Reader Tips: 50,000 point Sapphire Preffered and 60,000 mile United Explorer links

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Million Mile Secrets readers have written in with links to two offers which aren’t easily available publicly.

1.   Chase Sapphire Preferred.   On Wednesday, I shared that a reader was unable to find the 50,000 point offer on the Chase website and that this was an indication that the 50,000 points offer was going to reduce to 40,000 points.  I also noted that the 50,000 point offer was still available using my affiliate links (Emily & I are always grateful to readers who use our link).

Well, readers have written in (& Delta Points tweeted me) with a link to the 50,000 point Chase Sapphire Preferred from the Chase website.  I’m not sure what’s going on, but Chase is advertising different bonuses for the Chase Sapphire Preferred on their own website – 1 for 40,000 points and another for 50,000 points.

Since I wasn’t smart enough to find out how to get to the 50,000 point offer on the Chase website myself, I thought it worthwhile to post the link above (even though it doesn’t earn me a referral).

As always, Jared at Online Travel Review, puts this in the right perspective:

It’s 10,000 points – I know we’re all trying to maximize our frequent flyer miles, but we should be doing that within reason. We’re all going to miss out on deals here or there. Or we’ll chose to forgo a few points because long-term it’s a smarter move. Don’t worry about it.

You can buy 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points for $250, so that is the maximum potential loss if you were to sign up for the 40,000 point offer instead of the 50,000 version.   Worse things have happened.    As Jared points out, we’re all (that includes me!) going to miss out on a few points here and there.  For example, I still haven’t applied for the United Explorer with the 60,000 mile bonus and it may not be around in 3 months when I next apply for credit cards.

My referral link still offers the 50,000 point sign-up bonus as well (I’m guessing until the end of this month or early April, but that’s just a guess), and I’m always grateful to readers who sign-up using the link on the blog.

I signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred on Thursday (couldn’t risk being the only blogger without one!) and called the reconsideration line who approved me after I volunteered to close my 7 month old Southwest card.

2.   United Explorer 60,000 Miles.   Over 2 months ago, I wrote that you may be able to get a targeted version of the United Explorer card with a 60,000 mile bonus of which 50,000 miles were after the 1st purchase.  You just needed a few miles in your United account to see the 60,000 mile offer!

This is a great deal because not only is it much better than the regular offer of 40,000 miles for the United Explorer, but also because you get 50,000 United miles after the 1st purchase (i.e no minimum spending needed to get the bonus).

And judging by the 177 comments, many readers find it a great deal as well!  However, folks have been unable to access the 60,000 offer lately.

Million Mile Secrets reader AK (thanks!) sends in a link from a targeted email which goes to the United 60,000 offer after you log into your United account.  If you do decide to use this link, please remember to take a screenshot.  I’ve also updated my earlier post with this link.

In case you’re wondering, I don’t get a commission for the targeted United 60,000 offer, but this version is much better than the 40,000 mile version which does pay a commission.

Bottom Line:  Thanks to the many Million Mile Secrets readers who write in with questions, comments, and links to better credit card offers!

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51 responses to “Reader Tips: 50,000 point Sapphire Preffered and 60,000 mile United Explorer links

  1. DD good catch and a big A+ to your reader and you as the 1st one’s to catch this change and now it looks official as the 50k is gone now. I am sure we will soon see in our inbox the word our links will not work either soon and to pull the 50k offers!

    Another thing I am seeing is the “in the wild” links for some of these offers going dead very quickly. In the past they would stay live for a long time after the official ones were gone. It is an interesting year for us who use our good credit score to amass points via card bonus points!

  2. I wander if you transfer the 50,000 points into your existing Southwest account if they will count towards companion status for 2012? I’m guessing not. Any news on the new rules being implemented for the companion pass yet? Or did transfered miles never count in the first place? My husband just got the Chase bus card and is getting 50,000 for it. That’s why I was asking. Thanks!!!

