Who Else Wants To Apply For Citi AAdvantage Personal Credit Cards?

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Some folks used to apply for a new Citi personal AAdvantage credit card every 65 days in 2008 and get a new sign-up bonus each time!

Citi probably realized that this wasn’t the most profitable way to run a credit card business, and added language in the offer terms & conditions which restricted the bonus to first time Citi AAdvantage applicants only.

However, there are reports online of folks getting approved for new Citi personal AAdvantage cards 12 to 18 months from their last application date!

The discussion on FlyerTalk and MilePoint suggest that it doesn’t seem to matter if you have cancelled your card or if you still have your Citi AAdvantage card with you, as long as you’ve waited 18 months or more since you were approved for your last personal Citi AAdvantage card.

For example, MilePoint member miles and smiles wrote that he had success with getting another Citi personal card 17 months after his last successful Citi AAdvantage application, despite not cancelling his previous AAdvantange card.

On the other hand, a blog reader wrote in to say that she was denied for the Citi personal AAdvantage cards when she applied again 13 months after her last successful Citi AAdvantage application.

And I have been denied a new bonus when I reapplied 16 months after my last application.

So 13 months may be to soon, and 17+ months may be the sweet spot!

My Personal Experience

I was curious to see if I could get another round of bonuses since my last successful application was in September 2009 (22 months ago).

Well, yesterday night, I used the 2-browser trick to apply for the 75,000 bonus mile personal Citi Visa card with a $1,5000 spending requirement and the 75,000 bonus mile personal Citi American Express AAdvantage card with a $4,000 spending requirement within the first 6 months.

I was approved for BOTH cards with a $12,000 limit each.



I love doing research for the blog. 😉

My Previous Application Details

  • September 2009: I applied successfully for a Citi AAdvantage MasterCard and American Express personal credit card with  30,000 bonus miles each.
  • January 2010: I reapplied for personal Citi AAdvantage cards  (4 months since my last application), but was denied.
  • December 2010: I cancelled both the above cards (15 months since application).
  • January 2011: I reapplied for personal Citi AAdvantage cards  (16  month since my last application), but was denied.
  • July 2011: Success!  I reapplied for 2 personal Citi AAdvantage cards  (22  months since my last application), and was approved!

Bottom Line:

You may be able to get another round of bonuses on the Citi AAdvantage personal cards if it has been at least 18 months since your last successful application.

If you can’t remember when you last applied for a Citi AAdvantage  personal credit card, you can check your credit report (make sure to check the credit report from all 3 agencies) to see when you opened your last AAdvantage credit card.

If you do decide to apply for another personal Citi AAdvantage credit card, use the 2-browser trick to apply for both the Visa and American Express versions at the same time and get 150,000 AAdvantage miles to have Big Travel with Small Money!

150,000 AAdvantage miles is enough for 6 domestic US tickets on American Airlines or a First Class ticket to almost anywhere in the world on some of the best airlines such as Cathay Pacific, British Airways, or Qantas.

You should also remember that Citi is very inconsistent in approving credit cards and providing additional bonuses, so I urge you to do your own research before applying for another round of personal Citi AAdvantage cards.  Your experience may differ from mine!

The reports on FlyerTalk, MilePoint, and my personal experience yesterday, suggests that you may be able to get another round of Citi bonuses 18 months after your last successful application.

If you decide to apply again please let us know how it goes in the comments!

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Disclosure: You should know that I have just been approved for 2 personal Citi AAdvantage credit cards and so I now have a banking relationship with Citi.

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127 responses to “Who Else Wants To Apply For Citi AAdvantage Personal Credit Cards?

  1. Am short (about 100K AA miles) Liftime Gold status, thus another helpful blog post. Thank you Darius. Could use Starwood pts next mo to reach LG , but keeping powder dry. Will now check TrueCredit and our trial of AMX Credit Secure for age of our open Citi cards.

  2. Fantastic Research! You are officially my hero of the day.

  3. Since you had your old cards for 15 months, did you pay the fee or get some sort of retention bonus to keep them? Just curious why you didn’t cancel before the fees hit.

    • @Wes – I suppose you could use SPG points to get to lifetime gold, but since I’m always short hotel points, I would not , and like you keep it in reserve. 100K points is pretty close, though – good luck!

      @alohastephen – Thanks! Are you considering reapplying as well?

      @Jonathan – I did get a retention bonus to keep the cards, but I can’t remember what it is (3K to 5k miles). I also had a balance transfer offer which was particularly lucrative and which I wanted to take advantage of, so I didn’t cancel before the fees hit. In general, I do always try to cancel before the fees hit.

