How To Fill Out A Business Credit Card Application

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Yesterday, we saw the 3 Ways You May Qualify For A Business Credit Card.  Today we’ll walk through how to fill out a business credit card application.

In the comments on Use The 2-Browser Trick To Earn 150,000 Free AAdvantage MilesMillion Mile Secrets reader Larry (Thanks, Larry!)  suggested to another commenter (I’m so lucky to have readers who like to share their knowledge!) :

“You might be able to apply for the 75,000 AAdvantage Bonus Miles – Visa Business card. They should let you have both a personal and a business card. Just be sure to use your name as the business name and use sole proprietor.”

What’s A Sole Proprietor?

A sole proprietor is a person who owns and runs a business him or herself.

In a sole proprietorship, the business and the individual are considered to be the same.  However, being a sole proprietor carries risks since the business and the individual are considered the same and so you are  personally liable for the business debts and for paying taxes on your business income.

When you apply for a business credit card as a sole proprietor, banks pull YOUR credit score, assess YOUR income, and use the information on YOUR application in order to make a decision to grant credit.  That’s because, as a sole proprietor, you are liable for your business debts.

The good news is that if you’ve got a good credit history and adequate income, you may be approved for a business card as a sole proprietor!

Now, as a sole proprietor, your business may be in your name, “Becky Baker” or in a trade name (also called “Doing Business As” or DBA), for example “Custom Cookies

Many states do not require sole proprietors to register for a business license if they are not using  a trade name or DBA, but check with your state’s Secretary of State office.

How to fill out a business credit card application as a sole proprietor

The application has the usual section for personal information, but there is usually another section for business information.

Let’s review the information in the Business Information section of the Citi AAdvantage Business Visa credit card application form

AAdvantage 75000 mile business credit card
AAdvantage 75,000 Mile Business Visa Credit Card Application Form

1) Legal Name of Business: If you are a sole proprietor, your legal business name could be your own name, “Becky T Baker” or the name of your business (trade name or DBA), for example, “Custom Cookies.

Now, you may be asked to verify your business name later on. To prepare for that possibility, it may be better to have the legal name of your business be the same name which appears on your utility bill or bank account statement.

2) Years in Business: For example, if you have been thinking of selling homemade cookies for the last year and have been buying ingredients to test different recipes enter “1.”

3) Name of Business for Card: This will be the name printed on the credit card.  In her last application, Emily used the same name as the legal name of her business, which was her first and last name.

4) Is your business address the same as your home address?: If you’ve been selling cookies out of your house, enter “Yes.”

5) Business Phone Number: If the headquarters of “Becky T Baker” is in your kitchen, then enter your home telephone number.

6) Number of Employees: You have at least 1 employee (yourself) if you are a sole proprietor, so select the “1-5” option if you are the only employee of “Becky T Baker.”

7) Line of Business: For example, enter “Service” if you sell books or CDs, “Manufacturing” if you make cabinets, and “Farming/Agriculture” if you sell your home-grown tomatoes in the driveway!

8)  Occupation: Enter “Becky T Baker’s” full time occupation.

9) Annual Revenue: Enter the total amount you receive annually for selling your home-made cookies.

It is very important to fill out all information in credit card applications truthfully.  It is much better to say that you have no annual sales than to enter a fictitious amount.  In her last business card application, Emily entered revenue of less than $100 and was still approved for the card.

Does your business have a Tax Identification Number?: Choose the option which says “No, my business is a sole proprietorship.”

Remember that a sole proprietorship is indistinguishable from the owner and the owner has to pay taxes for the business in his or her own personal income tax return.

Because you pay taxes for a sole proprietorship in your personal income tax returns, your Tax Identification Number is usually your Social Security Number!

Additional Verification:

After you submit your application, you may be asked to provide verification of your business.

This may be in the form of copies of your business bank account, utility bill, tax returns, business license etc.  Citibank requested any 2 of the 4 documents above.

Since Emily applied for her business credit card in her own name, all she needed to do was to submit her utility bill and her business checking bank account statement.  She was then approved for the credit card!

If you don’t have a business checking bank account, don’t worry.  If needed, you can usually open a business checking bank account in less than 1 week at your local bank!

If  you do have to call about your business credit card application, be prepared to answer questions about your business such as the length of operation, nature of business, etc.  Be consistent, but truthful, in your answers!

