75,000 Points AMEX Premier Rewards Gold & 77,500 Miles AMEX Delta Gold – Check If You’re Targeted

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

[I get a referral if you are approved for an offer using the link below.  Emily & I don’t have any of these cards, but would apply for them if we were targeted.]

Link:  Check to See Your American Express Targeted Offer

Make sure you’ve cleared your browser’s cookies & logged out of your American Express account (if you’re a cardholder) before checking to see if you’re targeted.  In Firefox hit Ctrl + Shift + P for a private browsing session.  Use a new private browsing session for each applicant.

Update: CVG_Kid writes in the comments: “Try the link from a PRIVATE browsing session otherwise it sees the Amex cookie you use for your existing account and does not reveal the form to fill out. Once in a private browsing session it gives two options: Not a Customer or Existing Customer. I chose Not a Customer. It gave me a form to fill out. The form indicated I had no special offers and provided a link to login if I was an existing customer to check for further offers.”

Folks in this FlyerTalk thread have received targeted offers for an American Express Premier Rewards Gold card with a 75,000 Membership Rewards sign-up bonus and for the American Express Delta Gold card with a 77,500 mile sign up bonus.

The Premier Rewards Gold card requires  $1,000 in spending to get the 75,000 point bonus.  But the Delta Gold card gives you 25,000 miles after your 1st purchase and another 50,000 miles after spending $10,000 within 6 months plus another 2,500 miles for adding an authorized user.  Both cards have the fee waived in the first year.

I haven’t written much about the regular Delta offer for 30,000 miles and the Premier Rewards Gold for 25,000 miles, because I don’t find them attractive.  I also haven’t received referral commissions (amongst the highest of all cards) for them since I don’t put banner ads for them on the blog because they’re not cards I’d apply for.

Premier Rewards Gold

Sure, the Premier Rewards Gold gives you triple points for airfare and double points for groceries and gas, but I’d rather wait for a better sign-up bonus than the regular offer of 25,000 points.  And in any case, I suspect most regular folks don’t spend enough on air, groceries, and gas to justify the $175 annual fee.  However, this card is good for big spenders because you get a 15,000 point bonus when you spend $30,000 in a calendar year.

But 75,000 points for the Premier Rewards Gold is a good deal.  However, I’m not a fan of American Express Membership Rewards airline transfer partners because they either charge high fuel surcharges (Aeroplan, British Airways, and ANA) or because they don’t have good domestic US award availability (Delta).

But Membership Rewards runs frequent transfer bonuses to Delta and British Airways, so your 75,000 Membership Rewards points could be worth 97,500 Delta or British Airways miles with a 30% transfer bonus.  I’ll gladly take that for just 1 credit card application!

Delta Gold

The highest offer  I’ve seen for a Delta Gold card was for 45,000 miles so the current offer of 77,500 miles is very good.

But if only the minimum spending wasn’t so high!  I’d make sure that I could complete the minimum spending for the Delta card before applying, because I wouldn’t want to miss out on any other bonus offers just because I was concentrating on meeting the minimum spend for this card.

Emily and I weren’t targeted for any special offer and neither were Emily’s parents.  That’s just another reason why I don’t like American Express.  But I’d make up with them real quick if these offers became their regular sign-up offer!

Link:  Check to See Your American Express Targeted Offer

Bottom Line:  I wouldn’t apply for the Delta Gold card with the regular 30,000 mile bonus or for the American Express Premier Rewards card with only the regular 25,000 mile sign up bonus.

But I’d jump on the cards if I got a targeted 75,000+ point offer.

Good luck and please gloat let us know in the comments if you managed to get one of these targeted offers!

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53 responses to “75,000 Points AMEX Premier Rewards Gold & 77,500 Miles AMEX Delta Gold – Check If You’re Targeted

  1. I got the 75K PRG. Thanks!

  2. I do not understand how to see if I am targeted.
    I go to the site and only see regular AMEX offers, none of which sayt how many bonus miles are given.
    where are the bonus miles provided

  3. I’m in the same boat – how do I see if I’m targeted?

  4. @Darius, I can’t tell either if I was targeted or not. There’s two options right? Either fill out form and give last 4 of SS# to see or simply log in to link provided, correct? (Part of my confusion is that you state make sure your not logged in to check to see if your targeted but yet when you click on link it asks to log in to check. Was I not supposed to log in to check?)

    I logged in but I see 3 cards and can’t tell if I’m targeted or not.

