50,000 Ultimate Rewards Points ($500 to $2,000 Value) With Chase Ink Bold Business Card [Review of Old Chase Ink Bold, Which Is No Longer Offered]

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Chase Ink Bold

Here’s another great sign-up bonus offer from Chase!

Update: Here’s a link to my review of the current Chase Ink Bold offer with 50,000 points.  The review below is for the OLD version, which is no longer offered.

You can get 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points when you spend $5,000 on the Chase Ink Bold Business charge card within 3 months. 

[I earn a referral if you apply for the Chase Ink Bold using the links in this post.  Emily and I are extremely grateful to all readers who apply for the card using our link!]

This is a review of the OLD Ink Bold which had tiered spending bonuses.  Here’s my review of the new Ink Bold.

The regular offer on the Chase Ink Bold  is for 15,000 to 25,000 points so 50,000 points is very good!

And if you are a big spender (I know some of you are!), you get extra Ultimate Rewards points for crossing certain spend thresholds within 1 year:

  • 7,500 bonus points after spending $25,000
  • 15,000 bonus points after spending $50,000
  • 25,000 bonus points after spending $ 100,000

These are the same Ultimate Rewards points which you can get with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and can be transferred to the same airline (Continental, British Airways, and Korean Air) and hotel partners (Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club) as the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

$5,000 is a lot to spend within 3 months, so this card is not for everyone.  But I’ve received lots of emails for card recommendations, and you may be able to complete the minimum spend requirements with the help of these 40+ ways to complete minimum spending requirements.

But if you have to apply for only 1 business credit card, I’d  recommend the 75,000 Citi AAdvantage business credit card with only $1,500 spending required in 6 months.

If you don’t have an established business, you still may be able to apply for this credit card.  Lots of readers have received the Citi AAdvantage 75,000 bonus mile business credit card!

However, Chase is getting really (I mean really really) strict about not approving folks who have applied for multiple Chase credit cards, and who have had many credit card applications in the past.

I got quite the interrogation when I called the reconsideration line to get approved for my Chase Southwest Airlines card.  And many readers have also commented that they had a Chase interrogation as well.

If you’ve been regularly applying for Chase cards, you may want to wait this out. I will not be applying for the Chase Ink Bold card because I just got approved for the Chase Southwest Airline card 2 months ago and don’t want to be flagged by Chase.

I have to keep reminding myself, “Must.  Not.  Apply.”

It is *very* hard!

Chase Ink Bold Review


1. Chase Ultimate Rewards Points.  The Chase Ink Bold earns Chase Ultimate Rewards points which are very valuable.  For example, the 50,000 bonus points can be redeemed for:

  • Gift cards – $500 value
  • Travel through the Ultimate Rewards Portal – $625 value
  • Transfer to hotel and airline partners – $625 – $2,000 value

I’ve written a detailed review on the Chase Ultimate Rewards program in my review of the Chase Sapphire Preferred card so check it out for more details on the best redemption options for Ultimate Rewards points!

You can transfer Ultimate Rewards points earned via the Chase Ink Bold (but not Ink Cash or Ink Classic) , in a 1:1 transfer ratio, to:

  • United Airlines
  • British Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Hyatt
  • Marriott
  • IHG

In short, my preferred way to redeem 50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points would be to transfer them to Hyatt and redeem for 2 nights in a top category 6 Hyatt hotels such as the Park Hyatt in Paris, Tokyo, or the Maldives where I could get a value of up to $1,000 a night!

But your needs will be different so do what’s best for you.

In general, you may be able to squeeze out more value by transferring to a hotel or airline partner than redeeming through the Ultimate Rewards portal.  For example, Online Travel Review wrote about how to transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Korean Air and then use them for a flight to Tahiti!

However, I wouldn’t redeem for Priority Club points since I can get them for .6 cents per point using the cash and points trick.  If I were to redeem 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points for 50,000 Priority Club points I would get only a $360 value (50,000 X .6 cents).

2.   One Year Complimentary Priority Pass Membership.  Your first 2 visits to lounges for you and a companion are free.  Afterwards, you have to pay $27 per person for lounge access.

The Priority Pass Membership is provided for only 1 year with the Chase Ink Bold.

3.   No Preset Spending Limit.  The Chase Ink Bold is a charge card, not a credit card, so you’ll likely get a higher credit line, but will have to pay it off in full when the statement closes.

4.  First Year Annual Fee Waived.  The $95 annual fee is waived for the first year.


1.  Foreign Transaction Fee.  The Chase Ink Bold has a 3% foreign transaction fee which makes this an expensive card to use overseas.

