Use The 2-Browser Trick To Earn 100,000+ Free AAdvantage Miles

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Update:  You can’t get 2 personal American Airlines cards unless it is ~18+ months from when you were last approved for an American Airlines personal card.

But you could get 1 personal card and 1 business card.

Citi AAdvantage

Emily and I have earned over 1.5 million miles by applying for Citi AAdvantage credit cards which has let us have a lot of Big Travel with Small Money. 

The highlights include traveling to India on British Airways first class and flying Emily to London for a romantic weekend.

You can earn lots of American Airlines miles too!

You used to be able to earn 75,000 miles for each card by using the 2-browser trick which was one of my first blog posts.  Lots of readers individually earned  150,000 or 225,000 American Airlines miles and together earned millions of AAdvantage miles by applying for these Citi AAdvantage cards.

This was my most popular post (508 comments and 60 Facebook likes) and I was very happy to read everyone’s success stories. Folks used their miles to visit terminally ill family members, plan honeymoons, and surprise their partners.  Your wonderful stories kept me motivated to continue blogging!

Even though the Citi AAdvantage 75,000 mile credit cards are no longer working, there are still working links for 50,000 mile Citi AAdvantage cards. 

So I’ve modified my earlier 2-browser trick post for the current offer below.

Note:  The links below do NOT show you the terms of the offer on the application.  But based on the comments and my personal experience, you do get the 50,000 miles if you’re approved for the card. 

Citi American Airlines Bonus Miles Offer

The current Citi AAdvantage offer is for 50,000 miles per card.  If you get both the personal and business versions you will have enough miles for 4 roundtrip tickets within the US in economy class.

Or a one-way trip to Asia on Cathay Pacific in First Class (one of the world’s best airlines), or a return trip in Business Class to South America and still have some miles left over!

If you’ve never applied for a Citi AAdvantage Credit Card, you CAN get up to 130,000 AAdvantage miles, worth at least $1,300 if you conservatively value AA miles at 1 cent per mile.

If you don’t have an AAdvantage account, sign-up for one here, before you apply for the Citi AAdvantage Credit Cards.

Citi AAdvantage 50,000 Mile Bonus Offer – Existing Cardholder

Citi also generally lets you get the bonus again on personal AAdvantage cards 18 to 20+ months since your last application (regardless of whether you cancelled or still have a AAdvantage Visa or AMEX).

For example, if your last successful application and approval for AAdvantage cards was in January 2010 you should be able to reapply and get the sign on bonus again since it is more than 20 months since you were last approved for the personal Citi American Airlines card.

There are 3 Citi American Airlines cards which you can get.  As discussed the general Citi rules apply which mean that you can’t get more than 2 cards within a 65 day period.  And you have to wait at least 2 to 3 days in between the first and second card.

Citi AAdvantage 50,000 Mile Card Features

  • 2 AAdvantage miles per $1 on AA travel.  You earn 2 AAdvantage miles per $1 spent on American Airlines travel for the 1st year and 1 mile after that.  This is better than the previous deals where you would earn only 1 mile per $ spent on American Airlines, but is below the standard for most airline loyalty cards which let you earn at least 2 miles per $ spent on air travel with the co-branded airline.
  •  3% Foreign Exchange Fee.  There is a 3% foreign transaction fee, so don’t use this overseas.
  • 1st Year Annual Fee Waived.  The $85 annual fee for the personal card and $75 fee for the business card is waived for the 1st year.

5 Tips to get the most AAdvantage miles through this offer:

1) Your goal should be to get all 3 Citi AAdvantage cards (Personal card, Personal GOLD MasterCard, and Business card) for a total of 130,000 AAdvantage miles.

2) However,  you CANNOT apply for 2 cards simultaneously.  If you do apply for all 2 cards at the same time, you will be denied the second card.  But you can apply for a second (different card) after 2 or 3 days and get approved as long as you don’t have more than 2 applications within 65 days.

3) The 50,000 mile bonus is only for first time cardholders. One bonus for first time personal cardholders, and another bonus for first time business cards holders.

