Where are the 100,000 mile credit-card bonus offers?

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They’re on the way!

Million Mile Secrets reader Laurent (thanks!) emailed me with a a tip:

 Hi Daraius,

 I was talking to a US Card VP from Capital One and he told me that in March, there will be a similar match miles opportunity for the Venture card.

Last March, Capital One ran a very lucrative promotion where you could earn up to 110,000 miles and which was one of the 16 cards which earned me more than 1 million miles and points in 2011.

I wasn’t very surprised when I read Laurent’s note (but was very thankful for the tip), because as I wrote before,  I have been expecting the return of the mega credit card offers.  But it was nice to get another inkling that the deal was returning.  Mommy Points has also written on the possibility of the Capital One Match My Miles promotion returning this year and there is a FlyerTalk thread on the same topic.

There are already tons of great offers out there now – including 12+ cards offering 50,000 miles or points as a sign-up bonus in the Hot Deals tab.  I just can’t apply for them fast enough!


I predict that we will see a few mega credit card offers between February and June this year!

Here’s why, based on first hand experience working in both the finance and marketing departments of large companies, talking with business school classmates who work in banks, and my analysis.

Budget Cuts

For better or for worse, companies are eager to meet Wall Street’s (The Street’s) profitability and revenue targets.  The real life implication of this is that companies have many “budget cuts” where dollars earmarked for spending against marketing or other programs are cut and used to pad the bottom line (profit) in order to meet The Street’s target.  That’s a terrible way to run a business, but that’s a discussion for a different blog.

I’ve been on both sides of budget cuts – as the finance guy who had to be the “grim reaper” and tell the marketing groups that their funds were cut.  And more recently as the marketing guy who’s not too happy that the bean counters have cut funds for my projects.

Budget cuts usually don’t happen in the beginning of the year, but almost certainly towards the middle and end of the year.  That’s why there is a much higher chance of the credit card mega offers happening in the 1st half of the year than in the 2nd half of the year.

Of course, you could see credit card mega bonuses in the 2nd half of the year if the promotion is high priority and can be protected from budget cuts.  Or if the industry landscape has changed sufficiently where mega bonuses become a necessity (the jury’s still out on that).

It also takes time to develop these mega offers and the associated advertising and promotion which accompanies them.  That’s why most promotional campaigns don’t happen until after January.

Credit Card Mega Bonus History

In general, I don’t worry about missing a 50,000 mile or point sign up bonus because they almost always re-appear in a few months.  Or often times the information suggesting that they are disappearing is incorrect (think Chase Ink Bold, Chase Southwest 50,000 point, & Citi Thank You Premier with 50,000 points).

But I will jump on a 100,000 mile or point offer right away, because they either don’t return or take many months to return.

Here’s a brief history of prior credit card mega bonuses (not including targeted offers):

1.   Capital One Match My Miles.   In March 2011, the Capital One Venture card offered a 10,000 mile sign-up bonus, but you could match up to 100,000 miles from your other frequent flyer accounts for a total of 110,000 miles.  The offer was supposed to last until May, but Capital One pulled the offer in April (after just 1 month) once the 1 billion mile cap on miles was reached.

I’ve cancelled my Capital One Venture card and I’m going to try to get the sign-up bonus again if the offer returns this year.

2.   British Airways 100,000 miles.   The Chase British Airways card offered 100,000 miles in November 2009 and in May 2011. The offer lasted for about 2 months the first time and for just about a month last year.  There was also a targeted version available in December last year.

British Airways points are extremely valuable for short distance flights and to redeem for American Airline flights within North & South America since they don’t charge fuel surcharges and the awards are reasonably priced for those awards.  And it isn’t a bad choice for a free business or first class flight to Europe if you’re willing to pay ~$700 in fuel surcharges for a roundtrip flight.

I’d certainly sign-up for it again (if I could get the bonus again), because 100,000 British Airways points is 2 coach or 1 business class ticket to South America, a business class ticket to Europe (with ~ $700 fuel surcharges) or lots of short flights within the US.

3.   American Airlines 75,000 & 100,000 miles.   Citi offered 75,000 miles on the Citi American Airlines card from about August 2010 up to October 2011.  The offer officially expired in February 2011, but the application page was still live until October 2011.  Citi also offered a 100,000 mile card (for less time) which gave you 50,000 miles after spending $750 within 4 months and another 50,000 miles after spending $10,000 within the 1st year.

