What Everybody Ought To Know About The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

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 Link: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

I’ve received a lot of email from readers sharing their success (thanks for sending those in!) with the 75,000 AAdvantage offer and asking me if there were any other credit cards which offer similar large sign-up bonuses.


Chase Sapphire Preferred card 50000

In my opinion, the next best card – for sign-up bonuses – after the 75,000 AAdvantage mile cards is the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card with a 40,000 point sign-up bonus.

Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card gives you 40,000 bonus points after $4,000 is spent within the first 3 months!  The $95 annual fee is waived in the first year.

What Can You Do With 40,000 Bonus Points?

1)   Use Points Within Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program

There are 2 ways to redeem points within the Ultimate Rewards program.

Non-Travel Redemption:
  • You can get a value of 1 cent per point or $400 if you use your bonus points towards a purchase on your Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.
  • For example, you made a purchase of $200 at Target.  You can redeem 20,000 bonus points and get a $200 credit on your credit card statement.
  • This is an okay value, but isn’t how I’d use the card.  In effect, you’re getting $400 for 1 credit inquiry on your credit report.
Travel Redemption:
  • You get a 20% bonus if you redeem your points towards a flight, hotel, cruise or other travel through Chase’s Ultimate Reward program.
  • For example, if you redeem 40,000 points towards travel, you will get a value of  $400 + a 20% bonus ($80) for a total of $480.
  • This is a slightly better value, but, again, wouldn’t be how I use the card.  In this case, you’re getting $480 for 1 credit inquiry on your credit report.
  • This may be of use for those who aren’t interested in fancy hotels and just want to save money on travel.

Ultimate Rewards Summary: I wouldn’t use the 40,000 bonus points to redeem for non-travel rewards unless I was really interested in non-travel rewards  – which I’m not since I write a miles and point blog. :)

However, using the 40,000 bonus points on travel rewards through Ultimate Rewards may be fine if I just want to fly within the US in Economy class.  That’s because you can likely get a better value for hotels and international flights if you transfer the points to select partners.

2)   Transfer Points at 1:1 Ratio To Partners

I see great value in some of these options, because you can transfer your points to select airlines and hotels.  You could transfer 40,000 points or miles to:

  • British Airways
  • United Airlines
  • Hyatt
  • Southwest
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Mariott
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Korean Air
  • Priority Club
  • Amtrak

British Airways (BA): You can use 40,000 BA  miles to fly in Economy class from the US to South America or use 40,000 miles from the US to Asia in Economy class round trip.

United Airlines:  Here is the United Airlines award chart.  United offers 1-way award bookings as well.

Hyatt: 40,000 Hyatt points will get you 2 nights + 6,000 points left over at some of the top Hyatt hotels such as the Park Hyatt in Paris and the Maldives (which otherwise would have cost ~$2,000 for the 2 nights).

We plan on transferring Emily’s points to Hyatt and using them at the Park Hyatt in Paris, because there’s no way we could otherwise afford to stay here!

Check out Hyatt’s award chart here.  Category 3 hotels are only 12,000 points, so you could redeem 48,000 points for 4 nights.  And if each night cost ~$200, you’d get a $800 value!

Category 1 hotels are only 5,000 points so you could get a 10 night stay with your 40,000 bonus points!  That’s a $900 value at $90 per night!

Mariott: Mariott’s award chart is here.  There might be some good value here depending on where you are staying.

Priority Club: Transferring your 40,000 bonus points to Priority Club is a BAD idea, given that you can buy 1 Priority Club point for 0.6 cents per point by using the cash & points trick!

You would get only a $240 value if you transferred 40,000 bonus points (40,000 points X 0.6 cents) to Priority Club.

Amtrak: You can also redeem your points on Amtrak!

By transferring your points wisely, you could get a $800 to $2,000 value for 1 credit inquiry on your credit report.

Transfer Summary: You can get great value (say $800 to $ 2,000) by transferring your 40,000 bonus points to Hyatt or Marriott and then redeeming for hotel nights.

That’s because it is fairly easy to redeem points for hotel nights which cost more than the $480 in travel credit you would otherwise get for redeeming through the Chase Ultimate Rewards Program.

Also, don’t forget to check out the airline values on United and British Airways.

For example, if a ticket costs more than $480, but can be booked by using Continental or British Airways miles, you would be better off if you transferred the miles to Continental or British Airways and then booked an award ticket!

