30,000 – 60,000 Ultimate Reward Points With Chase Freedom Card [Expired]

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30,000 Ultimate Rewards points on the Chase Freedom credit card after spending $500 is not a great offer by itself, but is an improvement over the other offers of 20,000 and 25,000 points.

There is no annual fee on the Chase Freedom card, but there is a 3% foreign exchange fee.

I updated the “Bank Reward Points” tab with this offer as soon as I found it yesterday so that my readers would know of only the best bonuses for a particular card!

If you’ve applied for the card with a lower bonus in the past 3 months, you should send Chase a secure message or call them and ask them if they can match you to this offer.  Chase is usually very good about matching you to the higher offer!

These 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points cannot be transferred by themselves to air and hotel partners.

However, if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Ink Bold card you can combine Ultimate Rewards points from this card (Chase Freedom) and transfer them to air and hotel partners (United/Continental Airlines, British Airways, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, Korean Air, and Amtrak) at a 1:1 ratio.

Or you could redeem your 30,000 points for a $300 check.

The main benefit of this card is being able to take advantage of the quarterly bonus categories which offer a 5% bonus up to $1,500 or an extra 7,500 points per quarter for spending in those categories.

For example, if you had spent $1,000 on groceries in January, February, and March you would have earned 5,000 (1,000 X 5) Ultimate Reward points.

  • Quarter 1 – Grocery Stores & Drugstores
  • Quarter 2 – Home Improvement stores, Lawn and Garden stores, Home Furnishing stores
  • Quarter 3 – Gas, Hotels, Airlines
  • Quarter 4 – Dining, Department stores, Movie theaters, Charitable organizations

That’s another 30,000 Ultimate Reward points if you max out the quarterly bonus categories by spending in specific categories.

So big spenders may be able to get 60,000 Ultimate Reward points from this offer (30,000 as a sign-up bonus and another 30,000 after spending $6,000 in the quarterly categories).

More importantly, you could get 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points each year by spending $6,000 on the Chase Freedom card in the quarterly categories.

I don’t have the Chase Freedom card, but if I did, I  MAY have maxed out on only quarter 1 and quarter 3 categories since I’m not a big spender.

The Points Guy says that you can get an extra 10 points per transaction and a 10% bonus if you have an eligible Chase checking account.  The extra 10 points per transaction makes the Chase Freedom a great card for low dollar transactions.  For example, buying a $1 candy bar would earn you 10 bonus points!

Bottom Line:  I won’t be applying for this card because a 30,000 point sign-on bonus doesn’t excite me and I’m maxed out on Chase offers, but it may interest those of you who had already decided to apply for the Chase Freedom.  Or those of you who can spend $6,000 in the quarterly categories each year.

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27 responses to “30,000 – 60,000 Ultimate Reward Points With Chase Freedom Card [Expired]

  1. I JUST activated 2 family members’ cards for the 25,000 bonus … think Chase will let me bump up to 30,000?

  2. Wait, never mind, I skipped the part about sending Chase a message. I’ll send one tomorrow!

  3. I have a friend who applied for the Freedom card a year ago and had no bonus attached to the application. Recommended that she SM Chase for the 25K UR points since she didn’t receive anything when she originally applied but they declined her twice.

  4. I have 2 Chase cards (BA and CO OnePass Plus) with annual fees coming up that I’d rather not pay. Do you know if it is possible to change one of those cards into a (no-fee) Freedom card without getting a credit pull?

    • @AK – Send them a message with a link to the new offer or call them up. They are usually very good about matching the bonuses.

      @Jimgotkp – That’s too bad. Chase usually matches to higher bonuses within 3 months, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

      @Stefan – I’m not sure since I haven’t done that personally. You could call Chase and ask them if there would be another credit pull. I know that it is easy to get another card, but don’t have personal experience with the credit pull.

  5. @Stefan, Unfortunately, You can not switch Chase partners(Marriott, Amazon ..etc) CC to generic chase CC. I tried it, but did not work.