Even better, you could get 2 cards at the same time using the 2-browser trick for a haul of 150,000 American Airline miles.  This was clearly the best credit card deal which I’ve seen, and I suspect that most readers agree judging by the 500+ comments & 50+0facebook likes on that blog post.  I can’t wait for a similar offer to return because you can get a new set of Citi American Airline personal cards every 18+ months since your last application.

I’ve always been surprised when folks ranked the Chase Sapphire Preferred as their #1 deal despite offering only a 50,000 [Now 40,000] sign up bonus.

Bottom Line:  I don’t see credit card sign-up bonuses decreasing.  At no other time have we had so many 50,000 point [now 40,000] sign-up bonuses at one time with the promise of more yet to come!

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65 responses to “Where are the 100,000 mile credit-card bonus offers?

  1. “I’ve always been surprised when folks ranked the Chase Sapphire Preferred as their #1 deal despite offering only a 50,000 sign up bonus.”

    I do say that Sapphire Preferred’s 50k offer is the best CURRENT signup bonus.

    I was the first to post about the BA 100k point offer, anywhere. I was the first to post when it came back. I was also the first to post about the Capital One 100k offer. And when the AA 75k/100k offers first came out, I was one of the lone voices saying that the supposedly targeted applications would work for anyone.

    So I am certainly familiar with these offers. And when saying that Sapphire Preferred’s 50k is the best offer, it is decidedly NOT in comparison to these.

    That said, I do think Sapphire Preferred 50k is better than Capital One’s 100k (really 110k) offer, or at least as good as that offer without the annoyance of a pull of all three credit bureaus.

    And while BA 100k is a great offer, when it was around the last two times it was better than the current Sapphire Preferred 50k offer though since the November 2011 Avios devaluation I’m actually not certain that 100k BA points are meaningfully more valuable than 53,250 Ultimate Rewards points.

    If the Chase/BA 100k offer comes back I will recommend people take it, of course! but it will be less valuable than it was the last two times. And it’s certainly less valuable than when Citi/AA was offering 75k/100k.

  2. I too took advantage of the Capital One Venture Card for 110,000 miles (for both the wife and I) by combining 50k mile offers from United and Continental Airlines into United Miles and Capital One matching the 100k miles and adding in the 10,000 bonus miles. (I also seem to recall we had to spend $1,000 to get the Capital One Venture match – which back then was easy with the old coin trick from the US Mint – I so miss the piles of $1 coins on my table!!!)

    For some reason, we could never come around to using Capital One’s 110,000 miles to translate into $1,100 worth of travel related expenses (total of $2,200 for both of us). We called Capital One to inquire about what constituted a “travel related expense” (i.e. Passport fees) and the rep convinced us the drop the card down to a Capital One cash back card (no annual fee) and then just convert the 110,000 miles into a check for $1,100. We both did and one week later I had two checks totaling $2,200!!!

    I can’t wait for Capital One to come back again!!!
    Also waiting on American Airlines too!


  3. Oh, BTW, we spent the $2,200 from Capital One towards paying for our sons braces.
    Every time I see Alec Baldwin doing a Capital One commercial, I’ll give a smart-ass remark to the TV thanking him for straightening my sons teeth!


  4. Thanks for another whole blog post about credit cards. I assume the referral money has started to come in?

  5. Can the Capital One Venture card be churned?

    • @Gary Leff – Perhaps I wasn’t clear. My point was simply that signing up for 2 Citi cards (75K miles each) at the same time for 150K AA miles was way better for most folks than signing up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred. I also agree that the Chase BA offer with 100K points isn’t as valuable as it used to be. BTW, I applied for the Cap 1 card last year after reading your blog post about it in when I was traveling in Brazil!

      But I still feel that the ability to get 2 AA cards at the *same time* (currently for 100K AA miles) is better than the Chase Sapphire Preferred for 50K points. But I do agree that the Chase Sapphire Preferred is the best current sign up bonus if you have to get one, and only *one*, card. 🙂

      @BillyBob – Nice move with the downgrade and cashing out the check and using them for orthodontic work!

      @Scott– There are no referral links in the post! I’ve written about credit cards before I accepted referral links and will continue to write about them since they are the easiest way for folks like me, who don’t pay for a lot of flights, to earn miles and points. 100,000 miles just for signing-up for a credit card certainly excites me!

      @Zuper – I don’t know, but I will try!

