2 Little Known Secrets About Chase Ultimate Reward Points

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Update:  You can no longer transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to Amtrak.

The Chase Ultimate Rewards program allows you to transfer points to various partners, including Continental, British Airways, Hyatt, Marriott, Priority Club, and Amtrak.

But did  you know that you can transfer Chase Ultimate Reward points from your account to airline and hotel partner accounts in someone else’s name and that the transfer will take place instantly?!


Chase Sapphire Ultimate Rewards

Emily recently received 50,000 extra Chase Ultimate Reward points on her Chase Sapphire Preferred card.  We want to use Emily’s Ultimate Reward points, in addition to my existing Hyatt points, at the Park Hyatt in Paris next year.

So I tried transferring 1,000 Chase Ultimate Reward points (the smallest transfer amount) from Emily’s account to my Hyatt account.

It worked!  The points transferred to my Hyatt account instantly!

Chase Sapphire Ultimate Rewards

I then tried to transfer another 1,000 Chase Ultimate Reward points from Emily’s account to my British Airways account.

Once again, they transferred instantly!

How can you use this flexibility for your travel?

1)   Not enough miles

Suppose you and you partner both have 40,000 Continental miles each, for a total of 80,000 miles, but you each need 60,000 miles for a return economy award ticket to Europe.

Transferring all your 50,000 Ultimate Reward points to your Continental OnePass account will give you 90,000 Continental miles (40,000 +50,000), but that is not enough for 2 return award tickets to Europe (2 x 60,000 = 120,000 miles).

But you know that you can transfer Ultimate Reward points to anyone’s account instantly, so you transfer 20,000 Ultimate Reward points to your Continental OnePass account and another 20,000 Ultimate Reward points to your partner’s Continental OnePass account.

You’ve now got 60,000 miles in each account (the 40,000 miles which you started with + the 20,000 miles which you transferred) ,which is enough to book award travel to Europe for 2 persons.

2)   Elite Status Benefits

You have elite status, but your partner does not.

For example, you are a Hyatt Diamond elite, but your partner is not, and you want to book a Hyatt reward night.

You could transfer your partner’s Ultimate Reward’s points to your Hyatt account and then make the award booking.  That way, the hotel knows that the booking is made by a Hyatt Diamond elite, and will likely assign you a better room than if your non-Hyatt elite partner had made the same reservation.

The same principle works with airlines.

Instead of booking separate tickets with either Continental or British Airways (the Ultimate Rewards airline partners), try to transfer Ultimate Reward points to the account which has elite status and book all the air tickets from that account.

That way, both you and your travel partner will be able to take advantage of lower (or no) fees to make changes or cancel your award ticket, in addition to not paying checked-baggage fees.

If you’re thinking of transferring points to someone else’s account, I recommend starting with only 1,000 points at first (the smallest transfer amount) just to make sure that the transfer is successful.  You can transfer the rest of the points once the initial transfer is successful!

Bottom Line: Transferring Chase Ultimate Reward points to someone else’s account right away, is a nice option to have and will let you have Big Travel with Small Money!

As always, you shouldn’t transfer the points to a partner unless you have an immediate need for the points.

The only exception may be transferring points to Continental airlines, since we don’t know if United will replace Continental as a transfer partner once the merger between United and Continental is complete – though I’d bet that United will replace Continental as the transfer partner because of Chase’s long relationship with United.

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79 responses to “2 Little Known Secrets About Chase Ultimate Reward Points

  1. This is also the case with Amex MR points….but shhhhh! don’t tell anyone 😉

  2. Wait a second! Hold on here! Does Emily know you’ve been siphoning off her miles and points? We gals have to look out for each other you know 😉

    • @Angel – Thanks for sharing! I knew that I could transfer MR points instantly to different accounts, but wasn’t sure about Ultimate Reward points until I gave it a try!

      @Megan – Umm (looks sheepish), I told her last night!

  3. Great tip, my wife will immediately veto but my parents will be another story!

  4. @ Megan – Daraius is so good with the miles and points, I don’t care what he does! (Did he mention he has a surprise holiday in London and Paris planned for next year?) I’m such a lucky girl… 🙂

  5. @Emily – That sounds like so much fun! You two and your adventures are inspiring 🙂

  6. Awesome!

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  8. Cool finding — we linked to it in our article about mile transfer cards in general.

    Just hope it doesn’t get too popular and closed off, but guessing it’s a systems issue that prevents the name verification.

