Please help choose the Million Mile Secrets logo!

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Link:  Please rank these 8 logos!

I’ve been working with designers to design a logo for the blog.  But I need your help narrowing down the choices!  We love getting reader feedback.

Our next logo?

Emily and I would be thrilled if you could review our selections and let us know what you think.  It should take less than 1 minute to complete the survey.

Update:  Readers have pointed out that some logos have typos.  I’m still working with the designers to tweak the design ( I should have mentioned this earlier), and they will fix the typos.  For now, I’m looking for your input on the best logo without considering the obvious errors.

Link:  Please rank these 8 logos!

Thanks a lot, and please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions as well – either in the comments below or in the survey.

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37 responses to “Please help choose the Million Mile Secrets logo!

  1. Logo 6!

  2. Daraius,

    To give you a little more in-depth feedback than just “love it” or “indifferent” here is how I rank them from best to worst:

    6, 8, 2, 1, 3, 7, 5, 4

    Good luck, hope this helps!

  3. Just voted. But while we’re on the topic, in the interest of being brutally honest, I think you gotta change “big travel with small money.” It sounds awkward, most likely because it isn’t grammatically correct. It almost sounds like something a non-native English speaker would say (for example I recently explained to my foreign sister in law that the phrase “turn the volume louder” isn’t something we’d really say, instead we would say “make it louder” or “turn it up”.

    I cannot think of any context where I would ever say “I’m doing big travel” or “I enjoy big travel” or “big travel is fun.” None of those make sense and/or are proper English. Same comment applies to small money, I might say “a small amount of money” but that’s the closest I’d ever get to saying small money. It’s much more natural for a native English speaker to say cheap, inexpensive, not too much, a bargain, etc.

    Anyways sorry if this was a bit harsh but just my 2 cents cuz I like this blog and want to help it succeed.

  4. Daraius,
    I like the logo above the best, but didn’t see a choice to vote for it. Is it in the running? Also, no disrespect to HoKo, but I like your logo “Big Travel. Small Money.” It’s very succinct, and to me, brings a good visual of what you are all about. JMO…

  5. Logo 8 has a typo. It says Secret not Secrets

  6. I responded to the survey, so you’ll see my choices there. As far as “Big Travel. Small Money.” I think it is good. If I had my pick, it will be “Luxury Travel 4 Peanuts” or “Big Travel 4 Peanuts”.

  7. Worldtraveller2

    I like “Big Travel. Small Money.” I think it is a catchy phrase and I, for one, am a native speaker and my family has been in this country since the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria! I voted, but loved 1 and 6, just FYI! with 6 being my favorite.

  8. Why do some logos have miles as plural and some as singular? …. this may have an unintended effect on your survey results

  9. Logo 7 . It would look great on business cards, t shirts, luggage tags. Only 2 colors so the cost is less. Very streamlined and professional.

  10. How cool that you are choosing a new logo. The design variety was nice, and there were a couple of definite standouts, in my opinion.

    As long as we’re sharing thoughts about usage/mechanics/grammar, please note that there was major variation in the use of plurals in these logos. Are you:

    Million Mile Secret?
    Million Mile Secrets?
    Million Miles Secret?
    Million Miles Secrets?

    Inconsistency with something as important as a name seems sloppy or careless, which is surely not an accurate image of this site.

  11. I think most of the logo options look tacky, though 1, 6, and 7 look the least so. I prefer the plain text you have right now instead of any of these logos.

  12. I voted… great idea to put it out there for feedback.

  13. I agree with Tim. Not to be negative, but I like the site, and would like to give some constructive criticism. Please just keep the simple plain text. If I was coming to this site for the first time and saw one of those logos, I wouldn’t think you had good enough sense to offer good travel advice.

  14. Daraius, I love your blog and the idea of creating a strong visual identity for the site. I am providing the following comments solely because you have solicited opinions from readers. I hope they will be received as being constructive.

    1) None of the designs really worked for me which, believe it or not, is probably more disappointing to me than you. Perhaps I expect more from graphic designers.

    2) I agree with Kathy, OldGuy and Jac regarding the inconsistencies in the text. A detail oriented designer would have caught these mistakes before presenting their clients with the design concept. At the very least they could have caught this mistake by studying the name of the check they were paid with.

    3) For me design 7 has the most promise compared to the others, but the blue-on-blue design doesn’t read very well particularly the globe.

    4) I’m not sure what guidance the designers were given but perhaps a Logotype would be would be a good direction to go (e.g. Orbitz)

    5) I agree with Jake comment, “If I was coming to this site for the first time and saw one of those logos, I wouldn’t think you had good enough sense to offer good travel advice”.

    Daraius, in this case you are very closely associated with your Million Mile Secrets “brand”. In fact, the visual image of you wearing eyeglasses and a bowtie is so strong that it stays with one long after they’ve left your website. That is how memorable you want your logo to be. Unfortunately the designs that were presented will be forgotten the second I close my web browser. That’s not what you want.