In contrast, the Chase Sapphire Preferred does not charge foreign transaction fees and is a better way to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards points on international transactions.

2.  Bonus Categories.  Unlike the Chase Sapphire Preferred, you don’t earn double the points for dining and travel.

I find this peculiar for a business card offering!

3.  Annual Fee.  The $95 annual fee is expensive if you keep the Chase Ink Bold beyond the first year.

4.  Bonus Points for Spend Thresholds.  You get 45,000 extra points if you spend $100,000 on the card.

But you can get a companion pass on the British Airways card by spending only $30,000 and top tier Hilton Diamond status by spending $40,000 on the AMEX Surpass card so I don’t think this is a particularly good value.

Bottom Line:

The Chase Ink Bold is a great card for the 50,000 point sign up bonus and 2 free lounge visits since the annual fee is waived for the first year.

But the 3% foreign transaction fee, no bonus categories such as travel or dining, and the $95 annual fee don’t make it so attractive to keep in your wallet for everyday use.

I wish I wasn’t so maxed out with Chase, otherwise I’d apply for the Chase Ink Bold.  What are you thinking of doing?

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64 responses to “50,000 Ultimate Rewards Points ($500 to $2,000 Value) With Chase Ink Bold Business Card [Review of Old Chase Ink Bold, Which Is No Longer Offered]

  1. I’ve received 3 Chase cards in the last few months. I got grilled pretty good by the reconsideration agent last time, to get my Chase Sapphire Preferred card approved.

    So, I may actually revert to the “1 Chase application every 6 months rule”, that I believe you helped debunk. If a spectacular offering comes along, I will probably apply again before 6 months, and go through reconsideration. Otherwise, I’m hoping to get instant approvals from Chase again, by keeping my applications to one every 6 months.

  2. Maxed out like you – just hit my spend on the Sapphire and waiting for points to post. Now attacking the AMEX Business Gold Rewards spend threshold. But I’d LOVE the extra 50,000 (it really has become a sickness).

    But you said this is a business card. If I apply for one with my offices Taxpayer ID, would that change the dynamics and give me a better chance of getting the card? Thanks for any feedback.

    • @Chris M – I’ve had 3 to 4 ( I can’t remember!) in the last 4 months so I’m going to hold off like you. I’m going to limit myself to maybe 3 or 4 cards a year from Chase. But it is is hard since Chase seems to have all the good offers!

      @Steve Schwartz – Ha! You’re right – this is addictive. I don’t have any personal experience, but I think you have a much stronger chance when you enter in your business TID. You also have to enter in your personal SSN, but if it is denied, you can call in and explain that you do have a business and need a new card to put lots of spend on. If I remember correctly, you also have a Centurion card and Chase approved your last card, right?

      You can always use your long history with Chase and the fact that you have a business with a tax ID to your advantage, and casually mention how you have the Centurion card to the phone rep if you have to call in. That said, I don’t know how many inquiries you have in the last 6 months with the credit bureau which Chase uses for you. If it is more than 5 in the last 6 months, I would probably hold off. Let us know what happens!

  3. Steve,

    I’ve had better luck applying with my TIN, for Chase business cards, than just using my SSN.

    By the way Steve, I remember you from Milepoint. I’m TennisPro on there. And I can completely relate to the “sickness”. 😉

    I have to keep reminding myself, that the number that really matters, is net worth… not points, not credit score, and not credit limits.

  4. any idea on the time frame of this offer or how long it will last?

  5. Hi Darius,

    You make a good point… Chase does seem to have a lot of the great offers lately!

    In fact, you just convinced me to go for 3 or 4 Chase cards a year, like you, instead of just 2 (one every six months). It didn’t take much convincing! 😉

    Also, a different Chase application “philosophy”, is just to keep applying frequently (like, every 30 days), as long as they keep approving you upon reconsideration. Then, once they finally deny you upon reconsideration… cool it at that point.

  6. I’ve got a couple of theories about getting Chase cards, one is that they will give you some cards without hesitation and others they will screen you more carefully. Has anyone been grilled on the Hyatt card? From the stories I hear it is the Shappire card that gets them going. That was my experience, reconsidered for the Shappire (got it) and 45 days later I went for Hyatt expecting a struggle and it just came in the mail 9 days later.

    The agents seem to be looking for a legitimate reason beyond scoring points for wanting the cards, and the Bold Buisness comes a built-in reason if you have a buisness and just tell them you don’t have a card for it.

  7. I have the Chase Ink already but I got 0 points because I switched from another card. I emailed Chase asking to match this better offer and their response is no, this is a targeted offer only and a 12-digit RSVP is required for them to match. What is your understanding? Is this targeted or is the CSR misinformed?