Don’t forget to include the taxes and surcharges in your calculation when you calculate the benefit of using miles to book your ticket!

Additional benefits of the card include:

  • No foreign transaction fees
  • You earn a 7% (point) dividend on all points earned in a year
  • You earn 1 point per $1 spent on all types of purchases, 2 points for travel booked through the Ultimate Rewards, and could get up to 10 points for purchases through the Ultimate Rewards shopping center.

If you do decide to apply, keep in mind that the bonus is only for first time Chase Sapphire Preferred® cardholders.  Chase is very strict about NOT giving the bonus to prior cardholders.  By this I mean, that if you had a previous Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card and cancelled it, Chase is unlikely to give you the bonus again.

Bottom Line: Double points on travel and dining, no foreign transaction fees and a 40,000 point bonus makes this a card worth keeping!

  Link: Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card 40,000 Point Bonus

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304 responses to “What Everybody Ought To Know About The Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

  1. My wife applied for the CSP card using your link a couple weeks ago and was declined. I was able to get it approved today after a few calls to reconsideration line.

  2. @gocong – Thanks for using our links and congrats on the approval.

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  4. We just got approved for a CSP with $6200 CL…we plan on taking a trip to Europe next year and want to fly first class from the US…How would you recommend I use the card so I can upgrade without paying anything extra? Thanks.

  5. @Mike E. – Congrats! It is 100K in business class or 125K in First Class, so you’ll need more miles. There is a United card with 55K miles and the Ink Bold/Plus offers 50K points which can be transferred to United. That said, the best use is to redeem for a business or first class ticket and paying miles to upgrade (after paying cash for a ticket) is usually a poor deal.

  6. don’t forget – before you transfer points to Hyatt, check that you can’t book the same room through the Ultimate Rewards travel site for less points (my wife just saved 9,000 UR points that way)

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  8. I have gotten some great redemptions through the UR travel. I recently booked 2 hotel rooms in Park City for 4 nights– 28000 points each. I booked the Palazzo in Las Vegas for about 50,000 for 4 nights. I have also booked several plane tickets. I always check them first when booking trips. I wish the AMEX travel site were a better deal. I have membership reward points that I would love to use at a good value. If anyone has any tips for that, let us know.

  9. @Kathy – The UR Travel site is very good especially for rentals. Here’s a post on using Membership Rewards points, but there aren’t that many good deals.

  10. Just got the 7% dividend for 2012…. 7% on the $3,000 spend & 40,000 bonus points = 3,010 points :)

    I guess they ares till giving the bonus on all of the points including sign up bonus points.

  11. @ih – Thanks for the update and good to know!

  12. My Sapphire card renewal is up this month. I spent about $22,000 last year. Can you get the 7% dividend, cancel the card and get the $95 annual fee back?

  13. Can you apply CSP and Ink Plus/Bold at the same time?

  14. @Happy Feet – It depends if the fee has posted or not. Sometimes they take it off and sometimes they are stricter.

    @Nam – You can, but you will likely have to call the business reconsideration line to get approved for the Ink card.

  15. Hi Daraius,

    Thank you so much for this post, because of it I signed up for the Chase Saphire about four months ago and I absolutely love it. I’ve accrued my points and plan to use them at Indian Wells Hyatt (Tier 5 Hotel).

    My question to you is, I was not allowed to use points to reserve the room for the weekend that I requested and unfortunately our date is firm and we can’t go another date as we already planned concert tickets and dinner dates, etc… The customer service rep. said they were sold out, but I could use my Credit Card… So I went ahead and used my CC to book the room as she informed me that I could potentially use my points if a room becomes available.

    Have you ever experienced anything like this? Am I screwed and won’t be able to use my points? I know this is a strange question but any advice would help!

    Thanks again for all of your advice,

  16. @David – If the hotel is not selling regular rooms, you won’t be able to use your points. But perhaps they have a club or suite available for more points? If you do pay cash for a room, you can upgrade to a suite for 6,000 points which is a heck of a deal!

  17. Hi D, I just got approved for Chase Ink Bold for business yesterday and was planning to apply for Chase Sapphire preferred. DO you know if they will pull a new credit inquiry or Chase will use my recent inquiry for approval?

  18. @AD – You can apply for the Sapphire Preferred, but inquiries on separate days are usually seperate.

