United 60,000 Mile Offer [Now 65,000] Is Now Open To Most Folks! [Still Working]

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Million Mile Secrets reader Kay (thanks!) commented to let me know that the Chase United 60,000 mile credit card offer is now available to most folks!

Update:  This offer is no longer working.

This is GREAT news, because you can get the 1st 50,000 United miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months with the 1st year annual fee waived!

You get the remaining 10,000 miles after spending $25,000 within a calendar year which is a lot of spending, so I consider this as a card with a 55,000 mile sign-up bonus.

However, you may need to have a few United miles in your Mileage Plus (United’s frequent flyer program) account to get to see the 55,000 mile offer.  If you don’t have United miles in your Mileage Plus account you may get the 30,000 mile offer instead.

Here’s how to get to the United 60,000 mile credit card offer.

1.   What if I already have a previous United credit card?

Emily currently has the MileagePlus Visa card while I don’t.  When I logged in to Emily’s MileagePlus account and clicked on the link above, I wasn’t able to see the United 60,000 mile offer.

However, when I pasted the link above into my browser I was able to get to the 60,000 mile offer after 2 tries.

2.   I don’t have any United miles in my MileagePlus account?

I transferred miles from my United account to my Continental account and then tried accessing the United 60,000 mile credit card offer.

But I was only offered 40,000 miles when I had NO United miles in my Mileage Plus account.

If you don’t have any United miles, you could:

a.   Link your Continental & United accounts and transfer miles from your Continental account to United for free.

b.  Transfer miles from Chase Ultimate Rewards if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Ink Bold.  As of now, you can transfer Chase Ultimate Reward points to anyone’s account!

c.  Sign-up for the United dining program, spend $50 in a participating restaurant, and complete a survey to receive 1,000 bonus United miles

Please note that there have been few reports on FlyerTalk of folks who have NOT been able to access the 60,000 mile offer even though they have United miles in their account.

So transferring miles to your United account may or may not unlock the 60,000 mile offer.  But it is worth a try!

3.   What if none of the above steps work?

You could apply for the regular 30,000 mile United Explorer and send Chase a secure message asking for the 55,000 mile version along with the $50 statement credit.  This may not work all the time, but if you’re targeted for the offer, they will let you know.

If you decide to apply

Take lots of screen shots (hopefully you won’t need them) and apply for the card!

I just got the Chase Southwest card with 50,000 miles which got me a Southwest Companion Pass (or 1 year of Emily flying free with me!) so I will pass on this card.

But I do wish that I wasn’t limited to only 4 to 5 Chase personal cards a year!

Will I get the Bonus miles if I have/had a Chase United card?

In general, you can get the sign-on bonus once per card type for Chase credit cards.

However the terms and conditions of the United Explore card say:

“Previous and existing United Airlines cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.”

I’m not sure if this will be enforced, but you should know about it before applying.

Read my previous post on the Chase United and Continental credit card strategy for more information on the credit cards.

Card Benefits

50,000 United miles will get you 2 domestic tickets within the US or to Canada at the low mileage level.   60,000 United miles will get you a coach ticket to Europe or 100,000 miles will get you to Europe in business class using either United or other Star Alliance airlines.

In addition, you will get 1 free checked bag ($25 value) for up to 2 persons on the reservation, access to last minute seats (for double the amount of miles needed) and 2 free lounge passes after your 1st anniversary.

Bottom Line:  There has been much speculation about a new and improved United offer.  But 50,000 mile after your 1st purchase is the best offer for the Chase United credit card which I’ve seen!

Please comment if you were able to see the 60,000 mile offer and if you had miles in your United account.

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465 responses to “United 60,000 Mile Offer [Now 65,000] Is Now Open To Most Folks! [Still Working]

  1. @ Steven Lu
    You can transfer 1000 points from your ultimate rewards chase sapphire preferred directly to your united mileage plus ff account. The transfer is instant but you may have to log in and out of your united ff account a couple of times before the miles are generated into the system. That way you don’t have to go to such drastic measures as going to an airport and checking in with four square in order to get a few miles.