  4. Please let us know if/when you get the bonus again. If would be awesome if possible! Fist time around I did not know about two browser trick and only got one card. I’ll be applying again in February 2012 if you get the bonus by then.

  5. Can you expand on the Business Citi cards or you leave that for another post? 😉

    And how does this interact/affect Thankyou point card applications? I think they have nothing to do with each other but not so sure…

    This bank is so screwed up u never really know what ya going to get!!

  6. I just did my first run at these cards back in June.. I wonder if this will still be around in 2013

  7. “If you can’t remember when you last applied for a Citi AAdvantage personal credit card, you can check your credit report to see when you opened your last AAdvantage credit card.”

    D, what cheap service do you recommend? (I dont qualify for the free annual report just yet) Do I need a service that will look at all 3 bureaus?

    I dont think there are any with free trials anymore but I’m willing to pay a small bit, esp. for 150K miles!

  8. I’d like to pull the trigger on this one … when is the expiration date for this offer?

  9. Hi there. I could use a clarification on the first-time card holder issue. I applied for and got the AAdvantage Visa back at the beginning on June, but since I was about to apply for a re-financing, I thought lay low and just apply for one card instead of the whole batch. Now that I’m about to close, would it be possible to get the AA AmEx in addition to the AA Visa, or am I limited to just the AA Business Visa option?

    Also, are you going to post about the Starwood Preferred 30K card, and if so, do you think that’s a better option right now than the Chase Sapphire Preferred 50K card? Since I’m not doing coins or e-payments, I can probably only meet the spending requirement for one or the other, not both . . .

    Thanks–love the site–keep up the good work!

  10. Daraiu,

    How many inquiries did you have before the successful apps?

    • @Vitaly – I did get approved for the cards again, but I’ll let you know if I get the 75,000 mile bonus. I’m pretty sure that I will get it!

      @gpapadop – I left the business cards for another post, but while I’ve read that they can be churned every 95+ days, Emily has been unsuccessful in doing so. I’ll let you know my personal experience in 3 months when I reapply for the business cards, but as of now, I don’t have any personal success with the business cards. But as you say, who knows with Citi!

      @Ray – Even if these specific offers (75,000 bonus miles) are not available there will be other Citi AAdvantage cards available in 2013. And it looks like you MAY have a decent shot at getting the bonus for a 2nd time if it has been more than 18 months since your last successful Citi application!

      @Ed – You should check all 3 credit reports, unless you know which credit report Citi uses for you. Have you been denied credit recently? If so, you may be able to get a free copy of your credit report sooner.

      I use either my free credit reports or sign up for Citi Identity monitor which costs $1 for the first 30 days, and I make sure to cancel before 30 days is over (after printing out a copy of my report from all 3 credit bureaus).

      If you do decide to apply, know that there are no certainties, and that you could be denied even if it has been more than 18 months, since Citi is very variable. Good luck!

      @Kalboz – These offers have already expired, but there are lots of reports of folks still getting the sign-up bonuses on these cards!

      @Ed – Thanks! You can get both the personal only if you apply for both at the same time. If you didn’t apply for both at the same time, I think it is unlikely that you will get the AMEX again (you could always try if you have 1 credit inquiry to spare and want to take the risk). However, you could get the business card after 65+ days from your last approval date. I will do a post on the Starwood card later this week or next, but it depends if you need more hotel points (choose SPG) or if you need more airmiles (choose Chase Sapphire since you can transfer to Continental and British Airways).

      Also, these SPG offers with reduced spending seem to come only once a year, but the Chase Sapphire MAY be around for longer.

      @Jim – Do you mean credit inquiries in the last 6 months or in the last 2 years?

  11. BS!! I just Churned The 2 consumer and the biz for a totel of 225k after 90 days after converting the card to free cards.

  12. @Kalboz – My wife signed up for both cards this morning using the 2 browsers and both were approved instantly.

  13. Since about 2005, i have gotten over 50 cards with Citibank. I have cancelled all of them before paying the annual fee. They have often given me incentives not to cancel, miles, credit toward the annual fee, etc., which i have accepted, then cancelled soon after. 2 years ago, i attained gold(million mile) status from them which meant more perks. I recently found out about your website from someone whom i had given my”secrets” and was happy to see that others had figured out how to do this. Every winter I have gone away for 3-4 months and seen the world. i recently returned from traveling to Hawaii, India, Italy, England, Scotland and Ireland flying business class. Sometimes i have gotten a new card after only a few months, sometimes rejected-but it has been less than 12 months since my last cards and I just got several more, including the 75k business card, which I did confirm by phone call. Enjoy the travel while it lasts. Carpe Diem!