  19. Daraius Please add United to the list in
    2) Transfer Points at 1:1 Ratio To Partners
    British Airways
    Continental Airlines
    Priority Club
    Thank you

  20. Is ultimate rewards from Chase Freedom the same as from Chase Saphire? If so, I can’t figure out how to transfer them to a miles or points program…

  21. Will it really take 6 to 8 weeks for Sapphire Preferred bonus points to be posted to my account after meeting the $3,000 spending requirement? If so, is there a way to expedite it?

  22. @Do It – Done!

    @HollyS – You can’t transfer Ultimate Rewards points from the Freedom directly to hotels or airlines. But you can transfer those Ultimate Rewards points from the Freedom to your Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold/Plus and from there to airline or hotel programs!

    @Jeff – It usually posts when the statement in which you complete the minimum spending closes provided you completed the spending 6 to 10 days before the statement closing date.

  23. Hi Daraius- I have the CSP Visa card. Do I get a bonus if I apply for the Mastercard? Thanks

  24. @Mo – Possibly, but they usually don’t let you keep both cards open at the same time, so you’d have to close the Visa version.

  25. What should be the time between applying for two Chase cards? I got approved for the Mileage plus card a month ago. Should I wait till I apply for this one?

  26. @Yalie – It depends. If you have no other Chase cards besides the Mileage Plus card, you could apply for another one, but would need to call their reconsideration line to get approved. I usually apply for 1 business and 1 personal card at the same time from Chase.

  27. I got the letter my application was deny because “Too many requests for credit”. I applied 3 cards almost the same time.
    1 is approved. another one I don’t know yet.

    I really like this card. May I call to explain? who should I call? Or if I can’t, how long should I wait to try again?

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  29. I am trying to decide between the Freedom and Sapphire Preferred cards. Do you know if the underwriting criteria are similar? I called Chase and they only gave the standard “based on a review of your credit report” answer.

  30. @Wendy – You could call the reconsideration line to see if they will approve you for the card. Good luck

    @Keith – I believe the Freedom card may be easier to get since it is a more entry-level card. But a lot depends on your profile with the bank.

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  32. Just used your link. Thanks so much for the helpful tips regarding the reconsideration line. I, too, am very impatient. Applied yesterday and called today. They gave me a $20,000 credit line. I’m pleasantly surprised!

  33. Just applied using your link and got decision pending. Not sure what this means but looks like I’ll have to give chase couple of weeks to write to me if any issues or just send the card

  34. @Shar – Congrats and thanks for using our link!

    @Ron – Thanks for using our link! You could call the reconsideration line if you’d like a quicker response.

  35. Do you know that UltimateRewards program adds Virgin Atlantic as new partner?

  36. What’s a major difference between Visa and Mastercard for Chase Sapphire Preferred Card?
    Maybe conversion operation based on EURO or USD?

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  39. Hi Darius,

    My first year is reaching an end on the Sapphire preferred visa. If I cancel it right now, when do you think it will be better to apply for a Mastercard version? Also, I am not able to find a link to the mastercard application. Can you help?

    Thanks a lot.

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  41. Hello Darius,

    There is an alert on the Brads Deals website indicating that both the CHASE Sapphire and INK Bold deals were coming to an end tomorrow. Do you know if thats true? Here’s the link to the site:


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  43. goals^n^dreams

    Can I use 2 browser trick to apply CSP master, Priority? or 3 browser trick for CSP master, Priority, and Soutwest business? Thank you for your help!

  44. goals^n^dreams

    I know Citi doesn’t allow that anymore. How about Chase?

  45. @Robert – Not that I know about!

    @goals^n^dreams – It doesn’t work with Chase because you have to call the reconsideration line to get approved. But you can usually get 1 business and 1 personal with a call to the reconsideration line.

    – I’ve heard of the $2K offer in bank branches, but there’s no Chase branch in Kansas so I haven’t checked personally.

  46. Thanks for all your help
    I was looking into a CSP card, but the 3k spend in 3 months is a little steep for me. ( i don’t do any manf. spending and my expenses are quite low) I called up my chase branch and they said the offer is for a 2k spend and they offered to mail me some info. Do you know anything about the 2k offer?

  47. I think I’ve asked this before, but so much info is getting me confused…. I currently have the CSP,I got it b/c I wanted more SWA points for flying- it was great for that purpose, now it’s coming up on the anniversary,and though I like the options,I don’t think I’ll use it much so I think it’s not a good daily card for me….The lower tier sapphire doesn’t allow transfers into SWA,am I right? So even tho I am in UR program currently,once I cancel the CSP,my transfer/use options will stop also. Is this correct?
    right now I use the SWA for daily use,as those RR points are my fave thing… So I would be smart to cancel the CSP before the anniversary, how long before the date is a good time to cancel?