4) Here’s how to get all 3 cards and up to 130,000 AAdvantage miles:

Here’s how I would get all 3 cards over 65 to 95 days if it has been 18+ months from when you were last approved for a Citi American Airlines card or if you never had a Citi American Airlines card:

  • Day 3 or 4:  Apply for the Citi American Airlines personal GOLD MasterCard with 30,000 miles after spending $750 within 4 months.  You may have to call in to get approved.
  • If you are concerned about completing the minimum spend, I’ve listed more than 40 ways to help complete the minimum spending requirements. You only have one chance at applying for both the cards together, so don’t let the minimum spending prevent you from applying for both cards at the same time.
  • After 65 days apply for the Citi Business Card and earn another 50,000 miles after spending $2,500 within 4 months.  If you apply earlier than 65 days your application will be automatically denied because Citibank likes to see 60+ days gap after a personal application and 90+ days after a business card application.

If you get a letter declining the second application, you could write a letter to the Citi Executive reconsideration department asking them to reconsider your application.

The 2 browser trick usually works, but understand that there are no guarantees and that your mileage may vary (YMMV)!

5) Wait for your card to arrive and confirm the minimum spend required to earn the 50,000 miles when you call to activate your card.

Oh, and the first year annual fee is waived on both the personal ($85) and the business card ($75) so you are getting these miles for free!

Bottom Line: This is an AWESOME deal and you should move quickly since there’s no guarantee how much longer these deals will last.

You can do a LOT with  130,000 AAdvantage miles  – including 5 US domestic economy trips on American Airlines, or First Class flights on some of the world’s finest airlines such as Cathay Pacific, Jet Airways, and British Airways by redeeming through American Airlines for their One World Alliance partners.

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1,160 responses to “Use The 2-Browser Trick To Earn 100,000+ Free AAdvantage Miles

  1. @Pan – A virtual gift card directly from AA should work. I’ve always bought the plastic gift card, though.

    – The 2 Citi cards are a great way to start, and perhaps another Chase card – Sapphire Preferred, United Explorer, Southwest, Hyatt etc. depending on your goals.

    @Matt – Thanks for sharing!

    @Sam – I wouldn’t worry about that since there are multiple members in the house.

  2. Tausif Salim

    I can confirm that the virtual gift card worked for me. Credit posted today!

  3. @TausifSalim,
    Thank you for posting that. That I’ll be doing that sooner than later!

  4. Does anyone have experience getting a credit back for making a hotel or “activities” purchase through AA? There are a few things on the activities page,, that I’d actually have use for if it would trigger a credit.

  5. ok i am very excited today i got the BA 50K+50K card today.. then I applied for Citi AA card got approved for both visa and amex…. now sure how how much miles are in it.. when i clicked on the link you provided it took me to application and I applied. APPROVED.. I guess not applying for any CC for last 1 year paid off.. I never thought about you could get miles for free…. until I found Millionmilessecreat … THANKS again.

  6. Anyone have luck with buying luggage tags on AA to trigger $100 credit? They only cost $20. What about buying miles ?

  7. @Deedeema
    The luggage tags will not work. They are sold by 3rd party vendor, and is cheaply made.

  8. I got my miles posted today for Amex. Visa would be posted in next billing cycle. I need suggestions on how to consume these points in the best way. Please suggest. I have following right now

    1. 100K points from this deal: AAdvantange miles.
    2. 55K United Miles
    3. 50 K BA miles (50 K more next year)
    4. 35K Chase UR

    I’d prefer to monetize these but open to spend on airline tickets.

  9. Deedeema: The luggage tags are a gamble. They HAVE worked for some people. They SHOULD trigger the credit because it clearly has the required “AA” in the bill line item. However, it often seems to get missed. So, I wouldn’t risk it again for the luggage tags. Again, they SHOULD count — and if you call, AA will tell you that they WILL count — but they just don’t always seem to trigger it. Not worth the gamble.

    – John…

  10. just did the 2 browser trick, was approved with 50k miles for both cards. just have to spend $3k on each within 4 months now……
    Thanks for the info, these miles will pay for my Europe trip!

  11. In order to get the $100 credit, do I have to spend all $100 on AA purchases or can I just make a small purchase in-flight and they’ll credit me $100? Thank you.

  12. @Basil – I doubt it would work since the purchase has to come directly from AA.

    @Seemit – Depends on where you want to go, but you have enough for a business class trip to almost anywhere in the world.

    – A small in flight purchase should also work.

  13. Waited exactly 20 months since last successful approval, applied for both cards last week using 2 browser trick.. Made 2 separate calls to finish the approval process. Received both cards, confirmed with a rep that 50K bonus offer is attached to both cards and … I am very Happy…thanks Daraius..