  2. I got the card and the miles have posted. Yeah. I have one question and that is if you book an international flight to London, say, and end up needing to change your flight date on return or depart, what is the fee? Is it a regular fee you get charged when you change your flight, $150 or so, or do you have to pay the equivalent of a one-way ticket? Thanks.

  3. @ Corinne,

    Thank you for your response as well but like I posted above, do I really need to transfer the miles since I already see the application for 60k? Also for those that have many credit cards with chase, will Chase let me have BA, Sapphire, AND southwest? I dont want to be put on a blacklist or anything. hahah

  4. @Steven Lu – Very funny, but your credit lies in YOUR hands. You make the decision to apply or not etc. If you see the offer, I don’t see why you need to have any UA miles in your account. Even if you don’t get the 60K offer, you can always send a secure message and ask to be matched to the offer. I would apply for the UA card, and then call the reconsideration department and offer to close the BA card because you don’t need it anymore.

    @webazoid @Corinne – Thanks for helping out!

    @Paula – Congrats! You may have luck sending a secure message to ask for the $50 credit. I believe there is a $75 change fee for changes made within 21 days of departure, but none before that.

  5. Thanks so much for the info about sending a secure message to Chase. I love your step-by-step instructions, and appreciate the time you’ve taken to cover everything. THanks!

  6. @jubujoy – Glad you find it useful!

  7. Darius,
    I’m new to this miles world and I created a new United Miles account today with the hope you guys can help me out :).

    Coming to the topic.. currently, I don’t have any miles in my new account and when I click on link given in this post with/without signing into my new united account, I see 60 K miles offer page. But I have 2 questions..

    1) Do we need atleast 1 mile in united account to get this bonus 60 K miles?
    2) A week before, I applied for Chase Sapphire Card and got it approved for 50 K points. Can I still apply for this card?

    Many thanks in advance.

  8. @Chandra – If you see the offer, you should be good. Just take a screen shot of the offer. You can apply for this, but you will likely be denied. You’ll have to call the reconsideration line (sometimes more than once) to get approved. If you’re new to Chase or credit cards or have a low credit limit ($5K to $9K), you’re probably better off not applying.

  9. Just click the 40k link. Then on that page click the Club card tab, then click on the Explorer card tab again. Bingo!! you were just upgraded to the 60k offer 🙂

  10. @zebrum – That didn’t work for me. But I do get the offer after just clicking the link.

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  12. Is this still alive? Also quick question, for the United Mileage Dining Club, do I have to spend $50 in one go, or can I go to a participating restaurant twice and spend $25 each time?

  13. @compddd – The comments suggests that it is still working, but it may not work for everyone. You need to spend at least $50 in a participating restaurant to qualify. Or you could buy something from the United online shopping mall or just buy miles from United. Alternatively, you could apply for the 40K version and send Chase a secure message and ask to be matched to the 60K version, but much better if you can get the 60K version directly.

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  15. Hey guys, I was having problems with the link, only shows the old one with 60K bonus. BUT then I cliked on the Mileage Plus Club Card THEN I go back to the Mileage Explorer Card and Yahoo!.. the link turns to the 65k bonus. Those with problems, may try this trick.

  16. guys, I just deposited 1,000 UR points and did the trick as suggested here. To my surprise, I got an offer for 65K bonus miles.

    Here is the link: https://www.theexplorercard.com/MPYoureIn65kAFW.aspx

  17. @JOSINEI – Thanks for sharing!

    – Try the other link under Step 2 which offers 65K miles AND a $50 statement credit. If you applied for the version without the statement credit, you can always send Chase a secure message and asked to be matched to the better offer.

  18. I got the United Explorer card with 40K bonus miles + 10K on spend and after my first statement Chase credited me with only 25K “Chase Explorer Enrollment Bonus” miles. They then said I’d have to spend $30K to get another 10K. Bait and switch I think they call it.

  19. @Killington – If you got the card within the last 3 months, just send Chase a secure message and ask them to match you to the better 65K offer!

  20. Perhaps I should have! But instead I just asked them to fulfill the terms of our original agreement. I’ll post back to say how it went.

