Reader Tip: Potential bonus points for American Express Platinum cardholders

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Million Mile Secrets reader Joey (thanks!) writes in with a note which may be helpful to other longtime American Express Platinum card holders:

Big news..

I just got a call from amex platinum asking me all sorts of question about if I am happy etc..

I voiced my concerns over the 450 annual fee and compared the benefits of the chase sapphire etc..

They are looking to keep my business and have extended a one time courtesy of 50k amex points, I didn’t even have to ask!

Being the enterprising sort, Joey then called American Express on behalf of his dad (and encouraged his friends to do so) and voiced his concern over the high $450 fee and on how the category bonuses on the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Ink Bold made those cards more attractive than the American Express Platinum.

And his dad, along with another friend, was also given a 1-time bonus of 50,000 Membership Rewards points.  However, all of them have had the Platinum card for a while.

I’m NOT saying that you’re guaranteed points by calling American Express and voicing your concerns over the high annual fee for the Platinum card and the competitive category bonuses.

American Express has been very stingy with handing out points and no longer matches targeted offers, so this isn’t going to work for many folks.

But you’re unlikely to get anything if you don’t call and point out your “profitable relationship” with them and ask for a “goodwill gesture” to help ease the pain of the $450 annual fee.

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19 responses to “Reader Tip: Potential bonus points for American Express Platinum cardholders

  1. i just called and spoke with a rep about this. i didn’t really know how to go about it. i just asked if there was anything that could be done about the fee and she said no because the fee pays for things like the airline credit. i asked if there was any sort of bonus that could be given to make up for it and she said no.

    should i try something different or is this just not going to happen?

    i really hate calling and acting like a brat, but for 50k points…

  2. I got 6000 points

  3. This just seems too much like begging to me. How über profitable can you be to them if 50k is worth stooping so low? I have both the Amex plat and the Chase Sapphire Preferred and love them both. But it’s unfair to compare the cards straight up with everything the Amex plat comes with.

  4. No luck at all for me, darn.

  5. I just called, no luck either. I wonder how much you have to charge per year to be considered for a bonus like this.

    • @emily @acker @tbemille3 – I’m not sure what criteria they have, but I’m sure they have some sort of criteria. I’d try a couple of times, but move on after that.

      @Jim – Not bad for a quick phone call!

      @Jason – Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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  7. Thanks for the reminder Daraius. As you can see from Pingback just hat tipped you and got a quick 21k on 3 cards. Now on to my wife’s cards. Should get some 40-50k today for less than an hour on the phone! Love this game. – René

  8. Just called and was offered 20K points or $100 statement credit to keep the card. Thanks Joey et. al.

  9. I must not spend enough on the card for them to like me. I was planning on calling today even before your post because I have renewals coming up for both mine and my wife’s cards. Best I could talk them in to was a $50 credit. I said I would think about it and will try back later this week to see if I can do better. I guess it’s time to sit down and see how much value I really get from the benefits in a year.

  10. Hey guys im happy you guys were able to succeed.. I was really serious about canceling platinum.. For the beneits i use i just dont see as much value as i use to.. I really wasnt looking for points they had called me but i gladly took them.. So happy to contribute to this great blog!

  11. No aloha for me. 🙁

  12. I do not think how much you spend is part of the criteria, i spend well over 100k a month on the business platinum and i had the card for many years, I was offered NULLL. Also once they see a pattern of many calls asking for this , they are no fools, they might give the first few but after that it is really like begging as Jason said above.

  13. I just called AMEX as well. I explained to the first agent that my wife just received a new Plat card and was given 50K bonus miles for signing up and that as I long term card holder I was never given bonus miles. I suggested that I was going to cancel this card and get another card. She could not help BUT suggested that she put an account manager on the phone.

    The account manager asked for my reason to cancel and I offered up the Chase offer. She then extended this offer:

    a $400 account credit or 50,000 MR points. I took the points.

  14. It sounds like the overall trend is to reward longtime card holders. Still, this is a pretty nice way to encourage continued loyalty given that bonuses are usually one-time events.

  15. Just called and was offered a $50 statement credit only. I have only had my Plat card for 6 months, so not a long time cardholder.

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  17. This post had me thinking…..and I called Citi to ask them if they could do anything for me. I went through my whole speech about Chase Sapphire offering me a better deal. (Citi gives me a mile per dollar) In the end, all they offered me was 3,000 miles for spending 500 in 3 months. I guess something is better than nothing.

  18. 20k added for me. Not 50k, but hey not bad for 10 minutes.