  14. Got the card today , welcome package did not include any bonus information, will have to call customer service to find out the details on bonus, hopefully its 50 k 50 k card.

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  16. I need some advice as someone who is new to this.

    I am interested in:
    -Citi AA Amex and Visa cards (maybe the business card later)
    -Southwest personal and business (either plus or premier for the two 50,000 RR miles towards Companion Pass, already have over 10K RR qualifying miles for the year)
    -Ink Bold for possible 50K UR bonus and ongoing 5x points on office supplies.

    How should I stagger/prioritize my apps? I was approved for the Sapphire Preferred at the end of June, first card in over 2 yrs, and will hit the minimum spend by the end of this month for the 40K UR bonus.

    Can you apply for the Southwest personal and business, say Plus version first then Premier later, and get the RR bonuses each time, and if so how much time needs to fall in between the apps with Chase ?

    And since there was some talk about a new chase business card coming later in the year, if that also has an appealing sign up bonus, how much time should pass between last chase app and the next one (does it matter if it is business or personal on the last/next app)?


    BTW, great site and awesome info.

  17. Love your site-it’s my new RSS blog!
    So I was wondering if you have multiple cards with one back (e.g. the 2 AA cards with Citi, BA + UA cards with Chase) would it be ok to link them by online login (ie using one username/pw online for 2 cards under the same account)? Is it easier for the bank to see that you have 2 accounts open with them –> bad for churn?

  18. My wife applied for both cards last night and both cards said she needed to call in to provide more information. She called in this morning and verified her employment information and personal details and was approved for both cards, confirming the 50k bonus per card. We followed your advice to make two separate calls and it worked like a charm!

    As a side note, Amanda put my AAdvantage number on her apps by mistake and they had no issue with it. Not sure if that means our points will all go to the same place or if they’ll recognize that it doesn’t match her name later on.

  19. @HK – I suspect the new Chase card will be around for a bit, so no hurry to get it. If you want the Companion Pass, you could apply for 1 RR card now and another later on. If Citi and Chase use different credit bureaus, you could also apply for the 2 Citi AA cards at the same time.

    @Annie – I’ve linked all my account online with no issues.

    @Basil – Congrats! Not sure what will happen with the points, but do keep us posted!

  20. I’m writing for a friend. He tried the two browser trick today, and the browser for his Amex application had trouble loading the page. So he refreshed the page, and it told him “a system error has caused a delay in processing your app. Please try again later.” He called the reconsideration line asking about Amex approval, and the specialist told him that the Visa was approved. Because of this error, is he out the possibility of getting the card, or can he still try and apply today before midnight? Thanks.

  21. Jerry- your friend should resubmit the app. My wife had that same problem last night. She just tried resubmitting the Amex app which showed and error and we got it approved in 5 minutes after calling in. Good luck!

  22. Thanks for your blog and 2 browser trick. I applied for both Citi Visa and Amex at the same time. , The Amex was appvoed instantly, but the Visa application said needwait for decision. Both cards arrived in a week. I called Citi and both cards came with the bonus offer just like you said. Now just need to make the minimum spending!

  23. @Jerry – I’d do what Basil suggested.

    @Coppell – Congrats!

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  25. Imo the citi aa card is one of the best in the industry right now. For the 2 cards I got 4 admiral club day passes, $150 statement credit each after spending at AA, not to mention 100K miles and you get double miles for every AA ticket purchase. In addition I got 10,000 miles (that’s the maximum per year) refunded for an award ticket and you get select AA awards in North America reduced by 7,500 miles. Show me a card that offers all that. Keeping this card after the first year is a no brainer to me.

  26. Just applied for the both the amex and visa personal cards using the two browser trick (PS i used the private browser feature on both to avoid cookie issues, anyone else try this?). I did not receive immediate approval because I recently moved and citi wants confirmation of my new address.

    1. Is there any chance I wont be considered a “new cardholder” for both cards because I may get final approval on different days?

    2. Additionally, after both applications were sent in I did the citi chat for both applications. One operator told me i needed two different forms of address confirmation and one operator only asked for one item for address confirmation. How could that happen?

  27. Hi, I was looking for your post on how to effectively use the AAdvantage miles. And I found that the link to “6 Ways To Use 150,000 AAdvantage Miles” incorrectly points to the page with “3 Ways You May Qualify For a Business Credit Card”. Would appreciate if you could fix the link or send me the correct url. Thanks in advance.