  14. D, thanks for the tip about Citi Identity Monitor. Looks perfect for my needs. You are becoming my hero!

  15. @Ed, you are going to need a new name. Ed 🙂

  16. Hi
    Thanks so much for your blog, I’m a new reader. I was approved for both Citi cards and am happily spending to reach the limits. As an FYI, back in October 09 I was approved for a Chase/Continental card (forgot the sign on bonus) and cancelled it in November 10. I reapplied for the Chase/Continental since I rec’d an email solicitation to apply for the card w/ a 50k mile bonus. I got the card but no miles. Twice I called CS and twice I rec’d a letter from the marketing department stating that the fine print clearly explained that the 50k bonus was only for new account holders…. oh well.

  17. Hi,
    I recently opened a CitiAABusiness Visa 75K miles on 6/1/11. It has been 19 months since my last CitiAA Personal card. Do you know if I need to wait 60 or 90 days (from 6/1/11) before I can apply for the personal cards?

  18. I’m curious about the Citi Advantage MC card, do you or anybody else for that matter still churn them, or since they are measlely 25k ppl dont bother =p
    unfortunately, i started this miles hobby with that card and since I’m fairly “young” its one of my few first cards I ever signed up so I have to continue to keep “renewing” it or should I just cut the cord.

  19. I was able to get both personal cards with applications within about 2 months from one another. The situation was odd in that I canceled the first card following fraudulent use (someone bought a few movie tickets for themselves the day I used my card while in Europe). I then gave the other personal card a shot after my account number changed and was approved instantly. It was irregular circumstances but didn’t use a two-browser trick. I feel it would be prickish to lie and pretend that one’s card was lost/stolen, but Citi closed my account and gave me a new number due to the fraud.

    • @Kathy – Thanks for sharing your experience. Chase is very firm on not granting another sign-on bonus if you have already had one version of their card. Perhaps they will relent soon!

      @Jason – The general rule with Citi is to wait 65+ days between personal card applications, and 95+ days between business card applications. So if you’re reapplying for a personal card, you would have to wait for 65+ days!

      @mm – I’ve concentrated on the high-bonus cards, so don’t have much recent experience with the MC cards. I used to churn them regularly when churning was possible, but have not been able to do that recently. In general, you want to keep your oldest credit card since it establishes the length of your credit history.

      – That’s interesting! I’ve had my Citi card compromised as well, but can’t remember if it made future applications easier or not!

  20. I just applied for VISA and AMEX and got approved instantly. Now i have to see whether i get 150,000 miles or not. Should i call them and ask about it? I am thinking of applying for Business card too, do you think i should apply? Thank you very much for your blog.It is very useful.Keep it going.

    • @Rajnish – Congratulations. Yes, you will get 75,000 AAdvantage miles per card. You can confirm it when you call to activate your card. Your application will be declined if you apply for the Business card within 65 days from your personal application, so you should wait for 65+ days and then apply for the business card.

  21. Bingo…just applied and was approved for both the Visa and the AmEx…you rock!!

    My very first attempt at putting the advice I have read here and on other forums into play…needless to say, I am one happy newbie!

  22. Is the AA business visa card 75k still alive? I went to the application page. The 75k promotion words are not on the page. How do I make sure I get the 75k offer?

  23. How many inquiries in the last 2 years? Citi use to start declining if you had 16 or more.

  24. “I left the business cards for another post, but while I’ve read that they can be churned every 95+ days” Wow – I haven’t been paying attention to the thread, did you hear that from the FT thread or somewhere else? So to clarify, you’ve heard of people earning the 75k bonus every 95 days?

    • @baobaobowlby – The application page does not the 75,000 miles, but almost everyone who used the links has got 75,000 miles. You can confirm the terms when you get the card in the mail!

      @Jim – I’ll check and let you know. I think I had about 12 or 13 inquiries in the last 2 years.

      @HoKo– I read that in the FT thread. However, it hasn’t worked for Emily on the last 2 tries, but she was a heavy churner. I will be trying myself in 65+ days so will have an update for you then.

  25. @Daraius Very interesting stuff, thanks for the quick response. I’m digging through the thread as we speak looking for those reports, I hate catching up on long FT threads that I haven’t read in a long time haha. Do you know what sort of success rates people have been reporting?

