Increased Delta Offer: 35,000 (used to be 25,000) Miles Delta Platinum American Express + 35,000 mile Delta Gold Offer

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Update:  This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

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1.   35,000 Mile Delta American Express Platinum Card.  Thanks to the many Million Mile Secrets readers like Steve for writing in when they hear of higher credit card sign-up bonuses!

I’m always happy to update my links (even if the new link doesn’t pay me a referral) if there is a better publicly available offer for a credit card, because I want the Hot Deals tab to link to only the best credit card offers.

Steve (thanks!) sent me a link to the personal and business Delta American Express Platinum card which offers 25,000 bonus miles (5,000 of which count towards elite status) after your 1st purchase and an additional 10,000 miles (5,000 of which count towards elite status) after spending $2,000 within 3 months.

That’s 35,000 redeemable miles (which can be used towards award seats) and 10,000 miles which count towards elite status.

However, the steep $150 annual fee is NOT waived and there is a 2.7% foreign exchange fee.

This was  clearly better than my referral link which offers only 25,000 miles redeemable miles (5,000 of which count towards elite status) so I removed that link and added in the new link which Steve sent me yesterday in the Airlines Credit Card Tab.

I don’t have this card and likely won’t get it until I run out of other cards to apply for.  But this could be of use to those of you who either want additional Delta miles or want an extra 10,000 miles which count towards elite status.

For example, if you have 40,000 Delta miles currently, it could make sense to apply for the card and spend $2,000 within 3 months so that you get Gold status on Delta.

2.   Targeted 40,000 Miles Delta Gold American Express (Up to April 22, 2012) & Public 35,000 mile offer.  Emily and I both received emails with a link to a limited time offer for a personal and business Delta Gold American Express which offers 40,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months.

I clicked through to the link and it brought me to a landing page for a 40,000 mile offer on the Delta card.  I pasted the link in a different browser and it went straight to the landing page for the 40,000 mile offer.

However, when I try now it goes to a landing page where you’re asked to enter in your Delta frequent flyer number, so I suspect that not everyone is going to get a 40,000 mile Delta offer.

The best current offer for the Delta Gold is 30,000 miles.  I’ve got enough other cards to apply for, so I’ll be giving the Delta Gold card a pass.  I’m spoiled and don’t get excited with 30,000 miles, and Delta miles are hard to use for domestic award flights.

Update:  Thanks to sun_aa for providing a link to a public version of a 35,000 mile offer for the Delta Gold card!

Bottom Line:  If you’re looking specifically for a Delta card, the increased bonus on the American Express Platinum may be interesting.  And if you were considering the 30,000 mile Delta Gold card, it doesn’t hurt to check out your targeted offer or use the 35,000 version offer instead.

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41 responses to “Increased Delta Offer: 35,000 (used to be 25,000) Miles Delta Platinum American Express + 35,000 mile Delta Gold Offer

  1. As always, I can apply for both the personal and the business card if I never had either of these, yes ?

  2. No problem D. The card isn’t for everyone, I agree completely.

    I have the personal Platinum Delta AMEX. For three reasons 1) I got a similar signup offer that came with 15k MQMs, 2) I get an annual free companion ticket, and 3) I get 10k miles and 10k MQMs after spending 25k on the card every year (if I spend $25k in a year, I get 35k skymiles, which is essentially another free ticket every year). Elite status + 2 free tickets a year is a good motivation for me to get the card and pay the $150 AF.

    ATL is my home airport, and Delta goes everywhere for me. I really value my elite status, and this card helps me there. In addition, I’ve never had a problem redeeming my rewards travel (redeemed this year’s companion pass for a $350 ticket to Dallas for my wife which easily makes up for the $150 annual fee, and 2 years worth of skymiles accruals got us two $1500 first class tickets to San Fran).

    For those that fly Delta a lot, and if you’re the type of person who would consider purchasing MQMs or a mileage run at the end of the year to ensure elite status, then this card makes sense for you. If you’re the type of person that holds the Gold Delta card because it gets you a free checked bag – you should switch/upgrade to the Platinum AMEX ( $56 more in annual fee that gets you a free companion pass rather than a $99 companion pass)

  3. Can you apply for the Amex Gold Delta business and persona and get 40,000 miles from each? Would I have to do the two browser application? thanks!