  28. @Michael – I agree, which is why it is the #1 deal on the Hot Deals tab.

    @BRL – I don’t really know, but it could be worth a try if you send the address confirmation separately.

    @ S. Mistry – Link fixed. Also check out this series.

  29. Thanks D for your 2 browser trick. It worked and I got 2 cards approved! Yay! Just a general question about the spending: I still get miles on every dollar spent even it is spent towards reaching the minimum requirement, is that correct?

  30. @Summer – You’ll get the miles on all spending – even if it counts towards the minimum spending requirements.

  31. My wife just confirmed that both of her cards are also the 50 k bonus ones and that the miles from the bonus and from monthly purchases will post to the AA account number she provided when applying (my AAdvantage account). Obviously this isn’t a huge victory since AA lets you book awards in anyone’s name, but it is convenient to have all the miles going to one place!

  32. Hi Darius, I have applied for AA Personal Visa and AA Personal Amex. Both approved. Will let you know if I receive 100K miles (both combined).

  33. Its really Tempting offer! I recently approved for Citi Thank You Reward(about 3 weeks before) as my First Citi Cc. Do Citi have any rules & restriction on applying Card within certain time period ? Please Advice! I came across your a month & half ago and since than I(We) applied Citi TY rewards 50K (Me + my GF), Chase BA 100K Bonus (Me + Mother + Sister), and a Chase Slate with 18 month 0% BT. Thanks you, Thanks a lot for your Awesome blog & effort. :)

  34. @Krish – You usually can’t apply for more than 2 Citi personal cards within 65 days.

  35. Just started the miles game last week after seeing the southwest 2 free flights deal on the internet. I then found the aadavantage offers but they were for only 30,000 miles. I signed me and my wife and we were both approved. I have only since started researching your website to find out that i should have used the 2 browser trick. Is it possible i can still get the 50,000 bonus or am i stuck with the 30,000. Love you site btw, I have been glued to it for days!

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  37. @Philip – Unfortunately, you get the offer for which you applied for, and I doubt you can get approved for another personal Citi AA card for at least 18+ months since your last application.

  38. Thank you for your help! I did the Citi 2 browser trick and got instantly approved!! Reading up on your ways to meet the spending requirements! =)

  39. I have a question about downgrading these 2 cards to avoid the annual fees. I’ve read some reports on FT that the Amex card can be downgraded to a no annual fee card? Is that accurate? Also, can the Visa card be downgraded too?

  40. @James – In my experience it depends. Sometimes you’re able to downgrade and sometimes they say you can’t. I haven’t determined what the official policy is or even if there is one.

  41. Great site…you’re giving me hope of finally taking that trip on a small budget.
    You do say that you update recently, but there no timestaps for updates on this page. The hot deals page says that the 50k each deal is still on…before I jump in, can you confirm that its true?

  42. I have read on FT that you can do two-browser trick on the same card (e.g. AA visa), get two visa cards, and get the bonus twice. Does this trick work on two AA Biz cards?

  43. Hi! Love your blog!!! My question to you is that I am interested in trying the 2 browser trick for 2 personal Citi cards, but currently have AA mastercard (and have had personal amex and visa as well as biz visa in the past) and several other cards with citi now open with a total credit line of 40000 $, which means they most likely won’t give me more credit line or cards. What do you recommend to do? If I do apply for 2 cards they will most likely have me call them and ask them to move some credit line from other cards but they will notice that I applied for 2 new cards. Should I still go with it or cancel some card/s and wait a certain time frame? Thanks a lot for advice.

  44. @Govinda das – Based on the comments it still appears to work.

    @TAO – You can only get 1 business card within 95 days, so it likely will not work.

    – I really don’t know how it will play out, but I do agree with your concerns since you $40K extended. Perhaps you could reduce the lines or cancel a Citi card which isn’t old and which you don’t use before applying. Good luck!

  45. @govinda das i did the two browser trick about two weeks ago and recently got approved.

    @mileagegirl I spoke to several citi CSRs who mentioned (iI never dared bring it up) that I applied for the two cards on the same day and was wise to do so in order to get 100k miles. So I wouldn’t be too concerned, of course if you have some citi CC you don’t need it would probably help to free up some credit but i wouldn’t be two concerned about speaking to the CSRs about the two appsif they bring it up.