  3. I didn’t get the above link for the 60,000 United offer to work, but this link appears to still work.

  4. @Tammy
    I do not believe Ultimate Rewards points count towards companion pass status as per Dariaus’s previous posts. I think the way to easily attain the SW Companion Pass is by applying for both SW credit cards for the bonus of 50,000 miles each and then buying or transfering Marriott Points to Southwest which do count for the addition 10,000 SW miles needed to hit the mark. But, listen to whatever D has to tell you as I do not have the Chase SW cards and am only going from memory!

  5. I applied, opened, charged, and closed down a Chase Sapphire card when they first came out a few years back (I am almost sure that I got 50,000 points).

    I now see there is a Chase Sapphire “Preferred” card. I don’t know if I had the “Preferred” card or not.

    Has anyone else applied for the Chase Sapphire card a few years ago like I did, then closed their account (I’ve been closed for more than 18 months) and then re-applied for the card to hit the bonus again?

    I know I’ve scored on the United and Marriott cards a couple of times by just waiting 18 months between closing and re-applying. Now, I’m wondering if it’s time to re-apply for the Sapphire card again.

  6. @Billy Bob
    The Chase Sapphire and Chase Sapphire Preferred are two different cards. If you had a card a few years ago and canceled it it was probably the regular Chase Sapphire as the Preferred is reasonably new. So, I believe you would be eligible for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card sign on bonus if you apply and are approved.

  7. I just got my Sapphire card in the mail a few days ago! I used the link that Inacents mentioned and signed up for the mileage account right from that from.. it asked me if I wanted to continue with the application and took me to the 60k offer.. works for me! Thanks for mentioning this great deal! 60k.

    PS. I didn’t know that miles don’t expire with United 😉

  8. Glad you quoted Jared’s comment on this topic, Dariaus. You’re both right — it’s silly to obsess over a 10,000 point difference in a new card bonus. Obviously, 50k is better than 40k. But let’s not forget that 40k is better than zero. 😉

    I’m certainly glad I got my Chase Sapphire Preferred AND Chase Ink Bold cards during the 50,000 offer period. But if I were looking to do a new app-o-rama anytime soon and I didn’t already have these cards, I’d still go for the 40,000 offer.


  9. Well for me.. 50k gets me on a First Class seat.. 40k doesn’t. Obviously that’s only if I didn’t have any other miles or rewards, but since I do this all of the time I have a nice stash. But for someone new, getting their first 50k would get them on a flight First Class

  10. Random tip/question… I just got an email from Choice Privelages offering enough points for a free night, after staying with them just TWO NIGHTS. How good of a deal is this?

  11. Hi! Do you know if I would be awarded United bonus as a second time applicant? I applied late last year and received my 40k. Wondered if I would get bonus miles again! Don’t worry about replying to this question right away – I know you’re busy with your March App-o-Rama!!! I can’t wait to hear!

  12. @BillyBob
    I got the Chase Sapprire Preferred last year with the 50K bonus. After I got the bonus, I switched it to a “regular” Sapphire. I cancelled it shortly thereafter and applied for another Sapphire Preferred. Bingo ! I got the 50K bonus again. All of this took place in less than one year. As usual…YMMV.

    • @rene – I’ve observed the same thing about the unpublished links – they seem to die quicker than usual. Perhaps the banks are actively tracking them now?

      @Tammy Horvath
      – Unfortunately, the transferred points don’t count towards the Companion Pass. I tried! But points from the Southwest personal and business card still appear to be counting.

      @InACents – Thanks for the link!

      @corinne – Thanks for helping out!

      @BillyBob – I believe that the Chase Sapphire and Sapphire Preferred are considered different products so it is possible to get the bonus on both those cards.

      @Derek – Thanks for sharing. Miles don’t expire only as long as you have the United Explorer card.

      @Have Points Will Travel
      – Agreed. There’s no point doing anything stupid just for 10,000 points.