    • @xp0 @mariana – I believe you can get the bonus from the personal and business card if you don’t have any other type of Delta card.

      @Steve – Thanks again for sharing the link! I completely agree with the reasons why you’d want the card. Along with the Reserve, it is fairly easy to buy MQM if you can put spending on the card. There are lots of reasons why folks would want the card!

      @sun_aa – Thanks for that link! I’ll update the Airline Credit Card list with the link and the post.

  4. Here’s a public 35k offer for Delta Gold:

    $750 spending within 3 months required. Annual fee waived first year.

  5. As you’ve probably seen already, TPG is reporting that SkyMiles is going to be changing later this year to a revenue-based formula similar to the Southwest model. If they do that, that to me would devalue the program even more (I’ve never been able to find low availability to where I want to go on awards with Delta).

  6. Call the app line if you are going for this. They offered the 40,000 deal with 15,000 mqms if you ask for it. Say you saw it online.

  7. Greg, I don’t think we can automatically assume a devaluation. This would be mixed news for points enthusiasts. It would mean the end of buying Delta fares for me. Instead, I would accrue miles through cards and other promotions. Then with those SkyMiles, I would book very cheap fares, not in absolute terms, but in relative terms for what you’re getting. So a $200 transcon, a $600 west coast to Europe, a $300 LAX-HNL. And on cheap fares, the miles necessary would be a pittance. (Note: this is the current best strategy with Southwest miles.) This would replace the current best strategy of buying the cheap fares and using miles for expensive fares. But there would still be more programs with the latter strategy (United, American, US) than the former, and I happen to think that a diversity of programs actually helps frequent fliers more than if all programs have the same rules. I’m in the minority, but I definitely think Avios changes are good for fliers because it increased the diversity of programs. Therefore, this is mixed news, and it depends on the specifics.

  8. Is there a business version of the 35k Gold card ?

  9. I recently signed up for the Delta card, with a 30k point bonus. I tweaked the script from your recent post about extra points for Continental Card holders ( and sent an email to AmEx asking them to match the 40k bonus, as I’ve already met the $1k spending requirement.

    I’ll let you know what they say.


  10. @milevalue – That’s a good point about using them like Southwest points, but at the same time, I’m finding it harder and harder to find the “cheap” fares you are talking about. But, then again, since it is usually near impossible to find a low level award on Delta for the dates I want, if they made any fare bookable with points that might be an improvement.

  11. Update: before they’ll up my sign-up bonus, AmEx needs the “POID (Promotional Offer I.D.)” for the 40k mile Delta card offer. Does anyone happen to have it?


  12. Does anybody have any experience with getting targeted offers like the 40k gold card one after canceling a different Amex Delta card? I just canceled my old blue amex card and wanted to sign up for a gold one to replace it. The 35k public offer is good, but 5k extra miles doesn’t hurt, and $250 extra spend in 3 months isn’t an issue. Right now the targetted offer link tells me that I already have a Delta Amex. How long might it take for that to disappear after my account was closed?

    • @Greg @milevalue– I wouldn’t be too surprised if airlines change their frequent flyer programs and saved the First Class seats (on international flights) etc. for folks who actually were loyal to the airline. I expect United to tighten up as well and eventually AA. Or at the very least make it harder to redeem seats or charge more for those award seats. But we’ll just have to change our strategy.

      @E – Nice to know. Thanks for sharing.

      @Mike – I’ve listed the version which sun_aa shared on the “Airline Credit Card” tab.

      @Joe – Good luck and let us know how it goes! Here’s what my offer says “CCSG POID: AACT:0002; OPEN POID: AAJO:0002”

      @sun_aa – Thanks for sharing! I’ve added it to the “Airline Credit Card” tab.

      @Autolycus – I really don’t know! I know that AMEX sent me information on my SPG card for months after I closed it.