  46. My wife, and I we both have good credit (my wife over 800, I just few points below 800). Both of us used 2-browser trick and received cards (Visa and Amex) with no problem (thanks Daraius). But business card is different story. Fore both of us these were declined – for different reasons though. They declined mine for my (personal – chapter 7) bankruptcy I had filed in 1988 (24 years ago); and my wife’s for not enough gross income from the business (we have 7 units apartment renting business for last 14 yeas; gross about 110K and good net). She does not work at any other place. There was a question on the application about “individual income” and we may be made a mistake by putting “0” (since she has no other job). I just wonder if we should put our net income from renting there and in “Other income “column we should put our gross income. My wife spoke to the guy but she got nowhere. At the end, he told her to apply for second time but talk to the rep first as she may qualify for a different card. Anyone had similar experiences and what is your take on it? Thanks.

  47. @ASK – I wouldn’t apply for at least another 90 days otherwise you’ll automatically get denied. And perhaps putting an amount in the “individual income” may help as well.

  48. Hey Daraius, I got approved for both Visa and Amex and also got 50K bonus miles on each. Thanks for being so awesome!!!

  49. Hi D, applied for both if the business cards for both my wife and I. Approved instantly in May. Thanks to you. Applied for the business cards on 08/15. My wife’s was instantly approved. My wasn’t, the letter said, unable to process can not verify information provided on application . What should I do. Thanks for your help.

  50. @Steve – Call them. They may need you to fax over some document verifying your address.

  51. My wife and I both applied for the business card. However only I got approved for it. For my wife they said its 1 business card per company and wouldn’t approve her. Anyone else has this issue?

    1. Do you know how long it takes to have the AA statement credit show up?
    2. After I use the AA card for a flight, will my boarding pass show something for priority boarding?

  52. Thanks D, I will call them tomorrow during business hour

  53. @Danny – I believe Citi won’t issue a card again for the same business. The statement credit showed up by the next statement. I believe you get priority boarding even if you don’t use the card to book the flight, as long as it is an AA flight.

  54. Hi Daraius, just got off the phone with Citi credit dept. After verifing my
    my information again, the CSR put me on hold for about 10 minutes, came back and told me I have been approved for the business card with 20K limit. I have no idea why they need to check the exact information I put on the application again. Will be flying first class with wife on Cathay Pacific to Asia next year. Thanks a million for your help. ps: been using your links for ink bold, spg, and the AA cards. Will try for the sapphire and hyatt soon.

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  56. @Steve – Glad it worked out! Thanks for using our links. BTW, did you both have the same business name or was it different?

  57. We used 2 different business name. I do have a small legit online business, but wife’s business is fictitious.

  58. Hi Darius,

    Just applied using the 2-brower trick, got instant approval. Should I call them now to verify the sign-up bonus, or should I wait for the cards to arrive before I call. Great posts. Keep it up. I’m an avid reader of yours.

    It is also my first time ever owning a citi card, well lets say 2 citi at once.

  59. @Steve – Good to know.

    @Mowsquared – You can do that once you get the cards and call to activate them. If you get the cards, you almost certainly will get both the bonuses once you complete the minimum spending requirement.

  60. My wife and I both want to sign up for these cards, but can we both use my AAdvantage number, or do we have to split the points up? Somebody posted in the comments that the application worked, but can somebody confirm they received all 200,000 miles in their account?

  61. @tbrouwer – I’d use separate numbers for your wife and you. You can always book a ticket for anyone with the miles.

  62. I had planned on booking one of their vacation packages with hotel and airfare etc … we’ll see. thanks

  63. Tammy Horvath

    Do you think the 75,000 mile offer may come back soon?

  64. @Tammy Horvath – I don’t expect it back, but I’ve been wrong before.

  65. Hey Daraius,

    Just got instant approval using the two browser trick. Do you (or anyone else on the comments page) know an ETA for the two cards? I need to get spending :)


  66. Hi Daraius,

    Just got approved using the 2 browser for my wife. Got instant approval for each. Weird is that she received an email, saying that they are processing their application (Visa or AX? not clear) and will get back to her within 7 days. This after both saying approved. Hum…

    Now I have a separate question. I want to cancel my AMEX membership rewards card, but I need to transfer my points, about 30K, to another program, either hotels or airline. I do not need any top up right now for any of these. So my question is which program give you the best value from a transfer of membership rewrds points? I am sure you have an idea. Thanks.

