75,000 Bonus Points on The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN – Ends Today (Feb 29) [Expired]

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Earn 75,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $10,000 within 4 months ($2,500 per month) on The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN.  However, this is a 1-day only offer which ends today, February 29, 2012.  The offer terms don’t specify which time zone.


1 Day Only – 75,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus for The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN

The 1st year fee of $175 is waived for the 1st year, and you’ll earn:

    • 3X AMEX Membership Rewards points in 1 of 5 categories (you choose):  Airfare purchased directly from airlines, US advertising in select media, US gas stations, US shipping, and US hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases
    • 2X points in the remaining 4 categories
    • 1X points on other purchases
    • NO foreign transaction fees
    • Terms and limitations apply

As always, I updated the “Bank Rewards Points” tab so that you can always find the best deals.

Most folks don’t spend the tens of thousands of dollars needed to justify the hefty $175 annual fee.  And why sign-up for a card with only a 25,000 point sign-up bonus?

But a 75,000 point sign-up bonus definitely makes this card very attractive.

American Express Membership Rewards has previously had transfer bonus promotions for transfers to British Airways and Delta.  So a 40% transfer bonus to Delta will yield 105,000 (75,000 point sign-up bonus + 30,000 point transfer bonus) Delta miles which is enough for a business class ticket to Europe.

If you applied for The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN recently and got less than a 75,000 point bonus, you could send AMEX a secure message or call them to match the higher bonus.  It isn’t guaranteed that American Express will match the higher bonus, but the answer is “no” if you don’t ask!

I’ll be passing on this card because the $10,000 spending requirement is too high.

Hopefully this a sign of more to come!

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60 responses to “75,000 Bonus Points on The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN – Ends Today (Feb 29) [Expired]

  1. Do you think it’s worth it to sign up for this card and devote 100% of spending to it for the next 3-4 months even though the Cap 1 offer is rumored to come out in early march?

  2. i already got it back in july last year and have the card, cna i reapply and get it again?

  3. Nice going Daraius, you show an integrity to try to offer your readers the best deals out there and acknowledge your monetary relationship with the offers. You should be very proud of yourself for the extra efforts that sets you apart from your collegues who do not make any real attempt at showing this level of integrity. Thank you for the great offer, I for one have been waiting for one like this for a while. I would wholeheartedly like you to get a commission for this even though it is unfortunately not commissionable. Cheers.

  4. $10k minimum spent is too easy, again buying 5 international round trip refundable air ticket! wow! thanks for the offer

  5. Diras, but if you refund it won’t you lose the minimum spend?

  6. Yikes, and I was focusing on meeting SPG $5k within 6 mo. $10k in 4 mo is tough unless I want to pay my mortgage through it. But that might just be worth the fees in return for 75k points.

  7. Does American Express verify the validity of the company or do they allow you to declare a sole proprietorship? Also, if I was planning on applying for the Citi AA Amex card within the next few months, would my application for this card hurt my chances of approval for the Citi AA card?

  8. I am in the middle of applying for a home loan. I started the process two weeks ago and I am sure they have already checked my credit. I understand that I shouldn’t apply for credit cards before applying for a loan, but am I safe now even though I haven’t closed yet. I really want to apply for this AMEX 75,000 offer and have several projects coming up to complete the $10,000 spend on. My wife was targeted for the 75,000 offer for the personal card and the possibility of us both getting 105,000 Delta miles is killing me.

  9. any news on the capital one match my miles coming out?

    • @david – I can’t say because it depends on your travel needs. But it could be worth paying a fee to charge your mortgage and other loans to the card.

      – I suspect not.

      @P J – Glad you can make use of this offer. Even though this offer may not pay me, I’m extremely grateful to readers for using my link for other cards. I’ll do just fine – with or without the commission. But thanks for thinking of me!

      @Matt MSP – It could be worth the $300 you pay to charge $10K though ChargeSmart for your mortgage. If there is a transfer bonus, you’d end up with 100K points for $300. Even if you use the “pay with points” feature, you’d still make money. But $10K is high!

      @asfa – Sole propritorships are also valid businesses. The Citi AMEX is issued by Citi, while this card is issued by AMEX. It is confusing, but they are 2 different banks!