      @Jake – If you regularly stay with Choice, it could be a good deal, though I believe you get only 8K points (which can be used for a free night in certain hotels). Here’s a more detailed analysis from Loyalty Traveler.

      – Chase usually doesn’t give you the bonus again for the same type of card (i.e. if you had the United Explorer it may be hard to get the bonus again on it, but you could get it on a different type of United card). But I don’t have any personal experience with the United Explorer.

      – That’s great to know. Thanks for sharing.

  13. the Mileage Plus explorer 60,000 link is the, i got this in mail. 🙂

  14. Hi, it seems the Chase Ink Bold (business card) is still offering 50K sign-up bonus.. Could you confirm and comment its prospect? thanks!

  15. If I wanted to apply for both these Chase cards, what would be the best strategy? Both on the same day, or spread out a few months apart? I was also considering getting the Ink card. I realize I could argue different uses for all three via the reconsideration line if any applications were rejected, but just wondered if it’s usually best with Chase, or any other card issue, to do them same day or spread out, etc. Thanks!

  16. hey, just applied for the 50k sapphire w/ ur link hope it gets approved.

    • @webazoid – Thanks for using our link for your application. Emily and I really appreciate it. If you don’t hear back from Chase in a few days, you can always call the reconsideration line to process the application.

  17. For those interested, the Mileage Plus Club Card will be released online in the next couple days (Daraius – I’m guessing the other tab on your link may list the details…)

  18. I have had the regular Sapphire for several years and applied for the Sapphire Preferred last Thursday. My application came back as pending.

    Today I called the reconsideration line to learn I was already approved. The reason for the pending notice is because I already held the regular Sapphire so the system automatically put me in pending status until they could manually change it. They confirmed I get the 50K points as part of the sign up bonus.

    They also assured me the two Sapphire cards are considered different and so there was no question I would receive the 50K offer on the second card. YMMV and maybe you want to get your own point qualification confirmation from them before applying, but that was my outcome.

  19. PS
    …and I used your MMS link for the application 🙂

  20. @Jamie
    They are considered different cards by Chase. So, there should never be a problem with a first time applicant getting both bonuses. Congrats!

    • @James – I’ll be sure to update the Airline Credit Card tab when it is available.

      @Jamie – Thanks so much for using our link. Emily and I really appreciate it! 🙂

      @Corinne – Thanks for helping out!

  21. Just wanted to let you know that i used your affiliate link to sign up for the bonus. With so many bloggers pushing the saph card, i wanted to let you know that I chose to give my business to you bc you are the most honest and straightforward of all of them. The fact that you still highlighted a non-affiliate link (when others don’t mention it) speaks to your creditably, and it should be rewarded. I’ve followed your blog from day 1 – keep up the great work!

  22. Just applied and was instantly approved. What are the chances of getting the United Card now?

    • @John – Thanks for using our link! If you have a short credit history (under a year), it may be hard to get approved for another card. But if you don’t have many Chase cards, good credit score etc. you MAY be able to get approved after calling the Chase reconsideration line and explaining why you want the 2nd card.

  23. UA Club card link is up now using your original link:
    Highlights –
    Access to clubs, 2 mi/dollar on UA, 1.5 mi/dollar everything else, close-in booking fee waived, 2 free checked bags, etc.

    • @James – Thanks for letting me know!

      – I’ve heard that too, but Emily got approved with less then half the income you mention. However, it may be harder for you since you are a student. If you have income which can be used to pay off any debts and you mention it in the application, you may be approved. Sounds like you are getting approved for the lower cards, so this could be an issue with the Sapphire Preferred. On the other hand, you can call the reconsideration line, but I wouldn’t apply if you don’t have much income to put on the application.

  24. Reposting question here since this blog entry is more recent:

    I have a question regarding income and being approved for this card. I have read online, somewhere, that the CSP requires a minimum annual income of $120,000. What have you heard in this regard? Right now I would be very much disqualified, because I left my job to be a student again. On the other hand, I have over a decade of credit history with both Amex and Citi prior to this. I also pay neither any rent nor any mortgage (house paid off). I was even approved for the Continental OnePass card nearly a year ago (of course, with a fairly low limit, and a Platinum rather than World Mastercard). Is it worth trying for this card?

