Emily Gets 50,000 EXTRA Bonus Points For Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card! [Expired]

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Update: This deal is dead because Chase is no longer granting an additional 50,000 bonus points.

I just checked Emily’s secure message inbox, and Chase has given Emily an  extra 50,000 bonus points for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

That means that she will get 100,000 bonus points in total!

We will be transferring these to Hyatt and staying at the Park Hyatt in Paris.

That’s 107,000 100,000 Hyatt points with the 7% annual point bonus or almost 5 nights at the Park Hyatt in Paris which would otherwise have cost us $5,000 (which we would NEVER have paid!)

Update: The Chase Sapphire Preferred no longer gives you a 7% annual point bonus.

Here’s an excerpt from the message sent by Chase.

“I would like to inform that, there was an offer to receive
50,000 bonus points after you made purchases of $3,000.00.

However as a gesture of our commitment I have added
additional 50,000 bonus points. This adjustment will
reflect on your 07/16/2011 billing statement.”

100,000 Bonus Points Chase Sapphire-3

50,000 additional bonus points makes me very happy!

I don’t know how much longer this will last,  if you’ve already got the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, write NOW to Chase and ask for the additional 50,000 bonus points (mention offer S6V).

Here’s what I wrote to Chase yesterday (please excuse the grammatical errors and redundancies – I wanted our extra points ASAP!):

Dear Chase Representative,

I just last week received my new Chase Sapphire Preferred card with a 50,000 sign up bonus of 50,000 points after spending $3,000.

Today, I learned of a new offer S6V which promises 100,000 bonus points. I would be very grateful if you would extend the 100,000 bonus point offer S6V to me as well since I just applied for the Chase Sapphire card.

I have been a long time customer of Chase, and have had my primary checking and credit card accounts with Chase for many years and hope to maintain them for many more years to come!

Kind Regards,


I kept the letter short and got straight to the point.  I also reminded Chase of Emily’s long-term relationship with them!

100,000 Bonus Points Chase Sapphire - 1

Bottom Line: As of now, Chase appears to be willing to honor the additional 100,000 bonus points offer for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card if you send them a secure message.

I don’t know how much longer this will last – especially once the corporate offices, which are closed over the weekend, open again on Monday.

Write to Chase now! Tell them how happy you are with their service and products and how you’d like to be considered for the extra 50,000 bonus points.

Try again (4 to 5 times), if you’re not successful the first time.  You only have an additional 50,000 bonus points at stake.  And if you don’t ask for the additional points, you certainly won’t get them!

Have you got the additional 50,000 bonus points?  Tell us about it in the comments!

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65 responses to “Emily Gets 50,000 EXTRA Bonus Points For Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card! [Expired]

  1. I too just received the extra 50K from Chase..this is similar to the Continental Casrd with initial 25K bonus followed by 50K card…I also got the extra miles with that card..I like the Chase customer service its just their fees I dislike

  2. I was approved for the 50K offer. . . just sent them a message and I am crossing my fingers!!

    • @John – Congrats on the extra 50,000 points! You’ll get an extra 3,500 points if you keep your card until early next year since the 7% point bonus kicks-in after a calendar year!

      @Jon – Good luck, and keep us posted!

  3. I am leaning towards transferring these to Hyatt points…..Looking at the Grand Hyatt Kuai for next summer…It appears that the most “value” is in the Hyatt program…
    Great Blog!

  4. I too have received the additional 50K (I think – see Paulchili’s post on FT) – what is your take on the wording? More specifically, my message does not say ADDITIONAL 50K, although it is implied.
    If you want to transfer them to CO, do you have to do it before CO/UA FF programs merge or can you do it later into the new UA FF program?

    • @John – I agree, the best value is to transfer the points to Hyatt. We’ll be using our points in Paris! I’m glad you like the blog!

      @Paul – Chase hasn’t announced officially that UA will replace CO as the transfer partner. However, I suspect that UA might replace CO as the transfer partner. You may want to consider transferring your points now to CO, so that way you are assured that they will eventually become UA miles!

      I would reply to the message and thank Chase for the additional 50,000 points just to confirm that you’re going to get an additional 50,000 points.

  5. Just applied for the Chase card and was approved. I would love to give this a try but I don’t have the card yet, which I told them to rush to me. How long it would take for the card info to show up on Chase account before I can utilize the secure message?

  6. Congrats! I’m following a similar template, keep your fingers crossed for me.

    Again, great blog. Love your writing style and information. Looking forward to the continuation of your trip report!

  7. Just sent a secure message asking for the additional points. Let’s see what happens. Fingers crossed!

  8. send them two emails, didn’t hear back from them yet, the write that that will reply within 4 hours but that didn’t happen to me, any ideas?