      – I agree with rainman and I would wait until I had closed.

      @Israel Husarsky
      – I’ve heard rumors that it should be out around the 1st week of March, but don’t know for sure.

      @rainman – Thanks for helping out!

  10. @Darren,

    No, you’re not safe yet. When I bought my current house, they pulled my credit three separate times, and the last one was the day we closed. Best to wait until you’ve closed before doing any apps.

  11. Darren, don’t do it. They will validate before closing. 75,000 MR points is nice but not nice enough to kill your home financing deal.

  12. Hi i got the amex business card last sep 2011 n cancelled last month. If i apply today would i get the bonus again

  13. “If you applied for the Business Gold Card recently and got less than a 75,000 point bonus, you could send AMEX a secure message or call them to match the higher bonus. It isn’t guaranteed that American Express will match the higher bonus, but the answer is “no” if you don’t ask!”

    Did you miss this?

    “Existing American Express OPEN Gold Card members are not eligible for this offer”

  14. Thank you very much for the headsup! In your opinion, what’s the best use of the MR for airline rewards from SFO for premium cabin travel?

  15. Just got approved. Was my first biz credit card I signed up for! Yay. The 10k spend requirement would never be hit by my spending. But I have a line of credit with Wells Fargo that charges no cash advance fees and just 6% interest on Cash withdrawals. I can max it out for a day or two and then use ChargeSmart to send a payment off of the AMEX card to pay the Wells fargo line of credit off. Then I take the line of credit money to pay the AMEX card. Prolly will have to do this 2 times to hit the 10k requirement. This will have a fee associated with it by using Chargesmart of 3% so around 300 bucks. But $300 bucks is cheap to buy 85k miles on delta. or Hawaiian Airlines.

  16. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Daraius and Israel, FWIW, I called Cap1 and the CSR did mention that they have been informed about the match my miles offer coming around March 8. However, this year you would only get 100K and not 110K. If you have an existing Venture card, you can upgrade and still get the 100K bonus (and save an enquiry). She also mentioned that as far as she knows this offer will not extend to the business card like last year.

  17. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I will sit this one out.

  18. So should I do this as a one off and then a churn in the future? Or should I hurriedly plan a churn for today?

  19. CanadianMillionMiler

    Thanks for the deal Daraius, I am interested in this card. How much minimum business income do you think Amex require for this card. I have also seen that quite a few people got the dreaded Financial Review from Amex after getting this card possibly due to the Business card having a higher liability for Amex than personal cards. Any advice you could give would be much appreciated.

  20. CanadianMillionMiler

    Sorry I meant to type March 7th is the start date for the 100K match my miles promotion. The rep also mentioned that details will be available at getmymiles.com soon.

  21. I saw the not open to existing Gold OPEN Amex members – just called and verified, the “OPEN” part means existing Business Amex Gold members and not Personal Amex Gold members.

    however anyone know of other companies like chargesmart – because they don’t accept AMEX, only VISA, MC, DISCOVER.

  22. Wasn’t the cap one offer only good on airline CCs? Therefore, this card would not be valid for the offer.

  23. CanadianMillionMiler

    @TK No, I don’t believe AMEX reward points can be used for the Cap1 100K offers. I believe many are weighing in whether to use an enquiry for the Amex or the Cap1 card if the goal is to limit enquiries.

  24. Joey—like like other beat me to reminding you chargesmart does not take AMEX. However, I think I am going to try to buy Visa gift cards to pay my mortgage through chargesmart for a few months to meet the spend on the Amex. Yes, a get a higher charge at that point, but I would probably pay up to $750 for these points and I think I can do this for around $300-400.

    • @Henrik – Perhaps I wasn’t clear. I was suggesting that folks who applied for the card when it was 50K or 0K points send in a secure message and ask to be matched to the better offer.

      @Ted – You could fly on Korean Air from SFO to Asia, or on Air France to Paris. Or you could go to LAX and fly to Tahiti (not that easy to get) or Paris on Air Tahiti Nui.

      @Joey – Congrats! Unfortunately, you can’t use ChargeSmart for AMEX payments, but can use it for utility payments (with an AMEX).

      – Thanks for the update on the Cap 1 promotion.