  25. I got an offer for up to 75K bonus miles. It’s only 25K on first purchase, but an additional 35K after $10K spend, then the 10K bonus after $25K spend. The last 5K is from the AU bonus. I’m debating whether to use this or not. I can hit the $10K spend without too much trouble, but then again, I could also use that toward other offers. 50K bonus after first purchase might be better.

  26. i applied over the weekend for chase sapphire preferred. i was not instantly approved. when should i contact for reconsideration? wait til i get rejection letter in mail? call them this week?

  27. So Chase Sapphire doesn’t charge cash withdrawal fee for AMEX gift cards? has an offer for 1% cashback with amex gift card. Additionally, if you use the code AFLQ12012, you get $5.95 off shipping. For each card, you end up spending $3.95 purchase charge, $8.95 shipping, and $5.95 off shipping for a net of $6.95.

    • @Walt K – Very interesting offer terms. I wonder if this part of a trend to higher spending requirements to get higher sign-up bonuses.

      @webazoid– I usually call them within a day or two since I’m very impatient! I wasn’t charged a cash advance fee for buying the AMEX gift cards with a Chase card when I tried last. I believe you may get more cashback using Big Crumbs.

  28. I applied for the United 60,000 offer and received my card today, with a letter saying it comes with [only] 25,000 bonus miles after the initial purchase. When I called Chase customer service to activate the card, I told them I’d applied for the 60,000 offer. They said that’s a United, not Chase, promotion, and gave me a number to call for United — which led me nowhere. Does anyone know who I can call to get he 60,000 offer I applied for?

  29. After reading your informative post, I signed up for a United MileagePlus account. I then logged into United, and saw the 40,000 miles offer on the home screen. I then transferred 1,000 points from my UR account into 1,000 United MileagePlus miles. I logged out of United, logged back in, and the 60,000 miles offered appeared. So I applied. Many many thanks!

    As a side note, you can add me to those that got bumped up to 30,000 UR points with the freedom card. Last month I used your link to get the 25,000 available at that time, about a week later saw an offer for 30,000, send a secure message and got the extra 5,000 immediately.

    I really enjoy your posts, your ethics and generosity, detailed explanations, and admire the incredible patience you have with the occasional jerk who tries (in vain) to add negativity. Again, many many thanks for all!

  30. Could someone please tell me if the transfer of Mariot miles and the 50k mi from the plus card and tho 50 k from the bus plus card still work towards the companion pass? I don’t want to buy Mariot pts if it doesn’t work.
    Has anyone done it recently?

    • @Steve K – Glad it worked for you, and thanks for your very kind words!

      – The comments on the Southwest Companion Pass post suggest that it is still working, but I don’t have personal experience, since I already have my Companion Pass.

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  32. nsx at FlyerTalk

    Darius, your earlier post
    on calling for reconsideration is pure gold! I asked to split off half of an excessively high credit line from a relatively new card and I was approved in no time!

  33. nsx at FlyerTalk

    @Cynthie, nobody on FlyerTalk has reported anything other than success with Marriott points and credit card bonuses counting toward Companion Pass. Sapphire points are the only major exclusion at this time, although I won’t be surprised if things change somewhat at the end of this year.

    I expect most credit card bonuses to continue to count toward Companion Pass since Southwest like other airlines needs the revenue from banks. But the number of points needed might increase or there might be a minimum flight count added.

    In my opinion Southwest points are worth MORE than cash because you get full re-usability on canceled bookings. Unlike cash, the points are not locked to one passenger name.

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  35. The 50k Saphire is not working.

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  37. Is the 60K United offer dead?
    I log into my United account –> products + services -> credit card -> get the 40K offer only.

  38. United mileage explorer 65k is still working. I just got the link and applied.