    Hope you find a new set of skilled designers who will knock this one out of the park for you.

  15. Hey D!

    I really like a few of the designs and voted. I love the “Big Travel. Small Money.” slogan because that’s exactly what it is…learning how to have big travel with small money. ASW does have a good point about how the picture of you with the glasses and bow tie is very memorable and stays with you after you leave the MMS site. What about having a logo with your glasses and bow tie incorporated?

  16. I’m sorry Daraius, but all of these logos scream “Travel booking site”.

    Many of them mimic the logo styles of Travelocity, Orbitz, and Expedia.

  17. I like #8. Voted in the provided link. Thanks.

  18. voted. really like logo 3

  19. 6 is definitely the most corporate of the bunch – which conveys a sense of importance to your content. Logo 3 feels like it comes from the MAD MEN era of advertising.

  20. i love colors so my pick is number 6. (wink!) 🙂

  21. I like the logo in the post best – but it wasn’t in the survey! Also, I agree – you need a new slogan.

  22. I’m with the ones that like your current slogan. I think it sums up your message nicely.

    On the other hand, I don’t care for any of the colorful logos. I like the plain and simple ones…some of the simplest corporate logos are the most effective.

  23. Thanks for asking! My favorite is #6, but with more subdued, “masculine” colors. Also, I would put profiles of easily recognized buildings and locations in the background (like what’s in #2). And make the font all the same size.

    NEVER change an S into a dollar sign in a logo! Logo 5 is just plain hideous. The logo at the top of your post is really bad, too (looks like Iron Man and like a kid drew the buildings with a crayon).

    I LOVE your “Big Travel, Small Money” tagline. It means exactly what it says. And I agree with the others that your smiling, bespeckled, box-tied visage is a keeper.

  24. I agree with Corinne – let’s get you in the logo!. Great idea and maybe a glimpse of Emily. I don’t really care for any of the logos (sorry) except for #1. What Theresa said is true – plain and simple works. Although instead of plain and simple I would use elegant and clean.

  25. Honestly? No logo. I like your site the way it is. All of these logos add a “corporate feeling” to the site, which isn’t what this is. It makes it impersonal, which doesn’t go at all with your highly personal blog (let’s be honest, you’ll probably find a way to respond personally to every comment in this thread).

    In the end, I’m a big fan of the KISS principle.

    • Thanks to everyone for their feedback. And, more importantly, for being candid and open.

      @Courtney @Extra Pack of Peanuts @Worldtraveller2 @Julia @Darren @ASW @Corinne @Nguyen @thomas @David @Chess17 @Theresa @Debbie Schroeder – Thanks for voting and for the feedback!

      @HoKo – No offense taken. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      @GinaW @Kevin – The logo in the blog post wasn’t in the running, but thanks for letting me know which one you prefer.

      @Kathy @Oldguy @jac – A few logos have typos which I will make sure the designers get fixed in the final rounds.

      @Dave Op – Thanks! Perhaps you should check out the blog “Extra Pack of Peanuts!”

      @Tim @Jake @Sun @Patty – Thanks for letting me know what you really think. I don’t interpret it negatively at all and welcome the opportunity to make the logo better.

      @ASW – Thanks for the very detailed feedback. I really appreciate it. The designers were given a detailed deign brief, but the typos are not very professional.

      @AJM – Thanks for the feedback and critical eye. It is much appreciated.

      @AK – Thanks for the candor. Now off to the drawing board…

  26. A funny cartoon version of you in your glasses, bowtie and jacket holding a money bag that says “Million Mile Secrets” while having 1 finger over your lips saying “Shhhhh…” (picture Elmer Fud when he says “Shhh…Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”)

    I really suggest you get away from the corporate style logos and stick with one that has a more casual, personalized touch to it. It will hit right at home with your existing readers, and new readers who happen to stumble upon your site will think it truly is a personal blog rather than a corporate front for pushing affiliate products.

    My 2 cents.

  27. Although it’s “not in the running” the logo in the blog post is best, IMO. Also, your slogan kind of irked me the first time I read it, but I did remember it, and now I’ve come to like it. I think it works and you should keep it.

  28. In addition to the comments left on the completed survey, I would like to say that asking others for their opinion on something like a design isn’t the best idea. Instead, I would ask advice to someone well-versed in marketing/advertising and design, to help build your brand. That’s why committees take so long to get anything done.

  29. Quoting, “I’m sorry Daraius, but all of these logos scream “Travel booking site”.

    Many of them mimic the logo styles of Travelocity, Orbitz, and Expedia.”

    Thought the same. All are pretty campy…if I had to choose then 2 or 7, but keep in mind that points are not just airlines, but hotels, cars and other things as well. None are really reflective of that.

  30. Marriott Marty

    Although I already voted…I do like Sun’s idea with the “SHHHH…” or some version of it. Most of the designs are nice, but do look corporate like. But the logo is simply not that important.

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  32. please work of the redesign of your site as well. I vote for the idea of using you image as the logo. Kind of like

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