40,000 US Air Dividend Miles With Barclaycard’s US Air MasterCard

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US Air MasterCard

One of the ways to earn a “hit” in the 2011 US Air Grand Slam is by using a US Air debit or credit card during the Grand Slam promotion from September 14 to November 14, 2011.

You can earn 1 hit for each different card type.

But even if you are not participating in the Grand Slam this year, you may want to consider the US Air MasterCard in your next set of credit card applications.

40,000 miles is not that high of a sign on bonus (at least compared to the Citi AAdvantage 75,000 mile cards or the other cards which are offering 50,000 mile bonuses), but it is the highest I’ve seen offered for the US Air MasterCard. 

More importantly, Barclaycard pulled my credit report from TransUnion, which is seldom used by the other big banks.  Now the credit bureau used varies by state, but here are a few ways to see which credit bureau banks will use.

Emily and I both have the US Air MasterCard credit card from an earlier offer this year with a 30,000 mile sign-up bonus.

Even though Emily’s credit score was higher than mine, she was approved for the Platinum card with a lower sign up bonus (10,000 miles), and I was approved for the Premier MasterCard with the higher sign-up bonus.

We called and wrote letters, but Barclaycard would not give Emily the higher bonus.

However, an alert reader pointed out that Barclaycard has now changed their policy and offers the higher sign-on bonus regardless of which version of the MasterCard (Premier or Platinum) you are approved for.

US Air MasterCard:

1.   Bonus Miles.  You earn 40,000 US Air Dividend miles after the first use.  40,000 miles is not as much as we are used to seeing from Chase, American Express, or Citi, but it is the highest I’ve seen offered for the US Air MasterCard.

More importantly, there is no minimum spending required to get the sign-up bonus!

2.  Anniversary Miles & Annual Fee.  You earn 10,000 bonus miles on the anniversary of your account opening date every year.

This makes paying the $89 annual fee (waived for the first year) after the first year a no-brainer, because even if you value 10,000 US Air Dividend miles at $100 (1 cent a mile), you still come out ahead!

3.   Two $99 companion tickets annually.  This sounds really good, but is not the great deal it appears to be because of:

  • $250 minimum base fare (before taxes and fees) on the first ticket
  • Blackout dates
  • 14 day advance purchase requirement
  • Valid only for roundtrips within the continental US (excludes Hawaii and Alaska)  and Canada

However, this may be a good deal for flights to Canada which usually cost more than $500 or for flights to expensive US destinations.

4.  5,000 Mile Award Discount.  You get a 5,000 mile discount on award travel for any round trip or open-jaw itinerary operated by US Air.

This means that you can get an off peak award to South America or Europe for 30,000 miles in coach or 55,000 miles in business class.

Unfortunately, Star Alliance partner itineraries are not eligible for the 5,000 mile discount.

5.  Priority check-in and boarding.  Cardholders get Zone 2 boarding so you can board the plane early and store your luggage before overhead bin space runs out.

And Preferred check-in may help save time at the airport.

6.  Free Club Pass.   You get a free US Air lounge day pass which may be useful if you’re at an airport with a US Air lounge.

A day pass costs $29 when booked online together with a ticket or $50 if you buy it at the airport.

7.  10,000 Preferred Miles & Award Processing Fee Waiver.  If you spend $25,000 on the card within a calendar year, 10,000 miles are converted to Preferred or elite qualifying miles and the award processing fees are waived.

8.  10,000 Bonus Miles For Balance Transfers.   Earn up to 10,000 bonus miles for balance transfers within the first 30 days.

This is not a good way to earn miles, because even though the balance transfer APR is 0% for the 1st 12 months,  there is a 3% fee (4% after the 1st year) which is NOT capped making this very expensive.

For example, on the maximum balance transfer of $10,000, you would pay a $300 fee ($10,000 X 3%) or 3 cents per mile.

You can currently buy US Air miles for half that price or 1.48 cents per mile!

There was a cap on the balance transfer fee when Emily and I were approved for the card, but that seems to have been replaced with a higher sign-on bonus.

9.  $75 Off US Club Membership.  Get a $75 off certificate towards the purchase of a new US Air Club membership.

10.  Foreign Transaction Fee.   There is a 3% foreign transaction fee making this an expensive card to use outside the US.