Tips on how to get  225,000 AAdvantage bonus miles:

Now that you know how to apply for a business credit card, let’s review the strategy to get all 225,000 bonus AAdvantage miles!

In my original post on the 2-browser trick, I wrote:

Here’s how to get all 3 cards and 225,000 AAdvantage miles:

  • Apply for the Citi Personal Amex and Citi Personal Visa on the same day by using the 2 browser trick below.  You will earn a total 150,000 miles for these 2 cards.
  • After 65 days apply for the Citi Business Card and earn another 75,000 miles.  If you apply earlier than 65 days your application will be automatically denied because Citibank likes to see 60+ (65 to be safe) days gap after a personal application and 90+ (95 to be safe) days after a business card application.”

Bottom Line: If you’ve applied for the 2 AAdvantage Personal credit cards (Visa & Amex) first, you should wait 65  days from the date of application to apply for the Citi Visa Business AAdvantage credit card with 75,000 bonus miles.

If you applied for the AAdvantage Business credit card first, you should apply for the 2 personal cards using the 2-browser trick after 95+ days from the date of application

I use this handy date calculator to add or subtract dates.

Have you been successful in getting all 3 Citi AAdvantage credit cards?  Tell us how in the comments below!

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This post does not constitute advice on ways to structure a business nor does it constitute tax advice. The sole purpose of this post is to illustrate how to apply for a business credit card as a sole proprietor.  For advice on business structure and taxation specific to your situation, please contact a qualified lawyer or accountant.

Disclosure: I don’t get any referral bonus or payback from Citibank for this post or for the links to the Citi AAdvantage credit cards.  In the spirit of full disclosure, I do own negligible amounts of Citigroup stock.

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114 responses to “How To Fill Out A Business Credit Card Application

  1. Is it possible to use personal checking as business checking also or a person need to open business checking??


    • @dracs – If they ask for a business checking account, I would submit a business checking account statement. I wouldn’t take the risk of submitting a personal account statement and getting denied with 75,000 miles at stake! I suppose you could submit a personal checking account statement and see what happens. 🙂

  2. Now if someone were to own an actual business, let’s say a tiny business that’s incorporated (a corporation). Would that person be able to apply for 2 biz cards? One in their name as a sole proprietor (for the small internet side biz things they do) and one in the name of the corp??? Would they be able to apply for both at the same time? Or would they need to apply, then wait 95 days?

    • @thomasdean – I don’t have any experience with this situation, so can’t give you a definitive answer. You certainly can apply for 2 cards, but I’m not sure if you’ll get both cards. The application requires your personal SSN even if you’re applying as a corporation. I don’t know if they will match the SSNs on both applications and deny you a new business card, or if they will only use the Tax ID for screening in which case you might get approved.

      It is a very intriguing question, with lots of good possibilities! Are there any readers who’ve got business cards as sole proprietors AND as corporations?

  3. Hi Daraius –

    I really appreciate the detail you included with this post! Excellent work! I applied for the AA Business Visa online yesterday and was approved after a brief call to Citi. They verified my information over the phone and approved me for a $1000 credit limit. While, that’s not much, I’ll gladly take the 75k miles. They didn’t ask for any additional documentation. For reference, I used my full name as the business name / sole proprietorship. Claimed $1500 of revenue with 2 years in business and my credit score is in the upper 700’s.

    Keep up the good work and thanks again!

  4. Just want to give you personal experience, Citi Personal and Business are not connected together with 60 day rule. I have successfully (and for many others) applied for 2 Personal + 1 Business on the same day and was approved. You should wait 60+ days to apply between personal cards, so if you get AAdvantage card, do not try to get Thank You poionts card for 2 months. Also, you should wait 90+ days between Business cards. So you can get AAdvantage Business VISA wait 91 days adn get AAdvantage Business MasterCard.

    All and all, you can get 2 Personal + 1 Business, wait 60 days, get 1 Personal, wait 30 more days get 1 Busieness. So you can get 5 AAdvantage cards in a span of 5 months, as there are AMEX, VISA, MC for Personal, and VISA and MC for Business.

    Just to date myself, in 2008-09 you can just keep on churning these, but that is no longer the case.

    Keep up the blog, thank you for running it!