    • @MileCards – Thanks! I agree that it most likely is a systems issue which doesn’t match the names. This has lasted quite a while with AMEX MR points, so here’s hoping it will last here too!

  9. Daraius…are you going to keep this card and use it often or will it find a slot int he drawer? hehe

    • @Ozaer N. – We will use the card, but not very often. That’s because we’re trying to get the companion pass by using the Chase British Airway Visa card. I wrote a post on why, in my opinion, there are better cards for everyday spend than the Chase Sapphire card!

      What are you going to do with the card? 🙂

  10. Israel Husarsky

    sounds good but I want to keep all the UR points for flexibility.

    Do you know if I can transfer my wifes UR points (she got the preferred bonus!) to my UR account?


  11. Thank you very much for your tip. But I could not find any transfer tab in the chase ultimate rewards website that can lead to to the transfer except combine your own different card ultimate rewards points. I would appreciate very much if you could list the tab click steps that lead to the variety transfer. Thanks a lot.

    • @Jack – Here you go!
      1) Log in to the Ultimate Reward Portal
      2) In the left column under “Use Points” click on “Transfer points to travel partners”
      3) Click on any of the transfer partners to transfer your points.

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  13. hi…can the reward points earned by getting a sapphire preferred card be transferred to ammerican airlines or us airways. thanks.

    • @seamus – Ultimate Reward points can’t be transferred to US Air or AA, but they can be transferred to Continental (up to 30 Sep), and from there you can book the same Star Alliance flights which you could on US air.

  14. What is going to happen after September 30?

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  19. I tried transferring points from my Ultimate Rewards account to Priority Club and let me tell you it is not instant. Did the transfer last night (11:30pm) and as of 8:45am this morning, still not there. I called Chase customer service and they informed me that transfers take 5-7 days (but he said usually 48 hours). Anybody else have this problem with Priority Club?

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  21. hey daraius love reading your blog i’m new to miles and points and learning a lot just by reading you blog everytime i get a chance. I don’t know if this is a known secret but it’s also possible to transfer UR points to a different UR account i was able to transfer my mother in law 50K UR points from the bonus she got from opening the sapphire which we will use for our future travel. If anyone of your blog reader don’t know how to do it the steps are 1. click combine points 2. click “Transfer To” choose “OTHER”. 3. It will ask you for “credit card # and cardholder’s last name” 4. click submit 5. viola instant transfer. I was going to transfer it to UA but i don’t know yet when i will use for travel. So i was happy to leave it in my UR account for more options later on. So guys it is possible to transfer UR points to different UR account if this is a known secret sorry for posting it.

    • @jeff – Thanks for reading and for the tip. You’re right that you can transfer UR points into anyones account. This is a great way to combine points from the Chase Freedom (which can’t be transferred to airlines or hotels) to an account with the Chase Sapphire Preferred so that you can transfer them to airlines and hotels. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Did I understand you correctly that only the Sapphire Preferred UR portal offer the option to “transfer points to travel partners”? I don’t have Sapphire yet, and can not verify. But I do have the Freedom and Ink cards. When I accessed the UR portal from either account, I did find the “Combine Points” on the menu (i.e. transfer to another Chase UR account). But the “Use Points” menu did not have the “transfer points to travel partners” option.
    Thanks in advance for a clarification.

    • @Max – Only the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus, and J.P. Morgan Palladium/J.P. Morgan Select let you transfer points to a travel partner. However, you can transfer your points to a friend/family member who has one of the above cards and then have that person transfer them to your airline/hotel account.

  23. Wow, thanks so much. I had a reservation on a one day hold with United and thought it would be simple to transfer some my husband’s miles to my account to finish the purchase. Then the dreaded “48 hours to process” note popped up and
    panic ensued. Fortunately, after a quick google search found your post, I called Chase Sapphire and they couldn’t have been nicer. We needed to transfer about 70K miles to United and neither of us had that full amount. Rather than transfer lies between our accounts, which might have taken more time to process, the agent gave my DH 2000 “courtesy miles”, then called United to make sure the miles went through right away. They did! So thanks again, your post saved our trip!

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  25. I love your website – don’t know why I didn’t know about it till now. Lots more to read.

    I am wondering if you can give some suggestions…

    DH has a chase account which shows his chase card, chase preferred card and chase southwest card pts. He was able to roll up the chase preferred pts to his chase card (the oldest card that he wants to retain). This is so he can close his chase preferred card before he needs to pay the annual membership free (it was free for the 1st yr).