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  50. Charles Li

    I have a chase sapphire card. Can I sign up and get the promotion on Chase sapphire preferred?

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  54. Chase card has 40,000 bonus points. Points to miles are awarded in a 1:1 ratio. Then how can 50,000 miles be transferred to frequent flyer program?

  55. @N.Kaufman – It currently has a 40,000 point sign-up bonus, but used to have a 50,000 point sign up bonus.

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  57. Darius
    Sapphire has a bonus ok 10K UR points when you reach the $25K spent in a year?
    I had the idea it was so , but I cannot find it now. I may be confused with the UA Chase card.
    You had a list of second bonuses for several CC for big spenders, but I have not been able to find it.

  58. @luchex – The United Explorer card has the bonus of 10K United miles if you spend $25K within 1 calendar year. Here’s a list to the Big Spender series.

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  69. Hi Darius,
    How many times can you apply for this card and still get the bonus points? How long apart between the applications.? Do you have a strategy if you have to call to request thr promotion again? Thanks somuchin advance for the tips.

  70. Hi Darius, is there a strategy to reapply for this card and still get the promotion points? Thank you in advance for your tips!

  71. Hi Darius,
    I have a question about the 25% more travel reward. I just search an international plane ticket and cost around $1300 to $1600 round trip depends on the day. But if I just get the united miles saver it would be for 32500 one way. Do you think is there anyway to make the 25% reward more useful than booking the int’l ticket?

  72. Hi Darius,
    I was approved for the CSP card back in May, but I immediately cancelled it. I know! At the time, I didn’t think I could come up with the 3k min. spend. So, I call the recon line and converted it to a Marriott Premier card instead. Now I really want the CSP card. How long should I wait before trying to apply for it again. Or did that really count since it was technically only open for less than a few hours. ??? Thanks so much. I’m a travel agent and really love the site! :)

  73. @newmom – You can’t get the bonus again.

    @Skyrod – If you didn’t get the bonus the first time, you could be able to get it when you reapply.

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  75. Where is the Chase Sapphire MASTERCARD link for 40,000 points???

  76. @Jan Ruiz – It isn’t available any more.

  77. Hi Darius!

    Does this card ever have periods where they offer 50k again. I think the business card offered 65k during small business week last year. Thanks.

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  81. this card is about to get even better! can’t wait.

  82. currently I have myself listed as the primary owner and my wife as a authorized user to help me achieve the sign up bonus. Now that were are almost at the 3k spent, can she apply for the card to receive the bonus for herself? Or does being an authorized user cancel her out as a “new” customer. Any help would be appreciated.

  83. Any word if the 50K bonus will come back? Is this something I should wait for?

  84. @Mary – I don’t have any inside information, but it could be possible.

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  86. Online Travel Review has a link for 50K miles plus 5K for adding authorized user.

    I’ve had this card before and closed it over 1 year ago. Can I re-apply again and get the bonus?


  87. @Tobin – The Hot Deals tab on the blog mentions the higher offer as well!

  88. I listed my son as additional card holder and he got the card. Can he use the card and get the same benefits as me?

  89. @Michael – He can use the card, but all purchases will show on your statement. He will also get the double points on travel and dining and no forex transaction fees.

  90. Hi, I keep seeing this phrase “1 credit inquiry on your credit report.”
    What does it mean? thanks!

  91. @Van – A credit inquiry is when you apply for credit and the banks look at your credit report or “inquire” about your credit worthiness.

  92. @Alida – Glad you had a nice trip! You should apply independently so that each of you can get the sign-on bonus. I’d suggest the United card with ~50K miles and the Sapphire Preferred because you can transfer points from the Sapphire Preferred to United.

  93. Hi,
    I am planning to fly my family of 5 out to Denver and have a couple of questions to get as many miles as possible. If I was to fly southwest, could i use the sapphire and the southwest credit cards for the same purchase so that I can get both cards miles in one transaction? if not, are there any airlines you can do this? also, where can i find a list of where i can redeem my sapphire points for hotels, rental cars, etc. Thanks!!!

  94. @Andy – You can use both cards to buy the tickets on Southwest Air. Here’s a post on how to use Ultimate Rewards points.