  21. Hi Darius,

    The explorer card seems amazing. I want to apply, however I am not sure if I will get approved. I have no chase accounts– I have a credit and checking account at US Bank. Is there anyway I can get approved for this? If so how should I go about doing it? I opened up a UA account and did the foursquare check in and received an email that I will receive the 50 miles in my account. Please help me! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  22. @Kylie– If you have no other credit cards and no credit history with any other banks, you will likely be declined for this card. If you do have a credit history (9 months +), credit cards from other banks and income, you should be able to get approved if you apply for the card. But, as always, no guarantees!

  23. Well, Chase responded–first with the automated acknowledgment, then with a note saying it would be responded to within 7 days, and now finally this:

    “Thank you for your recent inquiry on your MileagePlus
    Explorer credit card account.

    I have reviewed the application that you completed and the
    enrollment offer attached to that application states you
    will receive 25,000 enrollment miles, 5,000 bonus miles
    for adding an authorized user and the first year annual
    fee waiver. In addition, you can earn 10,000 bonus miles
    if you spend $25,000 in purchases in any calendar year
    (January through December). Once all of the above have
    been met you will have received a total of 40,000 miles. ”

    That is flat-out wrong, as I have informed them twice now. My offer showed 40,000 on first use with an additional 10,000 miles upon a spend requirement. I would never have bothered responding to a 25K offer–it’s not worth the trouble. But wouldn’t you know it, this is the one time I didn’t save screen shots of the application process. So I’m going to cancel this card and I guess their next trick will be to try and get the 25K miles back out of my account if I do.

    No more Chase cards for me–this bait-and-switch behavior is disgraceful.

  24. I just looked through all of the material which arrived with my card, but there is nothing about the first-use sign-on bonus, so I guess I’m shafted. It seems that with every card, there are some people getting the good deals and some getting shafted. I already had over 40,000 miles in my United account so it’s not that.

    Something similar happened with the Citibank AA card and the “AAdvantage Shopping” portal run by Cartera. Myself and others filled 100 pages at FlyerTalk with our tales of trying to get our miles posted from purchases made over the online “AAdvantage Shopping Mall”. Many of us just gave up–it was taking so much of our time to try to get Cartera and various merchants to do the right thing that we would be better off buying airline tickets at full price.

  25. Follow-up: Chase did come through with the add’l 15K for a total of 40K as I was promised. So I’m relieved even though I’m not getting the 60/65K that others did–at least I got what I expected. Presuming the add’l miles do show up in my account…. 😉

  26. Hi there,
    Just applied for the card with the 50K bonus and was approved. From others’ experience, how long does the card take to arrive? And then, from date of first purchase, how long does it take for the miles to post? Just curious as I am hoping to put them toward travel this summer. Any info on the actual processing time would be helpful (the fine print reads that the miles will post between 6-8 weeks).


  27. @Killington – Thanks for the update! I still suggest sending them a new message asking to be matched to the $50 statement credit and 50,000 miles after 1st purchase and an extra 5,000 miles after adding an authorized user.

    @Kim – It usually takes 7 to 10 days to get the card in the mail. The miles will usually post once the statement in which you’ve made your post purchase closes.

  28. Million Mile Secrets… I am trying to apply for this card right now… I signed up for an online account and now they are offering a 40K miles thing.

    If I get approved, how good are the chances that I can upgrade to atleast the 50K? I know they match it if it was within 90 days of the offer.. but its past 90 days for the 60K.

  29. @Daniel – Do you have any United miles in your account? If you do, you should be able to see the 65K offer and the $50 statement credit offer. Folks are being able to get the extra points, by matching, but things could change anytime. They match the offer within 93 days of when you apply for the card.

  30. The first link from Jay isn’t working for me. I can see the offer for 60,000 miles and a $50 statement credit. Is that the best offer available right now, or do you know of another link for the 65K offer? Thanks for your blog Darius. It is now a daily read in our household.

  31. MMS… actually I don’t have any miles in my account.

    I was trying to see if I can convert somehow my AAdvantage points/miles into a United account (I know that are some online sites that can do this but you lose some points in the process but it might not work).

    If I apply for this card today and am approved… should I ask for a 50K rewards or the 60K rewards (if I am not able to convert points into my united account)?


  32. @Cynthia – I can see both offers! You could apply for the offer which you see and then send a secure message asking for the extra 5,000 miles for adding an authorized user.

