Shhhh…Earn 60,000 Free Hawaiian Airlines Miles a Year (or 120,000 Hilton Points)

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Update: This is no longer working. 

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Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar

Link:  Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar

Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar

Hawaiian Airlines Toolbar

I’m really, really lucky to have terrific readers who not only help each other on the blog, but share ideas in the comments and email so that we can all earn more miles and points to have Big Travel with Small Money!

Ariana (Thanks Ariana!!) writes in with perhaps the cheapest way to earn a ton of Hawaiian Airline points which can be converted to Hilton hotel points at a 1:2 ratio (bolding mine):

I’m really enjoying your blog and find it very helpful as a new travel hacker. I read your article on how you transferred your 35,000 Hawaiian Miles to your Hilton Account, resulting in 70,000 points.  I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Hawaiian has a search toolbar that you can download.  Not only do they offer miles for purchases on sites like Amazon, but you can earn 1 mile/3 searches, up to 5000 miles per month.

I’ve been doing this for the past couple of months and though it takes a bit of work, I have 13,000 miles without making a single purchase.

I knew that you can earn miles by downloading the toolbar from other airlines such as United, American, US Air, and Delta, but the maximum number of miles which you can earn by performing searches is capped at ~500 miles per month.

But I was surprised to learn that you could earn up to 5,000 Hawaiian Airline miles (convertible to10,000 Hilton Points) per month with the Hawaiian Airline Toolbar by performing online searches!

Here’s what the Hawaiian Airlines website says:

Yes, you can earn a maximum of 5,000 miles per month for searches using the HawaiianMiles RewardsBar.

You’d have to make 15,000 searches a month or 500 searches a day to earn 5,000 Hawaiian Airlines miles.

I won’t be searching online 500 times a day because I’m always running out of time, but this is a great way to earn free miles for those of you with a bit more free time (or motivation!) than me.  I also prefer using Google instead of yahoo for web searches.

If you’re thinking of earning some easy free miles, Ariana has some advice.

One word of advice: Sometimes Hawaiian doesn’t credit your entire balance and it takes some work to get your miles.  I recently earned 3000 miles in one week, but only 1000 posted.  Customer service is useless and will just tell you they’re “waiting for a response from the marketing department” before crediting your miles.  I complained to them through Twitter and the situation was rectified shortly after.  Just make sure you tell your readers to keep screenshots of their toolbar, showing total miles earned at the end of the month.

She also notes that after earning 1,000 miles the counter stops showing additional miles, but that it is possible to earn up to 5,000 miles a month.  And don’t forget to take a screenshot of the total amount of miles you earned in a month!

One more thing regarding the Hawaiian toolbar that’s worth noting. After earning 1000 miles, the line next to the toolbar will stop showing additional credit for your miles, but you will still see your searches being counted.  At first, I thought this meant I was limited to 1000 miles, but I’ve continued searching and earned the maximum 5000.  Thus its important to take a screenshot at the end of the month, so you have proof that you completed the 15000 searches needed for 5,000 miles.

It is worth mentioning that Hawaiian Airline is the only airline which will let you earn miles (1 mile per $1 spent) for shopping at Amazon, and that Hawaiian Airline points can be converted to twice the number of Hilton hotel points.

Hawaiian Airlines charges 40,000 to 80,000 miles for a trip to Hawaii from the 48 US states.  Or for 55,000 miles round trip, you could fly from Hawaii to French Polynesia, because the only thing better than visiting 1 tropical island is to visit 2 tropical islands!

You could also redeem points on their partner, Delta for flights within the US for 25,000 miles and to Europe for 55,000 miles.  These flights have to be on flown on Delta (no partner airlines allowed), so it may be hard to redeem since Delta usually has very limited availability on its own flights.

You could also redeem miles on Continental, but it is expensive at 40,000 miles (versus 25,000 normally) and the partnership ends on December 31, 2011.

Virgin Atlantic and Korean Air also partner with Hawaiian, but the high fuel surcharges on Virgin flights make this an expensive proposition.

The cheapest Hilton hotels are 7,500 points and the top category 7 hotels are 50,000 points a night, so you could get a few nights at a Hilton as well!

Bottom Line

It does take time to perform searches online, but you may as well get paid if you’re doing them anyway.  The 5,000 monthly limit on miles earned by searching online makes the Hawaiian Airline toolbar a better choice to earn lots of miles.

Will you use the Hawaiian Airline toolbar to earn lots of miles?

(Hat Tip to Ariana!)