  26. I was thinking about the Business Card as well. I applied for my first one last year (around Oct/Nov) and just cancelled it in June. I wonder if I would be able to get the 75K once more by applying for it now. I applied for the Citi AA and Visa last Aug so will probably have to wait until next March or April to reapply (assuming the deal lasts until then!). I recently saw a post on the FT thread about a person successfully reapplying for the Business card a few days after closing his last one so I might bite the bullet soon (once I get done with my Chase Sapphire spending!)

    • @Sid – I read that post on FT about the successful business card application as well! It used to work for Emily and I until March of this year, but Emily hasn’t been approved for a business card since then. That may be because we were heavy churners and Citi decided to cut us off. I’m going to try for a business card in 65+ days.

      If you can spare the inquiry you may want to try for this card. However, sometimes Citi asks for additional information so make sure that you have that for your business!

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  28. @Daraius Yeah I think I’m gonna give it a whirl, I got the AA Biz card last august so I’m gonna cancel it today, lay low for a couple weeks and then put in a new app for 75k.

    I have applied for biz cards before but thanks for the info anyways!


  29. Another datapoint:

    tried at the 15 month mark in Feb but failed for the 75k offer and tried again today at the 20 month mark and was approved. So it seems the 18-20mth is about the sweet spot.

  30. @Zander

    Just to clarify, are you referring to a personal card or a biz card?

  31. @HoKo

    it was for the personal card.

  32. @Zander Gotcha, thanks for the datapoint. I will share my biz card results once I apply

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  34. Data point – i was last approved 18 months ago… did the two browser trick and it worked for me.

    Thanks Daraius! I have you to thank for the 150K free miles – I wouldn’t have tried again had you not posted this!!

  35. @Jay So had you applied for both personal cards using the two browser trick last time as well so you’re now looking at 300K miles over the course of 18 months?

  36. @ HoKo
    almost – i did get 2 cards back 18 months ago (11/09), but they weren’t offering 75k then… i htink the bonus was 30k?

    anyhow, i had tried previously, maybe 6 months ago to get the 75k cards, but was rejected due to being a previous cardholder. looks good now tho!!

    • @Jay – That’s great news! Thanks for sharing.

      @HoKo – I don’t know if the AA 75,000 mile offers will still be available in 2012, but I suspect that you will get approved for whatever the current offer is.

  37. @Jay Good stuff, thanks for the follow-up. Please post once you actually see the miles post so we know that it 100% works! My 18 month anniversary is in Feb of ’12 so who knows if this will still be possible but I intend to try.

  38. @hoko
    will do. i have a good feeling about this – previously i was flat out denied.

  39. Hi there, I am wondering how to reach AA Liftime Gold status. Does the bonus mile from credit card count?

  40. @baobaobowlby

    As of now all miles count towards lifetime status. This will be changing fairly soon though (or so AA tells us) so if you want that status you should be pursuing it aggressively

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  42. AAdvantage Miles

    Based on what i have read, there’s a lot of people who appeared on this article are happy of what happened to them about applying. Goodluck everyone. T hanks.

    • @baobaobowlby – HoKo is spot on! Right now, ALL AA miles count towards lifetime status, but AA has indicated that changes to which miles count towards lifetime status will be coming soon.

      @HoKo & @AAdvantage Miles
      – Thanks!

      @Jim – I had 11 inquiries on Equifax before I applied for these cards.

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  44. Do I have to cancel my old AA citi card in order to get the 75000 miles. And can I apply for both even If I decide to keep the old one.

    • @Ari Gold – Interesting question.

      The reports suggest that you don’t have to cancel the old card if you’ve had it for more than 18 months to get the bonus again. That said, I don’t know if you’ll be approved for 2 new AA cards if you keep your old card – I haven’t had any personal experience with this so I don’t know. It may be okay, if your old card was, say, a MasterCard and your new card is a Visa or AMEX.

  45. Yay! I had cancelled my card about 15 months ago and was approved on both using the 2 browser method! Thanks for the information.

  46. Hi Daraius,

    I applied for both the personal cards using 2 Browser trick. Both came back with a calling number (same) to call, application pending further review. Do you thing calling that number will hamper my chances for getting two cards?

  47. Even though I have 2 old citicards ,one of them being an old Citi AA mastercard,I applied for both personal Visa and personal American Express AA cards, and got approved for both after calling them. They did some moving around of my old citi card limit. Hopefully I will get the 75000 bonus in both cards. I did not ask when I called. I will wait until I get the cards to activate.
    Now I am deciding which 2 card to get next. The Amex Sgp ,with the 30000 point bonus after spending 4000, and a Chase card. Don´t know which chase to get. Saphire Preferred or some other one. Any ideas.