      @Matt MSP – One card out of a churn schedule may be okay. We don’t know what else is coming our way, but I suspect it may be worth waiting for.

      @CanadianMillionMiler – I really don’t know what minimum level of income is needed. The AMEX FR isn’t so bad if you submit your tax returns to them. It isn’t nice that they suddenly cut off your cards, but if you are comfortable with sending them your tax returns, it isn’t so bad. I’d be honest on the application, so that there is no issue if they do get to see your tax returns.

      @Hao L – I beleive you can pay rent with an AMEX from WilliamPaid. Or as the THEsocalledfan suggests you can buy Visa gift cards and then use Charge Smart (but you’ll be paying a processing fee twice – once when you buy the Visa gift card and once when you use it).

      – You couldn’t match AMEX Membership Reward points to the Cap 1 offer, but you could transfer them to Delta and then match the Delta miles to Cap 1.

      @THEsocalledfan – Thanks for helping out!

  25. @CanadianMillionMiler The thread on slickdeals is saying that since it’s a business card it’s only a ‘soft’ pull. I know that when I did the SW Chase offer I only received one inquiry for the personal/business cards idk if AMEX is different.


  26. How can you xfer to Delta if you had to submit proof of miles earned exclusively by a credit card?

  27. TK CapOne wasn’t that strict on the documenting the source of the airlines miles for the matching, per discussion on FlyerTalk. Just that you had xK miles in your account.

  28. Question– I have the Platinum Delta Skymiles Business Card. It has “Open Savings”. I have never had a Membership Reward American Express. The restriction — American Express OPEN Gold Card members are not eligible for this offer– doesn’t apply does it? Thanks for your help in clarifying this. This is a great offer. Between hubby and I, we just got three new cards in the last couple of week. We have 10,000 minimum spend in the next 3 months to reach. This is not too hard since we try to put everything on the cards and pay it off at the end of the month (business and personal) but I would prefer to space it out. Gosh I hate to pass this one up.

  29. Thanks for the tip! $10k in 4 months is easy when you run your own business! Should be easy to get the 75k bonus points.. then convert them over to delta miles when AMEX and Delta have a transfer bonus.. hoping they have the 40% bonus in the next few months. That would give me 105,000 miles or 4 free plane tickets.. easy approval too!

  30. CanadianMillionMiler

    Thanks Daraius,

    Just got approved. Didn’t get instant approval but when I called in, the new accounts rep just looked at the application and said she needed to review it. I was put on hold for a minute and she came back and said, “Congratulations, you have been approved for the Amex Business MR Gold Card!”. No further questions asked for me.


  31. Can I just use williampaid to cut checks to my wife via American Express so I can easily meet the $10K min spending requirement as my wife can deposit the check back to the bank? Is that going to work? Any limit for the rent amount from williampaid?

    • @TK – Cap 1 was accepting airline mileage account statements as proof, so as MJLouise says, you just had to have the miles in your account.

      – The wording seems to suggest that only previous OPEN Gold card holders are excluded from the offer. But you could call to clarify before you apply and spend $10K on the card!

      @Derek – Glad it worked out!

      – That’s good news. Thanks for sharing.

      @audisfo – That is against the terms & conditions of William Paid, but there is discussion on this on FlyerTalk

  32. Daraius, do you have the link for the discussion about this on flyertalk?

  33. well – just found out the hard way, it was valid until 11:59PM EST. They really should have stated that. You think they would give me the promo if I applied now before 12PM PST and asked them since the terms didn’t state what time zone?

  34. After trying to call them, the business app dept was closed so i contacted the personal gold card cust service but they said they couldn’t do anything. tried again and still nothing but about 5-10 min later it worked again. so go try if you’re on the west coast. maybe they had a glitch or maybe they noticed people still trying?

  35. Daraius,
    I read “Existing American Express OPEN Gold Card members are not eligible for this offer” to mean that, if you applied under any other offer, Amex will not match. What do you think it means?

  36. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Hao – I f I were you I would send Amex a secure message after you logged into your Amex account and ask them to honour the promotion since you used the PST time zone as the basis for your application and applied in good faith as the T&C did not mention the time zone. That way you shield yourself against Amex not honoring the miles and avoid having to chase around for your MR points later. Good luck and please let us know how it goes.