    1) How does he also move the southwest pts to his chase card and close that card before incurring a yearly fee would you know?
    2) How do I move my chase preferred and chase southwest pts to DH’s old chase card for which I am a joint holder. That way we close out the 4 new cards between us and move on with all points in one single old chase account. We don’t have an immediate need as your post says but wouldn’t be a good idea to close out all these extra cards and not incur yearly fees and move on to other card deals…

    I don’t see options to transfer in my account but I may have missed it.



  26. Thank you for your prompt response. It’s a Chase Sapphire card (not preferred) – I just use that card as well and yes it has ultimate rewards so DH was able to roll up his chase sapphire preferred pts to it. He is planning on closing the preferred card soon.

    So I guess if neither of us can transfer our Southwest pts – we will just cancel the card to avoid membership fee and then use the pts on southwest travel as needed.

    Would you please throw some light on how to transfer my chase sapphire preferred to DH’s chase sapphire account so I can close that.

    Thanks again.

    • @pam – You can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points from the Chase Sapphire Preferred to the Chase Sapphire, but you won’t be able to transfer from the Sapphire to airline or hotel partners. You could either transfer from the Sapphire Preferred to airline or hotel partners now before closing, or transfer to the Sapphire.

      To transfer to the Sapphire, log into ultimaterewards.com with your Sapphire Preferred and click on “Mange Ultimate Rewards” on the left and then click on “Combine Points.” Then click on “other” and enter DH’s account number to transfer.

  27. Thanks again Darius. This is my plan but I am confused about next steps pertaining to a couple of parts…

    I set up my husband’s and my Southwest Rapid Rewards accounts as well both our Southwest Dining accounts. Now I am going to close both those cards since I understand from all the guidance you have provided that the best use of RR is with Southwest so not looking to transfer these to any other vehicle before closing. Hopefully I have understood that right.

    I also moved my preferred pts to my hubby’s preferred card so I can close my preferred card. We are of course going to keep our oldest chase sapphire card under DH name. (I have a fairly invaluable amex blue and a discover card in my name but since they are old cards I will retain – will search your blog to see what i can do with those points:))

    My other question is now that we have all these points in hubby’s account – I’d like to move it to his oldest card and close preferred but as you mentioned we can’t move from that to other hotel/airline partners. Do you think it’s worth paying for the preferred card then? I am confused and would appreciate some insight?

    This is not the forum for it but I also have a citi thank you card that I read somewhere we’ll lose our pts should we cancel that card but it’s annual fee is coming up too.

    Really sorry for the long post but as you can tell I am a relative luddite in this arena and just enthusiastically learning from your posts 🙂

    • @pam – Don’t worry about the long posts! The best use of Southwest (in my opinion) is redeeming for flights on Southwest. Closing the cards will prevent you from redeeming Southwest points for cars or hotels, but you can still redeem them for flights. If you’re never going to fly Southwest, you could redeem for gift cards as well. Southwest points expire after 2 years unless you have some earning or spending activity in your Southwest account (which is easy to do).

      You can always keep the points on the older Sapphire card and apply for a new Ink Bold or Sapphire Preferred when you want to transfer the points to an airline or hotel partner. I like the preferred card for the double points on travel and dining and no foreign transaction fee, but only you can say if it worth paying a fee for the way you use the card.

      If you cancel the Citi Thank You card, you will lose the points in your account, so spend them before cancelling.

  28. Hello Darius,

    Thanks for your blog, I stumbled upon it this past week as I was researching for a new credit that’d earn more than 1%/point per dollar on my spending. After reading your blog I have applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.

    My question is, when I am ready to cancel the card after almost a year to avoid the $95 annual fee, would I lose my UR points if i haven’t use them yet? Since for Citi Thank you points you lose the points if you cancel your Citi Cards, yes?

    • @Jaly – Thanks for reading! If you don’t transfer the Ultimate Rewards points to airline or hotel partners or to another Chase card which has Ultimate Rewards points, you will lose the points when you cancel the card.

  29. hi daraius, so to clarify.. the hotel sees your status at the time of booking and not at the time of check in? thanks

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  31. Daraius, I looove your site, been reading it for ever, I know this is an older post but here is my question anyway, I’m an authorized user on my parents Chase Sapphire , and I also have my own Ink Plus card, now, can I transfer my dad’s UR points into my UR account?!

    Thank You

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  33. Hi Daraius, I know this might be off-topic but would appreciate if you can tell me if I can transfer my husband’s membership reward points to my Krisflyer account? I am halfway there for my one way business flight from SIN-JFK and he has tons of MR points. Thank you!!!!!!!!