    • @Jay – If you’re instantly approved the card shows up online, in my experience, in 5-7 days. It does take longer to appear when I’ve had to call in to reallocate credit lines.

      I’m glad you like the blog and will have Trip Report updates later this week!

      @Kim – Good Luck!

      @Mark – No ideas, but I do know that they took ~9 hours to get back to me.

  9. I sent a secure message last night and got the good news this morning that as a gesture of good customer relations they would be giving me the extra 50,000 points!
    The question now is do I transfer it to Continental/ another program or just take the $1000 cash! Such tough decisions!
    Good Luck to everyone with this offer.

  10. just got it after 8 hours, so all those people that didn’t hear a responds from them don’t worry it’s coming

    • @Michael W – Congratulations on the extra 50,000 bonus points! The decision whether to take $1,000 or whether to transfer is a personal decision. Do what’s right for YOU.

      I prefer transferring to Hyatt and redeeming for a $1,000 room which I would otherwise would never be able to stay in. But I do understand that sometimes cash-flow comes first.

      @mark – Thanks for sharing your experience. I,too, heard back from Chase in the same time frame.

  11. Thanks for tipping us off and providing a clear strategy for bumping up the bonus. I sent Chase a secured message and received the following reply, and wondered if you also find this a bit ambiguous:

    I have received your inquiry with regards to the rewards
    offer on your Chase Sapphire account.

    I have reviewed your account and have noticed that, you
    have the current offer activated on your account.
    However, I have added the 50,000.00 reward points on your
    account and it will reflect on your 06/23/2011 billing

    • @Peter – You’re welcome! I would send Chase a second message thanking them for the ADDITIONAL 50,000 point. It is a bit ambigous, so it might be best to have written confirmation/clarification from them 🙂

  12. Whoops, accidentally clicked post…

    I found their response a bit ambiguous, because it’s not clear if they’re adding an additional 50,000 or simply giving me the 50,000 in advance of meeting the spending requirement. Should I call to address this or just wait to see what happens?

  13. @John: You mentioned that “this is similar to the Continental Casrd with initial 25K bonus followed by 50K card…I also got the extra miles with that card.” Could you let us know how you went about “bumping the bonus” on the Continental card? Were you targeted for the 50K offer after you had already signed up for the 25K? Or did you just call and ask about upping your bonus? I’m considering the Continental for my next card, but was hoping for a >25K bonus.

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  15. Thank you for the great blogs. I did the same thing and got the extra 50k. Now, how can I transfer these points to American Airlines? Because I am working on the AA life time gold status. Also, transferring points to Hyatt for staying one night in Miami doesn’t seem like a good deal. Kayak.com lists cheaper prices than using Hyatt points.

  16. @ Daraius – good suggestion; I’ll call them soon and verify that they are sending me an additional 50,000.

    @ Megan – I also applied for the 30,000 Continental and was able to bump the bonus to 50,000 with a phone call. Note that they will not let you have the 50,000 and the $50 statement credit; they explicitly made me choose one or the other.

  17. just received my extra 50k points too. woo hoo.

  18. Thank you so much!!! I just followed your advice and got a very quick response (less than an hour) saying they would add the 50,000 points as a gesture of goodwill. For the record, I believe my account has been open for right around 25-30 days. THANKS AGAIN and good luck to everyone else!

  19. Update – i too got the 50k!!! Awesome!

    Thanks so much for providing the template to use. I have so many options now with the 100k+ points – and i have you to thank! This blog rocks!

    • @Bo – Thanks! You can’t transfer the points directly to AA, but you can transfer them to Hyatt and then transfer Hyatt points to AA. For 100,000 Hyatt points you’d get 50,000 AA miles which is not a great value, but may be worth it if you’d rather lock in million miles status on AA

      @oneeyejack,@Kevin, @Jay, & @gfunk– That’s great news and thanks for sharing!

  20. Got extra 50k! Thanks!

    Def no longer bummed about missing Cap1 100k bonus. This is best of all time

  21. Just applied for the Chase card – thanks!
    Will my approval notice come by e-mail, mail, or do I have to keep checking the website?
    I want to be able to send the secure notice requesting the bonus as soon as I can.

    • @Lauren – In my experience with Chase, I’ve never got an email approval – it’s always come in the mail. Have you tried calling 888-245-0625 to check on your status? If you have an existing account with Chase, your new Sapphire Preferred card will show up online.

      There have been reports of folks sending in secure messages online even though they have NOT yet got the Sapphire card. If you have any Chase account, you can send in a secure message online.

  22. Thanks for the speedy response – if only chase were that quick 🙂

    I do not have an existing Chase account so I just called the above number. All set!

  23. Got the extra 50,000 points. I spent $4200 on the card the first month and have had the British Airways Chase for a few years which I noted on my secure message. They got back to me within 2 hours!

    • @Lauren – You’re welcome!