If you are initially denied online, call the Barclaycard reconsideration backdoor number (866-408-4064) and explain to the rep why you want the card.

Bottom Line:

The US Air MasterCard is worth considering, even if you are not playing in the 2011 Grand Slam, because of the 10,000 mile anniversary bonus each year (which makes keeping the card virtually free) and the 40,000 mile sign up bonus.

I wouldn’t apply for this card instead of other cards with higher sign up bonuses (get the higher bonus cards first!), but would keep this in mind if I was running out of options or needed to apply for a credit card which used the TransUnion credit reporting bureau.

What’s been your experience with the US Air card?

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198 responses to “40,000 US Air Dividend Miles With Barclaycard’s US Air MasterCard

  1. @L – Very interesting, and thanks for sharing. I’ll try reapplying as well in the next few weeks.

    @mike fein – Thanks for helping out!

  2. I got US Air card last year and closed earl Feb before annual fee. Is it too early to apply again? thx

  3. @Eric – I really don’t know. Emily was able to get a 2nd card, but I wasn’t. I’d wait a few months before trying, unless you can spare the credit inquiry.

  4. So, out of curiosity…what’s the least someone has spent on this card without pissing off Barclays? One could theoretically go buy lunch for $5, get 40k miles and then cancel 11 months later all while only having spent enough to earn Barclays about $0.35 in profit. Surely they can’t be too pleased by that. Say you want another card from them in the future (or church this card)…anyone think have success doing so with virtually no spend? Perhaps it’s wise to spend at least $10 a month while you have it? Just food for thought.

  5. @Gabriel – I agree that it is wise to have a recurring charge on the card so that it doesn’t seem that all you wanted was the sign up bonus.

  6. Daraius, do you know how difficult it is to redeem US airway miles onto other Star Alliance flights in particular from SFO to major Asia cities such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Shanghai or Guangzhou etc? Also, is it good for 1 way ticket or it’s better to use it for round trip?

  7. @Audisfo- usairways doesnt allow one way redemptions on their miles (United does) so if its USairways miles itll have to be a round trip. As for availability I will leave that for D to answer

  8. @Mike, thanks for your input and advises. So US Airway only allow round trip award ticket redemption for both domestic and international trips?

  9. does anyone know if the priority boarding/check-in benefit applies to the frequent flyer # associated with the card or do you have to purchase the ticket with the card to get the benefit?

  10. Daraius, is it possible to give us some ideas and recap on how to use the US Airway miles? It seems their round trip business class from US to Asia is only 90K which is much cheaper than United at 120K?

  11. @audisfo – US Air miles can’t be used on one way awards, but are good values to Africa and Asia. US Air miles are fairly easy to redeem to Asia since there are so many Star Alliance airlines flying to Asia.

    @Dave H – I believe it is by frequent flyer number, because I’ve got Preferred boarding even on an award ticket purchased using a different credit card.

  12. Daraius, do you happen to have a better link than the 25K offer for us air business card? also what about united business card?

  13. newbie to churing

    I am a newbies in CC churning. Applied this card last month, instantly approved, and got the 40K yesterday. after reading this post, I just realized that there are 2 version of this card (Platinum MC and the World MasterCard), mine is the lower platinum MC. I could not remember if this is the One I applied (I used the link here), but I really want a World MC due to the promotion on SPG.
    My questions is ” is it possible to call them to upgrade my card?”
    Or I might just apply the World MC again as a second card??? considering just got the lower version last month, this might not work

    Any tips will be appreciate!!

  14. I applied. Got approved. However, my wife’s application is in pending state. Do they have reconsideration lines? Thanks

  15. @Roman – Unfortunately, I don’t have better links to those offers.

    @newbie to churing
    – If you applied using the link on this page, you’ll get the full 40K points. Other versions may give you fewer miles if you get a different version of the card. You could call and ask them if you can get upgraded to the World MC.

    @Eric – There is a list of reconsideration numbers in the Credit Card Resources tab.

  16. Called the number. Got approved too. US Airway(Barclay) for both me and my wife.
    Also Chase Marriott for both my wife and me.
    However, the 2-browser trick for Citi Vias/Amex got declined for my wife. Called in. She put notes to ask for reconsideration. (in 2 days).
    Declined reason: too many inquiries for last 6 months. 3 inquiries were for mortgage of new house. 1 for Citi TYP premier, 1 for Chase Sapphaire. Maybe the one for Chase Marriott showed up too(7am vs 10am, same day).