  6. I think I will cash out my Cap1 Venture points and close the accounts shortly as my 1 year is coming up fast in mid March,. Then be ready to pounce if they come back with the 100k promo. I just hope we can do it again as having 3 credit inquiries will hurt BIG time! If you find otherwise (Cap1 will NOT let people go for 2nd round of bonuses) please post here to avoid the triple credit inquiry bloodbath, thanks!

  7. SMH at people who get pissed at credit card posts.

    D, please continue to post any and all you want about credit card offers and make your referral links as big and bright as you can.

    Credit Card churning is what got me into this game and ultimately brought me to your site. I enjoy reading other items you (and TPG and FTG and Gary and Lucky) post but the CC posts will always be my #1 attraction. I don’t give a darn if you make money off my app. Actually, I’m glad you do since I’ve made so much money off your information you give on your FREE blog.

    Thanks D, keep up the amazing work.

  8. D, I tried to churn the BA card for another 100K and was “busted”. No soup for me. What is giving you the idea that you will be able to get the bonus again? Do you know the magic to make that happen? (It ain’t using a new BA number, I can tell you that much!) 🙂

  9. Scott: if you know a way to earn as many miles as you can through credit card signup bonuses please let us know. If not, please take your snarky comments elsewhere.

  10. lol at Gary. what a clown.

    • gpapadop – The triple pull bloodbath will not be worth it if you can’t get the sign up bonus. I’ll keep you posted if I we can’t get it again.

      @SB &@Ken – Glad to know that you find these posts useful!

      @bluecat – I don’t know if I can get it again, but I’d sign up for it if I could or find out that I can get the bonus again.

      @adam – Gary does make some very valid points – that the Cap 1 card may not be worth the 3 credit pulls & that the BA offer is not as lucrative as it used to be. Let’s be nice to all commenters, ok? 🙂

  11. bluecat: I also went for the 2nd 100k BA and got “busted”:-) I am hoping Capital1 is different than Chase…MUCH different!

  12. @Gary, Why do you say “I do think Sapphire Preferred 50k is better than Capital One’s 100k (really 110k) offer”? Please back that up because, as I see it, the Capital One translates into $1100 flight rebate, and Sapphire is nowhere near there.

    • @bluecat – The value of the Sapphire Preferred is in the transfer options – because you can transfer to hotels and airlines. For example, 2 nights at a top Hyatt (Paris, Maldives etc) would cost $750+ & you’d be able to get 2 nights for 44K points so you’d still have some Ultimate Rewards points left over. And if you transfer the points to United you’re half way to a 100,000 point business class ticket, so depending on your travel preference the Chase Sapphire Preferred could be considered a better card than the Cap 1 bonus. Cap 1 also pulls your credit report from all 3 bureaus versus only once for the Sapphire Preferred.

  13. I envy you guys! I can’t get in the credit card game until I get my credit where it needs to be and that may be a while. Can’t wait to try out credit card churning.

  14. @D, thanks for the explanation. I wonder if, even among this select audience of readers, are more people interested in the “elite” travel awards (like Park Hyatt and Biz class) or in $1100 of flight credit to anywhere. Most of the “travel hacker” bloggers would probably go for the elite travel (Mommy Points excepted) but I wonder where the general readership falls? (Good question for a marketer like yourself, eh?)

  15. Time for a reader Poll!

  16. @bluecat
    I am doing the miles/points game in order to travel the way my husband and I want to, but without the price tag. We want to travel the world, so we are planning on using what we earn from churning to fly first class and stay at hotels that can range upwards of $1000+ per night. You know- the places that people spend years saving up in order to go to. It has opened up a ton of opportunity, travel wise, for us. I would request a check for the $1100 from a Cap One Match your Miles promo instead of using it towards travel because it wouldn’t come anywhere near paying off the cost of a Business/First class ticket (for 1 let alone 2!) to Europe. So, to answer your question, I would check off the “elite” travel if we were doing a poll of the everyday readers here on MMS.

  17. I love your posts! All of them! The credit card info is great – please keep it coming!

  18. I currently have the Venture card like so many others, carrying a points balance. If I downgrade to a free version of the card, can I keep my points balance? If so, when I get back in on the possibly upcoming Match My Miles promo, will those points come back to the new Venture card?

  19. Is there a post that states which cards you can only get once (like Chase) and which ones can be churned? I’m just starting the CC game, and don’t want to “burn my one chance” at a mega bonus if there are churnable options to hit first.

