Hyatt credit card.

  26. @MMS, we do 60 hotel nights per year at various brands, and I did request a fast track to Diamond with Hyatt. Was told by the Hyatt phone rep to fax the request with a copy of my Marriott Platinum card, which I did. This morning received an email from the “Match Desk” stating that I have to also fax my statements of the actual stays. As we all know, most of the statements are online and if we are so far in 2013, how can I retrieve and fax them any statements? Any thoughts or input would be greatly appreciated.

    • @Kalboz – Do you have e-mail copies of confirmation or bills in your email accounts which you can send them? Perhaps you can fish something out for the last few months of 2012 online and send it to Hyatt?

  27. I’m trying to qualify for the Hyatt Diamond challenge, and I’m trying to do it quick because I’ve got a trip coming up. I have the Hilton Reserve Citibank so I have gold status. I contacted hyatt for the diamond challenge and they noted that I need at least 1 stay on my account in order for them to give the challenge. Well, is there any way to get a stay on my account in a fast way? Even if I have to pay for a hotel night that I don’t actually use?