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64 responses to “Shhhh…Earn 60,000 Free Hawaiian Airlines Miles a Year (or 120,000 Hilton Points)

  1. Wonder if someone has written a script that will automatically run the searches on these toolbars for us (think similar to the automatic bidding on, how it automatically populates & enters the rounds of bids). I bet it could be / has been done…. Anyone know of anything like this?

  2. HOW LONG TO DO 500 A DAY?

  3. Does this person have a life??


  5. Henrik….for someone reading a travel hacking site, this would be something that is of interest to them. Whether or not the can earn 5k miles a month. I think your comment is bang out of order.

    ALL…I have never used a toolbar to earn miles before. Does anyone know if you can use multiple toolbars linked to one account? For example, can I install at work and at multiple computers at home? Or do they only allow your # to be assigned to one toolbar?

  6. Pretty sure you can’t use a macro for it, and at first, it seems you can enter one word and keep hitting the search button, but then this pops up after 7-10 “searches”:

    Your search was deemed invalid and did not qualify for earning a reward

    This could have been for the following reasons:

    You are in a country that is not eligible to earn rewards
    Your search query was nonsensical or yielded no actual results
    Your query originated from an automated process or macro
    Your search patterns reflect that you are not actually using this service for results

    We use sophisticated algorithms to determine valid searches in accordance with Yahoo! If you are not credited for your searches it means they have been flagged as invalid. Please understand that the current status is not permanent. You will receive credit for your searches if you continue to search naturally throughout your day.

    To answer Aiden’s question: You can’t exceed the maximum per month on the account, but it seems you can have multiple tool bars on different computers. Food for thought…people who have BofA Hawaiian airlines cards can share their miles between accounts at no charge.

  7. I find the search results to be too inferior to google to use the toolbars for everyday searches. My job has me doing a good amount of searches on the internet, but not enough to get anywhere near this substantial amount of miles. One thing I find the toolbars great for is an easy way to earn miles to keep them from expiring on not often used accounts.

  8. I just did 7 searches and only 2 miles show up.

  9. you just gotta make your macro more sophisticated… they can’t “tell” you’re using a macro except with an algorithm. algorithms run on logic/math. so if you have a spare computer and a macro program, you could hit the search at appropriate intervals (a lot of them check for search frequency), and then set up a looooong list of possible searches (think “IMDB [movie name] or wikipedia [noun]). basically, you can beat their algorithm with a smarter one of your own, and i’m sure they’re not spending time looking over people’s searches with a human being. so once you beat it, you’re good to go.

    now all we gotta share with each other is, what’s the best macro program to use? 🙂

  10. I agree with EricT: this might be a good way to keep your Hawaiin (or Hilton) points alive. Hilton is somewhat notorious for aging out points. But it’s probably way less hassle to just buy a lame $2 coupon through the Hilton shopping portal and you’ve accomplished the same thing.

  11. @ Aiden, yes you can have more than 1 airline toolbar on your computer.@ Henrik, yes this person has a life- and lots of free time at work to do this rather than play solitaire. At least this rewards me for my time. @ Carlos, it’s 1 mile/3 searches. Once you get to 9 searches, you’ll move up to 3 miles.

  12. I suppose they will look into your account when you accquiere 5000 miles per month……

  13. I’ve been using the HA toolbar for two weeks now. I’ve found the ratio to be approximately 1 in three on searches. I’m currently 48 for 145.

    @Daraius, can you confirm the VA fuel surcharge? I read that HA does not implement fuel surcharge when booking a reward trip through HA that utilizes a VA plane.

  14. Their “sophisticated algorithm” can be circumvented by a reasonably talented child who took Programming 101 and learned a little bit about how the internet works. The script is possible, it exists and it works. I would not share it because if everyone does it, sooner or later Yahoo will find a programmer with IQ higher that of a rabbit and fix the loophole. The main reason why I am writing it is to tell those with a programming background: it is possible, spend couple of hours and you will be rewarded.

  15. Well, if the aim is to kill this off immediately, someone might be able to write a script to do what is discussed here. Some folks delight in getting things shut down, I have found. Reminds me of the 1 cent Amazon “gift cards” of a few months back.

  16. Too bad I use Chrome and the only browsers you can use the search bar for is IE and Firefox 🙁

  17. Setting up a computer to do this automatically would be really simple..

    Question is whether the cost of making the script, having to run the script everyday, is worth 10k hilton points per month. That doesn’t even get a free night at a Cat 2 hotel.

  18. Henry, it is the other way around from what I understand, i.e. redeeming VA miles for HA metal.

  19. Editing my last comment,

    I thought it there was a 500 daily limit, but it appears I read that wrong. If you can divide 15,000 searches into 8 or 4 days, then running the script only once or twice a week won’t be such a hassle, and worth it I think.