  20. @Dariaus very timely post! I was just debating this with a miles buddy last night. In particular we were debating if it’s worth signing up for the Saphire Prederred at 50K, or if we should wait to see if Chase ups the sign up bonus to 75-100K. What are your thoughts?

  21. Hi D,
    One again, very interesting and informative post. I have a Q about your reply to bluecat
    , you said “if you transfer the points to United you’re half way to a 100,000 point business class ticket,”.
    I recently got sapphire and ink bold, together worth 100k UR points. I think I can transfer cobined 100k to United/Continental. Would I able to buy a return (or 1-way) business class ticket with 100k? would that return ticket be for Europe or for India ?


  22. Hi Daraius,

    First of all….thank you so much for all the information complied here! I never thought that free travel was possible for my husband and I. We love to travel but we don’t make much money and I always assumed traveling for free meant spending a lot of money in order to accumulate points/miles. I wasn’t aware that sign-up bonuses were the way to go! Thank you so much!

    I have been reading your blog for a few months now and today I am ready to plan out my very first app-o-rama. We both got approved for the Southwest Chase card in early December. After that we were working on refinancing our mortgage and so we were holding off until we got that squared away. Now that is done so we are ready to start!

    Between the 2 of us I don’t think we could fulfill more than $1000/month in spending requirements (maybe a little more for the Citi Advantage cards). We are interested in signing up for at least 3 cards each this 1st time. Where would you suggest starting? The only annoying thing about our finances is that today I also have to open up a Discover More 0% card because my husband started a business a couple years ago and we still have not finished paying off the start-up. Other than that we pay our balances off in full every month and his credit score is 755 and mine is 775.

    I am also signing up for Award wallet. Which programs do you recommend signing up for immediately?

    If there are possibly going to be some great sign-up deals soon I am worried there won’t be time between my app-ramas if I do my 1st one now. Should I be worried?

    Thank you!

  23. I have a question regarding existing cap1 card holders. I read on a few blogs last year that people with an existing card could call and ask to get the card converted to a venture card and get the 100,000 points. The only catch is that the annual fee $59 would not be waived and you will not receive 10,000 point bonus- essentailly paying $59 to get 100,000 points….Do you know if this actually worked?

  24. i see you said that citi offered a 75000 mile bonus in august, but it seems like this blog mainly talks about big signup bonuses in the beginning of the year or coming soon. are you trying to say that citi might offer something like that soon? or you were just using citi as an example that they offer big sign up bonus?

  25. You said in the post that you could get a new pair of citi AA cards every 18 months. Is that 18 months from the date i cancel the card, or 18 months from the day i originally applied for the card?

    So say I apply for the card Jan 1 of 2011 and canceled the card Dec 25 of 2011. When should I reapply for the AA card? and does getting the business card mess up any of those dates?

  26. I have 6 Amex Platinum Business Targeted offers for 100000 points each. Can I get receive all the bonuses? The spending amount is not an issue I just can’t find anything that says yes or no on multiple cards with different businesses.

  27. Churning (referring to the original definition of receiving a bonus on the same card multiple times) is the key to keeping this miles game going. We know Bank of America and Barclay can be churned multiple times in a year, and citibank is after 18 months. I’ve heard Amex is after 2+ years, what about Chase? Anybody try to churn a chase card after 3 years? I’ve failed to get a bonus on a Chase United card after applying with a 28 month gap.

    • @David Gutierrez – Much better to fix your credit before you dabble with credit card churning. Having good credit is much more important than the miles and points & will help you get more miles and points.

      @bluecat &@Corinne
      – I don’t see why it has to be one or the other (if I understand your question correctly). I’d get the points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred AND the Capital One Match My Miles. The Capital One deal was great because it was very easy to redeem. I redeemed mine for Hyatt gift certificates.

      @Ken – I agree! Let’s do one tomorrow.

      @Kendra – Thanks!

      @Mark – Per BillyBob’s comment above you may be able to downgrade to a Cap 1 Cash card and cash out the points. I cancelled my card, so I don’t have any personal experience to share.

      @Matt – Here’s an earlier post which may help. The US Air card from Barclays is also churnable. I try to mix my applications with both types of cards.