  95. Do you get the reward as soon as you spend $3,000, or do you have to wait for 90 days to pass?

  96. @Craig – The points post once the statement in which you’ve completed the $3,000 in spending closes.

  97. Any confirmation on if people who use to have the VISA version of the Chase Sapphire card and then now apply for the MASTER CARD version of Chase Sapphire card; will we get the bonus again?

  98. Hi Daraius,
    does this mean that if i apply to this and transfer to southwest program along with the 50000 points i already will have from applying for the southwest card, i could end up having enough points to have the companion pass? or does that sound too easy or like a bad idea?

  99. @Sal – The MasterCard version is no longer available.

    @Mav – Unfortunately,transfers from Chase Ultimate Rewards doesn’t count towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

  100. Hi Daraius – last year I converted my Chase Sapphire Preferred to the Chase Freedom – I like the Freedom because of the quarterly bonuses but I really miss the Sapphire card – any idea how long I should wait before reapplying for it….? Any predictions on when/if the points bonus will go up (over the current 40K)……or can I never get the bonus again? (was the 50K with $125 fee considered a different product?)
    thanks for your help!

  101. @Jackie – You could reapply for it at any time. The current offer is 40K after completing the minimum spending + 5K for adding an additional user.

  102. So i stumbled ontot his website searching the web while deloyed to afghanistan….im blown away
    i was so eager to apply to credit cards i overdid it…..
    i think one thing that is worth mentioning is when applying to a card like the southwest 110,000 points is it is a chase card, so is the british card that offers 40,000 avios…its worth mentioning or at least making sure the person that applies does mor research. i applied for about 7 credit cards within this week and i was initially only approved for two, the frontier card, which will take me to eaither costa rica or jamaica and capital venture card…..
    so i decided to call chase directly and i was told i applied for 5 cards and all were denied/pending which to me equates to denied…lol
    anyway instantly on the phone i was approved for the sapphire card with a pretty heavy limit…instantly happy, they asked why i applied for so many cards, i told them i do a lot of traveling and each card is for a specific airline….they had no problem with that but that their rule is only two cards can be approved in a 30 day period….. so i was given the choice to choose another card…i went with the united one….

    so now im just counting down 30 days until i can aply for another card…..im sure AMEX is totally different but im still doing research on which is best for me, i want to do more international travel and at first 450 platinum card seemed best but after reading you have to go through there website to purchase the ticket didnt seem that reasonable…(being that it be more expensive) im trying to accomplish a business ticket overseas….i have even gone so far as to solicit my friends for their unused flyer miles and that seems to be the quickest ways to get free mile….. united also has the survey program where i sit at a computer answering boring surveys but every mile counts….im shooting for a trip to london from vegas(where im stationed) in a business class flight this summer…..
    anyway i enjoy this blog and you will continue to see me more often learning the tricks of the trade

  103. Faisal Fowler

    So I stumbled onto this website searching the web while deployed to Afghanistan….I’m blown away
    I was so eager to apply to credit cards I overdid it…..
    I think one thing that is worth mentioning is when applying to a card like the southwest 110,000 points is it is a chase card, so is the British card that offers 40,000 avios…it’s worth mentioning or at least making sure the person that applies does more research. I applied for about 7 credit cards within this week and I was initially only approved for two, the frontier card, which will take me to either Costa Rica or Jamaica and capital venture card…..
    So I decided to call chase directly and I was told I applied for 5 cards and all were denied/pending which to me equates to denied…lol
    anyway instantly on the phone I was approved for the sapphire card with a pretty heavy limit…instantly happy, they asked why I applied for so many cards, I told them I do a lot of traveling and each card is for a specific airline….they had no problem with that but that their rule is only two cards can be approved in a 30 day period….. So I was given the choice to choose another card…I went with the united one….

    so now I’m just counting down 30 days until I can apply for another card…..I’m sure AMEX is totally different but I’m still doing research on which is best for me, I want to do more international travel and at first 450 platinum card seemed best but after reading you have to go through their website to purchase the ticket didn’t seem that reasonable…(being that it be more expensive) I’m trying to accomplish a business ticket overseas….I have even gone so far as to solicit my friends for their unused flyer miles and that seems to be the quickest ways to get free mile….. united also has the survey program where I sit at a computer answering boring surveys but every mile counts….I’m shooting for a trip to London from Vegas(where I’m stationed) in a business class flight this summer…..
    Anyway I enjoy this blog and you will continue to see me more often learning the tricks of the trade