    • @PedroNY – Thanks for writing in with your experience! My experience and other reports on FlyerTalk have been that the personal and business cards are connected, but as always with Citi, different folks get different results! You can get 5 AAdvantage cards with Citi, but currently only 3 of them have the 75,000 mile bonus.

  5. Sorry, typo, 5 cards in 3 months.

  6. Thanks for the post on this. I’ve followed a number of other travel blogs and have always wondered how people qualified for personal and business cards. I already had the personal card so I applied for the business card this week using your tips and was instantly approved. Hoping the bonus will still be active and I’ll net another 75k miles for a take of 150k miles since December. Loving this new hobby, only wish I could’ve gotten in on the ground floor when there was unlimited churn….

  7. @Pedro and @Darius

    Are you saying that after 90 days you can reapply with a new Business name for a new Citi Business Card for a new business while keeping the old business Citicard active and still get a new mileage bonus?

    • @mike – I haven’t been very successful lately with the Citi AA Business cards, and even after waiting 3+ months since my last card, my application has been declined since I wasn’t a “new cardholder.”

  8. Using the 2 browser trick, couldn’t I apply for 1 personal and 1 biz at the same time instead of 2 personal as you recommend? I’d rather have the lower $1,500 initial spend on each. Or, am I missing something?

    • @Rick – I don’t have personal experience with applying for 1 personal and 1 biz at the same time, but this thread on FlyerTalk (see post #2) suggests that you can get 1 personal and 1 biz at the same time.

      The downside is that you won’t be able to come back and do the 2nd personal card for at lease 18 months since you will already have had a personal AA card. 1 personal + 1 biz card now will get you 150K miles. 2 personal cards now + 1 biz card 65+ days will get you 225K miles. It all depends on what you feel you can manage. Here are some ways to help meet your minimum spending.

  9. Hi Daraius,

    I applied for the citi business card a few days ago and got an email today informing me that I couldnt be approved because “the credit report shows this business is too new to be evaluated”. I had mentioned 1 year of experience in my citi aa business card application.
    Is there anything you recommend doing so that citi might re-evaluate their decision? Or is it just better for me to wait and re apply in a couple of months. As a data point, I applied for a Amex gold business the same day and was approved instantly.

    • @KK – I would either call CitiBank and try to get a live agent to reconsider or write a letter asking for a reconsideration. If that doesn’t work out, your best option may just be to apply again after 95+ days (since the time required between business card applications is 95+ days).

  10. Hi Daraius,
    I just applied for the $1,500 spend Citi AAdvantage Business Card using the suggestion outlined above. It said they will contact me within a week. Let’s see what happens. Fingers crossed.

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  12. Do you know if it is possible for me to apply for the Business card and give my wife’s AA account number? We need to top of her account.

  13. Hi, Daraius,
    I am very new to this miles-and-points deal and I wish I was a reader of your wonderful blog when I applied for Citi AA VISA last year. I was approved for Citi AA Visa in Oct 2010 and also approved for Chase Continental Mastercard in June 2011. I’d like to try to get the other two Citi cards : AAdvantage AMEX and AAdvantage Business to get all the possible sign-up bonus miles. (I sell books on so I hope that qualifies for ‘business’.) What should be my strategy? How far apart should I wait? Which card should I get first? BTW, I am about to call Citi to “cancel” (maybe) the VISA card I got last Oct since the annual fee is almost up. Should I wait? Thanks in advance!

  14. Hi, this is YH again. After sending the questions, I continued to read other posting and found the following information which (I believe) answered my own questions. Just wanted to let you know this so I won’t take your valuable time away from writing more blogs. 🙂 But could you please let me know if I misunderstood anything?

    “If you didn’t apply for both at the same time, I think it is unlikely that you will get the AMEX again (you could always try if you have 1 credit inquiry to spare and want to take the risk). However, you could get the business card after 65+ days from your last approval date. ”

    “MilePoint member miles and smiles wrote that he had success with getting another Citi personal card 17 months after his last successful Citi AAdvantage application, despite not cancelling his previous AAdvantange card. ”

    So, I think the answers to my questions are :
    1. I can try to apply the business card now since it has been more than 65 days.
    2. I need to wait another 6 months before applying for another personal card. Next time, I sure will apply for both personal cards!
    3. I don’t need to cancel my Citi AAdvantage Visa when applying the business card.

    Thanks for posting so many wonderful tips!!

