25% off on Southwest Airlines and 10% off American Airlines Coupons

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1.   25% off Southwest Airlines.   I got an email from Southwest Airlines with a 25% discount coupon on roundtrip Wanna Get Away fares.  If you’ve signed up for Southwest Airlines email, you may want to check your email to see if you’ve got a similar email.

Here’s my code —> STMM3NU7WY.  Please let me know if you use it, so that I can update the post.  You have to book you ticket by March 18, 2012 i.e. today!  Thanks to all readers who’ve shared codes in the comments below.

This is valid only on paid (not award) Wanna Get Away fares for travel between 4/10/12 and 5/16/12. 

There are blackout dates, so please read the complete terms and conditions and book your ticket.

The great thing with Southwest is that you can cancel a reservation and rebook at the lower price without paying a change fee. You can keep the fare difference as a credit in your account which can be used for up to 1 year.

2.   10% off American Airlines.  Million Mile Secrets reader Corinne has graciously donated (thanks!) a 10% off coupon for American Airlines (YHYJ9QG58454 ).  Please let me know if you use the code so that I can update the post.

You have to use the code by March 25, 2012 and travel must be completed by June 15, 2012.

There are blackout dates, so please read the terms and conditions.

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92 responses to “25% off on Southwest Airlines and 10% off American Airlines Coupons

  1. Is the aa code taken? I so can use (& read the t&c)

  2. Cleared Customs

    It wasn’t me, unfortunately, but Southwest.com reports the 25% has been used.

  3. Tried to use the Southwest code…..said the code was a one time code….and it had been used…..

  4. I have one I wont be using:
    If you use this one, just respond to the comments so others know.

  5. Sam,
    Thanks for posting the code…it seems that another person took it already and used it without commenting.
    I could have used it too, it would have written off the baggage charges.

    How do you get those codes? I am a AA member but only get typical sales E-mails for destination that I don’t intend to travel to. I never get any blanket promo codes.

  6. I received the same e-mail from Southwest; feel free to use my code: STJJFWB3H3.

  7. Not gonna be using my code. Enjoy. STTTYRWK5C

  8. Also folks, I have heard rumors that Chase Sapphire Preferred gonna throw a new bigger offer next week!!! Untargeted 75K or 100K?

  9. I have a SW code I won’t be using. Please feel free to use it and let others know if you have used it. STFFR73CWP

  10. Here is my SW code for you guys to use if you want to. Just leave a comment to let others know if you have used it. Thanks. STNNQ757DN

  11. SWA 25% for use: STCC73TKAC

    • Thanks so much to everyone for sharing the codes!

      @BillyBob – I didn’t get the AA code, but a reader did. I suspect there is some sort of targeting going on.

      @Li – I haven’t heard rumors about the Chase Sapphire Preferred, but I suspect that the bonus may go down first. But I sure do hope I’m wrong and we see a 75K or 100K offer.

  12. Used the “Prana” one – thanks!!! (STNNQ757DN)
    So that one is no longer good.

  13. I was wondering if anyone else had a code I could use because all of the codes up top have been used. Thanks!


  15. @D
    I hope so too! BTW, my girlfriend and I recently applied for Citi Thank You Premier ($665 value) from your link and both got instantly approved! Great deal!

  16. Diane Bradshaw

    Does anyone else have a code they aren’t using. I sure could use one.


  17. Need a code if someone has one that they aren’t using. Trying to get my daughter home from college this summer. Please send a code if you are not going to use yours.

    Thank you!

  18. SW code: STPT9TZBVX

    Anybody has any AA code ??

  19. here’s mine: STPT8N7KQV enjoy!

  20. Used this one STPT8N7KQV Thanks.

  21. Would someone please email me with a code they aren’t using? deonnathegreat(at)gmail(dot)com

  22. If anyone has a southwest code let me know and I will trade you for Virgin Airline 30% code if you wanted one.

  23. My SW code which i m not gonna use. STMMMKMK5D. after using please comment so othesr know.

  24. Daraius, this is impressive! Not only does your blog generate a large group of followers, it also fosters selfless sharing. How wonderful! Happy and honored to be part of the online family!