  37. I applied at 9:12PM PST and it still showed the promotion as valid.

    • @Hao L – Thanks for the update and hope it works out!

      @Henrik – I interpret it to mean that if you already have an AMEX OPEN Gold Card, you can’t sign up for this offer and get the bonus again. But it doesn’t hurt to ask AMEX if they will give you “goodwill” points etc.

      @Israel Husarsky @CanadianMillionMiler – I’ve been tracking that site as well, but am not sure how they will interpret the year end summary. Last year they were supposed to match miles earned from credit cards, but ended up matching miles from frequent flyer statements. But we won’t know for sure until the promotion runs.

      @Joey – You can buy Visa gift cards at a grocery and use them with ChargeSmart. This post on completing minimum spending requirements may help too.

  38. Israel Husarsky

    @CanadianMillionMiler – I just went on getmymiles.com which is unsecure & not fully operational but gives apicture of what the capital one promotion will look like-

    They are going to want a year end summary from your travel card & match 2 miles up to 100k-
    I assume Sapphire and any cc will count that is travel oriented, but the downside is based on the year end summary they are probably looking for $50,000 of spending on the card and not AA miles whic might have been given a s a bonus.

    I do not think it will work for me this year as I have my spending at many different sources.

    Will have to wait for the fine print.

  39. CanadianMillionMiler

    @Israel Yeah from the information we have right now, it does appear that you would need to have spent $50K on 1 travel card in 1 year which I think makes it extremely difficult for many of us to qualify. I personally have my spends spread across SPG, MR Gold Reward, Citi AAdvantage and a few others. Moreover, the info we have right now on the site seems very preliminary and targetted as it requires a passcode. I would think more info might become available by March 7th and I am hoping they would use the criteria similar to last year. Let`s keep our fingers crosssed.

  40. Dope!!! Man well I guess i will have to figure out a different way. No charge smart… hell i shoulda saved the inquiry cuz there is no way i can charge the 10k in 4 months

  41. Actually on second thought, has anyone used paypal? I am thinking about sending a payment through paypal to a friend that I can trust. Would this be billed as a purchase to the AMEX card?

  42. Hi
    Found out through a reply to a secured message I sent to double check signing bonus, that my application has no bonus attached!
    The rep wrote that he forwarded my email to the rewards department and could take up to 10 days…
    What do you recommend?
    Thank you in advance!

  43. Thank you Sir! Will do

  44. I purchased 2 air tickets via expedia on my amex biz gold card and the bonus miles didnt post. Do you know if air ticket purchases via expedia is considered air travel eligible for the 3x bonus points? The header on my statement showed expedia and under that it listed the airline and ticket detail.

  45. Hi i got the amex business card last sep 2011 n cancelled last month. If i apply today would i get the bonus again assuming this promotion was available. Thanks.

  46. Thalha , unfortunately you will not . All credit card cos. and banks are waking up to the card churners , in my opinion it will get harder to churn cards.

  47. Pingback: Today Only: 50,000 Membership Rewards Points for American Express Business Platinum | Million Mile Secrets

  48. Hi Darius! We are only four months into this new airline game. Today my husband received a targeted offer for the AmEx Business Gold Rewards card – 50,000 miles when he spends $5000 by October 5, 2012. I saw that there have been a few one day offers for 75,000 miles but with a higher spending limit. We have four Citi Visa/Amex between us, along with a Chase United card. We were planning on applying for the Southwest Personal and Business Cards next month. Would you apply for this Amex as well, or wait for better offers? Min. spending of $5000 is doable in four months, but not $10,000. Love your blog, I’m a happy subscriber!

    • @kj – I’d actually wait to see if the Southwest card goes back to 50K before applying for it. The AMEX offer is quite good considering that the regular offer has NO sign-up bonus! Thanks for reading!

  49. I didn’t even notice that the Southwest card went down. Luckily, we have a targeted offer for the 50,000 miles that I’ll go ahead and use. Sorry you won’t get the referral though. Thanks again.

  50. I recieved a pop up on internet today for the 75,000 miles for a bus card with amx but can’t find to sign up????