12 Airport Lounge Passes (up to $600 value) for $32.94 (+ certified mail cost) with an AMEX credit card

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Link:  American Express Executive Privilege Club

Link:  American Express Executive Privilege Club (2 month offer)

Update:  From January 1, 2013 you are limited to only ONE lounge reimbursement per month, which greatly reduces the value of this offer.

Via Travel & Credit, you can potentially get up to 12 airline lounge passes (up to $50 each) or $600 total + 12 1-day gym passes (up to $25 each) within 1 year.

They also throw in 2 $100 Restaurant.com coupons.

United First Class Lounge

Emily in the United First Class Lounge

[The picture above is of Emily in the United First Class lounge in Chicago.  However, United doesn’t sell 1 day passes to the First Class lounge, but does sell day passes to their regular lounges]

What it costs

It costs $2.99 for a 2 month trial and $29.95 after that (which will be automatically charged to the card which you use to sign-up) for the full year of membership.

So the total cost for 12 lounge passes is $32.94 ($29.95 + $2.99) plus the cost of mailing your receipts via certified mail (~$3 to $4 each).

This is a great deal, because each lounge pass usually costs $50 each!

The catch:

  • You have to sign-up and pay for the Skyguide’s Executive Privilege Club using an American Express credit card
  • You have to buy the lounge or gym pass yourself using an American Express credit card
  • You can’t buy a pass for a friend or family member.  It has to be in your name
  • You can only get reimbursed for 1-day passes, not full lounge membership
  • You then have to mail your receipt via certified mail within 30 days to Skyguide’s Executive Privilege Club and wait to get reimbursed

I like airport lounges because they are quiet places in airports, away from the main waiting area,  where I can get a drink or snack and use the free wi-fi to get some work done while I am waiting for my flight.

But there is NO way that I would pay ~$500 for annual lounge membership.  Or even $50 for a 1-day pass because I like to have Big Travel with Small Money.

Here is more information on the Alaska AirlinesAmerican Airlines, Delta, United, and US Airways lounges.

How to use with lounge benefits from other credit cards

This could also be useful for those of you who have the American Express Platinum credit card which gives you access to American Airlines, Delta, and US Airways lounges, but not to United lounges.  You can now buy a United l-day pass and get reimbursed for it.

What am I doing?

I signed up both Emily and I for membership (remember only the member can get reimbursed so I can’t buy a pass for Emily and get reimbursed from my account) and will see if we get reimbursed for the lounge passes.  To a certain extent, it really does seem too good to be true that we’d be reimbursed $600 for 12 lounge passes for only $32.94 in membership fees!

However, there is a detailed post in MilePoint explaining how the program works which reassures me that the program may be legitimate.

I haven’t yet submitted a reimbursement request, but will keep you posted when I do.

Bottom Line:  I like visiting lounges, but wouldn’t pay the ~$500 for regular lounge membership.  But I would certainly pay $32.94 for membership in the Skyguide’s Executive Privilege Club and hope to get reimbursed!

If you do sign-up don’t forget to use an American Express credit card to sign-up AND when you buy the lounge passes.

Please let us know if you’ve used this program and have got reimbursed for your lounge access.

Update:  From January 1, 2013 you are limited to only ONE lounge reimbursement per month, which greatly reduces the value of this offer.

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78 responses to “12 Airport Lounge Passes (up to $600 value) for $32.94 (+ certified mail cost) with an AMEX credit card

  1. do the passes expire?

  2. I Get these 2 $100 resturant giftcards from AMEX partners every day but i know they are each worth about $2 each only. total waste of $4 for a food you may not like or have to go so far away.

  3. Yea, do these expire? I dont mind getting 12 a year but i can only probably use 3 or so a year.

  4. TheInternationalLine

    Thanks for the link to my MilePoint post — I hope it helps others take advantage of the program. One other thing to be aware of: like many of the Amex Publishing programs, the SkyGuide club is a way for Amex to collect your personal information and sell it to their partners. If you search online, you can see 3rd party sites that are selling Skyguide club mailing lists to whoever wants to purchase them. Be sure to consider their privacy policy before signing up.

  5. This sounds like a great deal. You don’t have to buy 1 pass per month right? I can buy several passes in a month just as long as I don’t go over 12 in a year. Also are you using Emily’s AMEX card to sign her up or using yours?