  48. @Ari Gold I think I’s go for the Sapphire Preferred right now if I was you. Those 50K will definitely come in handy.

    Also if you are gonna be applying for the SPG 30K bonus would you mind letting me refer you. You would still get the same 30K bonus for 4K in spend but I would also get 5K for referring you.

    • @Ari Gold – That’s great news! Recently Citi has been moving credit lines to get folks approved, so that’s a good sign! If you used the 75K link, you will most likely get the 75K bonus.

      I would suggest the SPG card first since it has a much lower spend than the regular version. If you want a card for domestic US travel, the Southwest may be the better choice. If you want a card for international travel or hotels, the Sapphire may be the better card because of the ability to transfer to hotel and air partners.

      @HoKo – Thanks for helping out! The Sapphire preferred is a good card, but may not be the best card with a sign up bonus for US travel.

  49. So I got both AA citicards 2 days ago. And yesterday the Amex Spg. Do you think it would be bad judgement to apply for the Chase Saphire Preffered .If so ,how long should I wait. I am new to this and don´t know how many is the norm.

    • @Ari Gold – I think you should be able to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred as well if you haven’t applied for a lot of credit cards previously. However, you want to consider if you can meet the minimum spend on all the cards before applying. You are applying for cards from different banks, so they may pull your credit score from different credit agencies.

  50. If you still have the Chase Checking from the OnePass deal, I recommend also getting the Freedom card in addition to the Sapphire. TPG recently did a good analysis on the benefits of this.

  51. Thanks for all the help. You guys are great. Hopefully I will master this art 🙂

    • @Carl – I haven’t mentioned the Chase Freedom, because while it is good for certain categories, I think their are much better card options available. Chase is very sensitive to the number of applications and recent cards open, so it is much better to get the mega bonuses and then hit up the lower earning opportunities.

      @Ari Gold – You’re welcome, and it is pretty easy to master as well!

  52. Update: I got both cards. I called customer service(Visa customer service and Amex Customer Service) to activate, and asked them about the bonus miles. Their answer: 75000 miles after spending $1500 for the Visa in 6 months and 75000 miles after spending $4000 in 6 months for the Amex.
    Thanks again.
    P.S: I am going to wait for a sweet deal from Chase. Hopefully 100000 miles and no foreign transaction fee 🙂

  53. Just an update on both the Amex and Visa for AA. When I called to confirm the spend needed for 75,000 miles I was told $4000 in six months for each of the cards.

    • @Ari Gold – That’s great news – thanks for sharing!

      @Deb – You may want to call again or spend $1,500 on the Visa and see if you get the bonus miles. The reps often confuse the promotions.

  54. I’m new to the blog but have enjoyed it so far. Currently have over 600K lifetime miles on AA and over 200K redeemable (trying to save for a big trip in a few years). I have both a Citi AA Visa and a Citi AA Amex, with my last successful approval coming in July of 2010. Should this offer still be around in January, do you think I’ll be able to get both of the 75K cards? Should I cancel my old ones before I do that? Would it be better to just try for one? I don’t have a business card (or a business) and I’m not really comfortable pretending I do to get a credit card. Thanks so much and go ‘Cats!

    • @Dave W – My personal experience, and most of the reports I’ve read suggest waiting at least 18 months before applying for another Citi AAdvantage card. That said, you may be able to squeak by with another approval if you’d like to give it a shot, but the more likely outcome is that you will be declined. You’ve got to decide for yourself if the credit inquiry is worth it or not. If this offer is still around in January, I think you’d have a good shot at getting approved (based on current information).

      Perhaps you can have your partner or parents/family apply for 2 AA cards at the same time to get the 150k miles? As for cancelling your cards, I wouldn’t cancel them if they were your oldest cards, but it may help to cancel before you reapply. I have had 4 AA cards open before, but don’t know if that is an issue currently. Go cats!

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  58. Is the 75,000 offer still out there?

  59. MMS, Thank you so much for your blog! I have gotten 225K AA miles so far!
    Here is my breakdown:
    Applied for AA Visa Business on 6/29/11
    Applied for AA Personal Visa / Amex on 9/3/11
    Do you think I can apply for another AA Visa Business? If so, it’s it 91 days from 6/29?

    thanks! Keep up the good work!

  60. Almost ready to apply for AA Business. I have some big travel coming up. Currently at 60 days. Is it mandatory to wait 65 or have others been able to get it sooner?

  61. For the girl who wrote this blog to use a 2 browser trick to get an extra 75000 miles: if you keep doing crap like this, AA will stop making sweet offers like a 75000 cc offer. It is sort of cool that you got it to work for you, but really, it is just a matter of time before someone from american airlines reads this site. loads of people on facebook are recommending and sharing it to people, i mean sheesh.

