How to Send Chase a Secure Message

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Chase Secure Message

In yesterday’s post, I wrote that sending Chase a secure message was the best way to ask them to match you to the best currently available credit card offer.

Readers emailed to ask what a secure message was and how to send a secure message.

A secure message is a message which you send after logging into to your Chase account.  This is more secure than regular email and is sent from the Chase Secure Message Center – hence the name “secure message.”

Step 1

Log into your Chase online account.

Step 2

Click on “Secure Message Center” to the right of your name in the top part of the screen.

Chase Secure Message

Step 2 – Click on “Secure Message Center”

Then click on “Send New Message” from the drop-down box.

Step 3

Select  “Rewards Inquiry” from the drop down menu under “Credit Card” and click “Go.

Chase Secure Message

Step 3 – Select “Rewards Inquiry”

Step 4

Select your credit card account number and then select a topic.

Chase Secure Message

Step 4 – Type and send your message!

Type your message in the box and then click “Send.

Bottom Line:  In my experience Chase is usually very good at replying to your message quickly.  And sending a secure message is the best way to ask Chase to match you to the best available offer if you applied for a credit card with a lower offer in the past 90 days.

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35 responses to “How to Send Chase a Secure Message

  1. Sorry for hijacking the comments — but this blog is where I normally find my answers. I have a Chase Amazon Visa (one of my oldest cards) and just recently got the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I wanted to combine the amazon card points and ultimate reward points – but I do not see a way to do this.

    Does anyone have any experience or ideas? Thanks!

    • @Eric – Unfortunately, I don’t believe you can transfer points from your Amazon Visa with your Chase Sapphire Preferred. But you can combine points from the Chase Freedom with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

      Update: I did dome digging, and you should be able to convert the points from your Amazon account to your Chase Sapphire Preferred by sending Chase a secure message asking them to make the transfer.

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  4. I sent a SM(1st time) to Chase on Sun.Apr.1 re: getting the add’l $50 statement credit as part of sign up bonus on new United Explorer Card that I have had since end of Feb.
    I have NOT had any response- 2 days now. Does it come via Chase secure message email or to REAL regular email address?
    How long should I wait to RESEND/ (don’t want to get anyone mad!).
    Thanks for your help and love your site!

    • @stephanie – In my experience, they respond very quickly (usually in just a few hours). I’d send them another secure message (you’re not making anyone mad) and it doesn’t hurt to attach a screenshot of the better offer.

  5. Thanks for the quick reply as I am a newbie at this .And now I am trying to do a screen shot and have no idea what I should be doing. CAn you help with this also? THanks so much

  6. I’ve resent a SM AND did a screenshot that did attach (saw it myself)!!. Got a message that my email was received. That did not happen before so obviously they never got my original SM. Just waiting to hear back now. Several on Flyertalk have received positive responses so I’m hoping too. Then I need to do this for my husband!

  7. I want to do this for the recent increase on the chase bold. Is it necessary to include a screen shot or SPID code from the offer?

    • @stephanie – Thanks for sharing and glad it worked out.

      @Adam – Not necessary, but doesn’t hurt if you can include it in the message!

      @zzd – Chase’s policy is to match only within the last 90 days.

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  9. Denied!

    However, I have no reason to believe your post is inaccurate. The reason given was that it has been more than 90 days since I got the card. I thought I had a good reason, too, since Priority Club inflated their point redemptions since I got the card. Here is a copy of the correspondence (feel free to abridge):

    My letter to Chase:

    Dear Chase Customer Service Representative,

    I recently received my new Priority Club card with a bonus
    of 60,000 points after first purchase.

    Today I learned of a new offer which promises 80,000
    points. I would be grateful if you would extend the
    80,000 bonus point offer to me as well since I only
    recently applied for the card.

    Here is a link to the 80k offer:

    I wonder if this new promo came into existence since
    Priority Club recently increased its point redemption
    requirements, which I was not aware of when I applied for
    the card. For example, a hotel I stayed in which
    previously required $60 cash 5,000 points now requires
    $60 cash 15,000 points.

    I very much appreciate my relationship with Chase and
    value the benefits that the Priority Club card affords me.
    I am a customer in good standing, and I hope to maintain
    this fruitful relationship for many years to come.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Best regards,
    Doug B.

    Chase’s response:

    Dear Doug B.,

    Thank you for your recent inquiry regarding the new 80,000
    enrollment promotional offer you learned of after applying
    for this account. The 80,000 points offer is a targeted
    promotion and if received would have

    After review of your application, the enrollment offer you
    applied for was 60,000 points after your first purchase.
    The 60,000 points posted to your account on January 4,

    Enrollment incentives offered to new cardmembers are
    always changing. Chase is aware that upon opening a new
    Priority Club credit card account, you may be aware of an
    enrollment incentive that you find more appealing. Based
    on this, enrollment incentives you receive are honored as
    long as the request comes within 90 days of opening. This
    account was opened in November 2011, which unfortunately
    is well past this 90 day timeframe. For this reason, I
    regret to inform you that I am unable to honor your
    request for additional bonus points.

    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,

    Eunice G.
    E-mail Customer Service Representative


  10. Success! Thanks for all your insight and encouragement

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  13. Any advice on what to do if Chase will not respond to any of my secure messages? I get a message acknowledgement saying the message was received, but nothing after that. I’ve sent several messages over the past couple weeks and have gotten no response.

  14. Tracey and D- I did the same for my husband’s account and received (1)an acknowledgement and (2)another SM that they had forwarded it to the appropriate dept and said I should hear in 7 business days. I’m 2 days shy of that now. Still waiting. Must be lots of requests!

  15. Once again success on my husband’s account and withou making another SM or phone call. They were definitely inside their 7 business days. Thanks again for all you do and teach us. You’re very patient too!

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  21. I am winer the chase pick the tab in 2008 after I am winer one unlike check close my account.Is this fare.

  22. This worked amazingly well! They both agreed to bump me from 30k to 50k, and then agreed to award the miles immediately instead of 6-8 weeks (I wanted to book a flight asap). Unbelievably accommodating.

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  26. Daraius,
    Your “Chase Offer Matching” post disappeared – 2012/03/29/chase-offer-matching – so now I can’t find a good template for writing a SM. Any chance of restoring it? Thanks!

  27. I applied for the card and got approved today and the miles in getting is 30k in 3 months.. am I still qualified for the 60k ?


  28. Thank you for the tips just contacted chase and was able to get united explorer 50k offer and 50 dollars statement credit!. Thank you for the tips

  29. Where do I find that I have or have not set up a payment for my auto loan last month I didn’t see where I had scheduled it so I scheduled it again and it ended up being withdrawn twice..