$20 Gift Card When You Spend $200 Online – Act Quickly!

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Earn a $20 gift card when you spend $200 online using a MasterCard (seems to be both credit and debit cards, but PIN transactions don’t count) between November 15 and December 31, 2011.

MasterCard Holiday Moments That Matter

Spend $200 Online Using MasterCard & Get a $20 Gift Card Back!

Emily and I can use some extra money with the holiday season approaching, so we’re registering our US Air MasterCards,  Citi Thank You Premier, & ING bank debit cards in the promotion!

You’re in luck if you participated in last year’s SunTrust Bank debit card promotion for Delta miles since SunTrust debit cards are MasterCards.

Here’s how to get the $20 gift card:

Step 1 – Register your MasterCard

Register your MasterCard to be eligible for the promotion.

Step 2 – Spend $200 online

You’ve got to spend $200 online (spending at physical locations don’t count) to qualify for the $20 gift card.  You can spend $200 in 1 transaction or in many transactions as long as you spend at least $200 by December 31, 2011.

Only purchases made after registering your card count, so be sure to register your MasterCard before spending money online.

However, “Offline, PIN-based & international transactions are ineligible” for the $20 gift card.  You also have to be a resident of the US.

Step 3 – Complete the redemption form

Fill in the redemption form which will be e-mailed to you 1 week after completing the $200 online spending requirement.

However, only the first 80,000 folks – who complete ALL 3 steps –  will get the $20 gift cards.

And the next 10,000 folks will get a magazine subscription worth $35.88 according to the terms and conditions.  Isn’t it strange how the second prize (magazines) is worth more than the 1st prize ($20 gift cards).

Or just maybe the magazine subscriptions are not worth $35.88!

Bottom Line:  Not a bad way to earn an extra $20 on money I’d spend anyway!

Which MasterCard are you registering for the promotion?

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26 responses to “$20 Gift Card When You Spend $200 Online – Act Quickly!

  1. can you buy gift cards online (specifically mastercard gift cards)? can you register a mastercard gift card and spend $200 on it? is there a limit to how many times you can earn the $20?


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  3. You said “Emily and I can use some extra money with the holiday season approaching, so we’re registering our US Air MasterCards, Citi Thank You Premier, & ING bank debit cards in the promotion!”

    The T&C say (in bold, even): “Limit (1) Registration per person, per email address, &/or per Card account number during the Offer Period. You may only register (1) Card for the duration of the Offer Period. Additional Registrations received from any person, email address, or Card account number in excess of the stated limitation will be void.”

  4. so much for my plan then, eh?

    oh well, $20 is still nice. although it still be good to know..can the online purchase be gift cards?

  5. No, you can get $20 for each of you, it is not per address, so both you and your wife can order. I ordered a Home Depot gift card from a used gift card place…almost 20% savings between the two!

    Thanks for the post

  6. Thanks! Registered and one Christmas present soon to be out the way!

  7. Registered my Citi AA MC. Completed the purchase this morning. Now to wait for the registration form…

  8. Thanks. Out of all my credit cards I only have one MasterCard, all others are Visa or Amex.

  9. Can any online charges (bill payment etc) qualify for $200 spending?

    • @emily – I like the way you think! I’m not sure if you can register a MC gift card, but it would be great if you could.

      @swag-It does say 1 card per person, per email address, but I know folks who have more than 1 email address and mailing address.

      @Chip – Very nice double dip for 20% off!

      @miffSC – I never thought of using the gift card as a present, but that’s a good idea!

      @Robyn – I wonder how long it will take to get the registration form.

      @Ken- That’s how it was for Emily and me – we even had more American Express cards than MasterCards!

      @Jack – I don’t see why not, as long as it is an online charge!

  10. Out of the 30+ credit cards my husband and I have, only two are MasterCard!! My US Airways Dividend Miles and my Citi AA Mastercard. I couldn’t believe this as I was searching through all of our cards last night. : )

  11. Thanks for this tip! I have some additional minimum spend required on my ThankYou Premier so this works out great! I hope Kiva loans count towards online purchases…

  12. “You may only register (1) Card for the duration of the Offer Period” seems pretty clear to me. I don’t doubt that there are ways to break this rule and not get caught (i.e. different email and mailing addresses), but it is breaking the rules.

    And given that the promo is limited to a fixed number of participants, it seems greedy.

  13. Should that be only a credit or debit card? What if I buy a MasterCard Gift Card and use that to register in the promotion?
    If this works, I am ready to mint some 🙂

  14. @Jennifer: You can call the card company and ask them to issue a MC version of the same card you have. I did that with Chase once when my wallet was brimmed with VISAs.

  15. I would buy few gas cards online. This may not yield double dip as Chip said, but IMHO there is no depreciation and you are not buying something used less or overvalued.

  16. My strategy: buy costco cash cards (via costco.com) to meet the $200 spend. I buy so much at costco it shouldn’t be a problem to use up the cash cards before too long. The way I see it, this basically amounts to 10% off at costco. 😀

  17. Is it just my imagination, or is Amazon.com no longer linked with the US Airways Dividend shopping mall? This would be such the easy spend, since I buy half of everything on Amazon these days.

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  20. So I used my Bold Card and my wife’s Bold Card and paid our phone, gas and cable bills online, getting to the $200 threshold on each. Here’s hoping they count as valid expenses. Anyone have anything concrete on whether online billpay counts as “spending $200 online”?

  21. @Christine and @Million Mile Secrets,

    It seems the change with US Airways and Amazon is permanent as they switched the company who runs their mall. View from the wing explains:

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