    Any chance you can post screenshots of what it looks like if your targeted, and perhaps a screenshot for the ones that are not targeted?

    Thanx in advance.

  5. I did this a few weeks ago at http://www.noobtraveler.com/amex-targeted-offers-75k-premier-gold-delta-100k-biz-platinum/ and got a I got a 70 5K offer and I took amex up on it.

  6. Can’t really tell either, I hold a Starwood Amex and Hilton Surpass Amex. No bonus offers seem to be showing for new cards. I tried clearing cache and browsing history, and it seemed to change the initial signon page but offers still weren’t showing.

  7. @Marc So the screenshot that’s at the link you provided is what shows if you DO NOT have any special offers? B/c that’s the screen showing for me and I can’t find evidence of any offer anywhere so I’m assuming I don’t have one. I could just not be looking in the right place(s) though.

  8. Misleading post.
    There is no evidence this will work for anyone who is an existing AMEX cardmember.

  9. Frustrating. I can’t see offers unless I log in, and once I log in I don’t see any offers (at least no details on signup bonuses).

  10. Try the link from a PRIVATE browsing session otherwise it sees the Amex cookie you use for your existing account and does not reveal the form to fill out. Once in a private browsing session it gives two options: Not a Customer or Existing Customer. I chose Not a Customer. It gave me a form to fill out. The form indicated I had no special offers and provided a link to login if I was an existing customer to check for further offers.

  11. Nothing for me or my wife. I’ve been eying the SPG, but we got a sweet offer to spend $15k in 6 months for the other 15,000 points. And they were generous enough to waive the fee on the PRG card.

    Still standing by for a 75k or 100k offer from any company!

  12. I see 50,000 HHONORS points to upgrade to hhonors surpass WITH $3,000 SPEND IN 3 MONTHS AND A $75 ANNULA FEE WHICH WOULD BE PRORATED if I went back to the regular after getting the bonus-

    no hard pull since I already have the basic HHONORS card-

    The question is if they will deduct the 30,000 points I already received when doing this last year?

    • @andrea – Congrats! Are you an existing AMEX card membersorok?

      @sorok @Angelina Aucello @BothofUs2 @SB @Matt MSP
      – I suspect that means that you’re not targeted.

      @John – I was trying to say that you may need to log out of your AMEX account, clear cookies, click on the link and see if you’re targeted. I wasn’t targeted so don’t have any screen shots to share.

      – Thanks for sharing! Were you an existing cardmember when you applied?

      @Henrik – Some folks are getting upgrade offers, but you could be correct that no existing card holders are getting the targeted offers.

      @CVG_Kid – Thanks for the tip. I’ll update the post to mention it.

      – I’m standing by too!

      @Israel Husarsky – Ha! I don’t know. However the sign up bonus for a new Surpass card is 60K points, so 50K is not bad especially since you won’t get the credit inquiry.

  13. I signed up for 2 Delta cards in December 2011 through a targeted offer. One was the Delta Gold Personal that gives 45k miles (25k with first purchase and 20k for spending $3k in 3 months). Then I signed up for the Delta Gold Business that gives 55k miles (25k with first purchase and 30k for spending $10k in 6 months). Seems like this offer for 77.5k miles is for the same Delta Gold Business card that I signed up for, only with a better offer. Daraius – if I call Amex and ask them to apply this offer to the offer I signed up with, do you think they will? It would be an extra 22.5k miles

  14. I have the 75K PRG offer in my offer site. Quick question — since the recent 30% transfer bonus offer to British Airways just ended 2/1/12, do you have any idea of how often they traditionally run those bonus offers ?

    • @MissMiles – I doubt that they will match you since AMEX has stopped matching to targeted offers. But it doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @Robert Harraka – Congrats! Are you a current AMEX cardholder? In 2011, there were at least 4 transfer bonuses between Delta and American Express.

  15. I was just approved for a Citibank Amex (50,000 AAdvantage miles) and am waiting for the card to arrive. I’m assuming I can still apply for this PRG card directly with American Express (will find out shortly). My main question was getting the miles transferred to British Airways, since I’m planning a trip for next year, specifically with British Air (and coupling with miles I’m earning using my Chase BA card). The transfer bonus that I just missed out on would be great if it comes up again before the end of the year.