  104. Just ending my first year with CSP (MC), so will be looking at paying the $95 Annual Fee. Also considering dropping the card and then applying for the CSP VISA — is the VISA still available? I recall reading somewhere Chase was discontinuing either MC or VISA versions of the card.
    Previous to this I had a CSP VISA (with new account bonus) and cancelled it, so I prob. wouldn’t be eligible for another new account bonus., no matter which version of the card I get.
    I’m planning to call CS and request they waive the fee for a 2nd year, but based on my recent experience with an Ink card, I’d only get a few points (2K in the Ink case).
    Another choice would be to downgrade to a regular Sapphire (no AF), but I wonder if later I could _upgrade_ back to a CSP??

    So — what would you advise to get around the AF then?

  105. @scott – The MC version is no longer available, but the Visa version is available. You could downgrade to the Freedom and use it for 5X points. If you close the card, don’t forget to transfer your points otherwise you’ll lose them!

  106. Hey Daraius – I’ve been mostly lurking here for awhile, but we have some big trips planned over the next few years so it is time to get serious about this! I love the flexibility of the Chase Ultimate Rewards so we definitely want to max out on them. If I get this card and add my husband as an additional user, could he apply for the card later on down the road?

  107. Thanks for the great info! I used your link today to get my first bonus card intended for travel. Have only done cash back cards in the past. I always thought it seemed like too much work but this breakdown is great, thanks!

  108. @Tera – Congrats and thanks for using our links!

  109. I do most of my flying for work and charge it to the corporate card, but I’ve been looking to add a personal card that can contribute to my miles or points. I normally fly with US Airways and stay at Hiltons. Should I just eliminate this card from contention because of this? Or will the US Airways merger have an impact and allow me to transfer the miles from Chase to British Airways to US Airways through the One World Alliance? If I don’t apply for this card, is there a card that would give similar rewards that I could use?

  110. @Andy – I’d consider the US Air or American Airlines card and the Hilton Reserve cards if those are your travel preferences. That said, you can transfer points from the Sapphire Preferred to United or Hyatt which could be worth checking out!

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  114. I just closed my chase sapphire card last November when the annual fee kicked in. Today I received a mailer for the chase sapphire preferred card offering me the 40k bonus. My question is this are the two cards different and will I be able to get the 40k bonus for the preferred card offer? If they are the same does being direct mailed an offer make a difference in one’s ability to qualify for a particular offer.

  115. hi
    can my husband transfer his chase sapphire points, into my united mileage acct.
    also my son he does not live with as can he transfer his into my united mileage acct.

  116. @chrissy – Your husband can transfer points into your United account.

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  122. You say you get 25% off when booking through UR. Chase website says 20% off. I’m confused which is it?

  123. @Marty – a 20% reduction is the same as a 25% bonus!

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  125. Thanks for the post. If my husband and I were to apply for this card how long should I wait after my husband apply for it? Can I add my name as a authorized user and apply for the same card in a few months?

    I told my husband about this card and earning mileage and he had a question.
    How can you/anyone can continuously earn mileage once you get sign up bonus say in a year/2 year? I see that we can’t cancel the card and re-apply the same card (and get the bonus) and if you have opened 10 other cards with sign up bonuses in a 2 year period how can you get any more mileages enough to get you free tickets year after year? I’m still reading and learning…

  126. @Kim – You can both apply at the same time if you can meet the minimum spending requirements. There are lots of different cards to apply for!

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  129. Katherine Tucker

    My husband and I got the Sapphire preferred cards last month as we decided to plan a trip for 2015 and we are trying to rack up the miles now so we can reserve RT at business or first class in Oct/Nov. I achieved the min spend for the bonus before the first bill was sent, but they are refusing to credit the bonus, telling me that it can take “8-10 weeks for the bonus points to be credited after meeting the minimum.” I think this is pretty bad policy but cannot find anything anywhere indicating how quickly the earned bonus should post. Any pointers on how to address this? Otherwise, clearly everyone should be warned that Chase won’t be rushing to credit you the points you earned.

  130. They don’t usually give you the points until after statement close date, and it’ s usually a few days after that in my experience it’s been written about quite a bit- this is mo matter how quickly you hit the spend.

  131. Daraius,

    You may wish to add the 5,000 point sign up bonus for an authorized user in the main text of your review.

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