  25. @TK: my SW code is: STPT9TZBVX. I had posted it earlier, I don’t know if is used already or not. If not then feel free to use and I may use the virgin airlines code.

  26. I used the code STMMMKMK5D. Thanks!!

  27. Toni Bennett

    Any one not using their sw code, would love to use for my sons Army grad

  28. Have at it: STKK3C5PZR

  29. Toni, I have emailed my husband’s code to you. Thank you for your sons service.

  30. Toni Bennett

    Dan and Diane thank you so much for the code, we used Dans code and it worked. Thanks again much appreciated. Diane I hope someone can use your code, there other service that could use it.

  31. Anyone has anymore codes?


    Please let everyone know when it has been used. Also, please pay it forward, even if it just means holding the door for someone.

    Thank you and enjoy.

  33. I used Vinh’s code. Thanks! I plan to pay it forward. 🙂

  34. anyone have anymore sw codes to share?

  35. Does anyone else have a code

  36. Feel free to use my code. STJJV7998H

  37. If anybody has an unused SW code would really aprreciate. Taking about 6-8 people to see son graduate Navy boot camp and saving would be much appreciated. Please email if you have code.

  38. I used TRW code. Thank you TRW.

  39. 1034145490 and you have about 2 hours to use it before it before 2am CST/12am PT.

  40. Sorry about that! This is the right code: STFFZWZFB3

  41. If anyone has an American Airlines promo code that they would not be using, I request to use it for upcoming travel plans. Please send it to: Faked_mail4 (at) Yahoo (dot) com

    I thank-you in advance for taking the time and sharing.


  42. SW 25% off code I won’t be using: STHHDFJ3W5

  43. 25% off code available for first taker- please post if you use it so others don’t waste time trying to use it later.

  44. can some one please give me a southwest 25% off code? I could really use one.

  45. the above 2 codes are expired. pls email me at sj439(at)drexel(dot)edu
    if anyone has a code pls

  46. If anyone else has a code (either 25% OFF os $15 OFF codes) I can use, I’ll willing to pay a few bucks for it through Paypal.


  47. If anyone else has a code (either 25% OFF or $15 OFF codes) I can use, I’ll willing to pay a few bucks for it through Paypal. Please email at vnmsdw at gmail dot com


  48. 25% offer expired on 03/18/2012.

  49. I thought the SW codes were only good for bookings made on 3/17 and 3/18, but I see postings here on 3/19.

    I have 2 codes that will not be used, if you can still use them, go for it. Please comment if you do use one so others will know.


  50. travel_junky

    I have a 20% off virgin american flight I will trade for an american airlines promo code.

  51. anyone has a promo code for aa, please email me at peterbun05_at_yahoo.com

  52. Trav3l_Lover

    Does anyone have a code for AA ?

  53. I would also love to have a SW promo code?


  55. i have the southwest and the AA codes, don’t know if they are expired, will exchange for paypal or amazon gift card, email at.

  56. Hello, anybody who can share a SW code they won’t be using? It’s my family’s first time to go to SF, California. Thanks! Promise I’ll pay it forward : )

  57. i am trying to visit my parents in FLoriday, I have no money and need to go see them asap.. anyone have a southwest code ???

  58. I am wondering how people get the sw promo codes?
    Does anyone have one? I’m not sure how to go about getting it securely?

  59. Anyone has a southwest promotion code?
    I need it for my trip to TX for surgery. I very appreciate it

  60. Anyone have the Southwest Airlines $15 off round trip ticket promo code or any other promo code that hasn’t expired that I can use? I would appreciate it! Thank you!

  61. If anyone has a promo code for AA they are not using could you PLEASE email it to me at dream.bigger(AT)hotmail(DOT)com. THANK YOU!!

  62. Anyone have a SW code I can use? email to tinaford at gmail dot com. Thank you…..


    anyone have an unused code i can use please:)

  64. Does anyone have a SW code I can use? Please email [email protected]

    Thank you!

  65. I’m in need of a Southwest discount code. Does anyone have one I may have?


  66. Does anyone have a current Southwest Airlines promotion code I could use?