    • @YH – Citi generally allows you only 2 applications every 65 days. So if it has been 65+ days since your last Citi application, you may be able to get the business card. You should wait at least 18 months since you were last approved for the Citi personal cards which will be 18 months since Oct 2010. You’re right – you don’t need to cancel the personal card when you apply for the business card.

      Good luck and thanks for reading!

  15. Daraius-

    Another winning post by you. I used your steps exactly to apply for the Business card some 70 days after I was approved for a personal card and was approved. I had to do a short phone call to verify personal information (Name, mailing address) and was approved.

    Through your blog I learned about 1) ChargeSmart to pay off my mortgage with Visa cards and 2) How to qualify for a Citi AA Visa Business card which will easily be paid off in one month.

    150K miles I never would have had before. My wife thanks you for the vacation she doesn’t know she’s getting and I thank you for all your help.

  16. I applied yesterday and I had to call them and speak to an agent, he verified a few things with me and put me on hold. Then he said that I would receive a decision in about a week. I asked him why and he said he is having a problem verifying the business address. If they ask for verification, what do I provide them? What are my chances of getting approved?

  17. It appears that in my state all business have to register. Does this mean I would have to apply for a business license in order to legally apply for this card?

  18. I just called Citi and verified I’m eligible for the 75k miles on each of the first 2 personal cards I got; looks like I’m well on my way to 225k miles, thank you!

  19. I have a corp but I do not use it – will the credit check go to the corp and not my personal ss?

  20. It seems I have missed out on the 75K mile deals. Here is my dilemma, I received an offer for the Citi Aadvantage business with 50k bonus miles. I am trying to get 100k miles for both my husband and I in order to get award tickets for a trip to Europe in June. We both have 10,500 AA miles currently. I thought I would have us both apply for the business card and the personal card to get the 30K they are currently offering and buying the miles to make up what I am missing. Does this seem like the best way to get the miles I need in such a short time? I am worried about having to wait 60 days between the personal and the business in order to get the 2 personal cards for the extra 30k miles.

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  24. Hugh Corrigan

    I applied last year for the 2 x 75000 personal cards. (thanks for the all the tips by the way) Last week I applied for a citi business card and was approved over the phone after a being asked to call in and verify some information. Today instead of getting my new card in the mail I got a letter asking me to call in. They didn’t approve me as it turns out and they want a copy of my business bank statement and a utility bill faxed in. I have been doing ebay for 3 years and have been filing taxes on the income however they don’t want the tax return. By the way I have a business gold amex that is two years old and I have been using it to purchase all of my inventory. I am only applying for this card for the mileage. Im going to open a business checking at the bank on my way home from work but the agent I spoke to said that the phone bill I submit must be a business phone and not a personal phone bill. Does this make any sense? I was wondering if anyone succesfuly submitted a regular phone bill? Thanks

    • @Hugh Corrigan – Citi is a bit particular about the documentation, but if your business name is the same as your name, your phone bill or utility bill should work. I’ve submitted my personal utility bill before and it worked.

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  27. Million-
    I want to use your referral link to apply for the ink bold 25000 points after first spend. I don’t really care about the other 25000 simply because I’m going to be using this card for the long haul to rack up points on buying AMEX gift cards and such at office depot. I was thinking of using my sales on craigslist, ebay, and as my business. What do you think?

    • @Joshua – Thanks so much for considering out link! Based on your existing sales, you should be able to get approved for the card. But if you’re racking up points via AMEX gift cards etc, you may be able to complete the spending within 3 months especially if you use Amazon Payments and perhaps Venmo etc.

  28. Million-The risk with that is that I won’t have the capital to pay off the card when the time comes to do so unfortunately. I used amazon payments for awhile and my better half decided it was too much hassle for her. I have also tried Venmo as well, and many of the other 40+ strategies that you have listed. I guess I could hit the amount if I payed my mortgage with charge smart, but like I said the most important thing to me is that I can transfer UR points to airlines. I would rack them up easily AFTER I got the card, but meeting a $5000 minimum spend is something I could almost gaurantee wouldn’t happen.

  29. I asked this before, but lost where I did so. If I applied for the Citi Visa and Business cards 18 months ago, am I able to apply for the Business card again and get another AA bonus? Secondly, will I be able to get the bonus if I apply for the Citi AA American Express, since I didn’t last time, and it has been 18 months, or is it for naught since I already applied for the Citi AA visa and received the bonus? Thanks!