  67. Thank you Frank, you were correct I recieved the other card and have not even gotten an email about it yet. Now to the statement credit. What kinds of purchases have people been successful with (gift cards, in-fligh purchases, etc.)? Has anyone had any luck with purchases other than an actual purchase of a flight? Thanks!

  68. Following up on the best transfer of membership rewards points question, is there a promotion right now that gives a bonus when transferring to some programs? Thanks again.

    And your posts are fantastic, with the excruciating details that we need. You leave almost no stone unturned when you describe an issue. Congratulations.

  69. I would like to open the aa card in my son’s name. He’s 18 but he has no prior credit cards. Do you think they will approve him? Do you think we can use the 2 browser tip?

  70. Also if we tdo the two browser thing will there be two credit inquiries?
    Could that hurt him majorly as a college student?
    Is it a bad idea as he needs to build credit?

  71. Is the 1 companion pass still available for first time card members?

  72. Thanks for these step by step instructions. Got approved for both card. Hopefully it’ll be the 50K bonus for each card.

  73. @Andy K – About 10 days.

    @Ronan – Thanks for the kinds words! The best value depends on how you will use the points. British Airways has a 40% transfer bonus, but transfer them only if you know you will use BA Avios later on.

    @Cynthie – He’s unlikely to get approved if he has no prior cards, since miles and points card are usually offered only to folks with a credit history. The companion ticket is a very restricted benefit, so I wouldn’t apply for the card just for that. Here’s a post on student credit cards —>

    @ko – You should get the bonus if you complete the minimum spending requirement.

  74. Hi – is the Citi Personal Amex and Visa offer still valid for 50k? When I click on the link you posted, where can I see it discuss the 50k bonus points? thank you

  75. Hi there,
    Just letting people know that Citi may be cracking down on the 2-browser trick. On 8/28, followed direction to the tee and got instant approval on both Visa and AMEX. But the next day, got an email saying they only allow 1 card per acct so they’re canceling my AMEX. Maybe I just ran into some bad luck.

  76. any updates if you can still get 2 of the 50k offers?

  77. I just did both last night, was told to call in on the website after applying to complete both applications (866-606-2787 a different number than what’s posted because it doesn’t work anymore), called in this morning and was told that I was approved for both (on separate calls)! Still works I guess… I suppose we’ll see if I actually get both or if they cancel one, but it worked so far.

  78. Just applied for both as well, the Visa application immediately connected me with a Live Chat representative to verify all of my information and the Amex asked me to call 1-866-606-2787. For some reason after applying, my applications both showed up as Visa applications?! So confused. Told me that I will hear back in week.

  79. Status update on my 8/30 post. Today, 9/1, I received both cards?! Activated and verified the 50K miles bonus on both AMEX and Visa cards. So weird but we’ll see.

    Also, my wife was approved for both yesterday and no denial email, yet!

  80. Just used the two-browser trick and was instantly approved for both.

  81. Duke – How is it possible that you applied for both cards on 8/30 and got your card two days later? That is the fast card delivery known to man.

  82. Wade – My husband got approved on Sunday and we got the cards on Sat. It was not 2 days but fairly quick compared to other credit cards. They confirmed both 50,000 signup bonuses with 3k spend in 4 months for each card.

  83. Hi Daraius,

    First off, I can’t thank you enough for this incredibly useful site.

    Second, I was wondering if it would be possible to apply for these 2 cards using the 2-browser trick, and apply for 2 SPG AMEX cards (personal + business), all on the same day. At first, my guess would be that it shouldn’t matter, since 2 are issued by Citi and 2 are by AMEX. However, I remembered that one of the Citi cards has an AMEX logo – does that make a difference?

    Btw – I already have one card from Citi, but none from AMEX. Thanks for all your help!

  84. I applied for 2 cards (I thought Visa and AMEX) using the 2-brower trick on 8/25 after seeing this helpful site. Got approved for both. I had not gotten my cards as of 8/31 and called to check. They told me I had applied for 2 and gotten approved and also told me of the 50K bonus, etc. The cards arrived 9/1 and they were both AMEX. I’ve activated them and started using them so hopefully what they told me about the bonus on both is correct.