  8. Ok, I think I have the Ink Cash which I assume is different. Regardless, I emailed and asked for the match. I’m not expecting a positive response but what the hell.

  9. I am so tempted, but I’ve already committed my spending to several new cards for the next 4-6 months! Must resist!

    • @dan – No idea how long this will last, but let me know if you find out.

      @Chris M. – Net worth does matter, a high credit score and a mile and point balance can save you money which should increase your net worth!

      – Nice to know. I’ve been saving my Hyatt application for when I really need those 2 free nights. I got a grilling for the SW card 2 months ago, and have been cooling it since then! I have been able to convince agents that I need the card w/o even mentioning the sign on bonus, but want to play safe for a while now!

      @Jason – There are 3 versions of the Ink card – classic, bold, and cash. Which version did you apply for? Never mind…you got the Ink cash. As always, the answer is always “no” unless you ask!

      @Heather – It is so hard, isn’t it!

  10. Darius,

    Thanks for all the info you provide on your blog. I have a question concerning the Chase Ink cards and the Ultimate Reward points transferring to airline/hotel programs. I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and know that I can transfer points to my accounts at the programs in Ultimate Rewards. I have a couple of businesses and can put a lot of spend on cards (close to a million dollars a year). I am currently analyzing how to maximize the points I can earn by taking advantage of the bonus categories of various cards. The Chase Ink Classic card offers 5x points on office supplies and telecommunication services up to a maximum of $25,000. I believe I can spend this amount on these categories in a year for 125,000 points and the card has no annual fee. You mentioned that the classic card does not allow the transfers to partner accounts. Do you know if it is possible to transfer points between Ultimate Reward accounts so that I could transfer the points earned with the Ink classic card into my Sapphire Preferred account in order to make transfers into my ff accounts? I thought I had read something about this before with another Chase card, maybe the Forward? Because of the 5x offer this is a great card for business owners that spend alot on these categories.

  11. @Scott, I can answer your question about “Do you know if it is possible to transfer points between Ultimate Reward accounts”. The answer is yes. First I applied the “Chase Sapphire” for the no annual fee purpose. It gives you Ultimate Reward points but it does not allow you transferring to airline/hotel programs. So I have to apply the “Chase Sapphire Preferred” to gain the transferring ability. Then you combine your other Ultimate Reward to the account that has the transferring ability to shift your points airline/hotel programs. Thanks Darius for discovering the transferring tips.

  12. I plan on applying for the Chase Hyatt card and the Citi business card next so I think I will skip out on this. I only have 2 Chase cards right now and am a little scared to be on the black list.

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  14. Just got snail mail today after reading about this offer on your site, was planning to throw it out because I couldn’t take on a new spend right now. Luckily, I opened it because it is the same exact offer as above except you get 50k after the first purchase. Guess I’ll be opening a new one after all– will sm to see if they will extend the offer to my wife.

  15. Thanks for the info! I think Chase Ultimate Rewards cards are starting to compete with AMEX Membership Rewards cards — the only problem is the choice of airlines. British Airways will be changing their award scheme in mid-November (and for the worse, most people think); Korean Air’s award chart seems like it’s only redeemable on their airline; and Continental is merging into United and there is some hesitation in me that after the merger, United will continue blocking partner awards in higher classes. Just today, I booked a Thai/ANA first suites + Lufthansa business class ticket on Continental.com with ease, but when I called United, they had blocked all availability.

    I think I’ll sit this one out, since I have the BA 100K + Sapphire 50K and Chase is probably going to deny me. However, I’m close to the end of my 60-day wait for the Citi AAdvantage 75K business card and have no outstanding spend requirements …. hmm, this is addicting.

  16. Is the Citi AAdvantage 75K business card deal still alive? I clicked on the link earlier today from an old post on here and didn’t see the sign up bonus noted on the application. I always like to see that on there before I fill out the application since I don’t want the card without the bonus. That said, it wasn’t possible to do that with the AMEX Gold Biz card but was able to confirm it on the phone with the agent when processing the application. I guess I could do that here but would prefer to borrow some knowledge from you all if you happen to know what the deal is with the Citi Biz card. Muchos gracias!

  17. Nic,

    None of the links that I used, for biz or the 2 personal Citi AA cards, had the offer page. The links just went straight to the application, and I got the bonus for all 3.

    Some people believe that if the application page still loads, that the offer is still valid. As I recall in the past, once an offer is pulled, the application page doesn’t load. But, YMMV.

    As you said, you could call Citi after you apply, to make sure the bonus offer is attached. If for some reason it isn’t, at least you would know, and wouldn’t have to do the spend requirement.