  17. @Eric – I’d call again and write a reconsideration letter to Citi’s Executive Office separately for each card. I’d explain that your recent inquiries were for the mortgage as well.

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  19. All application got approved.
    Could we do mininal balance transfer, pay $5 to get 10000 points?

  20. @Eric – Unfortunately not, and there is a fee for the balance transfer as well.

  21. MMS, I mean, we can do a balance transfer of $500. Pay $20 fee plus some interests. Then pay off. So you get 10,000 points for less than $25.

  22. Eric, I think if you do BT of $500, u’ll get 500 points.

  23. got it. that was a dumb question.

  24. I recently applied and got this card but I didn’t realized until I got the first statement that I had applied for wrong type of the card. The card looks the same but the offer is different. Need to make sure to follow the link provided here and make a copy of the terms and conditions.

  25. Hi D, have you or anyone else know of a successful churned on this card? According to extra pack of peanuts, you can churned this card every 3 or 4 months.

  26. @Steve – Emily has been able to get it again, but I wasn’t. It is fairly churnable.

  27. Received emails that wife and I got approved for this card. However, the email makes no mention of the 40k miles. Is that because they are not giving that to me; or because they don’t even bother to tell you about it until you make a purchase?
    I would find it very odd if it was the latter because they did tell me about other things in the email I will get (ie, companion certificate redeemable for two $99 tickets, complimentary US Airways club day pass, etc). But no mention of the 40k miles. So I have to assume they are not giving that to me, right?
    So a) is that right – ie, that they are not giving it to me?
    b) then what is my move – ie, if I should call – then who? if I should send message – to who?
    c) or should I wait til I get the cards, put a purchase on each, then contact them?

    Finally, does it have something to do with not having a US Airways frequent flyer ID set up yet? (In the application, they insisted that did not matter and a FF # would be given to me.)

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  28. Andrew – I applied for this card a few weeks ago. None of my materials mentioned the 40,000 miles, but I made one purchase with the card, and after my statement posted for the month, I received my 40,000 in my account. I hope that helps a bit – I’m sure you’ll still get the miles, even if there was no mention of it in your materials.

  29. @Andrew – For whatever reason, I’ve never received an email or materials with the credit card with the amount of the sign-on bonus. But I always confirm the bonus when I call to activate the card and I’ve always got the bonus which I signed up for.

    @Sheryl – Thanks for helping out!

  30. Does the US Airways have business card which also offers 40K bonus miles?

  31. I had a US Master Card and now approved instantly for a second card. I used your link.

  32. Has anyone taken advantage of the 5000 mile discount on booking flights with this card? I’m looking into using my 40000 bonus miles on a domestic roundtrip for my wife and I, but a) I can’t seem to confirm whether the discount applies to both roundtrip tickets, and b) the US Air website doesn’t seem to acknowledge the discount. Anyone else have this problem?

  33. @liw5215 – There is business card, but it has only a 25,000 mile sign-up offer.

    @Bay guy – Good to know that you can have 2 at once. I’m going to try that again soon.

    @TT – I believe the 5,000 mile discount should apply to only tickets booked in your name from your account solely on US Air flights. But, as with all things US Air, ymmv!

  34. I called US airways today for a reconsideration after they rejected my app 3 weeks ago (I’ve just known that I can call for). I gave her information and stated why I want this card (try to follow your steps), however she rejected and provided the reasons that I had too many accounts opened recently and suggested that I should wait for about 6-12 months to apply again.
    Should I call again to talk with other persons or follow her suggestion to wait? Is there any opportunity costs for me to call for reconsideration?
    Btw, my oldest account is just 1 year and 9 months, I think this is another reason why I don’t get approve.
    For me, Barclays used Transunion and my credit score from the letter is 711.
    Thanks for such a cool blog!!

  35. To update, there was an IT error keeping me from seeing the 5000 mile discount online(now fixed). In the process, a rep confirmed that the discount is good for any award ticket booked with that card and from the attached Dividend Miles account, so as long as it’s your account you could book 2, 4, 6 tickets at the discounted rate.

  36. Daraius, are saying you still had the card when applying for a second one? Is that better than just cancelling the first and then applying for another one?