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  33. If i use a different address for my residence and business address,where will they be sending the card and the statements if approved. Will it be going to my business address or to my home address.
    I am concerned about the blog that says they verify business address

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  37. I just started to read your blog a week ago. Wish that I did a long time ago.
    Most of people talked about AA cards. I am interested in Chase Ink. I have a rental property under my name for more than five years. Does it count as a business? I reported the income together on tax return. I applied Chase United right after I read your blog and get instant approval. I can meet $10,000 requirement if I use your blog on Office depot and bluebird. Thanks.

  38. Hey PumpkinM, if you apply for the ink bold and you have a rental property, a good credit you will not have any problem getting it.I applied for this card two days ago, I have a couple of rental as well and I was approved not instantly though you have to call the reconsideration line and answer a few questions such as annual revenue, expenses etc… So go for it

  39. Thanks.
    I read on this blog that using Vanilla card though OD and Bluebird to pay mortgage won’t last long. I am afraid to apply the Chase Ink card and can’t meet $10,000 for the first three month if I don’t use it to pay my mortgage. Do I need to worry? or just go ahead to apply for it.

    • @PumpkinM – Yes, it does count as a business and you should be able to get approved for the Ink card. I can’t tell you whether to apply or not, but you could go to your Office Depot to see how many reload cards they have. If they have none, you likely won’t be able to use Bluebird with the Ink card. But you do get 25K Ultimate Rewards points after your 1st purchase.

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  41. I got my Citi American Airlines Business AAdvantage Visa – 50,000 miles approved. This is my first business card. I don’t have business right now. Can I spend the money for the regular purchase in grocery store to meet the minimum requirements?
    Please let me know if you see any problem.

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  43. what business credit cards are the best for a start up?

    • jeffrey – It depends on your goal, but the Chase Ink Bold/Ink Plus with a 50K sign-up bonus are good choices along with the Citi American Airlines Business card or the American Express Starwood business card.

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  45. Thanks for this post! After reading this I applied online and was, to my surprise – APPROVED!

  46. I applied for the Citi Business AAvdvantage World MC a couple weeks ago. It was denied because it was “valid for only first time Citi Business cardmembers.” I did have their business card for over a year and got bonus miles initially. Then 3 months ago I thought I might be able to get more bonus miles if I applied for the a newer version of the card. They gave me the new card, but refused to give me the bonus miles. Shortly after receiving it, I cancelled it. Probably an iffy thing to do, but I did it anyway.

    So after being denied this time–95+ days after I cancelled the last card, I took your advise and wrote the Executive Review Department. Their first call was to say they’d review it further. I assumed when they called back that they’d either deny it again or want further business records, etc. Instead, she said I had been approved. No further information, no questions. So it was worth spending a half hour writing a letter.

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  49. I applied and was approved for the Citi Diamond card in March of 2012. I am to understand that you that you can only get approved for one personal card every 18 months from Citi ? Unless two browser trick works?

    Also, I applied but declined for Citi AA Business in October 2012, but did it through my LLC but declined. Business less than one year old too. And several new personal accounts in 2012.

    Can a re-apply now for Citi Business with sole proprietor, once I get to 90 days ?

    Any help would be great ?

    • @Bay Area Joe – The Citi American Airlines card requires a wait of 18+ months between successful applications for the personal card, but you may be able to get other personal cards ever 3 to 4 months. For business cards, the wait between applications is ~95 days.

  50. thank you very much for the reply.

    I thought as much but wanted to be sure.

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  52. Thank you so much for this site! I do actually have a separate part-time self-employed job, but never thought about applying for a business card. Just applied for the AA Business Card, followed up with the call, and I’m approved! Your article above gave me confidence- thank you!

  53. If I have rental property – would that qualify? Can I use my full name as my business name?

  54. I am a corporation how do I fill out the application as a corporation. I have my ein and my duns number

  55. If I wanted to open a business card for business expenses, but I don’t own the business, would that work? For instance, I expense a lot of things for my current job and I want to keep those expenses separate from my personal expenses, so that I can track them better. Or do I need to be the owner of the business to qualify? Thanks!

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  58. Hi Darius
    My wife is a homemaker and does not have a source of income. Anyway around that. She has been recently rejected for AMEX. Good credit score. Near 800.