    • @Robert Harraka – I suspect that we’ll see another transfer bonus from AMEX this year. However, British Airways charges fuel surcharges so you may have to pay ~$350 per segment on your award ticket. On the other hand, BA has great availability in their business and 1st class and the awards are reasonably priced to Europe. The PRG is different from the Citi AMEX so you should be fine.

  16. I see the 60 k offer clearly says in the terms the original first time bonus gets subtracted-

    But this upgrade offer has a $3000 dollar spend in 90 days (unlike the 60 k offer which is after first time use) so i am thinking that it is a stand alone offer.

  17. Yes, I’m aware of the hefty tax/fuel fees with British. Overall, I can’t complain though. By simply using 2 credit card offers (this PRG and the Chase BA card), I’ll get: 50,000 bonus with Chase, 75,000 bonus with PRG, charge $30,000 over the next several months to earn a Companion (Travel Together) ticket which also gives me 37,500 Avios miles. All together, it nets me 2 First Class Round Trip tickets LAX to London, Rome to LAX. I’ll spend $95 in annual fee, and about $2,200 total in fuel/taxes. Not to shabby considering the cash cost for these 2 tickets in First class would be $31,200 ! Thank you for the links & helpful advice.

  18. I remember there was 100% transfer bonus to DELTA?

  19. What’s the cost to transfer Membership Rewards points to Delta?

  20. I’ve been targeted for both these offers but have been waiting to apply for them until my next credit card churn, which will be soon.
    It’s really strange how they say that I can get up to 72,500 miles with the Delta card when in actuality its 77,500 when you read the details.
    It’s such a shame that these cards have 2.7% foreign transaction fees though! Most of my purchases are made outside the US. But at least I can spend $1,000 a month for 6 months through amazon payments to spend $6,000 out of the required $10,000, leaving me with just $4,000.

  21. What was the point of the update by CVG_Kid?

    As in what was the advantage of private browsing?

  22. Regarding the Delta Gold (or any card with a min. spend for that matter), does the 6 month clock start upon activation or when you’re approved? The 10k is extremely high for me so I’m kind of holding out on activating it until I’m at least somewhat confident I’ll be able to make the spend.

  23. This is from their website: “The 6-month period is evaluated from the date the Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card is issued to the date ending 6 months thereafter.” I don’t think it matters when you call to activate the card — the clock has already started the moment the card is issued & mailed to you.

  24. @Gkrebs The private browsing would make the Amex website think you’ve never been there, as no cookies from Amex would be on your PC. I tried the link from a private browsing session and received different results (since I was a new visitor who had never been to website before Amex didn’t think I was a cardholder). It turns out I still wasn’t eligible for the offer, however MrsBothofUs2 was eligible for the 75k PRG card. For the Delta card it told her that she would have to look in the mail for any special offer. Not sure what the Amex criteria is for the offer, but its worth noting that she has never had any Amex cards in the past.

  25. I see the premier rewards gold card as an option when I follow the not a cardmember option under the link posted above. However, under the details and welcome offer category it says no annual fee for the first year and earn 10,000 bonus points. Why doesn’t it say 75K?

    • @Israel Husarsky – I’m curious to know what happens.

      @Robert Harraka – I agree that flights on BA to Europe in business or first can be a good deal – especially considering their great award availability.

      @Li – I believe that was only when you transferred Delta miles from one Delta account to another Delta account – not for a transfer from AMEX Membership Rewards to Delta.

      @Roshan – I believe that the fee is $0.0006 per point, but capped at $99.

      @DealsSeeker – They should follow Chase’s lead and eliminate the foreign transaction fee.

      @Gkrebs – BothofUs2 is spot on. Its to ensure that cookies aren’t preventing you from seeing the best possible offer.

      @arjun – Robert Harakka nailed it!

      @Robert Harraka – Thanks for helping out!

      – Thanks for helping out! Good to know that you can get at least 1 PRG with 75K points.

      @NewToMiles – It means that you weren’t targeted for the 75K offer 🙁

  26. Thank you Robert and MMS. The CSR confirmed the same as well. I also tried to get her to lower the spend req. but to no avail. MMS, would you recommend just pocketing the 27.5k after first purchase and ignoring the additional 50k? I don’t have a lot of monthly expenditures and the ones I do have I like to put on my Sapphire/Freedom/cards with more lucrative signing bonuses and lower spend req. Would it be unwise for me to just ignore the remaining 50k or that in fact my best option. They don’t call them sky pesos for nothing, right?