      @HoKo – I don’t like answering these questions (but I’ll post in more detail on the blog later this week), because I don’t have any inside information & don’t want folks to panic. Most signs are pointing towards the bonus being reduced in ~ 1 month, but as always 50K offers come back pretty soon, so I wouldn’t worry. If AMEX starts increasing sign up bonuses, Chase may follow, but otherwise I don’t see any reason why they should up the bonus when the AMEX equivalent offers only 25K.

      @shoaib – 100K is a return business class ticket to Europe or South America. 120K will get you a return business class ticket to most of Asia. I wouldn’t transfer to United unless I was sure that there was award availability for the flights you wanted to book, because you can’t transfer your points back!

      – Unless you spend lots of money on a credit card, the sign-up bonus is the way to go. The 2 AA cards at the same time and the Chase Sapphire Preferred are good cards to start off with. But, as you point out, it is very important to pay off your balances in full, because paying interest will almost certainly negate the value of any travel benefit which you might get. I would sign up for most of the US air programs – American Airlines, United, Continental, Delta, US Air first and later add a few non-US airlines (British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Air France etc.). You can always wait a few weeks to see if something better comes up. There are always new offers coming out.

      @Eli – I believe it did work for the folks who upgraded their card, but I don’t have personal experience because I applied for a new card.

      @antoine – I was just using Citi as an example of a big bonus. I don’t have any specific information relating to Citi.

      – In my experience, it is 18+ months from when you were last approved for the personal cards (if applying for new personal cards). And about 6 to 8 months after cancelling the business card (if applying for new business cards).

      @Rex – Wow! I wish I could get 100K targeted offers. If you apply for the cards with only a business tax ID and not your personal social security number, you likely will get the bonus for each card (assuming your business has an established credit profile). I suspect (don’t have any personal experience) that if you apply for separate businesses with your personal SSN, you may not get the bonus for each separate business. But I don’t know for sure – it could be worth calling AMEX a few times and documenting the response via secure mail.

      @FrequentFlyerPost – Chase usually lets you get the bonus for the same card type, but I would love to know the answer to your question!

  28. @FrequentFlyerPost You can actually churn the Citi Hilton card within the same year in addition to those others.Chase is a tough one to churn. I have it down as about the same timetable with Citi AAdvantage 12-18 months. AMEX can be every 2 years. I heard an outlier who got churned the Gold Delta SkyMiles card 3 times in 5 years.

    @Rex would you be using 6 different companies one each application? I am not sure if that would even be possible because you would need to use your social, EIN or birth name to identify the company and I cant imagine you have 6 different variations of those. I am not sure though. It is a great question and an interesting experiment.

    @Daraius thanks for heading off the vultures who were gathering around the Credit Card Signup bonus. I hope you are right about the big bonus offers coming soon otherwise there might be a riot in airport lounges across the nation.

  29. @Daraius
    Ha! You know it doesn’t have to be one OR the other…just answering bluecat’s question about what your everyday readers prefer. I like the flashy “elite” route. 🙂

  30. The companies are LLC’s and have different EIN numbers however you have to put SSN number on app.
    Annual Fee is waived first year, Spend is $10000 in 3 months.

  31. I have the Cap 1 venture card. I got it last year with a 25K sign up bonus because the match-my-miles promotion that I was planning on doing had ended. I will cancel my cap 1 venture card today. Do you think that since it’s a DIFFERENT bonus they’ll let me get this one as well?

  32. I follow numerous points and Travel Blogs and find you blog to be the most informative and best written. I have earned a little over 20M miles over the years and I don’t generally post on blogs or in Flyer Talk . The negative comments about sharing secret knowledge and spreading info are so ridiculous. I have known and used more tricks than most of the so called experts and been doing it longer. If they don’t want someone to know a trick don’t tell anyone. You should accept donations for your time or at least raise funds for a charitable foundation.

  33. Daraius, thanks for all the great information. Have not churned credit cards before and have a couple questions about credit card churning with B of A for Hawaiian Air Miles — I currently have their card and would like to get additional miles from them hopefully several times. Do you need to close your card before you churn? If I apply for a new card would they reissue miles even though I have previously received them. if you have their current air miles card? How often can you churn with them?
    Thanks ever so much

  34. @Gary Leff
    -Just read the Sunday New York Times article, “Whatever Happened to First Class?”. Saw you were interviewed for the piece. Congrats! New to the miles/points game so I don’t really know who anyone is yet besides Dariaus, the Points Guy and Ben from One Mile at a Time.

