2,515 Free AAdvantage Miles For Registering at Sittercity.com

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Update: 12:09 pm, August 15, 2011. The terms are updated to indicate “Only new paid Parent Registrations will qualify for rewards, NOT Sitter Registrations.”  Aaargh!  What is with all the mileage mall snafus lately?

Earn 2,515 free AAdvantage miles by signing up at Sittercity via the AAdvantage shopping mall and completing the new parent registration form.

Sittercity free AAdvantage miles 2
2,515 Free AAdvantage Miles By Registering at Sittercity!

I don’t see this as an obvious mistake such as the recent offer for 83,000 AA miles or 2,500 Delta miles, because Sittercity offers ~$20 cash back for similar registrations on other cash back websites.

But be aware that there is always the risk that you may not get any miles for completing the registration form.

I generally get my miles from the AAdvantage mall for buying Groupons in about 4 to 5 weeks, but I’m not sure how long these miles will take to post.

You should evaluate for yourself the risk of wasting 5 minutes versus the potential reward of 2,515 free AAdvantage miles.

Here’s what to do:

Step 1

Visit the New Retailer section of the AAdvantage shopping mall.

Step 2

Click on “Sittercity” which is a website to find baby sitters and pet sitters.

Sittercity free AAdvantage miles
Terms & Conditions Say That You Have To Complete The Form To Get The Reward

Step 3

Fill in the registration form.

Step 4

Post a job.

I’m not sure if you have to post a job, or if the “new parent registration form” which you have to fill out to get the 2,515 miles is the same as the registration form in Step 3.

Sittercity free AAdvantage miles 3-1
Post A Job

To make sure, you could post a job requiring a licensed, bonded, and insured baby sitter for 6+ badly behaved kids which offers only $6 an hour.

I’m pretty sure you won’t have any applicants for that job!

Sittercity free AAdvantage miles 4
Do I Have A Job For You!

Good luck and let us know how it goes in the comments!

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32 responses to “2,515 Free AAdvantage Miles For Registering at Sittercity.com

  1. Ha! I was actually looking for a dog sitter (note – baby sitter is one of several job types) for next week when I go on vacation (paid for by points, of course!). We’ll see if I get any hits – I won’t be heartbroken if I don’t, since I normally drop the dogs off at the boarding place.

  2. Thanks for finding this! I just registered and posted an ad for a housekeeper. 🙂 Now to wait for the miles…

  3. Thanks for the find! Seems like easy miles. Will see if they post. I don’t see anything about posting a job only registering.

  4. Thanks- I’ve actually been looking for a housekeeper, so this may work both ways!

  5. You can purchase Groupons through Aadvantage eShopping?

  6. Found the Groupons on Aadvantage. Thanks!

  7. if you click “more” on the sittercity blurb, it states “You must complete the new parent registration form to qualify for reward”.

    Seems pretty straighforward to me…

  8. Once again, THANKS for the great info. Will look for GROUPON at AA site.

    • @KamanCali – It’s even better when you can get something besides the miles!

      @alohastephen – You can get Delta or AADvantage miles, or Chase Ultimate Reward points for buying Groupons.

      @Richard – You’re right – it does look pretty straightforward!

      @Solo3 – I love being able to get miles for Groupons!

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  11. Thanks for this tip. I filled out the form and posted a job, however, didn’t see any place for putting AAdvantage number? Did you see that or you think they will post these miles based on a tracker?

  12. I signed up for the sittercity and posted a job. I wonder that they did not prompt for any AAdvantage number. I assume the link through the eshopping portal would take care of that.
    Fingers crossed about the 2515

  13. Just an FYI, this registration is a trial registration for 7 days. Costs run from $35/mo. to $140/yr, after the trial period ends.

    • @Sgt Peppers & @Kashyap – If you clicked through the AAdvantage shopping portal link and had signed into the AAdvantage shopping portal you should get credit.

      This is a trial offer, but you don’t have to enter your credit card details, so I don’t see how they’re going to charge you once the trial ends.

  14. David Gutierrez

    This works for United Airline Miles as well. Showing as 2093 miles for registration.

  15. Thanks for the head’s up. I’m also looking for a dog sitter, so this is a great opportunity. I wonder, though, if you need to upgrade your account to get any points–my understanding was that the AA shopping portal required use of a registered credit card (not just clicking through the site). Thoughts?

  16. In reference to the groupons, you can get 8 miles through AA, but I have found that shop discover cashback at 15% is a much better deal.

  17. Thanks for the find.

    • @David Gutierrez – Good find!

      – I don’t see anything which suggests that you have to upgrade your account to get the miles. All I saw was a requirement to fill out the “new parent registration form.”

      You need to register a card with the AA portal to earn miles at brick-and-mortar retailers thorough the shopping portal, not to earn miles when you click through.

      @ap – 15% is a good deal, but I don’t have a Discover card.

      @The Nomad
      – You’re welcome!

  18. Thanks for posting; however, terms seem to now have been changed…”Only new paid Parent Registrations will qualify for rewards, NOT Sitter Registrations.”

  19. Chase Ultimate Rewards offers 12 points per dollar spent on Groupon. It’s a great deal!

  20. Just signed up for 2093 miles via United. Hope it works!

  21. David Gutierrez

    @Bret I signed up ealier in the day. Now it says miles are only for paid subscriptions. I got in before it said that, but I still have to wonder if they will actually pay the mileage……

  22. I got in before they said paid subscriptions last night… 8 week count down should be fun

    • @Jenny – You’re right – the 12 points per dollar on Groupon through Ultimate Rewards is a great deal. I’m trying to get to lifetime status with American Airlines, so I try to get as many AA miles as I can!

      @Bret – They changed the terms in the morning, but hopefully they’ll honor the deal. It might take a few emails to them.

      @David Gutierrez – I think they will try to not pay, but perhaps a few emails will convince them otherwise.

      @michael – This is quite the week for mileage mall promotions. It will be fun to see how this turns out!

  23. Has anyone had these miles post? I doubt it, but just curious if anyone has emailed the Mileage program to ask for the miles?

  24. The offer is still there – but now it’s limited to PAID Parent Registrations. Drat!