  6. I signed up for this card a couple ago for the 20,000 UR points bonus, so I sent them a message and they just credited me the 10,000 point difference. Thank you, you just got me a free $100. 🙂

  7. The extra 10 points and 10% bonus for checking customers is a different Freedom product. I contacted both Chase and my local bank and they were not able to add this feature to my Freedom account, even though i have the checking account. Any guidance from your readers on how to get this feature added would be greatly appreciated.

  8. I have been looking forward to own Chase Freedom card and Chase Marriott 70k card soon. As you said in one my earlier posts that Chase does not allow multiple cards on the same day, if I were to apply for both cards, how many days should I wait before applying for the 2nd card after I apply for the 1st card?

  9. I guess timing is everything, because I spoke too soon on the 10/10 enhancement. When i sent the secure message for the 10,000 points, they informed me i was automatically upgraded to 10/10 earlier in the month. They said it is done automatically within 3 billing cycles for new cardholders with the checking account.

    After a bit of back and forth, they gave me the 10,000 points as well. They said their policy is to give the new bonus if your account was opened in the past 90 days of the new offering.

    • @Carl – Thanks for the update and glad to know everything worked out!

      @Abhi – You could apply for 2 cards in one day, but you will be declined. But you could call the reconsideration line to get approved for the other card if you don’t have a lot of Chase cards. I’d wait at least 2 months before applying for another Chase card.

  10. I called Chase to ask about bumping the bonus from $250/25K points to $300/30K points. Instead of bumping the bonus, the customer service rep just deposited 5K Chase UR points in the account to start off with, before we even made a purchase on the card! Score!

    I think the Freedom is a GREAT deal considering the spend amount — 30K points for $500 spend. I got my parents to open one each, and after $1000, we’ll have 60K more points in my Chase Sapphire account that I use for the family. I already transferred 5K from my dad’s account to mine and it posted instantly!

    • @AK – I love reading stories like this! Congrats on getting the bump. I think the Freedom is a great deal b/c you are assured of 30K points each year if you can complete the spend in the targeted categories.

  11. @Abhi – I have excellent credit, so I applied for both the Freedom Card and Sapphire Preferred the same day back in August and was easily approved after calling them. As I have several Chase accounts, they worked with me on moving around credit lines and as usual, very pleasant to deal with. YMMV.

  12. @Carl Thanks so much the update. I have ~770 credit score in all 3 credit bureaus as of last week, so I believe that should be enough.

    By the way, when I call them bak for reconsideration, what should I be telling the reps? Is there a standard way to talk to the reps, so that there is more chance for my request to get approved?

    Sorry, if I am asking too much; hope I am not spamming. I am a newbie to the world of chruning. Thanks.

  13. Hey D, one thing worth pointing out that I discovered when I got this card is that in the fine print of the UR program, Chase also lists that you can use 25,000 points to book a flight through them up to $335 in value. Of course, there is a $20 service charge for booking a flight over the phone (which I believe is a requirement) but well worth it for the price.

    I hope you’re right about them matching the offer! I just sent them a message asking them to match it on my account too (only about 3 months old).

  14. Just got my response from Chase…30,000 bonus point offer has been matched! Wahoo, thanks for the heads up Daraius!

  15. can chase freedom card’s points be transfered to one account from another account? mine to wife’s account? if so, how?

    also what about the ultimate rewards pointearned on chase debit card? how do i combine freedom and debit card ultimate rewards point?

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  17. Thank you so much for the update! I just got chase to credit me 10,000 points to match the 30,000 offer.

    • @jimmy – I don’t have the Freedom card, but I know that you can transfer Ultimate Reward points from the checking account to Sapphire Preferred and from there to any hotel or air program. Click on “Manage Ultimate Reward Points” and then “Combine Points” to be able to do this.

      – You’re welcome and I’m glad you were able to get the most possible points!

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  19. Daraius,
    The above link for the 30K ofer doesn’t work. Do u have one that is currently working? Thanks.

  20. rewards2cash.com is offering 1.16 – 1.22 cents for each chase ultimate rewards so cashing out seems a great option, too.