  20. One search per minute, 15,000 minutes, that’s 250 hours per month.

    Searching every 60 seconds, you’d have to run the script for 10 days straight!

    TWO searches per minute is still a ridiculous 125 hours. Which means you’d have to run the script for 15 hours, two days a week, for a measly 5,000 miles.

    30 seconds between searches for 15 hours straight, helllla fishy.

    Anyway I look at it this isn’t worth it. And to think you may get caught a few months in and lose all your miles anyway.

    • @Steelsnow, @Danny, @incognito, @Carlos – I wouldn’t recommend automating a script to run the searches since that would kill the deal for everyone else! Besides having your account shut down.

      @Stan – I found this very interesting because unlike other mileage toolbars the 5,000 cap on the maximum number of miles you can earn is very high.

      – This is a great discovery because of the 5,000 mile monthly cap! Thanks to Ariana for letting us know about it.

      @toomanybooks – I don’t recommend writing a script for this. I’d rather see it live longer!

      – Firefox is not hat bad, you know 😉

      @Jim – You’re right! Thanks for helping out!


      @Aiden – Thank you!

      @Ryan – With so many miles at stake, I’m sure they’ll be able to sniff out any misuse.

      @EricT – It is an easy way to keep your mileage account alive!

      @Ed – That’s another easy way to keep your account alive!

      @Ariana – Thanks again for sharing this!

      @TravelHackerr – That’s a possibility, so another reason why you shouldn’t use a macro for the searches.

      @Henry – I believe that Virgin Atlantic doesn’t charge a fuel surcharge when you book a HA flight through VA.


  21. 100 searches a day=3000 searches/1000 miles per month
    This is a more reasonable approach little macro help if nessesary but not too much to be suspicious.
    too much work for HH points though…blah

  22. What about a different approach. Installing the toolbar and signing in on a bunch of different computers? If I can get 7 or 8 people who don’t care either way to use the toolbar with my login information, I should be able to rack up searches, and therefore miles, a lot faster.

  23. I’m not looking deeper into this and actually already removed the toolbar from my computer. You guys can keep earning your 1 mile per 3 searches don’t worry, 🙂

  24. just got started
    200 searches in less than an hour
    it is tough
    and you have to click through occassionally to keep it alive

  25. I downloaded the toolbar just to have it at work when I am on the computer the most. I have downloaded and installed it 2 different times and after 5-10 minutes it just goes away, no where to be found…. Not sure what this is about.

  26. Scripts are tricky. You need to be aware of a few things. Tried it for fun with them for a while (mostly to gain points for donation).

    The biggest risk I see is that it disappears, recently two of such toolbars (US Airways, United) changed. US Airways doesnt offer it anymore, while United moved away from freecause. The new toolbar of United has the downside only working on Windows (and Mac OS?). And the new technic used for is much more difficult to fool the system.

    On the other side, install it on a lot of computers used by random people (like in a company or similiar), and voila…

    But thanks for the hint, I always stopped after 1000 searches…

  27. Hello all,
    Regarding the Hawaiian air toolbar -I realize you receive error messages for the same words but if you add spaces to different parts of the word it will count as a word and be a valid search, so that might save some time instead of entering a new word. For example, american express is valid, then am erican express is also valid (space between am_erican), If you randomly add spaces to the word and search it is considered a valid search. just a suggestion.

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  29. by best is 63 searches in 10mins(21miles)
    some people seem to be searching very slowly

    though i dont think i could keep it up for long – 10min frenetic bursts suit me better

  30. this is the best search engine to game
    i can get to 6min-12 searches max /minute EASY if my internet connection is moving fast

  31. Does anyone know how long it takes for the miles to post to your account? I’ve got about 100 miles so far on my toolbar, but my Hawaiian Air account balance still says 0.

  32. @Jamba Rogers, miles post ever week. This week’s miles will post tomorrow, and the next round will be December 8.

  33. I have over 15000+ searches, the toolbar caps at 1000 miles, my account posted on 11/30/2011 shows only 1000 miles, why is that?

    I have a screenshot of my 15000+searches.

  34. Similar problem. I was supposed to have about 700 miles, but only 57 posted to my account. What do I do?

  35. @Jamba Rogers: Here is what i found on the FAQ Link

    Why did the counter on my RewardsBar reset to zero?
    The RewardsBar automatically resets at the start of each month. When you login to your membership site you should see your complete activity history.


  36. @Tarun Yes, I know that they RewardsBar automatically resets. My problem is that my rewardsbar had about 700 miles, but when it reset and I checked my Membership Site account, the site said I only earned 57. What is that about?