  62. Hello! I love your blog! My husband and I each applied for the Visa and Amex cards using the two browser trick and were confirmed for both bonuses. It’s been over 65 days so I was going to take the next step and apply for the business Visa for an additional 75K miles. But then I noticed that Citibank is also offering an AA business Mastercard for a 30K mile bonus. For the Mastercard the $75 annual fee is waived for the first 12 months and you only have to spend $750 in four months to get the bonus. Not as good as the 75K mile bonus, but was wondering if I should try the two browser trick to get both the business Visa and business Mastercard for a total of 105K miles. Do you know of anyone doing that? Or is there a reason I shouldn’t try that? Thanks and keep up the great work with your blog! I follow it every day!

    • @Susan – I believe that Citi approves only 1 business card application every 90 days, but you could try applying for both at the same time. I would recommend applying for the 75K card first (and waiting until you are approved) before applying for the second card. At least that way you are sure of getting the higher bonus. I also suspect that you may need to call in for the 2nd card since you may be denied that one online b/c of their policy of approving only 1 business card every 90 days. Good luck and let us know what happens!

  63. I applied last week for Personal AA VISA and AMEX. Got approved for both. Got the cards last night, and called CSR to confirm promotion. Both cards have the 75K miles promotion.

  64. Thanks for the trick! It worked perfectly.

    I signed up for 2 cards and got both bonuses, but also put my wife’s name on the account so we could both have a card to use. Would she be eligible to sign up for 2 new cards now?

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  66. Hi I am about to churn on my Citi AA Business. I have the account active for a year and it’s about time to pay the yearly fee. Just wonder if I should cancel it to avoid the charge and increase the probability of being churned?

    Is it necessary to cancel in order to churn or I can keep it open since it’s been more than a year since last time I applied for this card?

    Also I see a lot of you have applied for quite a few cards within 2 years, any concern on hitting the credit card union for more than 15 times within 2 years? Just don’t want to ruin my approval rate for applying for cards.

    Thanks for all the help 🙂

    • @Docomo – I’ve read reports recently that the Citi business card is not as easily churnable as before. But if it is time to pay the annual fee, it may be time to cancel the card. A lot of folks apply for cards, but they make sure that there inquiries are spread between the 3 credit bureaus. I wouldn’t recommend more than 12 inquiries per credit bureau every 2 years.

  67. Thanks Darius, this is very helpful. So you suggest I should cancel first, rather than holding the card, before applying for the Citi AA Business again? Also just wonder if it will hurt my credit if I cancel a card after a year? I heard that the credit bureaus will know I am constantly applying for cards to get promotions. Any comment?

    I will try to check how many inquiries I did for the last two years to see if I have already gone over the limit, any recommendation on sites to check such data?

    Thank you very very much for your time and help. You blog definitely inspired me to keep traveling and have fun. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

  68. Thanks Darius for these helpful links. I tried following your instructions to check the credit pulls for the cards I applied and found that even within the same city and state, different people get different results (i.e. some said Chase Sapphire Preferred pulled Experian while some said Equifax), wonder if that means I should count both just for safe bet.

    I will be having weekly trip between LAX and MIA in the next half year, so would like to apply for AA related cards to get points plus put my expense on the cards. Just wonder other than Citi Visa, AE and Business Visa, I found there are also the Platinum, MasterCard and MasterCard Visa. I don’t seem to recall anyone mentioned about these, just wonder if these are also good calls to get and will still give miles to us even we already have the other Citi AA cards? Thanks again for all your time and help. Have a great week.

  69. Hi Darius, forgot to ask also. I took your advice to apply for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and have been using it for all my travel and dinning expense (such a great card, thank you so much). Since I have platinum membership with Marriott so will stay there most of the time. Just wonder if you would value the Marriott Rewards Premier points (5 for $1) more than the Chase Sapphire Preferred points (2 for $1). I am debating if it’s worth for me to apply for the Marriott card or I should just use my Sapphire. Thanks 🙂

    • @Docomo – The best way is to use your own credit report and see which credit bureau has been used. The Sapphire Preferred is a great card b/c it will get you double points for most travel and dining expenses. I am not a big Marriott person, b/c I have no status with them. So I transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Hyatt. But if you like Marriott and will stay there and earn a bonus on your spending then getting the Marriott card makes sense. The 70K offer is still alive based on what I’ve read on FlyerTalk.