      @Mary – Congratulations!

      @Faith – Thanks for sharing. Even if they don’t give you the extra points now, you can always ask for them again when you get your card!

  24. I am really enjoying your posts. Thanks A MILLION!!!
    I am thinking that this offer should not disappear after reading Frugal Guy’s post and his letter response. If their policy is to match offers within 90 days then it is just a matter of getting the card and right away asking for the match. I really appreciate him posting his letter because it will help many I think. I’m hoping my bump will be approved today too. I could then confirm that you can apply and get the bump in the same day. Will see! I hope I didn’t mess it up by requesting the bump before the account even appeared online with my other Chase accounts. Will see! I figured if I’m approved and the rep said I have a card # then the account is their to add the points too and they will appear once I see it online. Hmmm!!

  25. Thanks so much with the template and the details. It’s amazing the good gesture that Chase are offering this time. It definitely get me thinking to start using sapphire as my primary card.
    -Applied mine last Thursday (BA card applied by April ME). was not approved immediate;
    – then I call on Saturday, which then was approved right away after shuffling limits from BA. I did ask them to rush the card but obviously I have not received it yet.
    – Then the Sapphire account shows up on Chase website today
    – Sent SMsg today with similar template you are offering and got the response in less than 5 minutes.
    – then the extra 50K show up on Chase almost right away.

    Thanks again. BTW, Appears we got 2 Jays active here:)

    • @jay/SoCal – You’re welcome – I’m glad it worked out! It really is quite generous of Chase to give folks the extra 50,000 points and I’m sure it will build lots of goodwill for them.

  26. thank you so much for showing us how to successfully get the extra 50k points. i applied for my chase sapphire preferred recently and will definitely try to use your tips when i get approved. i read your bio by the way and couldn’t help but notice that you were a former CPA! i’m waiting on the scores of my AUD and REG sections this month and will be starting fulltime at KPMG Jan 2012 as a tax consultant. accountants unite! 🙂

    i’ve already bookmarked your site and i look forward to your future posts.

    • @Kevin C – Yes indeed, fellow accountants unite! Sometimes, I still dream of the pension accounting which I studied for FAR (don’t know if that is good or bad!). Thanks for your kind words!

  27. Sounds like this deal is done. Chase finally wised up to the fact that they are matching an offer that was intended only for a select targeted audience. Oh well. Easy come, easy go…

  28. Is there anyway I can check Hyatt availability with zero points in my Haytt Gold passport account before I transfer the points from Chase? Here is the message I got “As a Gold Passport member, you need at least 5,000 points to make an award reservation. ” Thx!

    • @Jay/Socal – You can check Hyatt Availability by calling in and asking the rep to check for you. You can also mention that you’re thinking of making a transfer to Hyatt, but wanted to check to make sure that there was availability. I could also check for you if you send me an email with your dates and hotel name. 🙂

  29. Thank you for your upbeat and friendly tone as well as for taking the time to write back to every commenter. I have a question. I didn’t apply for the Chase Sapphire 50K and I am wondering what would happen if I applied via phone for the 100K one and mention the targeted offer code. What do you think will happen if I call in for an offer I wasn’t targeted for? Would Chase determine at the outset of the call if I was eligible or not? Or would they check my credit and then look at eligibility? Should I tell them Invitation No. (which won’t be me)?

    I am just wondering if applying for the 100K is worth a shot. Enough time has passed since getting my last Chase card and I have a good credit score. Thank you VERY much!

    • @Shari – You’re welcome! Chase is no longer accepting requests to match the 100,000 bonus based on reports on FlyerTalk and reader comments and email. Chase also usually requires an invitation number which is specific to an individual, so it is likely that they won’t accept an invitation number which is not tied to you!

      It doesn’t hurt to call and ask if you can get the 100,000 offer, but I wouldn’t expect them to honor the terms for someone who wasn’t targeted. Sorry, I can’t sound more upbeat about this 🙂 50,000 is still a pretty good offer!

  30. I got this response from Chase on 6/20 and would like to hear people’s opinions:
    As a gesture of our commitment I have added 50,000
    additional points to your account which would reflect
    online within 1-2 business days.

    My first statement closed yesterday (6/23), and as of today I still don’t see any additional points in my account. Should I wait a few days/weeks more for these points to show up or should I contact Chase to check on it? If I contact Chase, is there a risk of them changing their mind on this gesture of goodwill?

    • @Vitaly – Have you checked your “Ultimate Rewards” balance online? I saw our points appear over there, even before our statement closed. However, I’ve heard of instances where there was an error, and the additional 50K points did NOT post, and when contacted, Chase refused to honor the additional points.

      I would wait a few days and then contact Chase, but hopefully the points are already in your account!