  6. If my husband and I each get passes, do we need passes for our 6 and 4 yr old?

  7. Thanks for this post great tip. Is there anything in the offer that excludes bringing a couple of children into the lounge with you as well? Or is that up to the individual airlines lounge policy?

  8. rest.comcere a borderline scam, esp the 100 certs b/c the spending requirements are too high to make them work well as coupons.

    However, is this really true that u can get these passes to any club paid for? How long do u have to mail in the receipts? What is u loose the receipts or u get robbed and don’t have them by the time your trip ends?

  9. I just bought a Delta pass for $18 0n eBay. Good enough for me without all this hassle and uncertainty.

  10. The $100 dining certs normally require the holder to complete a minimum purchase of $200.

  11. I selected this option described in the MilePoint post. It processed successfully and then I followed the instructions to get my member number also explained in the post. I will call and inquire if my account is now activated.

    No trial, $19.99 per year after trial, free PDF books:
    This link is a bit different than the other three — it takes about 30 days for your membership to kick in, you don’t get an immediate confirmation, and there is no auto-renewal.

  12. @ Greg
    I blogged about this on 2/20 but I’m going to update my link with this cheaper offer, thanks for the tip!
    You get 12 reimbursements that you can use in 1 year and there is no max on how many you can use per month.
    Everyone individually needs a pass according to the rules, unless an individual lounge allows you to bring in kids for free, does anyone know if there are lounges that allow this?
    You have 30 days to send them in. If you lost the receipt, you can try proving with your Amex card but it may not work.

  13. I signed up for while a while back. The dining certs are rubbish and a waste, but I have sent in two lounge passes for reimbursement and both came back just like they said.

  14. When does each pass expire after you receive it?

    • @emily @Mike @Mike – If you buy passes online, they are usually valid for 1 year. You don’t get passes for signing-up through this program. Instead, you get reimbursed for passes which you buy.

      @EMLY – The restaurant.com certificates are not particularly valuable. The main benefit is getting reimbursed for the lounge passes.

      – Thanks for that very detailed post on MP and for the heads-up on the privacy policy.

      @Krys – I interpret it the same way as you and that you can buy up to 12 passes a year. I used Emily’s AMEX to sign her up.

      @heather @BothofUs2 – Some lounges (AA) let kids under 18 enter with their parents. Others like Delta restrict that to kids under 2. It varies with each lounge, but you can read the terms and conditions for the day pass online.

      @hola – I believe you have to mail them in within 30 days. No receipt would mean no reimbursement!

      @Henrik – $18 is better than the regular rate.

      @Greg – Thanks for the tip!

      – Thanks for helping out!

      @Sandeep – Good to know that you got reimbursed. Thanks for sharing!

  15. @Greg I clicked on your link but it said the 19.95 offer has ended. Anyone else see this?

    • @shah – AMEX Platinum doesn’t give you lounge access to United lounges. Also, you have to pay to use the lounges through Priority Pass which you could get reimbursed for through this program.

      @DAVID – You can buy 1 pass and submit it as a test to see if you get reimbursed. That’s what I’m doing!

      @emily – Amex Platinum doesn’t reimburse you for lounge access (though some have managed to get reimbursed for that).

      – I’d keep it open and try to convert it to a no-fee card from the same issuer as long is it doesn’t change the account opening date.

      @Dan – I agree! We usually order tons of stuff to meet the minimum and bring it home.

      @huh – I’m sure you’ll get a receipt for lounge access outside the US!

      @AJ – I suspect you could since I don’t see a restriction that it has to be a unique AMEX card, but I don’t have any personal experience.

      @DealsSeeker – Unfortunately, I don’t. But give it a few years. 🙂

  16. The comments in the original link to a $19.99 one year deal with no trial. https://subscription.timeinc.com/storefront/site/cy-fb0811.html?link=1005217

  17. what is the additional value if you have the amex platinum priority pass lounge access till 2014?

  18. Thanks for the link back Darius!
    Deals Seeker just sent me this link for only $19.99 for the year (no trial) for the SkyGuide subscription which is even BETTER! Pretty wild:

    I am actually shooting to mail in 2 lounge pass receipts today from my trip to Guatemala last week. Cheers to success!

  19. Can you buy passes in bulk online (I am pretty sure UA lets you do this) so you don’t have to mail in each time they are used? Plus they are cheaper online.