  85. So I applied for both cards this evening and didn’t receive an immediate decision. I spoke with an agent in live chat regarding the Visa card and she mentioned that my application will be forwarded to another department for further review. I’ll call in tomorrow to check on the status of both (on different calls).

  86. Just an update regarding my application from 9/2. I called in today to check on the status and they needed to update some information on my application hence the reason I wasn’t approved immediately. The Analyst saw both applications and updated my information on both apps and approved my applications for both the Visa and the Amex. I didn’t ask about the bonus since I didn’t want to jinx anything, but I’ll verify prior to activating once the cards are received.

  87. I did the two browser trick and was not instantly approved for both cards. I called the application status check # and provided them with one of the application ID #’s I got and was approved for the Citi AA Amex card. I called again and gave them the other application ID # but they needed some more time to review it. I called them again 6 days later and found out I was denied the Citi AA Visa card because I had “recently closed a Citi AA Visa card” which was back in February, but that was my 1-year mark, and when I re-applied a few weeks ago it was my 18th month since “initial approval”. What should I do now?? Should I keep calling them and try to convince them to approve me for the Citi AA Visa card??

  88. Possible New Bonus: Today I called to close my American Express card, after 4 months (got all the bonus and stuff, done with it now). They offered me an incentive to keep it open: 3 miles per dollar on every transaction for the next 6 months, up to 10,000 miles. Thought you guys would like to know about that!!!

  89. I thought I read some where that this card gives 2 pts (1pt and 1 bonus pt) per dollar spent on anything for the first 12 mo, I’m not sure wher I read this does this sound familiar to anyone?

  90. Hi Wade,
    I applied on 8/28. The one you’re referring to was just me giving an update on a post I made on 8/30, which you can take a look and see I stated the 28th.

  91. Duke T, I misread your post, my apologies. But I can certainly understand how quickly the send these cards out. I was approved on Tuesday of this week for both cards and received them in the mail today. I called to activate them and confirmed the spend minimum and promo. This certainly works like a charm, now its time to work on the spending minimum, I’ve got $6K to spend before by the end of January :) This should be a problem, I’ve got some ideas. Thanks again for the tip.

  92. Mark the Meanderer

    Sorry if this is a repost, but I just want to be absolutely 100% sure. I opened both cards (AMEX) the beginning of June this year and I still haven’t spent the $3K on both. This means my deadline is the beginning of October (four months from opening these cards). Can anyone confirm that once you hit $3K, they’ll give you the points immediately OR is it based on your billing cycle? I’m worried because my billing due date is in the middle of the month, so it would go from mid-September and mid-October, and they can argue that I didn’t fulfill the required $3K in time. Any thoughts?

  93. @Mark the Meanderer – For a definite answer you can call customer service and ask them how much longer you have to meet the minimum spend requirement and they’ll give you that information. Usually it will be the end of your bill cycle in the 4th month. Let us know what you find out. Thanks

  94. @Mark the Meanderer: When i spoke to customer services abt this onces, what I understood, you have to spend 3K by end of september, its 4 month from the day you get approved. But the bonus points post after the statement closes.

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  96. Question about how to apply if I already have a personal Citi AA Advantage Mastercard: I have had the card for 12 months. Can I apply for either both Amex and Visa personal with 2 browser trick? Or can I apply for Amex and business card? Or am I best off just applying for the business card?

    FYI: My free year is just about to expire, so I called Citi to say I was considering canceling the card. They told me to wait until it posts to my statement and then call back because they probably be able to waive the fee for one more year. If not, they would allow me to cancel at that point without paying the fee.

  97. Link still work! Husband and I both applied using the double browser trick on 9/3, all 4 cards arrived today. Called in a confirmed 50K and $100 credit statement on each. Thank you!

  98. divingdiva – Great news! Do you have the exact link that you used? (Were they the ones on this site, or was it a link that still went to a landing page first?) Thanks!

  99. @Mike Williams – That should be possible, but as always your miles may vary.

    – If you received the cards, you should get the bonus.

    @Mark the Meanderer – The clock starts ticking from when you are approved for the card. I’d call to find out by when you have to meet the minimum spending requirement. You get the points once the billing statement in which you meet the spending requirement closes.

    @FreedomHater – You usually need to wait 18+ months since you were last approved to get the personal cards again, so I’d wait before applying. It could be easier applying for the business card instead.

    @divingdiva – Thanks for confirming!

  100. How do I apply for cards as a homemaker with no actual annual salary?

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