    @Daniel – You could use Points.com to transfer 1 mile into your United account. You’d lose some miles, but it should be okay as long as you’re transferring miles to get only 1 United mile. Otherwise, you can apply for the 40K offer and ask to be matched to the 65,000 version together with the $50 statement credit.

  33. Darius:
    Found out from Chase that you are limited to two apps per 30 days.
    Was turned down for a card because I already had 2 within 30.
    However, was told that if I applied again for he same card AFTER 30 days, would be approved. FYI: I have excellent credit & was told that my credit was not an issue in the denial.

  34. @Marshall – I’ve heard that mentioned recently, but would suggest calling back a few times to confirm. This could be a new rule from Chase, but 2 cards within 30 days isn’t bad either! Thanks so much for sharing.

  35. FYI
    i’ve posted a blog on how to max out this United Card’s benefits. i did those steps in real-life, it worked pretty well.

  36. I applied in February and haven’t gotten any lounge passes yet. Did anyone else get them from a February application? I really hope my husband didn’t throw them out!

  37. Unfortunately I can’t get the 60k offer to show up after several attempts! I tried all the links above and logged into my United account as described, BUT only get the 40k offer. Yikes – who could sign up for this card for a measly 40k miles?? 🙂 Any help is appreciated.

  38. Do you have any balance in your United account? I was only getting the 40k offer as well, but then I transferred 2000 points from Chase to give me 2k miles in my account, and then the 60k offer worked.

  39. TT – Thanks! That worked like a charm!! First class to Croatia here I come (at least most of the way)!

  40. @Ben – Thanks for the details!

    @TT – Thanks for helping out!

    @Tereza44 – Safe travels.

  41. I’m a newie. I stumbled across this website while trying to figure about how to maximize miles. I have applied and approved for the United Explorer a couple of days ago, but it is the 40k version. I can see my card details when I log into my Chase account, I’m going to send a message to Chase as you have suggested. However, I don’t have the screenshot or the link to the 60k offer. How do I transfer points from Chase to the United mileage account? Can anyone guide me with the process?Thanks!

  42. I got this card for myself last week and was looking at getting it for my wife as well. Would this be available to her if I have added her as an authorized user on my card. Also would she have to have a separate united plus account as well for it to work, or could I log in to my account and apply for a card for her? Love the website!! It’s awesome!!

  43. Worked like a charm for my husband, he was instantly approved w/ a $5k limit and I don’t think he has such great credit. Planning on Europe next year!!

  44. @Mel – Welcome! If you applied for the 40K version earlier, you can send Chase a secure message to get matched. You don’t need to transfer points from your Chase Ultimate Rewards to your United account if you already have the card!

    @J-M – Thanks for your kind words! Your wife would need her own United Mileage Plus account to get the miles deposited in her account. She can still apply for the card even though she was an authorized user on your card.

    @Kadence – Congrats. $5K is the lowest limit for the Signature credit cards.

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  46. D,

    As you know I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card through your link a couple of months ago. I met the spending requirement and the bonus points are set to be added to my account with my next statement.

    I tried all the links you and your readers have for the 65,000 or the 65,000 + $50 offer and they all route me to a 40,000 page. Does anyone know if the links are still active? I can transfer 1000 ultimate rewards to the account if needed, but I’m not seeing the 65,000 or 60,000 offer anywhere.

    I’ve become addicted to trying to max out points. Your website is the BEST out there. I’m trying not to go too crazy with it, but have enjoyed picking up some bonuses. My only Chase card is the Sapphire Preferred. Do you think I should focus on getting the United card, the BA card, or the Marriott card first?

    Thanks again. FYI to other readers, Darius’s prior link for the 50,000 bonus miles worked for me even when Chase’s website only showed 40,000. Try his links so he gets a referral and you may get a better offer than the bank currently has.

  47. Is there any way to expedite the time it takes for the miles to post to your account? The fine print says 6-8 weeks, but would love to use them this week if possible. Is that negotiable?

  48. ghulam h polani

    i like to apply for united plus 65,000 miles card. how do i get it.