  27. @DelsSeeker (or anyone else who can answer it): Are you not worried about the change to Amazon payment last year?
    “As a result of changes to federal regulations, Amazon Payments requires that you provide your tax identity information. Start now. ”
    They require your social etc… you don’t think they’ll report the transactions to IRS? I’d hate to get a 1099 for Amazon payments…

  28. @Lantean I can just say that I had borrowed money from my Mom and a friend and that is how I choose to pay them back. I don’t think that sounds fishy, do you?

  29. @DealsSeeker

    no, that sounds fine, i am just curious why they ask for one’s social… honestly, i don’t like that part much.

    what does everyone else think?

  30. i called and asked about it they said it was targeted, i said I just got the delta card with 25k miles plus 30k after the 10k spend and noted i have 3 other card am I not loyal enoigh? they gave me 3k as a goodwill. better then nothing!

    • @arjun – I wouldn’t sign up for a Delta card for 27.5K especially when there is a public offer for 30K. I’m not a fan of the 30K offer either, and wouldn’t sign-up for either. If you’re working on the minimum spending for the Sapphire Preferred, it may make sense to skip the Delta offer.

      @joey – Nice to know and thanks for sharing!

  31. Thanks for the info. I just got approved for the PRG. Never had a real Amex before.

  32. How do you clear your browser’s cookies? I am using Firefox 11.0 … thank you!

    • @Kalboz – You can use a private browsing session in Firefox by hitting Ctrl + Shift + P. Set up separate sessions for each person for whom you’re checking. The targeted offers appear to be only for folks who’ve never had an AMEX card from American Express.

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  34. That makes sense that the 75k offer is only for new Amex cardholders. I don’t have any true amex cards either.

  35. Daraius: I have an offer for AMEX Delta Gold at 40,000 miles + $100 statement credit. The 40k bonus miles requires $1,000 spend in 3 months, and the $100 statement credit requires 1 Delta purchase within the first 6 months. Thoughts? I am new to Skymiles (account balance 0).

    • @John – This is better than the regular Delta offer for 30,000 miles, but Delta miles are VERY hard to use for domestic travel. They are easier to use for international travel on their partner airlines, but may require you to get to the gateway city on your own. I’d also be careful about which purchase qualifies to get the statement credit. Is it any purchase, or do you have to buy a ticket etc.?

  36. Hi D,

    I put my info in when you first posted this to see what offers I would be targeted for. At that time I was only offered the general bonus. I did it again today and low and behold I was offered the 75,000 MR points (Amex Gold Premier Rewards cc) after $1000 spend in the first 3 months and $0 annual fee for the first year ($175 every year after). Plus, instant approval! Success again thanks to the MMS blog. Also, on a side note I called Chase today to consolidate my United Mileage Plus credit limit (January 2012) with my existing Continental OnePass World Mastercard (March 2009). Because whats the point of having two of the same card plus I keep my cl in tact in case I need to take some for another card. When it was said and done I asked if I could upgrade to a United Mileage Plus Club card if I wanted to. They said yes and that I would also be able to keep my existing account number and history and I would have the option to have a World Mastercard under Continental’s previous terms and conditions or have the option for a Visa Signature under the new terms and conditions because I was a previous Continental World Mastercard holder. Just putting it out there to let you know there are options for Continental Onepass Plus cc holders.

  37. Israel Husarsky

    @ corinne – where exactly do you go after logging in to the home page to see what offers there are

  38. @Israel
    Go to Amex’s site. Click on the cards tab at the top, select “Learn about charge and credit cards” in the Personal Cards drop box. Once you get directed to the screen that says “Find your perfect card” there will be an option below that says “View your special offers”. It will go to another screen where you will have top put in your info and last 4 of your social (it is not a hard pull) and if you are targeted for any special offers and bigger bonuses it will list them for you.

  39. @corinne, thanks for the detailed steps, I just tried this myself on a whim, and got the Amex PRG 75k offer as well, which I couldn’t ignore 🙂 Instant approval too! I’ll ignore the Delta 72k offer for now, that one doesn’t excite me nearly as much.

  40. @Keith
    Glad I could help and congrats on the card!

  41. Israel Husarsky

    @corinne – nothing fore me – probably since I have the Business Gold & HHONORS.

  42. @Israel
    Maybe in a few months you will have different offers targeted to you online. Last time I checked was when D posted this info in February and I was only offered the general bonuses. Now it’s May and voila…targeted 75,000 MR points.