  20. for those with platinum credit, would it be possible to buy the passes and get reimbursed from both amex and skyguide?

  21. Darius,

    Question on credit history. I have short credit history (2ish years). My first credit card I opened had no bonuses, no glam perks, plain old credit card. It has now been open around 10 months, it has a $95.00 annual fee, would you recommend keeping it open to keep my credit history going since it is my oldest credit card, or would you cancel because of the high fee?


  22. I’m with those who don’t like the rest.com certs. Big rip-off. When you get something like “$100 discount, minimum $150-$200 not including alcohol” I mean come on. Excluding your biggest profit makers from the promo? I can’t meet the min spend without a bottle of wine when it’s just my wife and I.

  23. can you buy the passes and resell?

  24. if u can buy passes online to use later its safer, then all reimbursement is done at home, otherwise traveling w/ receipts is not possible when your end destinations are, eh…. 3rd world even if ure depart cities are domestic w/ lounges. too risky

  25. If I have my girlfriend as an authorized user on my Hilton Honors Amex card (we share the same cc# though) can I do this in her name?

  26. Do you know which star alliance lounge in Newark allows kids to enter with their parent?

  27. @BothofUs2 I also saw the offer had expired but I tried it anyway and was successful with processing the offer. I did get an email soon after confirming I have an account.

  28. TheInternationalLine

    @AJ – They don’t care which card you use. The Skyguide club isn’t tied to a specific card.

  29. Used the no trial $19.99 link last night and got my subscription confirmation this morning!

  30. TheInternationalLine

    @Million Mile Secrets – You’re supposed to use an American Express card to register and pay for the passes, but the actual membership is not tied to any specific card. In other words, using a spouse’s amex or a different amex for each transaction is not a problem, and we do it often. Because the membership isn’t tied to any one card, you can use the purchase of lounge passes to meet minimum spends (and get points) on different amex cards.

  31. I love Restaurant.com!! You guys must not understand how it can work. Several of our favorite restaurants are part of the program. We use the gift card to purchase a coupon worth $25 off the bill. Yes, we have to spend $35 not including alchol so if we split an appetizer and get two entrees it’s like getting one entree free. Love ‘um!! We try to use these most times we go out to eat.

  32. One more comment about Restaurant.com–we use them when we visit our family at the holidays because they are hosting us staying at their house so we take everyone out for dinner one or two nights. With a big crowd it’s easy to rack up a bill but the savings are huge when we get $50 or more off the check. Restaurant.com has deals throughout the year to buy a $25 off coupon for $2. We also use them when traveling to other cities.

  33. @Shari, I agree with you, however, these $100 certificates require a purchase of at least $200 per dine. Would have to have a very large crowd (I would hope).

    • @TheInternationalLine – I agree. You have to use an AMEX card, but it could be different AMEX cards.

      @Shari @Gregg – I’ve used the $25 Restaurant.com coupons many times and they are great deals. But Emily and I will never spend the $200 needed by ourselves to use the $100 off Restaurant.com coupon! But I can see how they help if you have a large group.

  34. thats too much

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  38. I am still thinking about signing up for this promotion. Did you receive your rebate back for the lounge purchase you made on the internet? Have you heard any issues about people receiving their refund?

    My wife doesn’t have an Amex card. Do you have any more info on her being able to pay using her Amex under my account number?

    • @Jay – I received my 1st rebate check on Monday, April 2nd. So it took about a month to get reimbursed. The terms say that you have to use an AMEX card, but I suspect that using your AMEX card should work. However, you’d need to memberships – 1 for you and 1 for her.

  39. Did you get your rebate purchasing a lounge pass online? If you did, are you able to purchase a bunch of passes and then give them out to travel partners?

    Thanks in advance!

    • @Jay – I did buy mine online. However, I had to enter a name and I suspect they match the name on the receipt and pass with the name on the membership. But I’ll try that soon and see if it works. The terms say that you can’t buy passes fro others.

  40. Can you use International Lounges?
    Is there a list of approved lounges domestically and internationally?
    Can I use it for a Sky Club VIP Lounge in BCN?

    • @Ann – I believe any lounge would be reimbursed up to $50 per visit. There isn’t a list of approved lounges since you can get reimbursed for any lounge. As lounge as the lounge in BCN sells 1 day passes, you should be able to get reimbursed.