    • @Scott – As long as you have one Ultimate Reward card which allows transfers to airline/hotel partners you should be able to transfer the UR points earned from, say, a checking account or other cards, to airline and hotel partners.

      This also works if you have the Freedom card (with bonus categories) and the Chase Sapphire Preferred which allows you to make transfers to hotel/airline partners.

      @Jack – Thanks for helping out! I’ve had a really busy week and hate not being able to get to the comments quicker.

      @Krys – Sounds good!

      @Joe – That’s a great offer. I don’t seem to get any targeted offers from Chase.

      @AK – It sure looks like Chase is going to compete with Amex’s MR! You can use Korean Air miles to book flights with skyteam partners such as Air France, KLM, Delta etc. I have a bad feeling about the United/CO merger and suspect that United will tend to follow Delta with award availability and pricing. I’m really hoping I’m wrong on this.

      I’d guess that most folks should be fine with 3 to 4 new Chase cards a year, but it doesn’t hurt to be cautious. You may want to wait 65 days (just in case) before applying for the Citi business card. This game really is addicting!

      @Nic – The Citi business offer is still available. It is exactly like the 2 Citi personal cards for 75K miles which also don’t show the offer on the page, but the 400+ comments suggest that the deal is live. If you haven’t got the 2 Citi personal cards, you may want to apply for 2 of those at the same time for a 150K bonus and then get the 75K AA business card 65+ days later.

      If you call before applying you will be told that the best offer is only 30K miles, but the link for 75K miles is still active.

      @Chris M – That’s a good idea. I don’t call unless it is absolutely necessary, but you can confirm with the reps once you get the cards.

  18. Im trying to apply with your link is there any way to get around the Tax ID question . They still want that info wvwn though I am a sole proprieter.

  19. Thanks . Amex and Citi drop that box when you check off SP . I guess they want your SS# twice once by your Businees info and once by your personal info.

  20. @Darius, I got the same offer Joe did via snail mail and was pleasantly surprised that I only have to make one purchase, though I already exceeded that via some large purchases.

    My question is, since I had $40K credit limit on an older Chase Ink Business back before it was called INK that got reduced to $20K limit for what I think was lack of use, how long should I keep this new INK bold Business open?

    The older INK has no yearly fee with a nice limit so I see no reason to close this 5 year old account.

    Also, silly me. When I logged and added my new INK Bold I looked for my credit limit and could not find one. Then my friend google told me that there was no limit or something like that. Could you shed some clarity?


  21. I wonder whether how many Chase cards you have should be answered separately for Personal and Business cards? None of my business card accounts (Citi, AmEx, Chase, all opened since June 2011 as sole proprietorship using SSN instead of TIN) show up on my credit reports. When I was interrogated for the Ink Bold on the reconsideration line, questions were only related to the business activity and no concern to the fact that I had applied for Sapphire Preferred also same day and both applications were pulled up using the SSN.

    Daraius, perhaps you should actually apply for the Ink Bold, unless you already have experience with another Chase business card.

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  25. does the ultimate reward site show the personal cards with the business cards to easily transfer and combine points-

    Or the business runs through a separate platform- like citi with their personal and business?

  26. Hi Darius,

    My first post!

    I applied for a Shappire Preferred card 100+ days ago and I currently have 3 Chase cards. I’m thinking about applying for the for Explorer and Ink bold Business @ the same time. I have excellent credit and have a long relationship with Chase! What do you think about my chances on getting approval?

    I enjoying your post! Keep up the GREAT work!


    • @Ricky – You will likely get denied for 1 of the 2 cards, but *may* be able to call the reconsideration line and explain why you need both cards and get approved. This review is to the Old Ink Bold card which had tiered bonuses. I’ll write a review on the new Ink Bold card this week.

  27. Thanks Darius! I look forward for your new review on INK BOLD!

    Do you have the INK BOLD?

  28. Hi Darius,

    In case you are as impatient as I am, when you are waiting to find out if Chase approved you for a card, I learned a little trick.

    You can call the Chase automated application status line (800) 432-3117, and if the automated voice says “you will receive a response in 7-10 days”, it generally means you will be approved, without having to call up for reconsideration.

    If you get the “you will receive a response in 30 days” or “you will receive a response in 14 days” message, it generally means you will be declined by the system, and have to call reconsideration.

    Warm Regards,

  29. I made a mistake. In my trick above, to find out if you are approved through the automated line, I reversed the meanings! “response in 7-10 days” means you are declined, and “response in 2 weeks” means you are approved! Whoops.