  35. I was planning to have an app-o-rama within the next 2 weeks. I am trying to get on the Chase Marriott 70k offer and the Citi Premier 50k that is “supposed” to be expired. I’d like to get them asap since they can be gone anytime.

    How long will the Capital One offer will last? Will I have enough time to get it sometime in May if I get the two cards I plan to get this month? What would you recommend?

  36. Daraius,

    Quick Question, on your last trip on the LH 744, did you know before the flight you were going to fly LH F NEW product ?, trying to put together a flight on LH F.



  37. Dariaus,
    I had a quick question about the Captial One Venture card. I just started collecting miles around March of last year so I didnt have any but now I’m definately interested in getting this card if it comes around again. The question I have here is how do they verify the mileage in your account? I heard there is a 3 month window. If I only have 50k in miles in my united account should I shift more from my SPG or Chase accounts to top it off at 100k? Does it matter when I move the miles over?

  38. Last year you had to send in a copy of your frequent flyer account statement, or a printout showing your account balance. I’ve been wondering how they will change the offer terms this year, maybe they will decide to match Ultimate Rewards points or Membership Rewards points this ear instead of frequent flyer miles. I wouldn’t transfer UR points until you see the terms of the offer. We can only speculate right now!

    I passed on the Capital One Venture card last year and have been regretting it. We are short on cash right now, and accumulating miles and points faster than we can use them. If we get the Capital One card this year, I will consider it play money for travel, that I can use to pay taxes on international award tickets (for 4), the cash portion of SPG cash and points redemptions, and possibly on train travel in Europe.

    If you had the personal Capital One Venture card previously, try applying for the business version next time instead. I know people on the Flyertalk thread were able to get bonuses on both the personal and business version last year.

  39. Every time I apply for US Air MasterCard, I get denied… Barclays always sends me a letter saying the reason is “too much available credit” – I have no Barclays cards, so they must mean in general… did this happen to anyone else? How did you guys solve it? I’m not sure what to tell them, because I churn often I really do have a lot of credit available… I just need the miles. Hehe.

  40. Hi-

    Hopefully the capital one miles match does come back in March!

    Assuming it does I recently redeemed AA points bringing me down to less than 100k but last year it looked like it was astatement within the past 6 months – is that correct.

    Also, do you know where we can get a staement on the aa website with a date?

    When I went to my summary and printed there was no date on it?

  41. I just remembered two BIG plusses for the Capital One card, that I ‘m not sure were mentioned. (1) you can pick *any* flight to fly on because you are going to pay for them first and get refunded later (Daraius didn’t mention this because he used them for Hyatt hotel nights) This is a PLUS because you don’t need to pray to the award ticketing gods to hope they release a seat for you on the airline or day you want. (2) You actually then get mileage points for the flights you took with that ticket. — This makes this card one of the best to go for if they have the 100K bonus again—-ESPECIALLY if you not an “elite” flyer. 😉

  42. When you say “churn” a card in 18 months, 2 years, etc, do you mean from the date of closing of the old card or from the date of opening of the old card?

    • @The Travel Abstract – I hope I’m right too!

      – 🙂

      @Rex – I’d be very interested to know if you do get the bonus for 5 different cards. 20 million miles and points is a LOT. Sounds like just the person I want to interview!

      @Josh – I don’t know if they’ll let folks get the bonus again, but I’ll certainly try. You’ll lose your points if you cancel the card so redeem them before you cancel.

      @Kevin – It depends. Sometimes you have to close the card & sometimes you don’t. I don’t have personal experience with the Hawaiian Airline card, but I’ve read that you can get the card again even if you’ve got a previous version and you most likely will get the miles again.

      @Kris – We should know (hopefully) a bit more in the next 2 weeks. I don’t know if the Cap 1 offer will return for sure, but the grapevine suggests that it will.

      @Jason – I had no idea and was expecting 16 seats in the upper deck, so it was quite the surprise. I did know that the United flight from Chicago to Frankfurt would have the new cabin.

      @Andrew – I wouldn’t shift miles unless you were going to anyway, because we don’t know if the offer will be back. I believe you could rely on a few months’ prior statements for the match.

      @Heather – That’s a good point – especially if Cap 1 wants to compete against the AMEX and Chase cards.

      @Lantean – Ha! Have you tried calling the Barclay’s reconsideration line? I found them to be very helpful and you can always tell them how responsible you’ve been with your credit etc.