  37. Joe Rodriguez

    Barclay’s denied application reasoning that I’ve gotten to many cards in the last few months. Well, thinking that it’s unexpected for them to say that from TransUnion, I asked them if they pulled from any other credit agencies. They did! All three, reasoning that they wanted to check how many inquiries were recent. Of course I have a bunch on Experian.

    By the way, I’ve never had the US Airways card. This was my first time applying. I do have a Barclay’s card that I got in March and I’ve been spending on it. So it’s not like I’m not using the credit they have allowed me.

  38. Hi there!

    Let me start off by just saying – THANKS! You’re awesome! I love the way all the info on your blog is written in a simple manner. FT in comparison is a labyrinth.

    My question is , I’ve had 3 inquiries on experian from Chase. So I was wondering, can I just freeze Experian as an option to get Chase and others to henceforth pull reports from the other 2 agencies?

    And is this card truly churnable? Get one, cancel it and get one again… How many months due to have to wait?

    Thanks! Appreciate the help!

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  40. I used this link this summer and it worked. I wish I could have had that 100% match of purchasing miles then I could have used it on my first purchase and would have them bought about 143,000 for $1,300. But I’ll take the benefits as they are and hope I can use the lounge pass at the united lounge in sfo next week.

  41. The link says “Offer available to Dividend Miles members currently with Chairman’s Preferred Status only”. Is this requirement strict? Can I apply and get the sign up bonus without the Chairman’s preferred status? Thanks.

  42. @Luke – Folks have been able to get the bonus without having Chairman’s status.

  43. Can someone help me out with advice on the best way to churn this card? I got a first card back in May, spent a little bit of money and got the bonus. They turned down a second application in late August, and my reconsideration calls were unsuccessful. They said I’d need to wait a YEAR before they’d consider a second application. They said they needed to see solid payment history on all of my new cards (I have 8 new cards since May).

    Should I CANCEL the first card before trying again? And realistically how long should I wait? Thanks for any advice — much appreciated as always.

  44. Daraius,

    I have a question on using my 2 $99. companion passes I receive each year with my USAir Premier World Mastercard.
    I’m wondering if this would violate the terms of the buddy passes. This is a “trying to be sneaky” question. I live in Colorado. My family lives in San Francisco. Here’s what I’d like to try, if it could get away with it: Buy a ticket from San Francisco to Ft. Lauderdale (non-black out dates) for myself and use the two companion passes for my sisters.
    However, I wouldn’t actually be there or flying. So, if I don’t actually use that ticket or check in…will they still be allowed to fly roundtrip without me? And then…if all of that COULD work, could I pay a $150/etc. penalty fee and buy another ticket for a different flight myself? Thanks. (P.S. What if I did online check in so it ‘looked like’ I checked in…but again, didn’t actually fly?”

  45. @Derek – You can cancel the card and try again, but Barclays has become stricter recently.

    @Thunder – Interesting idea, but I really don’t know if it will work! Please let me know if it does work.

  46. Hi there,

    I got approved for the Platinum Card only (sad face)… Will I still get the 40k bonus or a lower one? Can I call them to find out?


  47. They promise a lot of things with this card. Have had for almost over 2 years and never got the Two $99 companion tickets annually, got them the first year and never received them for the second year and didnt get the 10,000 preferred miles when spending over 10,000. I forgot to cancel last years and doing it this year.

  48. Here’s another data point: I applied for this card back in 2011 and then spent <$100 to get the bonus. Used it again once to buy a $700 ticket 6 months later. A couple weeks before the 1 year mark from the original application, I closed the card to then apply online (same day) and got approved instantly.

  49. AC,
    When you applied for another card on the same day you closed an older card, were you able to pull the bonus again too? If so…that’s SLICK!!!

  50. I recently got approved for this USair card and was approved! My first airline card 🙂 Reading the T&C I get 30k points with first spend and the usual that the world premier get. Just that it’s a platinum. That’s fine with me. 🙂 Ill wait a few more months and then go for the hilton citi. Since Hilton chain is my main choice 🙂

  51. @Alex – If you applied using the link on the blog, you should get 40K miles after your 1st purchases regardless of which type of card you get approved for.