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  43. Hi, I have an Amex card, by my Fiancee doesn’t, we are traveling through Atlanta next week and I want to take advantage of this. So question
    Can I use AMEX GC to purchase the membership and the passes?
    thank you
    If not, what can i do?

  44. Have you tried to use gym reimbursement while abroad? I saw the form here, and mentioned ‘Purchase a guest pass at any health club in the U.S. while you are traveling’ Does it mean I can only use gym in the US ? Thanks

  45. Tried to sign up $199 today

  46. Hi Daraius,
    Do you think the $19.99 is a limited-time offer? On the link it says the offer ended 248 days ago, but looks like I can still sign up. Deciding if its a good idea to join preemptively in just in case I may want to use a lounge in the next year (assuming i’m not flying in 1st class).

    Also, just a general question on lounges, if you are on a domestic flight, are you able to walk into any lounge (as long as if belongs to the airline you’re flying on) and buy a day pass?

  47. TheInternationalLine

    MissMiles – Most US domestic lounges allow you to buy a day pass even if you’re traveling on another airline. For example, you could fly United and purchase a day pass for a Delta Sky Club without a problem. You just need to show them a boarding pass to prove that you’re flying that day.

    And, yes, to buy a pass you just walk into the lounge and they’ll sell it to you.

  48. Forest Whitiker

    i’d hit it

  49. I saw online that for United it’s not a one-day pass rather a one-time pass (assuming you can only enter that specific lounge once). I have a red eye flight where I would purchase a one time pass at my departure airport then the ‘next day’ purchase another one at my destination airport to have breakfast — have you heard of any restrictions doing this?

    Additionally, I’m flying KE and was told that only First/Business Class customers or Elite Star Alliance status members can enter their lounge — any work around if not I may try the Delta lounge?

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  52. Godd for you US guys, the US checks of reimbursements are recognised only inUS.

  53. You can save more money by not sending your claims via certified mail. They only “suggest” that you do. I have sent in 2 claims, separately, by. 1st class mail & was reimbursed for both.

  54. just received my first monthly newsletter after joining last month and big surprise– starting jan2013 can only use 1 pass a month to a lounge. so….only one way on a trip, not there and back. (unless trip straddles end and beginning of month.) This makes membership much less valuable. If I was on a continuing trip to several places it would be virtually worthless.

  55. Hi All,
    This is a great program that I have used for a few years. The changes to only ONE lounge reimburesment per month coming Jan 1 2013 are really disappointing though.
    I urge everyone to write to [email protected] and let them know that the new rules are awful, and that you won’t be re-newing your membership if they don’t reconsider and let members still get 12 lounge reimbursements per year, regardless of how many in one month.
    Let’s see if we as members can make a difference.

  56. Can u buy 1 a month and use them at later dates?

  57. Does he aa or ua passes qualify? Do they have ur name listed? I was wondering if u can buy a passes get reimbursed and have someone else use if it doesn’t have ur name on it. Would be a nice way to get pass for a rainy day.

  58. Anyone tried the 19.99 offer link above recently? It says it’s way expired but it still looks active…

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  60. Ca we get reimbursed for buying one day passes online such as for admirals club or does it have to at the lounge itself?

  61. @Daraius – can you purchase a lounge pass online in one calendar month but use it later. This way you can purchase a pass in Feb (for example) and then purchase another one in March but use them both in March during the same trip. As far as the rules go, they only reimburse you one per calendar month but don’t limit you on when to use them, correct?

  62. I purchased the 19.99 deal last year in February. I just tried the same offer and it went through. Got an email confirming and also was able to access my account online. The account number is the same as before(??) and now shows an expiration date of April 24, 2014. I paid with a Chase Visa.

  63. I bought a membership in March of 2012. I took advantage of a sale and bought several one-day passes to the Admiral’s Club for an upcoming trip. When I turned in the receipts (shortly after purchasing the passes), they asked me to re-submit the receipts AFTER the trip (even thought I purchased them a few months in advance). I did so and was reimbursed. However, they never asked for proof of my trip. No need to send a copy of the boarding pass, etc. In other words, it seems like one could buy a pass a month and get reimbursed if they sent in a “tentative” trip, since they do not verify whether you actually traveled or not.

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