  49. @Drew – You don’t see the 65K offer unless you have a few miles in your United account, so that could be why you don’t see the 65K offer. You can apply for the 40K offer and then send Chase a secure message and ask to be matched to the 65K offer. Or you can transfer miles from Ultimate Rewards or use Points.com and you should be able to see the 65K offer and then apply for it.

    As for your next card – it depends on how you’ll use the points. BA points take a bit of time to figure out, but are good for short haul flights within the US or for travel to South America. You will pay huge fuel surcharges for flights to Europe or Asia if you use BA miles. I like the United card because you’ll get 55K miles + $50 statement credit after your 1st purchase which is hard to beat. That’s 2 domestic rountrip tickets, 1 business class 1-way award to Europe or South America or almost 1 return coach trip to Europe (60K miles0. Or you could consider the 2 Southwest cards to get the Companion Pass. This is addicting 🙂

    – The miles usually post when the statement in which you complete your minimum purchase closes.

    @ghulam h polani – I’ve listed how to see the 65K offer in steps #1 to #4 in the post!

  50. I have ~8800 miles in my United account (transferred from Continental OnePass from a trip we took years ago). I still only see 40k offer.

  51. @Devin – Try using a different browser or a private browsing session. Or try pasting the link in the web address bar (instead) of clicking. If you still don’t see it, you can apply for the 40K version and send a secure message to get bumped to the 65K version.

  52. Hello, I do see the 65K offer + $50 credit but I do have the United Club Card and I am wondering this question…

    I don’t need the miles right now. Should I still apply for the card? Without self discipline I’d have many more cards than I have now. When is the right time? How do you sleep at night!??!?!?!?

  53. I’m new to the FF program from UA. I want to rack up as many miles as I can. My wife and I will be flying a lot for the rest of the year but currently I’m the one with the Explorer card and 57K miles on my account. (I received 30K sign up bonus in 2010). If she creates an account (mileage plus) and use her member account number when we both fly, can she transfer those miles to my account to consolidate the miles? is there any other way we can both fly at the same time and earn miles let say SAN to BWI is about 5k miles round trip so in total will be 10K for both of us flying? I hope I explained myself so you can understand what I’m trying to do.

  54. Hi,
    I’ve gotten my points but I’m not sure how to use them. Usually I’m able to cash out for gift cards or cash, but that option doesn’t seem easy. I don’t frequently fly or have use for hotels. I just want cash. Last time I converted to amtrak to cash, but that doesn’t seem an option anymore. What’s the best way to cash out these points?

  55. @Sal – One cannot earn mileage for flights taken by another person. Your wife can open her own Mileage Plus account (and definitely should), and if each of you fly SAN to BWI, you’ll each earn 5K miles.

    Transferring points from her account to your account, which can only be done after the miles are earned, will cost you $15 per 1000 miles. http://www.ualmiles.com/TransferMiles.jsp?x2.x=67&x2.y=16&x2=Transfer+Miles

    If you want to book two tickets, there’s no problem having miles to redeem for one ticket in your account and miles for another ticket in her account.

    And for the record, there’s no such thing as a pooled United family account; only British Airways has that.

  56. Thanks Mark. I’m looking to the British Airways site and they have a sweet deal on miles for the Chase CC. 100K miles sign up bonus. I’m planning on taking my wife to Singapore next year. Also flying on British Airways seems slightly cheaper than flying UA (almost 1k cheaper give or take depending on the dates).

  57. @Ore – Only you can tell if the time is right for you to apply. But it is tough sleeping with all these great offers available!

    @Sal – Your wife can transfer United miles to your account, but it isn’t worth the fee. If you both fly together, you will each earn miles in your individual accounts. As Mark T points out, you can’t pool United miles in 1 account.

    @David – You can use the miles to shop http://www.mileageplusawards.com, but you may get less than 1 cent per point.

    @Mark T – Thanks for helping out!

    @Sal – You’ll pay very high fuel surcharges ($400 for each segment) on British Airways which you won’t pay on United. If you’re looking to go to Singapore, you may be better off with the Citi AA cards and the Chase United 50K card.

  58. Yeah, you’re right about that. I already have the UA Chase CC but I will have to apply to the Citi AA card to add more miles. Thanks.

  59. I know that AA is matching your UA miles and status. Do you know if UA will let you transfer miles from AA to UA? Just w0ndering.