      @Israel Husarsky
      – You’re right – I don’t see where to print a statement from the AA website with the date. But you can always take a screenshot with the date.

      @bluecat – Those are both great reasons to get the card – it really was a good deal!

      @Dave Op – It depends. For the Citi personal it is 18+ months (currently) from when you last were approved for the AA card. For the Citi biz card it is ~ 5 to 8 months since you cancelled the card.

  43. Hi Darius! I have yet another confusion. So we want to stay for a few days in australia or newzealand (in a few months). I want to apply for Hilton Cards. Should I apply for the new amex card (60k points) or virgin atlantic (50k which translates into 100k) plus hawaiian (35k which translates into 70k). Or do you suggest waiting for a month? Thank for ur blog.

  44. Re churnability, can someone chime in: for the BOA Virgin Atlantic black AME card, on your credit pull (which was most liely on Experian), does it specifically say ‘FIA’ or does it say “BOFA’? Yes I know the card is ‘administered’ by FIA, but what does the pull actually show? Anyone here who has the card?

  45. sorry, corrected spelling from phone: Re churnability, can someone chime in: for the BOA Virgin Atlantic black AMEX card, on your credit pull (which was most likely on Experian), does it specifically say ‘FIA’ or does it say “BOFA’? Yes I know the card is ‘administered’ by FIA, but what does the pull actually show – BOA or FIA? Anyone here who has the card?

  46. Hi Darius,
    I just wrote a post on my blog as to why credit cards have been offering such high sign up bonuses, so this post was very interesting to me. I like this credit card too much to churn it, but I plan on getting it for my husband when this huge offer becomes available again. Thanks for the tip that this might be available in March. I will keep my ears and eyes open for it! And thanks again for a great blog! You are an inspiration!

    • @guest – I applied for both the BOA Virgin Atlantic and the Hawaiian Airline card on the same day and got 1 pull from BOA and 1 from FIA, but I don’t know which is which!

      @DealsSeeker – Thanks for your kind words!

  47. Going back to the Citi AA cards. How long did you guys hold on to them? I got my 150k after about 4 months of spending and the miles literally just posted yesterday. I have monthly netflix and my gym membership getting auto billed to each to keep activity… These cards were my first in this game and I don’t really want to get hurt.
    I’ve been on a rampage and am at 7 cards currently. 2 Citi AA, Chase SW/Prefered, and both SPG. +my original BoA starter card =S

  48. Thanks for all the great information. I had never heard of churning credit cards a month ago and I’m already hooked. My question is about a capital one platinum card I have had since 2006 that I rarely use and will never use again. It is my oldest card where I am the primary cardholder, but I am an authorized user on a card opened in 2001. I want to have a chance at the capital one miles match and wondered if I should cancel my platinum card before or after applying for the venture card or not worry about it and just trying to upgrade to the venture card if they run the promotion.

  49. Dariaus,

    if the Cap1 offer comes back I would definitely be applying for it this time. i was aware of the offer last time but i wasnt in collecting miles and points back then, so didn’t bother much…
    anyhow coming to my question what type of statement would cap1 accept for matching miles??
    (the highest balance in the mile section I have now is southwest 50k and I can produce July 2011 Delta statement for 150k when i transferred 100k points from Amex with 50k bonus points)

    • @Vikas – I believe that they would accept a statement from select airlines within the past 3 to 4 months. I wouldn’t worry about it now – and even if your statement has 50K miles, that’s still 50K free matched miles (assuming they run it the same way last year).

  50. Rookie question: If I have Cap One points and would like to cancel the card so as to be able to apply for the 100k if it comes around, I have to spend the points before I cancel or else I’ll lose them, right?

    • @Doug – Corinne beat me to it! You should spend the points before cancelling or convert to a card where you can still use the points. Folks on FlyerTalk are speculating that you may not be eligible for the new offer if you took part last year. But we won’t know until the offer comes out.

      – Thanks so much for helping out!

  51. @Doug-
    I believe you can ask them to send you a check for the cash value of the points you have.

  52. Cap1 100k promo is showing up now-
    I read the terms and conditions, and I’m not going to be able to participate. Wife isn’t eligible, she was helping me make spend on the cards we signed up for under my name 🙂 and T+C indicate they only accept 2011 year end statements from the account holder not an authorized user. Oh well-time to restrategize the next card churn.

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