      You can earn double AA miles for AA purchases on the Citi AA Executive card, but it is expensive ($450) but comes with free AA lounge access. If you already have the Citi Visa and AE, it may be hard to get approved for the CIti AA MasterCard.

  70. @D I know this whole thing varies for each person, but I’d like to know what you think about my situation.

    I got the Citi AA Amex and Gold Visa in 10/2010, then the Biz Visa in 2/2011. I called about cancelling the Amex and Visa in Sept two months ago and was offered $85 statement credit for the annual fees on both. I took them. I was going to get the $85 credit and then cancel before I was billed the annual fee, hence coming out $85 on top for each card. I got the statement credit later than I expected on the Amex, so it came out same time as annual fee, essentially offsetting the annual fee. So I’m thinking of keeping that for another year, plus I got a 50% bonus offer for miles per dollar through 1/2012, so I’ve been putting my normal spend on that.

    For the Visa, I already received statement credit and called earlier today to cancel as I’m anticipating the annual fee next week. The retention department suggested to convert the Gold Visa to a Bronze World MC (no annual fee ever but 1 mile every $2), which after some talking through and thinking, I bit (thinking since it has no annual fee, why not, will be easy way to reset expiration on AA in the future, and to increase average age in the long run). Even though the “conversion”date was today, the “execution” date won’t be till 1/5/2012, and I have until then to cancel the conversion. I was assured the annual fee will not show up next week (even if it does I will just break even) and the account number will stay the same. If for whatever reason the account number changes, which I think it will, since it’s going from Visa to MC, I should still retain the history of my old entry on the new entry in my credit report and the old entry will show as closed.

    I can of course still cancel the Amex anytime at no cost of paying annual fee for second year, and can still cancel the conversion and cancel the Gold Visa by next week to avoid the annual fee for sure. With these AA cards, I have 7 total Citi cards: 3 AAs, 2 HHonors, Premier, and Forward, none of them have more than a 5k limit. My oldest account on credit report is from 2007, so history is still very young (though didn’t prevent me from getting many many cards this year!)

    Now a couple questions: With the intent of churning more AA cards later, do you think this is a smart move (for both the conversion down to Bronze and the decision to keep the Amex for now). I certainly understand how having current AA cards (or even too many Citi cards) may increase chance of getting denied future bonuses on AA cards. But what if I cancel both the Amex and Visa Biz in 2/2012 and only leave the Bronze open (only AA card left; total 5 Citi cards left), then apply for AA Amex and Visa a few months later?

    I’m trying to evaluate and balance what’s the best thing to do with these AA cards (the Gold Visa to Bronze MC in particular) to help my credit history/report and churn success chance in the future the most. I value your opinion and any advice, so any you can give is much appreicated! Thanks!

  71. Hey Darius- I got the AA signature visa almost a year ago for the 75k bonus (but sadly didn’t use the two browser trick) and I’d like to convert to another citi card with no fee to avoid the annual. Do you think they would let me convert the credit line to the citi AA business while getting the 50k bonus and admiral club passes promo, and if so, any thoughts as to phone call strategy? Could this avoid a credit hit if I am not asking for additional credit? For what it is worth, I actually do have a legitimate profitable side business that I would like a card for.
    Thanks. You da man.

    • @zzd – In my experience, you don’t get the bonus when you transfer from card to another, and I don’t know if they will transfer a personal card to a business card. But it doesn’t hurt to call and ask! You may be able to get the fee waived or additional points if you call and ask to cancel the card.

  72. Hi.
    Do you know Citi ‘s credit card policy? I heard that Chase doesn’t accept people who get rejected within 6 months.
    I have 750 credit card score and never rejected except by Citi. I applied in August and now started to think of applying some card with Citi. Do i need 6 months after the rejection?

    Thank you.

  73. I’m a current Citi AAdvantage MasterCard holder… I have been since I was a teenager when my mom made me sign up. So I haven’t applied for a new card in well over 18 months… however, I did lose my card about a year ago and had to order a new card. Do you think this will prevent me from collecting the bonus if I sign up for the Citi AA Visa?

  74. When you say you can reapply for Citi cards after 18 months, is that 18 months after opening the account or 18 months after closing the account?

    Thanks for a great blog,


  75. Hi Daraius –

    Great website! I recently was denied a Citi AAdvantage Amex, and I was hoping you might have advice on how I could negotiate with the reconsideration line.

    I already have a Citi AAdvantage Visa, and received the bonus promotion for it. I opened it two months ago, and applied for the Amex last week. I was subsequently denied. Yes, I’m kicking myself because I should have waited the 18 months between applications. But I only found your website yesterday. I’ve got solid credit and have paid all the bills on the Visa on time. Any thoughts on how I might be able to salvage the Amex application and receive the bonus?