  30. Ummm, Kate, if you’re looking for people with bad credit, this probably isn’t the right blog. 😉

  31. @Chris M Just want to share my experience on my yesterday’s Ink Bold application. About 10 minutes after I applied online, I called the automated application status line (800) 432-3117, I got the “response in 2 weeks” message and I was very happy to hear that. However, today when I called again, the message is “response in 7-10 days”. I haven’t receive any deny email or letter(won’t arrive so soon) yet so I called the reconsideration line right away. The CSR is very friendly and asked me some questions about my business and put me on hold for less than 10 minutes, hooray, approved! Chase is really reconsider you than Citi(I never had any business card with Citi and applied the AA business and was denied and even I wrote to the reconsideration office and still got the denial. I knew since last year I closed my AA master card right after I received the bonus 2 months after the open and tried twice to use the “2 browse” trick to apply AA visa and Amex again and got the denial twice I lost the luck with Citi).

  32. @Jack Thanks for the update. And congratulations on the reconsideration approval. Chase has been treating my very well too, so I have been shifting my business to them more and more.

    • @Jack – Thanks for the update and for using the link on the blog to apply. In my experience Chase has the best telephone reconsideration department.

      @Chris M – I’m actually using my Chase cards more than my other credit cards. And I still have my Chase bank account open even though there are no branches in Kansas!

  33. Hi Darius,
    Your referral link is not working! It is sending me to a saphire application

  34. Foreign Transaction Fee 3%.
    I don’t believe that’s the case anymore. Since Nov 28, Chase removed the foreign transaction fee.

  35. Hi,
    Your blog is so great. You give a lot of information about credit card that is helpful. I plan to apply a new credit card. I consider the 1 INK (50,000 points) and 2 citi premier visa and master (50,000 + 50,000 points). If I apply citi, I will use 2 browser trick to get both visa and master at the same time. This will get me 100,000 points. On the other hands, If I apply for INK BOLD chase, I can only apply 1 credit card which get 50,000 points. Which one should you suggest me to apply first Chase or Citi? Do you know when these bonuses are expired?

    • @happy9z – It depends on what you’re trying to get. The Citi Thank You cards will get you ~$1300 in flights without blackout dates and is great for use for domestic US flights or on other travel through the Citi Thank You Portal. The Chase Ink Bold is great for high value Hyatt hotel stays or to transfer to United or other airlines. The regular offer for the Citi Thank You card is 30K points, whereas the link on the blog is for 50K points. The Chase Ink Bold has been around for a time, but I haven’t been told when it will decrease.

  36. I really dont want to miss any offer. Is there any way I know when these offers are expired? and which offers will be expired first? Definitely, I will use your link to apply.

  37. @ Chris M

    I’m not 100% sure of the phone application status as I got the 2 week message and then got approved but my father in law got the 10 days message and was also approved.


  38. @ mark m

    Good to know. Sound like the message might not be a reliable indicator. I guess I will just have to have more patience on future applications, until Chase explicitly tells me their decision. 😉

  39. @ Chris M

    Haha I should elaborate. I applied online for hyatt, got 2 week message then they gave me my biggest credit limit yet.
    So I applied for Ink Bold Business too, as i hadn’t applied for any cards within 6 months and now have 2 week message again. They took 5 days to approve my hyatt but this one is taking longer, so i wonder if I will have to call in.

    My father in law for the 10 day thing and then the card showed up in the mail, apparently in some sort of box! Mine was just regular mail.

    Anyway. I’ll let u know if I get the business bold!

  40. Approved, so i guess it is a reliable test! 🙂

  41. @ mark m

    That’s great news! And congratulations!

  42. Dear darious,
    I followed your recommendation and applied one business card and one personal card one weeks ago. All were under review. I called in and get INK bold approved but need to trade another chase card for BA card. But till today, there is no news from Chase. The application status always wait for two weeks. And there is no new account added in my online bank. The old one used to trade is still there. There are total eight days since my application.

    What should I do? Call again to check the status or just wait? Usually how many days do we need to wait the new card? Thanks!

  43. dear darious,

    I did call BA and get approved. I traded one card with them. The problem is although they told me it is approved eight days ago the appication status is still pending and I did not receive any cards with them. Do I need to call them to make sure everything is all right? Thanks!

  44. DOes the promotion only apply to new customers? I have the chase united mileage explorer card already and wanted the ink bold with the 50,000 promo. but – I havent cancelled the chase united card mileage explorer.

  45. Hey Darius,

    I applied for a Chase Bold card and didn’t get instantly approved. It says they will let me know in 30 days or less if I am approved. Would it be better to call them at the reconsideration line right now or just wait?