  31. No, there is nothing in my account beside spend points. I also saw some posts on flyertalk thread about denied points after they were promised. I will probably wait a few weeks, or maybe even till next statement before contacting Chase. I have a feeling that if I ask them now, it will ruin my chances on getting the bonus later, although I think the chances are low.

  32. I received my Sapphire Preferred card this week (July 12) and sent a secure email requesting the extra 50,000 miles. The reply said that this offer was not transferable and was only available to those who received the initial mail promotion. I have replied stating that I know this is not accurate because I am aware of other people that requested the additional miles and did receive them. I have received a second reply stating that my request has been passed to the relevant department and that I will hear from them within a few days. I will let you know what happens – especially because my wife’s new Sapphire Preferred card will arrive next week and I will try for her too.

    • @Alan – Chase did grant folks who wrote in an additional 50K points initially, but they stopped doing that. It doesn’t hurt to ask them again, but you may not get th additional points. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  33. I got the extra 50K points today! I was initially told that the points would show in 1-2 days, but they never did. I’ve waited for over a month to write to them, thinking that by then all the hype would calm down a bit and I’d have a better chance. My second billing cycle closed yesterday (and originally offered 50k posted), so I wrote them today something along these lines:
    “..I think there has been a mistake posting the points. I’ve never claimed to have received 100k offer, but instead, extra 50k were promised as a gesture of commitment. Please see the email thread below for details…”
    Few hours later a response:
    “I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your e-mail
    regarding the Chase Sapphire Preferred account ending in
    As a gesture of our commitment I have added 50,000
    additional points to your account and this adjustment has
    reflected online.
    It is always a pleasure to serve your credit card needs.
    If you have any further questions, please reply using the
    Secure Message Center.

    Thank you,”

    Now my balance is a bit over 103K. I was almost sure that I’d be turned down, considering all the stories from various forums. At some point was considering not writing anything at all. But I guess it never hurts to ask.

  34. Hi Daraius, my husband already has a regular Sapphire card which he has been using for several years. He’s going to upgrade it to a Preferred card so he can transfer all his points to either an airline or hotel. After he does that, he’s thinking of then closing his account, and reapplying for the Preferred card so he can get the 50K sign-up bonus. Do you think this is feasible? How long does he need to wait after he closes his account before he can reapply? Thanks!

    • @Jenny – I don’t know, because I haven’t done it. I *should* be okay because he hasn’t got the bonus on the Preferred card before. But the cancellation and re-application my raise a few flags at Chase. You may want to consider (just my thought) applying for the Preferred card and getting the bonus, and then calling to upgrade the regular card to the preferred card (not sure if it will work).

  35. @Jenny – Maybe this is too late response to help you, but I’m in the same situation and talked to Chase CSR and found a very good option. Call to convert your regular Sapphire card to a Chase Freedom card, the existing rewards points will be converted 1:1. Then apply for a new Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you will get the sign-up bonus points if you have not taken the bonus promo with your regular Sapphire card earlier. Keep both the cards, and Freedom points are freely transferable to Sapphire points for redemption on airline or hotels. Freedom also has 5% earnings in rotating categories and no annual fee.

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  38. I just read that Emily wrote to Chase to request points rather than called. I have had a chase card for 20 years that was changed to sapphire when I already had 100,000 points on it. The “new” redemption rates made my points worth MUCH less. I called after reading some posts and they added 10K points to my account but I still think they should at least offer a match of 50K new customers get. Do you think writing might get a better response??

  39. What address and whom do I write to??

    • @S-May – If you have the regular Chase Sapphire (not Preferred) card, you may be able to apply for the Sapphire Preferred and get the 50K sign up bonus. You could send a secure message from your Chase account, but Chase was giving the extra 50K points for only a few days last year. But it doesn’t hurt to ask. Log onto your Chase.com account, click on “Customer Center” and on the left side scroll down until you see “Secure Message Center.” You can also get another 50K Ultimate Rewards points from the Chase Ink Bold card if Chase doesn’t match you.

  40. Hello

    I have received chase card last year ,but till now I’m yet to receive any rewards.
    Can anybody confirm to me the 1st 6 digit of Chase Sapphire Preferred card
    I think I’m missing something .

  41. Daraius, I have a question about how long Chase UR bonus points take to post to the UR account after the minimum spend is met. Do they only post after a billing cycle (within a certain number of days/weeks) or could they post as soon as I meet the minimum spend, even if mid-billing cycle? If it takes a while to post, have you heard of folks being able to get them to rush the deposit of points? (e.g. if I have a reservation I want to make soon). Thanks as always.

    • @Thomas – They usually post a few days after the statement in which the minimum spending is completed closes. They don’t post mid cycle. You could call and ask to move your statement closing date earlier, but it may not work. You could call and ask if they can make a deposit of the points, but I don’t they’ll do that!

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