  60. @Sal – No, UA will not let you transfer miles from AA to UA!

  61. Hi, I have the Continental Presidential Plus card that has not yet been converted to a United branded card (although on Chase website it shows as a United card). I was able to get the 60k offer to appear, but does anyone know if I will get rejected because of my existing PP card? Thanks!

  62. @Jeff- this is considered a separate “product” and thus you are eligible. You will find that once you have the united card the offer will no longer appear. You may have to call recon to get approved (likely) and you may have some difficulty explaining why you need the united card which has less perks than your existing card- assuming you can answer that youre likely to be approved. I have had both card recently with bonus on the united card

  63. I can see the 60k miles offer and want to apply. Has anyone been approved with fair credit? (FICO scores around 650-670). All of my credit cards are paid in full every month and I’m a chase customer (checking/savings/auto loan) for years. Due to a few recent mortgage re-finances, there are 9 hard inquiries in the past 2 years. I’m sure I’ll be declined at first but does anyone know what my changes are with the recon line? I have a high income, low income-debt ration and my recent credit history has been very good. I just don’t want to apply and have another hard inquiry on my credit (which may lower my score) if I’m not going to get approved.

  64. @Lynn- do you know WHY your credit score is “only” fair ? It seems that you might be able to first raise your credit score and then go from there

  65. @mike — I had some mortgage lates about 3 years ago which lowered my credit. My score has been steadily improving since then. Any chance I’ll still get approved after calling the recon line?

  66. @Jeff – As Mike Fein points out, the Continental Presidential Plus card is a different product from the United Explorer so you should be able to get both.

    @Lynn – I wouldn’t apply for a credit card with a score of 650 unless you’ve recently been approved for comparable cards recently. On the other hand, you could apply and explain how you’ve managed your credit responsibly over the last 3 years, but I can’t predict the outcome of the call. Good luck!

    @mike fein – Thanks for helping out!

  67. Thanks so much for all the helpful information. I already received my Explorer card and see that the $50 statement credit posted just days after my first purchase. Great deal!

    We’re about 10,000 miles short of a big awards purchase that I’m hoping to make in the next week or so. At this point, I’m debating on whether I should wait to see if the 50,000 miles post or go ahead an buy/transfer miles to secure our flights. Darius noted that miles usually post ” once the statement in which you’ve made your post purchase closes” but the official Chase line is 6-8 weeks. The statement with my first purchase closed 5/23…

    many thanks! This blog is such a helpful resource.

    Anyone seen their miles post? Would love to hear any info as I’d prefer not to shell out cash for miles if there’s any hope they’re going to post soon…

  68. @kim- I have never had a chase card that the award didnt post with the closing of the statement in which the award was earned. And thats 12 chase cards worth of experience.

  69. @Lynn- I would call your mortgage company and discuss with them removing the negative remark on your report if in fact its been 3 years since you were late.

  70. @Lynn- one more thing. if you have current chase cards youd be willing to close to get approved and move over the credit line I think you have a decent chance with recon. My sister just emailed me this minute that it worked and her score was 665.

  71. @mike — Thanks. I only have a chase debit card so unfortunatley, that stratgey won’t help. In terms of the lates, it was a previous mortgage lender so I doubt they will accomodate a request to remove the negative remarks since I’m no longer a customer…but I can try.

  72. @Lynn- If you have no chase credit cards I suggest you apply first for the freedom card (and you can try to get it matched to higher offer) to establish credit with chase. Even if you dont get the big bonuses now itll help you in the long run. You also dont need a high credit score to get approved.

  73. @Kim – You could also transfer points from your Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Ink Bold (if you have them) to United instead of buying the miles. You could also call Chase to make sure they have your correct United frequent flyer number attached to your account.

    @mike fein
    – Thanks for helping out!

  74. I got the 60,000 card. I didn’t recall it was that plan.

    When I read here about the 65k. I e-mailed them about the extra 5,000 miles and the $50 mentioned above on the 65,000 plan with $50 credit. They VERY quickly credited me $50.

    I asked again about the 5,000 and they mentioned I got that with the second person card, clearly not understanding.