  13. @Million Mile Secrets – Thank you for the POIDs. I sent them to AmEx and got a very non-committal reply. Something like “I’ve forwarded your request to the concerned department for a review.”

    I’ll update this page once I get an update from AmEx, but I’m not holding my breath.

  14. Disregard the 40,000 and 15,000MGM post. I called back to sign up and they said what is the POID. Well the last rep found the offer on her own without a poid and after explaining the who thing they only offered 30,000 and 5,000 mqms. Should have taken the offer when i was on the phone originally.

    Did get a bit of good news though.
    New Sign up Bonuses are granted in Full if your “original” Bonuses are 24 months old or more. My personal card is a bit older so will try to get the biggest sign up available.

  15. WOW Back in Business. Called the app line a 3rd time. This time the guy had no problem finding the 40,000 miles and 15,000 MQM offer. (1st 25K and 5K MqM after 1st purchase & 15K and 10K MQM after 1,000 spend in 3 months.
    He did not know why the previous app guy did not see it.

    So this is the # 1 800 223-2670
    I asked him for the POID to give to my brother so he back tracked and gave this POID – AACT:0011

  16. I had to call the number @E lists above twice for the 40K bonus. First person had no idea what I was talking about, second person found it no problem. Thanks for this tip!

  17. Delta cracks me up, last night I was about to apply directly from the Delta website because I noticed the offer went up 5k (to 35k), but now this morning it is 30k. Not an issue after finding this post as several of the 35k links are still working.. thanks!

  18. I just got this card with the 35k offer – will calling w/the other POID switch to the 40k (assuming I get a good CSR)?

  19. I just tried calling using the POID code of AACT:0011 to apply for the business platinum card. They said the only valid offer codes they can use are 14 digit numbers. When I told her it was an offer I saw online she said that it must be an on-line only offer and had to apply online :-(.

  20. Update: The AmEx agent wants proof that I was “solicited for a 40k bonus miles offer” and needs to see the “solicitation with my name and billing address printed on it” in order for them to match the offer. This is pretty much a dead end. Oh well, on to the next offer!

  21. I received the offer above via email but am thinking hard if I should jump in. What is the likelihood that a bigger sign up bonus will be around the corner? I remember last year, around June or July they had 75K, correct me if I am wrong…

    Daraius, thanks again for your help last time! I got approved for flexoffers. =) I am working on my website now and will get started soon!

    • @Jerome – I don’t believe there was a public 75K Delta offer, but there was a 75K offer for the AMEX Business Gold card which can be transferred to Delta points. At some point, I do expect most US based Frequent Flyer programs to move towards a revenue based program.

  22. Re: above, I meant to say I received a targeted offer too. But like what someone else mentioned here, I read too somewhere that Delta “might” (or is evaluating) changing to a revenue based program. What’s up with that? Chances?

  23. Daraius, I think you are right. I got it wrong, it was the Amex Business Gold that offered the 75K. But has there been a better Delta Skymiles offer better than 40K? Do you think there will be in the near future?

  24. Actually there was the 50k offer (25k after 1st purchase, 25k after spending 1k in the 1st 3 months), of which many (including myself) got approved for both a personal and business card to total 100k miles 🙂 Let me tell you living in DTW, this really helped me out! I got 4 R/T’s to Vegas, basically for free.

    Here was the blog back from when the offer was valid:

  25. I got approved already. I applied for the Business Card.

    If something comes up in maybe three months, perhaps I can call for a match right?

  26. just a follow up. I did get the 40,000 miles & 15,000MQM posted to my account. This was huge for me as it may just get me to Gold Medallion by year end. Thanks for the posts.

  27. Oops, just went through an old pile of mail and found I had a Delta Gold offer for 50000 miles that expired *yesterday* Went to the web page and confirmed that I am now being offered 35000 miles. Oh well!

  28. Fear not, the 40k miles/15k MQMs for Delta Platinum Amex is still valid, I just applied today and was approved. I had to haggle with the agent a bit, as the deal is technically expired. He asked for a code, but didn’t require it to complete the application.