  52. Miles and More Master Card: not a good card for free air tickets! Why, the Award Miles you accumulate do not cover the taxes and fees. Example, overseas round trip may cost $1100US: the fare is $430 but the taxes are $670. Therefore, you pay the $670. The $430 used up 100,000 award miles. It is nothing but a poor discount scheme.

  53. I am interested in signing up for this card, but can this card be transferred to United airlines? is there credit cards from other banks besides chase that will give you united miles? We want to book united flights to Shanghai and are trying to accumulate united miles. I already have 3 chase credit cards and can’t get anymore from chase. thanks!

  54. Tried to call 866-369-1283 and 866-408-4065 for reconsideration, but machine answered this number is for future use… Do you know their current reconsideration number? Thanks.

  55. @Ben-Daraius updated the reconsideration number in the credit card resources area. I called 866.408.4064 this past Thursday and that number worked for me. Looks like you were one digit off?

  56. @Rebekka – It works. Thank you so much!

  57. @Ben @Rebekka – I updated the telephone number in this post as well. Thanks for letting me know!

  58. How do you actually REDEEM a companion ticket on US AIR. Do I first have to book the flight and use a credit card to pay (online), and then send it in for a refund? Is there any other way to do it? I can’t get thru to USAIR and my “redeem by date” is this week.

  59. @Elaine Ingulli – You should have got a certificate in the mail with details on how to book the companion ticket. I believe you have to call the number on the certificate and give them the certificate number and book the companion ticket together with your ticket.

  60. FYI I just received a letter in the mail detailing the benefits I’ll receive with my annual renewal and they’re no longer giving the 10K bonus miles. I called a representative and they confirmed this is no longer being offered. Guess I’ll cancel and try to churn this card again at a later date. It’s too bad since I would have enjoyed the other benefits but without the 10K miles it’s just not quite worth it.

  61. @Arnaud – Thanks for the reminder. I updated the post to strikethrough the 10K bonus miles per anniversary.

  62. The US Air letter I received makes it look like they changed the 10k bonus to when you spend $25k within a year.

  63. Sweet – Churn Baby Churn!!!


  64. Do you know if the annual fee is still waived? It doesn’t mention it on the application page. Thanks.

  65. @Jon – It says “Enjoy a year with no annual fee ($89 value” below the card image.

  66. Does anyone know if the 2-browser trick would work for this card (Barclays US Airways)?

  67. Marriott Marty

    No, only with Citibank. Some people have been able to get two 40,000 mile one purchase cards, but not at the same time.

  68. Daraius on the companion pass, is this only good for a Y ticket or can it be used for a F as well ?

  69. @Tony – It is valid only in coach.

  70. I needed almost exactly 30K miles to get a flight to Vegas (a ticket that would cost me $650) so I got the card.

    It says that once you pay your $89 fee, you get the 30K miles. The $89 was on my bill, which I paid, in addition to a couple of other charges I made using the card. Do I have to wait until the next billing cycle for the 30K miles to post?

    I’m a little antsy because the good Vegas flights sell out quickly, even when I’m forking over 55K miles for a domestic coach ticket.

  71. @Blissful I. – You usually get the points after the statement in which you complete your first purchase closes. So there is always the chance that the award seats may sell out.

  72. Daraius-

    Just recently found your site and love all the information. I’ve been considering a US Air credit card for a while now but have been waiting for a sweet enough offer to make me bite. The offer listed here is far better than the offers they give via email, online, or in flight. 2 questions before I apply:

    1) I noticed some previous comments saying the 10,000 anniversary bonus was no longer available, but when I go to the link and click “apply now” the T&C in the application state:

    Anniversary Bonus Miles: Beginning with the first anniversary of Account opening and every anniversary thereafter, Cardmembers will be awarded 10,000 Anniversary Miles. Anniversary miles will be reflected on the billing statement following payment of your Annual Fee, if applicable.

    If I keep a copy of the T&C from the application couldn’t I use that to make them give me the 10,000 anniversary bonus? Or does it not work like that?

    2) If I already have a Dividend Miles account, do you know if it helps/hurts my application if I provide my account information when applying for the card? Or does it not matter at all?

  73. @Daniel – Welcome! I received the 10K bonus, but some readers didn’t. I’m not sure if they applied from a different link or the one on the blog. I’d include your Dividend Miles number so that the miles go into that account. Otherwise, they will set up a new account and you will have to call US Air to merge the accounts.

