$25 Free Per AMEX Card Used at a Small Business This Saturday!

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Link:  American Express Small Business Saturday Registration

Get $25 back on your credit card statement when you use an American Express card at a small business this Saturday (November 26, 2011) and spend at least $25.

Small Business Saturday

$25 free when you use an American Express this Saturday!

With over 500 comments on the original 2-browser trick post, I know lots of readers have got the Citi AAdvantage American Express cards, so don’t forget to register them together with your other American Express credit cards.

You can get the $25 credit once per American Express card, so don’t forget to register all your American Express credit cards to get the most amount of $25 statement credits.

I was going to use this at my favorite European grocery shop in town, but I realized that I’ll be visiting Emily’s family.  I was salivating about the pounds of Spanish jamon (ham) which I was planning to buy!

Emily and I have 6 American Express cards which we registered:

  • 2  Starwood American Express cards
  • 2 Virgin Atlantic American Express cards
  • 1 Citi AAdvantage American Express cards
  • 1 American Express Business Gold Rewards cards

So that’s $150 (6 X $25) in free money this weekend!

American Express cards issued by other banks such as Citi or Bank of America

You can register cards issued by other banks, but carrying the American Express logo, such as the Citi AAdvantage American Express and Virgin Atlantic American Express for the $25 statement credit.

American Express Credit Cards issued by American Express

You can register your primary American Express card for the promotion, as well as additional cards!

That’s because American Express issues a separate credit card number for additional cardholders and folks reported getting the $25 credit for additional cardholders as well.

Where can you shop?

The terms define small businesses as:

Eligible small business merchants are independently owned small businesses located in the United States that accept the American Express Card. Purchases made at large or national chain stores, at franchised business locations and at government agencies are not eligible. Prepaid, Corporate Cards and ExpressPay transactions are not eligible.

The terms also say that the statement credit is issued in 5 business days, but may take 2 billing cycles to reflect on your account.

How to maximize the deal:

  • Buy $25 gift cards, with separate American Express cards, for your favorite independent store or restaurant and use them later.
  • Go to lunch or dinner and ask the server to split the check 5 ways (each above $25).  Don’t forget to tip extra!
  • Buy something you want and split the bill in $25 increments and pay for it with multiple cards

I can’t help but point out the irony of American Express trying to “help” small businesses by encouraging folks to shop at small businesses, when American Express is usually disliked (& not accepted) by many small businesses because of their higher fees!

Bottom Line:

American Express is giving you $25 to spend at a small business this Saturday!  Don’t forget to register your card(s) before you go shopping!

What are you going to buy from a small business this Saturday?

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36 responses to “$25 Free Per AMEX Card Used at a Small Business This Saturday!

  1. Thanks for the reminder! My wife and I have 7 Amex cards between us, so I’ll happily take $175 from Amex!

  2. This is a much better deal than the one we get over here in Canada… Over here, we have to shop with 5 designated small business stores around our neighbourhood, spending at least $5 each per store to qualify for the $25 credit. =P

    I believe this is Amex’s strategy in getting customers to go into small business stores and purchasing with Amex. Very smart strategy… Get the masses to do the marketing for them, instead of them trying to sell their product with very little success. With hoardes of Amex customers asking to use their Amex, it’ll be quite the persuasion on the small business owner to reconsider including Amex in their business.

  3. I’m sure I’ll answer this question later when I register all my cards, but do you know if it’s for ALL AMEX cards? Or just AMEX cards that use AMEX? We have two FIA 2% AMEX (in addition to our other 7 AMEX cards) that uses a different network.

    If it works, woohoo for $225 in freebies!. If not, I GUESS I can lie with $175 🙂

  4. lie = live…

  5. Thanks for the info.
    Question though: Do you have to register through facebook link? I don’t see “Register Card” button on that page through my facebook account.
    On the page via the link you provided the rules state that I have to register via facebook.
    Sort of runaround:(

    • @Frequent Miler – Free money is always nice!

      – That’s a lot of work for the $25 credit. I’m not sure if business owners will sign up to accept AMEX if they see an increase in traffic only once a day!

      @Steve – I believe it is for all AMEX card, but don’t have personal experience with it.

      – Click on the link and scroll down and there is place for you to register your cards!

      @BothofUs2 – Hmmm…good idea!

      @Jana – Last year registering different card numbers worked. I’m hoping it works this year too!

      @Paul – I don’t have personal experience, so I can’t say. But I will buy something online just to see if it works!

  6. Why not make it a triple dip- register those amex cards on an airline dining program and buy gift cards/certificates at your local small business restaurant? You’d get points/miles from the transaction, get the $25 back from amex, and get points from the dining program (and possibly bonus points signing up for one)!

  7. Thanks for clarifying that we can register all our cards because they have different card numbers. I wasn’t sure if it was just one per account.

  8. Daraius – do you know if online transactions are eligible? I want to purchase something from a small business but they only have a website, not a physical location. Any restrictions against this?

  9. What is the definition of small business. Is a purchase at pizza hut considered as small business, or Starbucks. How to do you draw the line?

  10. Does this work with internet purchases too?
    Unfortunately I am not on US soil that day.

  11. in regards to online purchases, last year my wife purchased something and it worked just fine. We tried it on a different card, but this merchant didn’t charge the card until the day after and therefore we didn’t get the bonus.

  12. are you sure that we earn a $25 per card with amex cards issued by amex including the additional cards? just want to get some positive re-enforcement before i got put charges on all 13 registered cards

  13. no small independent or mom and pop stores sell giftcards, i am gonna buy few 20 pound basmati rice and groceries and frozen foods!

  14. @shami — there is no way Pizza Hut or Starbucks are considered “small business.” You need to think WAY smaller, like a local grocery or liquor store with no more than 1 or 2 locations.