    Thanks in advance! – Alex

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  77. Hi Darius, thanks for your response. It’s been quite some time and I would like to follow up and see if you were able to churn on the Citi AA Business after 90+ days? Also any luck on churning the Citi AA Personal Visa & Amex? Thanks very much again for all the great posts. Happy churning 🙂

  78. Thanks Darius, please let us know your results when you try to churn next time, will be interested to see if we can still churn the Citi cards, thank.

  79. Hi, I’m confused on this. So If I got the personal AA Visa last November, can I apply for the personal AMEX, personal MasterCard, business Visa, and business MasterCard. Aren’t these all considered different products?

  80. I was approved for another pair of AAdvantage cards and now have a total of 4 open. In 18 months I’d like to apply again — do I need to cancel any of the previous cards or will they allow 6 open?

    • @Mike – You can get the business card since you didn’t have it before, but will likely be denied for the personal card (until 18 or more months since last November) since you already have it.

      @BigTex – I suspect you may need to cancel some cards because you could be hitting the maximum credit available to you from Citi.

  81. Daraius,

    I previously had a 75K card, applied for about 20 months ago, with account closed by me 6 months ago.

    I applied for both 50K Citi Cards using the two browser trick, with the links on your blog. The web applications gave me a “further processing required” message.

    Yesterday, I received in the mail two rejection letters each stating that the reason for being turned down was not that the 50k offer is over, but rather: “This specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi / AAdvantage cardmembers. Our records indicate that you previously had a Citi / AAdvantage account with us.”

    You blog mentions that non first-time cardmembers may get the 50k offer.

    Did I use the wrong link?

    Is there a specific link for NON “first-time cardmembers”???

    Thanks for all the info!


  82. d0oes it matter the order if you do business 50k and then personal amex/visa 50k x2, or the other way around so that you can still get the bonuses? I’ve seen references to personal x2 then business a few months later but not the other way around.

  83. I have had the citi aadvantage visa for about 18 months -got the 75K bonus (and also miraculously won 100K in a citi aadvantage promo last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and I’m about ready to try this churn thing…. just got my first house and mortgage taken care of (covering my bases haha) so I’d like to rack up some miles. My credit score is in the 790’s, so this should be interesting.

    I did call to cancel my first card 6 months ago and got a bonus offer of 3x/dollar up to 10,000 miles – got that quickly so I’m ready to move on.

    Question: Do I need to cancel my aadvantage card first? I have another citi card I have had for over 10 years with a low interest rate.

    • @webazoid – It doesn’t matter which order you do it, but I suspect that folks are eager to get 100K miles first and then get the extra 50K instead of staring with 50K first.

      – You don’t necessarily have to cancel the card, but it could help if you’re bumping against the maximum credit which Citi will grant you. It is usually 18+ months since your last approval for the Citi personal cards, so I’d wait 20 months to be safe. Good luck!

  84. Darius, I hear that you need to wait 90 days (after cancellation) to churn the business cards, and even then it may not work. Do you have personal experience?

    I suspect that fact that I had a Citi MC (opened in 2009) and now they offer a Visa card, could help? In looking at FlyerTalk there seem to be several opinions.

  85. Does approval for the card mean that you will get the bonus points? It takes a bit of planning and work to reach the spending minimums. I’ve had various Citi cards over the years (I still have one active) and don’t want to waste my time if they aren’t going to award the miles.

  86. Hi Darius,

    I tried applying for two visa AAdvantage cards with the two browser method. First was instantly approved and the second gave me a wait message. So, I called Citi, and the rep. told me that my first app. was approved, but my second was denied because I had already applied for that card. So, I guess YMMV and I didn’t get lucky. Anyway to recon that second decision? Also, is it too late to apply for the Amex since I applied on Saturday afternoon for the card?

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  88. FYI, looks like YMMV for the churn.
    previously had 2 personal AA Citi Amex cards, one applied for in 2007 and one in 2012. Currently have AA Citi Bus Visa card. Waited 19months since my last successful personal application and yesterday applied for 50K personal AA Citi Visa, it was pending and offered live chat to speak with one of the reps. i spoke with a rep who just asked me to reconfirm some things abt my identity, in the morning i got an email that i am rejected – “this specific offer is valid only for first-time Citi(R)/AAdvantage(R) cardmembers. Our records indicate that you previously had a Citi(R)/AAdvantage(R) account with us”.