    Legally half the money I make is hers. Can she state that as her income.

    Any thoughts or comments

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  61. I also am wondering about what personal income requirements there are, especially for applying for business credit cards.

    • @sid – Depending on which state you stay in, she should be able to mention that. She can always include income in the “other income” box as well.

      @lelenana – The income limit varies by person, but you have to have some income before applying for a credit card.

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  63. My wife and I are owners of a small business with 3 employees. We’ve been churning for 3 yrs now with great success and lots of travel! However, last week we both applied for the AA business card with our same EIN. I got approved instantly but wife’s status for the last week was pending. So, she called and was told we couldn’t have more than one card per EIN. Has anybody else ran into this? It hasn’t been a problem with any other bank (i.e. SPG, AMEX,etc)

  64. Can a person apply for a business credit line even if there personal credit is bad or have a low personal credit score.

  65. I applied for the Southwest personal credit card and was approved in May. I received my bonus 50k miles but now I am reading about how to get the companion pass with 110k miles. My husband owns his own business and would be a good candidate for the Southwest business card. However, the original 50k rapid rewards number is my number. If he applies for the business card, how can we fget the 50k to go to my rapid rewards account? Should i apply for the business credit card? Could he transfer the miles afterward to my account and it still register as part of the 110k? Any advice?

    • @Graham – You have to get the 110K points in ONE account to get the Companion Pass. And you can’t transfer points. Do you own the business along with your husband? If so, you could apply for the business card yourself and enter your Southwest number so that the points go into your account.

  66. I applied for the Southwest Premier Business Card and after I submitted the application, I got a “further review is required” notification. The notification also said that it would 10-30 days before I would hear back as to whether I was approved or not for the card. Should I call the Chase reconsideration line now, or wait for Chase to notify me?

  67. Hi Darius,

    I currently run an online side business selling ebooks through my website, ebay and amazon. I had about $1k in income in 2012 and for 2013 will report $9k in April. I currently don’t have a registered business license. I would like to get a Chase Ink Bold and possible Citi AA Business card but here’s the thing. I do not currently have a business checking account, and utility bill is not in my name. Do you have any suggestions?

  68. I know this an older post, but I am a partner in a company – so I get a k-1 and am not considered an employee. I think that should qualify me as a business (I do get to deduct business expense that are not reimbursed etc…) but I wondered if you had encountered this and had any tips. I’m interested in the Chase Ink card specifically. Thanks!

  69. Please help me strategize applying for second Citibus AA card. Current account has $25K credit limit. It’s up for renewal, and I don’t want to pay the $75 fee or miss out on new bonus possibilities. While I had success with retention for personal Citi accounts, it doesn’t seem possible with business accounts. I have a legit consulting business, but was a full time employee last year, so had zero business income in my consulting gig – but lots of regular W2 income. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go the recon route for business card..

    It’s been 24 months since my last Citi Bus application .. What’s the best strategy and how do I justify 2 bus cards when asked?

    Is it a better strategy to simply close the first card before applying for the second? (but then I give up the possibility of being able to parlay the $25K credit into the new account. Credit has always been a great bargaining chip for me when opening new personal accounts).

    FWIW, my FICO is >790 and income is high – just not on the bus income side, which is what they’ll be looking at.

    Thanks, Darius, and MMSers for any assistance!

    • @susanL – Citi business cards are quirky. And sometimes they don’t let you get cards at leaf 18 months from when you cancelled. That said, it doesn’t hurt to cancel and reapply for a different business, but ymmv.

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  80. Hi, There is a lot of awesome info here, thank you.. I do have a question.. I just created an LLC as a sole proprietor.. I’m using my personal SSN as my tax EIN id. Question, when you fill out a credit card app, if your LLC name is not associated to your SSN, won’t the application be denied? In other words, I use a variation of my name as the name of my LLC.. If I submit my cc app using my personal SSN, won’t this be rejected? I want to use my LLC name on my credit card.. Maybe I should have created the LLC using my complete name.. Thanks so much..

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  82. Hi

    Great info on your site, but I live in Australia. Can people in Australia apply for any of these AAdvantage cards? Thanks

  83. I didn’t realize that the business credit card application process was so straight forward. I’ll surely be ready to answer questions if they call. Thanks for all the tips.

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    on websites I stumbleupon every day. It’s always exciting to read articles from other authors and practice a little something from their sites.