    @brandon — it works for AMEX AU’s, just make sure they’re registered.

  15. You should call your favorite restaurant that you mentioned and see if they will do a gift card transaction over the phone. We will be out of town as well on Saturday, but called around to a few of our local favorite restaurants to verify which ones would do gift cards over the phone. Fortunately, our favorite (very expensive) steakhouse will do it so we are going to buy 5 $25 gift cards from them on Saturday!

  16. we were able to register our recent CITI AADVANTAGE AMEX CREDIT CARD!

    ALSO we have 2 each of the same amex premier rewards and amex gold business with just one last number different and got registered successfully! we got 2 of the same cards cos one expidited shipping and one regular shipping after getting approved! so 2 premier rewards amex and 2 amex gold business for me and same 2 premieer rewards and gold business amex for wife!

  17. it sucks that so many 90% of small business/mom and pop stores hate AMEX and always says NO to amex card!

  18. trying to figure out where I will be spending my 6 AMEX cards.

  19. You should check on Facebook – enter zip code after pressing plus sign.
    We know both from experience last year our local grocery is a small business and sells 20-30 different gift cards $25.

    We will be buying 10x$25 gift cards …..


    • @Shami – No chain stores qualify as a business so be careful. Small businesses are usually mom and pop shops that don’t have any other locations (or just 1 or 2).

      @Zuper –No personal experience, but I will try this year.

      @Jason – Thanks for confirming and for helping out! Good watchout about making sure that the actual date the card is charged is Saturday and not later.

      @Brandon – My understanding is that last year cards with different numbers qualified for the $25 credit. AMEX issued additional cards have different account numbers from the primary card.

      @jimmy – That sounds good. You never have too much rice!

      – Thanks for helping out!

      @carwag25 – That’s a GREAT suggestion. I just called the grocery shop and they will sell me gift certificates over the phone! Thanks for the terrific idea!

      – It is tough isn’t it? I’m thinking of buying 3 gift certificates and using my other cards for a nice dinner.

      @Mike185 – Very nice! Thanks for sharing!

  20. FYI, I was able to register my Fidelity 2% AMEX for this (woohoo!). Also, for those who register, it sends you to a facebook page where you can search by zip code for small businesses in your area (I was able to confirm all the spots where i plan to purcahase gift cards tomorrow).

  21. Hi all. I feel really dumb on this one. I registered one amex a long time ago. Daraius, thank you for the post about registering them all. I have 2 others, but now (the morning of – procrastination!), the registration link seems to be closed. It says sorry, the maximum number of cardmembers have already registered. Bummer! Another reminder to me to jump on these deals and not wait!!

  22. Is there a list of participating small business merchants anywhere online?

    • @Steve– Great news! That’s another $25 for you!

      @Susan – Sorry to hear about that. It doesn’t hurt to sign-up for some offers as soon as possible especially if there is no cost to you for doing so.

      @Kalboz – Check out the Facebook page to search for small businesses. Don’t enter a zip code in the “Find Businesses” box, but instead click the “+” sign to the left of “See where you can shop to earn your $25 statement credit” and search.

  23. Anyone know if at a participating restaurant, the base amount (pre-tax, pre-tip) has to be above $25 or if it’s OK if the only final total is above $25?

    • @nido – I believe you should be fine with any total above $25.

      @toomanybooks – You’re right – I’m going to have to manage my churn cycle so that I have more AMEX cards around Thanksgiving!

      @glen – That’s a great haul – thanks for sharing! I bought 1 gift card over the phone because I was running out of time. We took Emily’s granny out the entire day thanks to AMEX!

  24. My local brewpub is very happy this Amex deal came along. Now I have a stack of gift cards! Gives an incentive to get more Amex cards for next year.

  25. Whew, I’m tired! With 8 total AMEX cards, I was busy today running around making sure I spent all $200! I didn’t have the time to actually shop today at all locations, so gift cards were the order of the day.

    I got three $25 restaurant gift cards, a $25 Shell gift card from a local grocery/deli, 1 theater ticket, lunch with some friends, a $25 bookstore gift certificate, and spent $25 at a small, local store on some stuff I needed for my apartment. A productive day — Thank You AMEX and Million Mile Secrets!

  26. cmon AMEX..extend the offer until 12/31!!!!
    i was en route back to the US yesterday

    • @Ozaer N. – I’ll make a note to keep the Saturday after Thanksgiving free from now on!

      @Thomas Dean – That’s very nice! Free Christmas gifts without leaving the house is a win on both counts! Thanks for sharing!

      @Megan – They ran the promotion last year too, so I’m hoping that they will run it again next year. Thanks for sharing!

      @denise s – You’re welcome and I’m glad you were able to use the link!

  27. Huge success. In the seven months my wife and I have been playing the signup bonus game we’ve accumulated 14 individual Amex numbers, including Authorized Users. Registered them all. Then looked around for our Christmas shopping online. We found a bunch of internet sites with a single brick and mortar location as well. We found the ones that sold gift cards, and the ones with the best deals on the presents we needed to buy.

    Long story short, without ever leaving our home we got $350 in free Christmas Presents. Everything from toys for the kids to gourmet BBQ rubs for our difficult-to-buy-for Uncle, to a state of the art ultralight backpack that we’ll use on our travels!

  28. My husband and I enjoyed a fun afternoon out thanks to this promotion and my two Amex cards. At a local vintage/antique shop, I bought a jewelry box and some propaganda images from the Cultural Revolution (I teach political science and my students will love these!). Then, we had a delicious curry chicken pizza at our favorite local pub. I hope they run this promo again next year!

  29. Thank you so much for the link. I really appreciate you and your website.

  30. @Million Mile Secrets – Yep, a charge just above $25, including tax and tip worked perfectly. Just got my credit against it.