  34. Do you mean he can transfer MR points to my MR account instead? Thanks!

  35. Ok.. I have 2 questions. On Chase it says airline travel is 20% less.. and AMEX but, I have United club card so I get free bags do you book travel with Chase or AMEX for the 20% discount.. and is it really. AND… When you buy United Tickets they always offer you more miles for an additional price. Am I supposed to take that or no? Do those miles count for miles in the seat or just bought miles.. I’m so confused and can’t wait till FTU just to ask a million questions I think it’s going to be overwhelming. Thanks

  36. I am a member of too many rewards programs to remember…any suggestions to managing the programs logically in one conscise location? I love the info…but there is so much to digest! Thanks for your hard work.

  37. Hi Daraius:

    If I transfer my UR points to my SW Rapid Rewards account will those transfered points count toward my companion pass? Thanks for your help! P.S. Are you and Emily Royals Fans, I also live in K.C.

  38. Also, where do you find you get the most bang for the buck for UR point transfers. Do they all transfer on a 1 to 1 ratio?

    • @Jim – Transferring points directly to Southwest doesn’t count towards the Companion Pass, but it does currently count if you transfer to Hyatt or Marriott and then to Southwest. They all transfer in a 1:1 ratio and I find the best use to transfer to United, Hyatt & Southwest, and sometimes to British Airways since it is only 4,500 points for a 1 way on American Airlines from Kansas City to Chicago!

  39. I still need 4000 points to get southwest companion pass, can I purchase points in Hyatt and then transfer it to southwest? Please let me know will those points count towards companion pass?

  40. thinking of getting my husband a card thru Ultimate rewards-would we be able to transfer those points into ,say my Marriott acct- then into my SWA acct? thus providing points toward a CP status?

  41. I know Chase has become more strict on the transfer of points between people other than spouses; so can I still transfer some of my UR points to my Dad’s Hyatt account to top it off? We do have the same last name.

  42. I was wondering in your experience if UR -> Hyatt transfers take place instantly?

  43. so much to learn every time I look here! So transferring straight to SWA is not the smartest,it’s smarter to tranfser into hyatt acc,or marriot,then out of there into SWA which counts toward CP? I had no idea…
    also thinking it might be smartest to get my DH an ink or bold,for points,then I can transfer them into my acct for use,correct? (we all use the same pool of points, it’s easier to keep them in my name right now)

  44. ok…so I’m looking at my page….I can’t transfer points from DH’s acct. DIRECTLY into my UR account,right? It doesn’t seem to be an option. It looks like I can transfer his points into my Marriot,or SWA acct,just input the correct number,etc.? Do I have it right now? thanks!

    • @JM – If you’re after the companion pass, you can get the Southwest credit card or transfer UR points to Hyatt and then to Southwest. You can transfer points from your husband’s UR account to your UR account. You have to select the option to combine UR points to do that.

  45. Hello. I’m trying to get a lot of Amtrak guest rewards points for a trip I’d like to take. I know you can convert the Chase points 1:1 with Amtrak as well as many airlines. You can not, however, transfer airline miles to Amtrak guest rewards points. Is there a way to use Chase as an intermediary to accomplish this? If one can convert Chase points to Delta Skymiles 1:1 then can I do the inverse and convert my Skymiles (I’m using Delta as an example because to me Skymiles seem less valuable than Aadvantage miles) to Chase Ultimate Rewards? Of course if one could do that then the next step would simply be to transfer the the UR points to Amtrak thereby converting Skymiles to Guest Rewards.

    On the same note, Starwood Preferred Guest Points can also be converted to Amtrak 1:1 or airline parters 1:1 (with 5,000 bonus miles for every 20k transferred). Any luck converting airline miles to SPG points?

    Next would be if you can’t convert airline miles to UR or SPG points then could one transfer Hilton Honor points to UR or SPG? Hilton points can be converted directly to Amtrak guest rewards but at a pitiful 10,000 to 1,500 ratio.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  46. Is there any way to convert ultimate rewards to Delta? I know it can’t be done directly

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  48. This is against Chase’s UR TOS explicitly and tons of people report having all accounts shutdown from chase for transfers between non-household/spouse.

  49. Darius:
    I have 699 UR points on an older CPS from last year. I will likely get hit with the annual fee next month. Is there anyway to get these miles off? I would like to transfer to united but it is 1000 mutiples/minimun? Thanks for the help. I would prefer not to take the 6.99 in cash.

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