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  76. Quick Update:

    I applied and was approved for the card instantly. The card came in the mail today and the terms that came with it did include everything in the offer link above, so I’m pretty confident that they are still giving the anniversary bonus of 10,000 miles.

    On a side note, I checked my credit score on Credit Karma on the day I applied. A copy of my actual credit scored pulled from Transunion on the same day was sent with my card and was 16 points higher than Credit Karma. I’m not sure if that means Credit Karma consistently underestimates your Transunion score or if it just happened to be that way for me, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

  77. @Daniel – Credit Karma is a fake score so it never matches your TransUnion score exactly.

  78. I applied for the card using the chairmans link.

    I got an instant approval. Now they have charged me for the first years fee, and there appears to be no mention of the 10k yearly bonus. When I contacted them they said I wasn’t eligible hence me getting the poorer offer. Guess they are converting some people to the public offer!

    Just wanted to let you know…

  79. @Steve – That’s good to know and thanks for sharing!

  80. I read through all the comments and it sounds like you can still get the 40,000 free miles with the yearly fee waived. But, sounds like the 10,000 yearly anniversary bonus is gone, gone gone. Also, if I read it correctly the
    World Master Card is better than the Platinum.

  81. @Chopper47 – Yes, you can get the 40K miles after 1st purchase and I’ve got the 10K bonus miles as well.

  82. The link says offer is only good for Chairmans Preferred members now…is it safe to assume it’s not valid for the average joe anymore?

  83. Hi, not sure if anyone is checking this. I applied for the card in aug 2012, would I get the anniversary 10k miles next aug and if I close my card after that, do I get to keep the miles. I believe so but read in a comment on another blog that I might lose my pts on card closure. I don’t intend to reapply.

  84. @Jeremy – As of now, anyone who applies from the link gets the bonus.

    – You should get the bonus miles next August, and you don’t lost the miles as long as they are in your US Air account.

  85. Hi , I have the US Air Premier World card for almost 18 months now. But my current card does not have the 10000 annual bonus like the offer here. Do you think I should cancel the card and reapply for a new US air card after three months? FYI, Last time when my annual fee was due I was able to negotiate with them and bring it down to $29.

  86. My first statement for the US Airways premier M/C had the 89 fee listed. I called in
    and was offered half off 89 as an initial offer. I asked if I had misread the offer since I don’t use
    fee based cards. 5 minutes on hold and the operator waived the entire 89 dollars.
    Polite yet persistent seemed to work in this case.

  87. Do you think with the merger with AA, USAirways will discontinue this card? In other words should I apply for the card now? Thanks

  88. Looks like the Chairman’s website link no longer works.

  89. Darius,
    The chairman card which gave 40K bonus miles on first purchase does not work anymore. The best public offer available is 30K bonus miles + 10K miles for balance transfer. Is there a better Us Airways offer out there?


  90. @Amit – That might work since you should get the bonus again.

    @Sammy – At some point they will discontinue it.

    @Leonard Chan @Nav – I’ve updated with the next best link to 35K.

  91. Just learned from Barclay’s that you have to use their MC to get zone 2 boarding, even though that isn’t stated in any of the materials promoting the card or in the terms and conditions I received.

  92. @LarryA – In my experience, you can just hold the card along with your boarding pass, and the gate agents let you board earlier.

  93. @LarryA it states in the T&C that you must purchase your tickets with the US M/C to get priority boarding, the system knows which card you used and will place you in the correct zone. @Darius the GA are not suppose to allow you to board out of zone, even if you are hold your CC, you get the early boarding from using the CC not just having one. I’m Chairman Preferred with US and I see people doing what you stated to do and the GA that are following the rules wont allow you to board early. Remember this is all part of the game….

  94. @Tony – Thanks for the update. It is ymmv…

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  96. I’ve had my card with the 40k bonus since August 2012 (so, anniversary is in August 2013). I called to inquire about the 10k bonus and they’re denying that the offer was even out there, asking that I find the initial paperwork for the offer and send it in to them for investigation. This doesn’t sounds right…I have to prove to them that they put this offer out there? Any insights? Thanks! 🙂

  97. @escabeche – I’d wait until September to see if the miles post.

  98. can I book awards for the same trip separately from my card, my husbands and my daughter? Thanks!~

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