  37. @ Anonymous, despite the 1000 mile cap that shows up on the toolbar, you should be getting all of your miles credited. If they didn’t post, send them an email or tweet and they’re usually quick to credit it back. I had this issue a while ago and they’re quick to fix it.

  38. Where exactly do I contact about not having my miles post? I emailed via their website form twice, but no response.

  39. After they reset my searches and miles to zero, whatever I search now does not qualify as a search…I’m not getting one mile or search. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

  40. up to 95 per 10mins now

  41. @adamu, 95 searches or miles per 10 mins?

    is it a limit? I don’t understand your statement.

  42. Anne Nonney-Muss

    Only half my miles posted. Who are you supposed to contact? Email? Phone #?

  43. I’m going to try this out.. basically use it to search for everything, even going to my email.. seems cumbersome though, especially as it doesn’t work for opera, which I use predominantly

  44. Can anyone confirm that you can transfer these points to Hilton? The hawaiian website says only points earned from flying can be transferred.

  45. Thanks ! Just downloaded the toolbar. With the two Hawaiian credit card links I got from you, I now have 72,003 Hawaiian miles for spending about 1/2 hour of my time. Wow – thanks for the Amazon tip. That’s huge for me !
    You are the new “go to” blog for me ! Thanks !

  46. how do you transfer to hilton?
    as anyone got this to work?

  47. has anyone had any success with transfer to hilton?
    i cant find how to do it

  48. @adam you have to call customer service to have the transfer done.
    If you look on the Hawaii miles website under spend points or similar title there is a list of things you can use points on. Hikin transfer is by far the best option.

    Here are some things I’ve found:
    1) there are no limits to the number of points you can transfer from Hawaiian to Hilton.
    2) if yiu want to tranafer hawaii points from one person to another, the person transferring doesn’t have to have the visa card but the person receiving does.
    3) a person can only receive hawaii points 10 times in one year.

    Things I’m not sure about:
    1) does Hilton have a limit on the number of points that can be transferred in per year?
    2) the Hawaiian miles page says only points earned by flying can be transferred, is that true for miles other than the credit card?

  49. windBeneathMyKilt

    Anyone had success posting more than 1000 miles, from searches alone? Or posting consecutive weeks with 1000 miles?

  50. I had 1000+ miles for a month or two, then they capped me at 300 per month. They emailed me and explained it was not the intent of the program. Don’t try it. They recommended the credit card as another method of earning miles.

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  52. Everyday I try to do this with the automatic clicker program, it shows rewards earned, then after a few hours, it shows “Maximum Rewards Earned”. Anyone know what’s the deal? Did they fix the auto clicker thing?

  53. Just posting to say thanks for this tip. I wish I had found out about this earlier. This is a good way to do a few searches when I am bored to earn some Hawaiian miles. I may get enough for an inter island trip, and I have transferred some miles to my Hilton account so that I have enough for a free stay. While this may end or they may curb my account – It has been a nice bonus to date!

  54. Sad to say this trick no longer works anymore. You can only get 33 miles a day and the words “maximum rewards earned” will suffice. Too bad I found out late about this. I do spend a bit due to school so I am building my miles, but it would had been good to get 60,000 miles a year without spending much.

  55. I can’t get the toolbar to work. It says I’m not earning miles. I tried to set my Firefox to allow Hawaiian Airlines Cookies and it says it’s not a valid website ( What do I do?

  56. They changed some aspects of the toolbar. Uninstall and re-install the toolbar. For a few months I wasn’t paying attention and the miles were not posting. But after I uninstalled and re-installed the points show up normally.

  57. Their toolbar website says 1000 miles per month now…

  58. HA is no longer doing points with Amazon. “As of November 26, 2013 Amazon is no longer a Preferred Partner in the HawaiianMiles program. All qualifying miles earned prior to November 26, 2013 will be awarded to your account.”

  59. Is there any Idea, how I could get 60.000 Hawaiian Miles really quickly? I wanted to trade HHonors to HA, but the Rate is really bad!

    So: anybody any Idea?

  60. Hi does the toolbar only work for desktops?

  61. Nounee Replier

    Yes, and I think you’re too late. This doesn’t work anymore I believe.

  62. Just installed the bar trying to earn a few miles to extend my expiration date. The tollbar won’t go out of “Not Earning” state. Appears this is dead. A shame since their site clearly advertises it…

  63. I believe this program came to an end today November 20, 2015. I am no longer able to earn miles by searching. The toolbar has ben replaced by a toolbar which limits earnings only to purchases made on affiliated stores.