    I might try a third time, but without the actual ad, it’ll be just as hard to explain a 3rd time AND it might be ME might not be understanding the difference between the 60k and 65k card 🙂

  75. @LaPointe Gary – You get the extra 5K points for adding someone as an authorized user on your card. You can send them a message or call them to add a user and request the 5K extra points.

  76. I was talking about the 5k difference between the 60k offer and the 65k+$50 offer.

  77. I confirmed and I guess I was on the 65,000 mile plan to start.

    But it only took a minute to send an e-mail to get that $50 credit on my account 🙂

  78. @Gary LaPointe – Glad it worked out!

  79. just got accepted for the up to 65k offer through signing in to my united account:

  80. @Vince – There’s a $50 credit as well, so you can secure message to ask for that later.

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  82. I already had a continental One Pass Plus card with Chase and came into this website after the cards had merged. I tried anyway and was able to see the offer with one of the links provided above, applied and was instantly approved for the 60K offer. Apparently when I applied they opened a United frequent flyer account for me (I applied under the One Pass number, which has 86k miles) and credited the miles to this United account, so I have two FF accounts with them. Odd things are: I didn’t have a United ff number and they created one for me to link to this card, they also gave me the bonus when I had received a 25k bonus when signing up for the One Pass card 1.5 years ago.
    Very happy and surprised that I got approved for this card. Thank you Dariaus!!!

    Now just waiting to see if I get the $50 credit, if not I will surely call them and ask.

  83. Is there a current promotion for referring a friend? Thanks.

  84. @Cat – That’s great and thanks for sharing!

    @Amy – Not that I know about currently.

  85. Going to look into this – I currently don’t have any united miles so i’ve been offered the 40k card.
    I am interested in joining the united dining progam for the 1k miles.
    Do you think I am able to buy a $50 gift card at a participating restraunt…say Perkins?

  86. I would guess they don’t care what you buy with the $50 credit (if that’s what you’re asking).

    They applied the credit to my account right away so I actually owed a negative amount 🙂

  87. Darius,
    I’ve been following your website since March on recommendation of a friend. I just got approved for the Chase United Offer which I received at the end of May. Apparently, I had 30k miles sitting in an old Continental account which they converted for me. So my full offer is for 65k miles once I use the card and add another user. However, I do not see anything in the offer about a $50 statement credit. We shall see. Thank you again for this wonderful resource.

  88. @Splazoid – You should be able to get points for buying a gift card through the dining program.

    @Gary LaPointe – Even better – they pay you to get the miles!

    @MeredithK – I’d send them a message asking about the $50 statement credit. Thanks for reading!

  89. I have just logged into my MilagePlus and then clicked through the link to get the 65,000 mile offer. It only offered me the 40,000 mile card (I tried with the link above, and by clicking on the offer straight through my MilagePlus account). When calling the customer service line for the card, the lady on the phone told me that the offer expired on July 6th. Do you have any ideas for how I might still be able to have access to the 65,000 miles award?

  90. @Alex Just checked my wife’s accout for United (we are waiting another month before applying for her 65,000 united card)- the offer is still there. She has 1000 miles in her account. It showed up for me when i did a r/t flight search. good luck.

  91. I had both the old Continental card and the United card. I closed both in late May or early June. I saw this blog so I decided to try it since the name of the United card had changed with the merger. I was approved and called to activate my card this morning and they told me I would receive the 60,000 with the first purchase, plus 5,000 since i added an additional user.

  92. @Alex – I still see the offer in my account when I log on with a few miles in my United account.

    @kherl – Thanks for sharing.

  93. Hello. I am logging into my mileage account as well as calling directly and am not being provided the 65k/$50 offer. Only receiving the 40k mile offer no matter who I speak to… Any help with the proper code? Thanks.

  94. Is there a 50K UA offer for 1st spend? I only get the 50K + 5K with $1,000 spend.

  95. @james – Have you tried the links on the page? If not, you could apply for the 40K version and then send a message asking to be matched to the 65K version.

    @Rick – They just introduced the $1,000 minimum spending requirements. It used to be after 1st purchase.

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  99. hmmm, well link shows 40k over and over again but on my United home screen I see an ad for 65k. That links to a 40k offer.

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